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Jouji Kurogane

The eldest son of the Kurogane family, having been leveraged in acting on his father's behalf

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a character in “Aishna: Tower of Desire”, as played by MartinVole


The team representing the Kurogane family


Name: Jouji Kurogane
Age: 27
Race: Kamaitachi
Height/Weight: 6'3", 174lbs
Sex: Male
Gear: Armed with two switchblade-like sickles in both his arms
Powers/Abilities: Being a creature of the wind, he is impressively fast and nimble, becoming a blur in combat. He possesses wind-elemental magic allowing him to launch himself and send forth cutting winds as an extension to his blades.
Appearance: As a Kamaitachi, he is a weasel-like creature with sharp retractable blades on his arms. Despite his animalistic features and long body shape, his general body is fairly humanoid, standing upright and even wearing a fairly normal set of clothes, including a coat over a vest and some gray pants.
Personality: Having been raised in a syndicate he has become rather accustomed to seeing all manners of violence and can come off as cold and aloof, yet he is also more level-headed and diplomatic than his younger brother, Nissho. He likes to see things practically, seeing things as they are rather than on wishy-washy ideals.
Brief History:
The first son of Kurogane, and considered the most likely heir to the family business, from a very young age he was placed under heavy conditioning to succeed his father in every way possible. From childhood he was subjected to the dark underbelly of the criminal underground, taught the trades and drilled on the necessity of their rule and ensuring loyalty. He hated it, seeking any means to distance himself from the family, but he was always dragged back, one way or another. His father wouldn't have a failure, he wouldn't have a rebel, and sought any means to break Jouji's will to escape, to make him meaner, colder, the perfect successor. Even now he is being forced against his will, to endure the trials of Aishna, his father seeking to make the Kurogane family absolute... and Jouji seeking his freedom, one way or another.
Theme(optional): Agastya

So begins...

Jouji Kurogane's Story