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The "Midnight Wings" a dragon of misfortune, causing an ill fate for all who cross paths with him

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a character in “Aishna: Tower of Desire”, as played by MartinVole


Name: Editus Rayne, the "Midnight Wings"
Age: ???
Race: Dragon
Height/Weight: 6'8", 188lbs
Sex: Male
Gear: None, dresses in a black and worn armored coat, torn in the back for his wings, and with one shoulder piece missing along with some pants and boots. He cares little for fashion, obviously.
Powers/Abilities: Having an impressive mana pool, he literally radiates with magical energy, but lacking any formal training in using magic he uses his magic like a "sledge hammer", swinging it around as destructive bursts and emissions. Unlike dragons, he does not breathe fire, but rather emits a beam of pure energy. He can transform into his full dragon form.
Appearance: A tall and imposing figure even in his human form, he has, instead of scales, black feathers that show even in his human form as a "mane" from around the back of his neck to his shoulders, as well as a pair of massive wings that he curls around him like a cloak. He has black sclera and red eyes.
Personality: This dragon is cynical and short-tempered, he cares little for pleasantries, often harshly criticizing those around him. He views most things as pointless diversions, seeing things in black and white, only caring to seek his next battle with a fleeting hope of finding that "virtuous soul" who will be his adversary. He views himself, at least outwardly, as the monster, and tries not to show anything different, and yet looks forward to the one day he's finally defeated.
Brief History:
Born to destruction, his "hatching" was heralded in by a village engulfed in a sea of fire, or so the legends say. Not much is truly known, as much of his early history is stuff of tales that take several liberties for the sake of giving it more oomph. What has to be true, however, is that he was born like anyone else, and had to grow into what he is now, detested and feared. Many great warriors have tried and failed to bring this dragon down, only increasing the prize offered to finally slay him. And now, he's here, in the tower, his purpose for being here can only be to see what challengers will come in, in hopes of finding that one virtuous soul.
Theme(optional): [link=]He Who Devoured the Dark[/url]

So begins...

Rayne's Story