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Carlisle Altheda

"I can't teach you that trick, family secret."

0 · 196 views · located in Aistein Royal Arcane Academy

a character in “Aistein Royal Arcane Academy”, as played by AshtKerr


Name: Carlisle Altheda

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Clothing: The traditional healer uniform of a white turtleneck with white pants and white boots and a white robe. I also have a sash with a herb pouch attached.

Role: Student

Course/Year: Healer, 3rd year.

Likes: Healing people, reading, going for nature walks, learning new things, training, cats

Dislikes: War, ignorance, dogs, snobby people

Focus item: A sceptre made of Ash wood with a bronze-tipped bottom and topped with a bronze Solar Cross inscribed with arcane alchemical formulas, fetished with a pair of crystals.

Other equip: My herb pouch which contains my many dry materials, my necklace has on it a rare Malachite Stone which can absorb poisons, also I have the family ring on my left index finger.

Personality: Intense and serious, Carlisle doesn't stand for foolishness. Being well educated and noble born he carries himself with the grace required of his class, but he does not consider himself greater than anyone else. He refuses to fight to defend his honor, seeing it as foolish and materialist. If provoked however, he can fight very well with his family's martial art.

Background: Noble born to a prestigious family of healers, the Altheda's, who had perfected a martial art which enchanced their healing capabilities. Trained from his youth in secret healing skills and knowledge Carlisle is always at the top of his class. He has three other sister one is older than him (19) and two are younger (13 & 15), his younger sister is starting school this year as well. However, he is the only son of this generation and is expected to be the one to continue the family name.

So begins...

Carlisle Altheda's Story

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"Alright Grey, have a good year. We will observe your interactions and your practices. Now go." The Enhancer pushed the tall young man through the gates and he only gave a sharp glare in reply before sighing and walking into the Academy boundaries. Feeling bored he headed for the courtyard to do some morning warm ups. As he walked he took in the sights of the building and everything around it.

When he reached the courtyard he set his case down on a bench and prepared to do some push ups, he half noticed a female student observing the courtyard and thought she looked familiar for some reason, yet with her hair how could she not be memorable? Shrugging to himself Damian began his push ups, wondering if anyone else would show.

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#, as written by Aniihya
Haendreda notice a boy come into the courtyard. She knew him from the last year. She tried to recall his name. "It was something with D. Daniel? No. Dane? No. Damnian or Damien? Close enough." She thought. Haendreda then approached the young man. "Hello, Damian. How was your vacation? I did some training the past couple of weeks and didn't really go anywhere." She said to him. The way she approached him and all of a sudden talked to him was a bit awkward. She feared that he might get the wrong idea as if she was trying to start a flirt.

A man in a dark cloak with blonde hair walked into the courtyard. Since he was with entourage, he seemed important. "The king?" Haendreda said. She bowed to be polite as the men passed them. "He might be here to welcome students to a new year." She said.

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Carlisle stared out the window of the carriage as it was drawn through the streets of the city by horse. He was with his Father, Nathaniel Altheda, was chaperoning Carlisle and his sister, June, who was starting her first year.

"Now, Carlisle, son," Nathaniel broke the calming silence, "remember to take care of your sister. This is her first year and you remember how frightened you were when you began. Remember, being a noble is-"

"-about finesse, genius, and class." Carlisle finished his clichèd mantra and turned from looking out the window to face him. "Yes, father, I know. And I assure you that June will be my greatest concern for the first week."

Nathaniel's bushy face smiled and seemed to light up, "That's good my son."

Then, seemingly as if on cue the carriage stoped, which jolted all of them toward to the front. They wait until the coachman opens the door. First out is June, the coachman offers his hand as she steps down in her healer's uniform, clutching close to her chest her focus item. When she is safely out, Carlisle also exits the carriage. As he steps down he looks around and sees a circle of students as they watch his family flaunt their wealth. Last out is Nathaniel, as he steps down his black suit contrasts sharply with the white garb of his children.

Carlisle and June each grab a bag from the carriage and the coachman grabs the rest. They walk first to the women's dormitories at the bottom of he hill. When they arrive the help June figure out which room is hers and the coachman drops of her bags. Nathaniel gives her a hug.

"I'm so proud of you, June, I'm so proud of you. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to write." There were tears forming in the middle aged man's face.

Eventually, they part ways and Carlisle, along with his father and the coachman, travel to the men's dormitories. When they arrive, there is a quick hug exchanged between Carlisle and his father. The coachman drops off his remaining bags. When the family leaves Carlisle breathes a sigh of relief and begins unpacking. He's back at school, back with his friends, and back learning to do what he loves.

When he is finished unpacking, he travels up the hill to the academy, hoping to see some familiar faces.

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As he is looking for familiar faces he sees the new king walking through the Academy doors.

"Greetings, King Irgiden, great to see you out of the palace." Carlisle greets the king, bowing.

The king turns his head to see where the sound came from, then his eyes settle on me and smiles. "Altheda's boy, Carlisle, right?"

"That's correct, King Irgiden, your powers of observation continue to amaze." This makes king smiles, Carlisle knows the best way onto his good side is to stroke his eqo.

"Well, I merely came to check with the principal here. We have somethings to discuss, I have something to place in his very capable care." He says, specific enough to whet my interest, vague enough to give absolutely no information.

"Well, King Irgiden, I shouldn't keep you long. I do hope your endeavor shall prove fruitful."

"Indeed, as I know it, it shall." He replies.

And with that, the king turns away and, with his guards, continues into the academy. Carlisle continued on as well, going through the gates and finding a familiar face. Damien was sitting on a bench talking to Haendreda. He knew them both, if only vaguely. They were all in the same year, and he didn't see any other of his friends yet. So, being the courageous noble he was born to be, Carlisle walks over.

"Damien, Haendreda, how did the summer treat you?"

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Damian nodded at Haendreda's plausible explanation. But of course, the last part meant good business for a budding warrior Mage like himself. She then began breathing exercises as another student approached them. Carlisle, one of the more higher class students here. He was his roommate first term, wanted to be a healer. He asked the same question Haendreda did moments before. He sighed, not liking to repeat answers so he got to the point.

"My summer was dismal, as usual." He replied, not wanting to mix words in. He waited for the girl next to him to answer as he pondered his next move. Which of course was getting into his room as quick as possible. He could set everything up, spare armor, and the like.

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As Haendreda began making her way to school Carlisle looked at the time and realized that they were indeed skirting close to the hour.

"I'm going to catch up with you later Damien, see you later."

Carlisle walks down to the girl's dorms and to his sister's dorm. He knocks on the door and she opens.

"Class is beginning and it's quite a maze through the castle to get to our class, so let's go now."

June nodded as she grabbed her focus item, "You won't need that on the first day. They never teach you magic on the first day, it's just an introduction to the class."

"Oh," she said as she put it back,"Thank you."

And so they walk up to the academy together. When they reach the gates they enter in and Carlisle shows her the pathway through the winding corridors and hallways until they end up in Healing Magic 01. He drops her off and goes a little bit farther down the hallway to Healing Magic 03 where he enters.

"Ah," said the teacher, "You're late." And as he looks at the ring on Carlisle's right hand he smiles. "This year's Altheda is tardy on the first day."

I nod, "I apologize Mr. Rhines, but I had forgotten to grant myself enough time to both show my young sister where her class was and arrive here on time. I promise, it will not happen again."

"Yes," Mr. Rhines says, "Have a seat over there I was just about to begin the discussion about this years syllabus."

Carlisle obeys the teacher and sits where he told him to. Next to Marvin Grehn, another 3rd year healer.

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"Yeah... See you guys later." Damian said. He then got up and headed to the area where Battle mages and assassins trained. It wasn't the best classroom to pick but almost everything to learn about being a Battle Mage was purely physical, with spell research in between days on the training field.

It wasn't all that bad, that is, if he wasn't the only battlemage who wore red instead of blue. It wasn't that he was practicing dark destructive magics, no. He just liked red over blue. It's also so that no one can see him bleed if he got injured. Slowly the others in his class and assassins got together and soon the school day began for them.