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Hykuu Inuzuka

No one stands, none are bold, for all their might left out in the cold.

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a character in “Akatsuki's Rivival”, as played by SubjectThirteen



Name : HykuuInuzuka

Willing To *Wink Wink* Take It To Pm? : Gladly

Sex : Male

Age : Seventeen

Rank : Anbu Black Ops

Alias : Stranger / Leopard

Aliance : None.

Nation of birth and residence : Fire, Village Hidden In The Leaves ( Just Returned From A Five Year Tour In The Land Of Snow )

Physical Description : Hykuu is one of the only remaining members of the Inuzuka clan. He is of average size for his age and according muscle mass. Whenever in his snowy home, He wears a speckled ninja suit, black and white to fit his title. On his back is a leopard skin pelt, which actually doubles as a backpack for his equipment. His face is slightly pailer than most other people his age, due to his confined nature. On his face are the Inuzuka fangs, tatoo'd onto him at birth.

His eyes are a calming blue, with black tint. His hair is white, with silvery tips and his teeth have peen filed to pearly white fangs.

Wears his headband around his neck, a large scratch through the leaf symbol.


Personality : From his first year at twelve working as a bounty hunter, Hikyuu has aquired a brutal killer instinct. Yet he is a fun-loving individual all the same. Kindness is something he rarely shows his prey, but to most other people, he's very nice. He's also extremely flurtatious. Which tends to add some color to his face now and again.. usually from being slapped.

Sexual Orientation : Straight as an arrow ( Though he will remark on a man's appearance now and again )

His hobbies include Studying taijutsu, fighting almost constantly, and camping.

Major Flaws : ...Hykuu is addicted to Jerky.. it sounds stupid, I know, but he loves jerky so much, he actually killed a small group of people in the land of snow just for trying to buy the last package. Most think this is due to his animal nature.

Relationship History : None, whatsoever, Hykuu's deflowered many a female in the land of snow, but he has a habbit of loving and leaving. However, he still looks now and again for the right woman to settle down with. But think about it, who in their right mind would want to date a guy with fangs and two snow leopards that slashed a scar in his headband... nobody, that's who.

Ideal Partner : Someone smart, Spunky, Crued, and cute. Considering Hykuu has a habbit of being alot more harsh toward ugly people.



Katana - Hykuu carries with him almost constantly a black and silver Katana. The mesh of black and white on the hilt signifying where there is darkness, there is also light. The blade is two and one half feet, the hilt being one foot even.

Tanken Kusari - Translated, this means "Dagger Chain", in his early stages of his ninja travels, Hykuu was branded as a traitor for scaring his leaf headband. As a result, a pair of assassins were hired to 'take care of him'. These assassins were known as the Demon Brothers, and their main weapon was none other than Tanken Kusari, a chain made of razor sharp links that can both bind an enemy and rip them to shreds. After the Demon Brothers knew they were beaten, Hykuu made a deal with them. This chain, for their lives.

Shuriken, Kunai Knives, One Demon Windmill Shuriken.

Summoning Scroll - Sinse Hykuu's partners are used to less than warm weather, they usually travel inside the summoning scroll he carries on his sash.

Secret Techniques

Summoning Earth Style : Companions In War - U Tatsu Mi Uma : This technique releases Inji and Jiri, a pair of snow leopards Hykuu chose as his companions when he arrived in the land of snow.

Fire Style : Fireball Jutsu : The trademark of the land of fire, the fireball jutsu.

Fire Stye : Burning Current Jutsu - Hitsuji Inu I Saru Tatsu Tori : By compressing his chakra into a flaming shell around himself, and them releasing it in a wave, Hykuu can burn a vast diameter to cinders and ash with one spreading flame.

Earth Style : Mud Wall

Earth Style : Stone Circle - Mi Uma U Tora : Hykuu creates a circle of stone, the diameter of which is determined by the amount of chakra poured into the technique. Anything and everything within this circle are slowly drained of chakra, very useful for the bounty hunter on the go.

Earth Style : Headhunter Jutsu

Ice Style : Snow Clone Jutsu these are similar to shadow clones, but once struck, a snow clone creates a miniature whiteout. ( Small snow flurry that makes it difficult to see. )

Ice Style Secret Taijutsu : Frozen Fangs! : By wrapping himself and his two partners in ice chakra, Hykuu can use a modified version of fang over fang that freezes then smashes everything in it's path.

Ice Style : Deadly Hale Blaze! - Ni Ushi Tora Tatsu Manipulating ice chakra into the snow he's created, or existing snow, Hykuu is able to create a brief storm of razor sharp hale. Sometimes consontrated on small areas or spread wide.

Ice Style : Requiem Slash : By coating the blade of his sword in ice chakra, Hykuu is able to freeze the moisture in the air into a super thin, razor sharp sheet the slashes through obsticles as he swings his sword. Similar to the way a shockwave comes off of a regular sword slash.

Ice Style Secret Technique : Iteru Another of Hykuu's secret techniques. This one was created in a battle against an old friend. Takeshi Yukisho. In this battle, Takeshi had been using mostly fire style attacks. Hykuu'd needed a way to get in close without being burned to a cinder. It is said that the use of this attack summoned all the fridged cold of the land of snow into Hykuu's palm in a ball of blue fire. it was said to be so cold, he was able to punch a hole straight through Takeshi's ultimate technique, Fire Style : White Flame Dragon Jutsu. This technique makes Hykuu's first touch so devastatingly cold, it freezes the enemy solid in one foul swoop, the impact of his palm being what usually shatters the icy statue.

Thunder Style Secret Counter : Power Surge - Half Ne, Half Ushi, Half I, Half Hitsuji This technique is used more as a counter attack, as most people do not know that there is actually more lighnting in a snow storm than a rain storm. The low temperature of snow causes high atmospheric friction and thus, lightning. By using one hand to form seals and the other to catch an incoming attack, Hykuu sends a heavy shock to his enemy's entire nervous system, paralyzing them for a short amount of time. ( Around a turn or two. )

Man Beast Secret Technique : Bloody Roar! This is mainly a short range technique. With his two partners, Hykuu emits a loud, almost ear shattering roar. The closer an enemy is, the better the effect. Enemies that are far off would simply be knocked back a small amount. Enemies within around ten feet would take a heavy amount of impact damage and people within five feet would take a heavy amount of impact damage and find themselves stunned.

Harmonic Secret Technique : Epilogue : By forcing his body to it's very limit, opening up the first three of the eight inner gates, Hykuu is able to leap high into the air and send down upon his foe huge ice blades that slash through anything in their path, break up the earth and send it scattering into the air. After all the slashes were complete, Hykuu utilizes the second verse of his strongest technique, bellowing down a huge fireball that wraps the flying debris while severly burning his foes. To top it all off, if the fire and ice attack didn't kill his enemy.. the huge pieces of flaming rock falling from the sky as a side-effect would.



Hykuu was born in the village hidden in the leaves, and from his first time in the academy, people could tell he was an odd one. While the other inuzuka had already picked their companions, Hykuu didn't want a dog, even after he began to excell at the inuzuka taijutsu. Shortly after not picking his companion, Hykuu was sent to a sister clan of the Inuzuka in the land of snow to find a companion. When word got back that he had chosen two leopards instead of a dog, his family chose to shun him, rather than accept the way he was. Heartbroken by the way the people of the leaf treated him, and how closed-minded they all were, Hykuu did the unthinkable, he slashed a scar through his leaf headband and wore it as a symbol of hatred toward them, and from that day on, he fended for himself.

So begins...

Hykuu Inuzuka's Story