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Akita's Seasons Return



a part of Akita's Seasons Return, by Kura Ravengade.


Kura Ravengade holds sovereignty over Akita, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

443 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

based on a previous roleplay.


The main location where the Seasons settled, Higashi-Naruse is small village in Akita Japan well-known for its quaint sensibilities and beautiful cherry trees and scenery, as well as having close family values.
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Akita is a part of Akita's Seasons Return.

10 Characters Here

Velonix Orako [19] "We're all born with selfish desires so we can relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is created individually by each person."
Kazutora Miyato [19] "Didn't ask, don't care."
Natsuo Orako [13] Summer Son of the Sun and Moon
Kazumi Orako [13] Spring Daughter of the Sun and Moon
Reiya Goertz [13] Shy and Sweet Teen with a brain
Kazuyuki Orako [12] "I don't read enough to recommend anything, but...would you like to find a new book with me, to read together?"
Iphianassa Lykaois [9] "Don't give up - there's no shame in falling down. True shame is to not stand up again."
Astraea Mantrenul [6] "I am calm - whilst the storm is raging around me."
Mafuyu Hanazawa [6] "Meet me by the bridge at 9:00? We can walk to class together, that way."
Pavo Etoile [6] Junior Star

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kazutora miyato.
dialogue ; #853232. – thought ; #035d63.

Class can't seem to start soon enough, though really had he ever looked forward to Mr. Iwao's lessons? It was just an excuse to escape the conversation, if he couldn't leave the room entirely without getting his ass chewed out or offending the newcomers, and...Reiya's odd shift in behavior, yet another unexpected aspect of this year. All in just an hour? Gods let me breathe, I'm begging. But conversation carries as Reiya speaks, introduces herself and then-

"I promised Iphi that I would keep an eye out for you more since she knows we're in the same class this year. I am sorry I haven't tried harder in the past. You're very intimidating."

Oh, so this was some sort of odd promise that he wasn't aware of? What, Iphianassa wanted someone babysitting him at school too? He could take care of himself, it's not like she could even come over and take care of the assholes here anyway, right? She was in college, attacking a high school student would get her into deep shit that she didn't need, especially not for his sake.

Irritation claws at him all the same, and his hands move to rub into the sides of his head, the claw at his scalp just ever so slightly. Enough to leave marks, to sting a bit, but it's hidden beneath the blonde mop of hair on his head, and they aren't bleeding. Could be my wrists, is the sarcastic thought that comes across his mind, though it brings up those stinging, phantom pains and the slits that would rest an angry red over them, but he shakes his head. I'm not starting that again, I haven't for a year now. Just like smoking, and he hadn't gotten himself wasted in awhile either. That was a good sign, right? Even though he wanted nothing more than to do all of these things, after this day.

Velonix's voice is interrupting his slowly darkening thoughts, though, a bright and happy response to Reiya in particular, "a pleasure to meet you, Reiya; you have no idea how nice it is to hear that Kazutora has good friends to watch over him." He nearly scowls at the words, tries to ignore the building anxiety and frustration with the entire situation and exchanges. Kazutora didn't need people watching over him goddammit! He could take care of himself just fine, he'd had to all his life! Why would it be any different now!?

Now, when people had decided to suddenly approach him, and be friends with him? It feels weakening.

And so his words slip out as class begins, just below a whisper and awkward, uncomfortable, hardly seeking to prolong this relationship beyond what it was already becoming. She shouldn't have to deal with the shit that came with him like some sort of package deal, right? No one should. Reiya could go back to her desk on the other side of the classroom, Velonix could find a seat away from him and her brother could follow so they could make friends that were normal, that didn't have the drowning amount of shit baggage that he did, and it would be back to the silent, silent corner he knew so well, not having to worry about anyone but himself.

"You say ‘someone like you’ as though it were a bad thing, which confuses me. I already think that you are an amazing person; why would I not do whatever I can to ensure your happiness? We are friends, after all."

...the hell? Ensure my happiness? What are we, married!?

He wants to scream, really, but Mr. Iwao didn't have his rat eyes right on him right now, and he didn't feel like drawing them over any moment he could escape them. Still, the words come as far too much of a shock for him to handle. "Someone like you" had meant he was a bad thing. Did she not understand? If she knew everything he'd said, done, the hell his life had been, someone like her would want to stay as far away as possible, no matter how kind. No one wanted to associate with a "destined to fail" person like him, it would only drag them down in the end, wouldn't it?

"I don't think you understand," he attempts, unease creeping up again, "the others will-" But he's cut off with a quirk of her brow in his direction, and he relents. "Does it really look like I care about what anyone thinks? No, I do not believe it does. I really could not care less about anyone’s opinions." Obviously you don't give a shit, but it'll still get you hurt- "Also, I can take care of myself; I will not be hurt anytime soon, especially over something involving these bullies and you."

He blanks, brows furrowing again as he lets out an airy laugh, almost shocked. She'd almost just gotten herself hurt, hadn't she? This morning when he'd had to jump in, if she hadn't just given into what they'd wanted in the end she would have ended up a bloody nose and humiliated, or worse. Not to mention, his bullies? Did she realize who she was talking about? They'd made his life hell since moving here, they'd given him his fair share of new scars and just because she'd treated him kindly and insisted they were friends, that wouldn't stop anytime soon.

How long until they decided to target her? Would they stick to words behind her back or would it turn to full fights, to violent group harassments and beatings that they exacted on him? Could he live with the idea that, not just if but when it came to be, that it was entirely his fault? That he was the origin of that pain she'd have to deal with here, just because she didn't treat him like he was at the bottom of the pecking order, as everyone else had decided to?

"Besides, you cannot get rid of me that easily." It's thrown up with a wink and a peace sign like it's no big deal, and all he can do is blank, stare, heart skipping a beat. He turns away from her, expression shifting to something unreadable at those words as he tried to process this, her. Despite all of this, she still felt that way? Will it change as soon as she sees the true colors of our classmates? When she realizes what I am? It's agonizing to think about, to continue the battle in his head. One side clings to the idea of a friend, to the comfort and kindness she's given him in this short period of time like it was the only source of life he had left. The other wants to act cruel, cold, to get her to go away, to disappoint her first before he could get too attached. Before she realized her mistake in trying to befriend him, in letting herself associate with him and backpedaled. Before he could get hurt, all over again, and the little flame of hope is thrown into the dirt and dust like it's a bug.

Mr. Iwao's voice shuts the conversation up in an instant, though, several stares glancing back in their direction and Kazutora places his head down on the desk, arms moving up over his head as if it could just block everything out, as if it could throw him into some sort of dissociation for the rest of the day in just that instant. He didn't have the strength to deal with things anymore today, he was far too tired.

Tired enough, apparently, to finally just doze off at his desk halfway through the class, into the third as well. Why Mr. Iwao hadn't thrown a piece of chalk or the whole dusty erasure at him at some point during the odd nap he wasn't sure, but he was grateful for another odd, out of character mercy the day had decided to have on him. The nap is peaceful for once, even if he wakes up with an ache in his neck and back, and that simple rest is enough for him to forget about the entirety of the day before now until the brunette next to him is speaking again, but at least not to him yet, free from her focus and stares for just a bit. It startles him back up slightly, sitting straight in his seat before wincing over the sudden movement of his neck as it struggles to pull out of its stiffened sense. A hand moves up to rub at the back of it tenderly, trying to push out the mild pain; he'd have to do stretches before bed tonight or something, otherwise he'd end up aching all day tomorrow.

The sound of the chair nearly startles him again, but he keeps still in his spot as the new girl next to him shuffles through his backpack, looking for something within it, likely for lunch given the time. Absentmindedly in his sleep, he almost finds the word "cute" running through his mind as he watches her shuffle around, faint hum and ever present, sunshine smile on her face, but the adjective is cast out before he can even dwell on where the hell it just came from.

Fighting off the sleepy sense still clinging to him, his jaw rests in his palm again, watching the girl as she finally finds what she'd been searching for, and before he can even look away, the bento box is being held towards him like some sort of offering. "Let’s have lunch together, Kazutora! We can share; I made more than enough, and Yuki has his own. I am sure you know the best places to eat, so lead the way." Blinking back the last bit of clinging sleep, Kazutora finds himself struggling again, "wait, you were serious about lunch? I didn't-"

And then her hand has grabbed ahold of his, and he deflates, turns to some empty brained idiot as he tries to process what she's just done so easily, without even a second thought and-

She's holding my hand!? Oh my god, she's holding my hand! Was he sure he wasn't still napping, stuck in some disaster dream that he couldn't escape? No, because the warmth coming from her hand through the fabric of the dainty, fancy gloves she still hasn't taken off all day feels far too real to deny. Is this a cultural thing!? Why does she need to-

And then her gaze is on him expectantly, but so are every other classmate's in the room, and he swallows hard, tries to choke back that anxiety that's been sitting at the edge of its seat in his head, ready to explode. He wasn't up for causing a scene by making her let go (and inside, though he won't admit it, the sensation is nice, reassuring, and his heart absolutely did pick up a bit with the touch), so rather than shaking off her hand or staring at her like the world had just ended while the others whispered, he moved, hold tightening a bit to be sure she'd keep up with him as he walked, maybe a little faster than normal. Anything to get away from the watchful, judging eyes that filled the halls just as they did the classrooms now.

That quiet race of his heart won't calm down, and he wonders if he's about to have a heart attack and just keel over before they've made it to the stairs on the northern wing of the school. It's much quieter here; usually, students don't seek out the roof for lunch, perhaps given there's not much of anywhere to sit, other than the concrete ground, but he's never minded it. Making way up the stairs to the top lets him know that there doesn't seem to be anyone up there today either, by the sound of silence through the barely cracked roof's door, and he carefully nudges it open with his foot, faint breeze making its way into the stairwell as it gapes open. It's soothing, a relief.

Loosening the grip on her hand now and half hoping that she'll think to let go at this point too, he takes a few steps forward into the open air of the space, glances to the railings that were, in all truth, beginning to lose their structure and strength in some spots. Sucking in a small breath, his free hand weakly gestures out to them to Velonix, Kazuyuki who had followed and was still just barely peeking out of the doorway, whoever else was trailing with them, "keep away from those edges; it's dangerous." It's all he offers before making way for the usual spot, a space where the sun always hit and kept him from the chill of early spring.

For a moment his mind wanders to Velonix's offer of food, but he casts it away; she shouldn't have to share, she probably needed that food to gather enough energy for the rest of the day. He could live without lunch, he'd gotten used to it now; Etsuko and Kenta had purchased bento boxes for him several times, Etsuko had occasionally made lunches for him when he'd left his box in the kitchen at night, but after losing the fifth one, whether entirely his own fault or someone else rifling through his bag while he was away, he hadn't had the heart to mention it again and ask for a new one. They hadn't pressed him for it, even if Etsuko occasionally poked the subject by asking what he'd eaten at school that day. He was a good liar.

Settling down cross-legged on the concrete of the roof, Kazutora's gaze wandered the area before shrugging lightly, "this is it; find somewhere comfortable to eat, I guess."


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#, as written by sunnelore
kazuyuki orako.
dialogue ; #a59bbd. – thought ; #94bbed.

The quiet of the classroom settles easily enough as the final bell rings, and his sister settles into her desk again, starts whispering something to the boy next to her. What was his name, Kazutora? He seemed fine enough, quiet, though he hadn't missed that look of near violent hatred towards the girls that had approached earlier. Did Harmonix catch it too? As long as he doesn't look at Sundown that way, we won't have any problems. He hadn't, as far as Halcyon had seen, so for the time being the boy would be fine, wasn't particularly on his radar for a threat.

Others in the classroom were, however. Those girls who had tried to coerce his sister in a not-so-smooth way to join their group, the very ones that kept glancing at him so obviously - why do they keep...just stop! - the pair of boys a row or two ahead of them, a group of guys in the back row and-

His gaze lands on Reiya then, though he internally laughs to himself. She was, perhaps, the least threatening in this room, even if her introduction and move over here had been a tad bit odd. Nothing really set off red flags with her in his eyes, and at the very least he was relieved. Relieved to know that the one he'd ended up sitting by wouldn't be any sort of problem to him or his siblings, that she seemed particularly quiet and kept to herself.

That was just what he needed, after the chaos of the past two weeks. Going from self inflicted isolation to a family of six again wasn't so bad, but getting dumped in the middle of a small town of human beings when he was only used to seven max at a time, given you included the stars? Two thousand people felt like a lot. More than a lot.

That rising anxiety always attacked whenever he went out, whenever he was stuck in a room like this one, but at least he was with his sister now, not completely alone. Truly he was relieved it was her and not one of their other siblings. Aurora and Phoebus...they were...a lot. Harmonix had always been easier for him to get along with, even when they were little, even after he'd made himself come around them all again. Halcyon still felt that sharp pain of inferiority and insignificance around her, no doubt, have you seen her season? Yet at the same time, she didn't feel as threatening, as starkly overwhelming, and he cherished that little bit of comfort her had from his fears and anxieties, his insecurities.

Moving icy grey eyes away from Reiya then, he carefully pulled out his notebook and pen to begin taking his notes for the class in session. Mathematics, ever so boring; the last thing he wanted to do was learn numbers. Were there any engaging classes here? A baking class, that'd be fun. Or a literature class? Maybe even a-

"Hey! Pay attention back there, or I’ll send you to detention faster than you can say rice patty!" The words and sharp tone startle his attention back up from his thoughts, though as soon as it does he knows the source of their teacher's anger originates with his sister and her new friend's conversation. He glances back at her when the man looks away, brow quirked up slightly in her direction at the attention and commotion she just drew back to their corner again. Didn't they already have enough on them? New students, late into the semester, with Velonix having so delightedly defended her friend despite the cues that others didn't quite like that idea, or perhaps saw it as a challenge for themselves to take.

Lowering his head again is all he can do at that though, at the few stares that won't leave quite yet, but it's interrupted at the change of class, the ringing bell that only drags them into biology. Somehow, this was more engaging to him, or could have been if the man teaching it wasn't Mr. Iwao who seemed to hardly care for the material or being sure that his students' education was being met. Silently, he wonders how the man still had a job, but it was a small town; they probably didn't have much to choose from, and he's doubtful to think teachers from the city would more often than not willfully choose to teach at a tiny, singular high school that didn't hold much of a reputation.

If anything Kazuyuki felt it held a reputation for bullying, bad teachers, and pretty views, but that's about it.

He nearly wants to fall asleep throughout this class, catch another nap, but that wasn't really an option here; gathering more attention when their teacher inevitably sent his anger in Kazuyuki's direction was not something he'd like to deal with today with the already pressing gazes and whispers. So he keeps awake, flips mindlessly through the biology textbook that he would no doubt be leaving here; who would carry around such a heavy weight of paper and ink text?

Then the bell rings, and the man leaves, and noise picks up in the classroom as their classmates make their moves for lunch. Only then does Velonix lean up towards him again, give something of an answer to his previous joking question, and he gives a faint smile at her words.

"You know I would never leave you behind, baby brother. Join us for lunch? Unless you have already made alternate plans?"

"Sure, sure." He half mutters, waving her off slightly, "my only plans for lunch are to take another nap so I can survive the last three hours of courses..." Absolutely true, he could feel the weight of his eyelids already. This is what he got for staying up nearly two days straight, but he couldn't quite help it. The stress and anxiety of finally heading for the school had been too much for him, alright?

Standing up from his desk and shuffling through his backpack, he eventually procured his simple, black bento box, carefully wrapped in that simple white cloth to keep it shut, just as he'd made it last night while helping Velonix prepare their and their siblings' lunches too. He wasn't about to let her prep all four of them on her own, not when he was just in the other room and more than available.

Watching the two behind him jump up and hurriedly leave the room left him heaving out a sigh; couldn't they take a leisurely pace? But all the same he made his way up from his seat, in their direction only to pause at the last moment to look at the peachy haired girl that had seated next to him. Tilting his head slightly, he shrugged, "you can come with us too, you know. If you want." It's all he gives before returning to his pace out the door, and into the halls. They're filled with students making way for their spots for lunch already, and he bites back the uneasy words that want to spill out into the air. As long as he can get past them, he'd be fine. For once he was grateful for his height; not that he was towering, usually, but around the high school students not many could reach to the top of his head. Soon enough, he'd spotted the figures of his sister and her friend dodging others, and followed after in his ever lazy pace.

That pace eventually lead him to a flight of stairs, and suddenly he wished he could just nap at the bottom of them. Every single flight up he went, though, and soon to the roof, perhaps a sense of gratitude filling within him at how quiet and empty it was. This would be a perfect nap spot, thank you very much.

"This is it; find somewhere comfortable to eat, I guess." Kazutora offers before sitting at the edge, cross-legged and a little put out, it seems. Kazuyuki wouldn't be bothering him at least, he knew that.

Making way a centered spot, right in the middle of the sunlight's beams, he settled comfortably into the concrete...or as comfortably as he could. It would just have to be good enough. A glance to his sister is all he offers before breaking open his bento box, chopsticks in hand before digging into the meal that would bring him a full stomach for his nap shortly.


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#, as written by Zodia195
Code- #D66B70

Reiya was relieved that her sudden appearance was okay with the siblings. They did seem nice enough, which Reiya hoped was genuine. She knew that people could be two-faced, and that kindness could be a cover. The girls who had just conversed with Velonix were a perfect example of that. She also had seen it in her parents' business for when she took over after her parents' death, a few tried to take advantage of her, but she wasn't her father's daughter for nothing. Gerard Goertz was someone who wasn't to be trifled with and his daughter was no different. Thank goodness she had her paternal grandparents' backing. She hoped they were doing okay too and emailed them every week to keep them updated.

Once the next class started, Reiya once again focused on the instructions. She did briefly wonder if she'd be able to see and hear the teacher, but thankfully that wasn't much of an issue. However, the only distracting factor was Velonix's brother, Kazuyuki. She was actually proud of herself for having glanced at him once. She also heard Velonix murmuring behind her. She better stop talking before the teacher got after her.

”Hey! Pay attention back there, or I’ll send you to detention faster than you can say rice patty!”

Too late. Reiya felt bad for the girl, but sometimes one had to learn things the hard way. And while Reiya didn't like Mr. Iwao, he was still in charge. Thankfully class passed without any more issues. Velonix spoke up again, this time to her brother. Reiya herself felt a bit torn. While she did promise Iphi to watch Kazutora, she also didn't want to come off as a pest. Still she was quick to get her things together. Good thing too because before she knows it, Kazutora is leading Velonix out of the classroom.
She had to do a double take. Holding hands?! Oh my, some might think they were already a couple. Even before she moved to Japan, she knew just how formal the Japanese were, thanks to her mother and due to her own research on the country. However her thoughts were interrupted when Kazuyuki spoke to her and said she could join them if she wanted. Nodding, Reiya grabbed her own things and followed the guy out of the classroom, where there was a crush of students. Reiya did take advantage of her petite form in weaving in and out of the crowd. It did help that Kazuyuki stood out with his height and white hair, otherwise she would have had a very hard time keeping up. Still was a bit of a struggle. She had lost sight of Velonix and Kazutora though.

As she walked, she noticed how the crowd thinned out and saw where Kazuyuki was heading. The roof? Was that a place they were even allowed to go to? Hoping she wasn't going to get into trouble for this, she looked to see if the coast was clear and went up the stairs. When she finally reached the top, she saw the siblings and Kazutora settling down. She approached Kazuyuki really quick.

"Thanks for inviting me. I'll try not to be a bother," she said before finding a place to sit down, away from the others.

She pulled out her own bento that her aunt made for her and started eating in silence.


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”We might be the master of our own thoughts,
still we are the slaves of our own emotions."

Speech Code ~ #088A08
| Thought Code ~ #04B4AE

Instead of sleeping - instead of receiving the much-needed rest that the mortal form that she had acquired required of her - Astraea worked. She found her mind, for the first time in a long time within her equally drawn-out life, restless and uneasy. It raced with thoughts that clouded her thoughts and if she wasn’t careful, she felt that she would soon be drowning within the darkness there. So, instead of sleeping and welcoming the dreams that the ‘humans’ so enjoyed and feared at the same time, she worked.

Settled into bed but sitting up, she tucked her blanket around her legs. She had disrobed and instead drawn on a pair of shorts and a tank top, going for comfort over fashion, and with her blanket tucked around her legs to keep the chill away, she plopped her laptop on her lap. They were nifty devices, these computers and the internet. At least the humans are good for something, she snorted a bit at the thought. As if the humans were good for anything other than trouble and misery.

As she searched the web - This is such an interesting creation - she mulled over the different ideas that were swarming her thoughts of where to look and how to approach the search. Pavo had a point, she reasoned, and before she knew what she was doing, Astraea had begun to search for abnormalities in climates across the planet.

After a couple of hours - and some much wasted frustration - she had managed to narrow down their search to specific areas within Europe, Asia, and Australia. Each continent had experienced some abnormality or another in different locations throughout, but many of them could be attributed to simple climate change. Further research would be necessary, but at least it was progress. Notepad in hand and excitement visible in her features - she really needed this boost - Astraea found herself padding quickly from her room, across the small hallway, and fist raised to the door to knock lightly on it.

Face down looking at her notes, before the door could even open, ”Pavo, you will never guess what I figured out! I managed to narrow it down to areas within Europe, Asia, and Australia. That cut our search nearly in half!” she rushed out breathlessly, her cheeks flushed a bit in her excitement. She wasn’t quite used to taking on her human form and what that could entail, much of which was her body’s reaction to different emotions, and she found her heart racing along with her mind. Finally, the door opened, causing Astraea to turn her face up, head tilted back ridiculously far so as to see the face of the one revealed by the door - a sleepy and slightly disheveled Pavo. Despite his tired state, Astraea felt a drop in her stomach, her heart quickening a bit more at the sight, specifically his shirtless and boxer-ridden condition. She felt her eyes snag unbidden on his torso, in particular their muscled shape. Her cheeks reddened considerably, a look that was foreign to her cherubic cheeks, and she bit her lip a tad. Confusion warred within her, for she couldn't wrap her head around her body's reaction to this sight. Why? was all that echoed within her mind. Quickly, she dropped her head once more, her neck thanking her as she did, and she hid her face back in her notepad.

Freaking human body, making me feel things that I definitely do not understand, she internally grumbled.

”Ahem - as I was saying, I managed to narrow it down to certain areas within Europe, Asia, and Australia. Tomorrow we can discuss it a bit more as well as look further into these areas, but I couldn’t seem to fall asleep tonight so … Anyway, apologies for waking you. I was … Excited,” she finished on a murmur, sheepish in her demeanor.


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”A good friend is like a four-leaf clover;
Hard to find and lucky to have.”
~Irish Proverb

Speech Code ~ #B43104
| Thought Code ~ #FE9A2E
Phoenix Speech Code ~ #FF0000 | Phoenix Thought Code ~ #DF0174

The blank yet frazzled look that crossed Kazutora’s face almost made her giggle in amusement. Humans are so funny and cute! Velonix absolutely adored their reactions to different circumstances, as well as the effect that not only she but also her siblings had on them. With this human, however, it felt a bit different; more amusing, perhaps? She couldn’t place exactly what it was, but something made her want to see him flustered more often, as there was something - adorable? - and incredibly real about the reaction.

With that thought at the forefront of her mind, she found herself suddenly moving, barely able to snatch up her bag as they began to walk. At the sensation of the hand in hers tightening around her palm, she felt her pulse quicken, a small skip in her heart following. What was that? Puzzled, she found herself quickening her pace to keep up with her new friend, and unable to control herself she cast a final glance at her new classmates. Their mixture of shocked and interested looks were not something that she missed, nor were the few disgusted features twisting some of their faces. Instead of feeling embarrassed, she felt her own equal revulsion, but instead over their judgment. Who were they to pass any sort of critiques onto Kazutora, or even her?

A head shake and they were out of the room, slipping through the crowded hallways as students milled about on their various breaks. Velonix found herself squeezing Kazutora’s hand in an attempt to not be separated in the crowd, her small frame just barely able to keep up with him given the students crowding the passageways. When they finally broke through the thick of it and found themselves passing fewer teenagers, she felt herself relax a bit, a small sigh of relief escaping her lips. She wasn’t one for large crowds and hadn’t expected there to be so many people in such a small area when enrolling at human school, so it had caught her off guard, to say the least.

The stairs were easy enough to climb, with her adjusting the grip on her bag and bento box in one hand, Kazutora still holding the other. As they broke free onto the rooftop, the gentle spring breeze brushed her cheeks, a sweet relief to the stifling warmth of the school. She much preferred the outdoors - something that she had in common with her siblings - but it was a bonus that they had decided to visit Earth just after Spring and Autumn came to the world. Luckily, the two seasons were quite similar in temperament, if Spring only being a bit warmer, so she felt more than at home in the current climate.

Her thoughts were cut short as she felt the warmth of Kazutora’s hand abruptly disappear, leaving her own oddly cold despite its cloth covering, and her with an equally baffling sensation of missing the soft roughness of his palm, despite the thin material separating their flesh.

Did I not get enough rest last night for my mortal body? What is going on with me today? A head shake sent the thoughts from her mind; no need to focus on what she could not understand. "Keep away from those edges; it's dangerous." Velonix flicked a glance at the rails in question and was unsurprised to see their haphazard state. Anyone with eyes could tell that the makeshift guards were simply thrown together with obvious little care, but simply noting that fact for later, she found herself looking over the rooftop with piqued interest. It was clear that not many people came to the place, and for some reason she found herself questioning if they were even allowed up there, but it was also peaceful and more importantly, outside. So she was more than happy; the only thing that could possibly make the location better were if it were in the grass or under a tree. She wasn’t one for concrete and metal, but instead preferred nature, flowers and animals.

"This is it; find somewhere comfortable to eat, I guess."

The words jerked Velonix from her thoughts, and she was definitely guilty of having jumped a little in surprise. With a sheepish giggle and smile to go along with it, she turned to glance at Kazuyuki. ”Let’s have a great meal, shall we?” That said, she almost seemed to skip over to join Kazutora. Her brother sat a little bit away from them, clearly intending on taking a nap once he had finished eating, and she lowered herself to the ground beside Kazutora, her bag coming to rest behind her. Her fingers deftly began to unwrap her bento box, a soft hum resonating up from her chest. She moved a bit closer to Kazutora as she opened the box, revealing three sections containing adorably crafted onigiri accompanied by various sides. It was more than enough for her, and it wasn’t like she needed the food to survive anyway, so there was no harm in sharing with him. As she broke apart the two pairs of chopsticks that sat inside of one of the sections of the box - she always brought two just in case she dropped the one set - she held out a pair to Kazutora.

"Thanks for inviting me. I'll try not to be a bother.” Pulled from her current focus, Velonix cast a smile over at the girl who had spoken - Reiya, she had introduced herself as earlier. Without a second thought, Vel leaned forward on her hands and knees, reaching out to pat a spot closer to the three of them, even if Kazuyuki was a bit further away as well.

”You are absolutely no bother at all. Please, join us. I would love to become close friends,” she invited with a sweet smile as she dropped back to a sitting position. ”Feel free to ask us any questions, as I am certain you are both curious about my family. Yuki is not the most talkative so he may not answer, but I will do my best!” she said excitedly. ”I know that after this we have Japanese and English followed by our elective courses. I have home economics first. What do you both have?" ​She plucked up her chopsticks once more and snagged up a mini sausage that she had placed as a side, popping it in her mouth and almost purring over the flavor. She savored the juiciness of the meat and couldn’t contain her sound of happiness. Food was her absolute favorite thing about the mortal world. Damn, she was good, too. Grabbing another, she turned to face Kazutora, holding it out towards him with her free hand underneath to prevent anything from dropping onto the ground. ”Try it, Kazutora! I think you will like it a lot!”