Nixon Sparx

"Life's best lessons seem to be learned at the worst of times." {MWIP}

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"One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself
in a universe that is trying to make you like everyone else."

Sound of Silence | O' Death

Sweet Dreams | Sucker for Pain
Beautiful Pain | Best Friend

"But without the darkness,
you would never see the stars."

| Full Name |
Vyasa Vlado Vasilieve

| Role |
Star Jupiter

| Nicknames and Aliases |
Nix ~ A nickname given to him by his Earthly companions.
Marshmallow ~ A nickname given to him by the seasons for his protective, yet caring, nature.
Nixon Sparx ~ His Earthly alias

| Gender |

| Age |
Appears 21

| Birthday |
July 12th

| Sexual Orientation |

| Scent |

| Accent |

| Nationality |

| Romantic Interest |
Nothing serious; he does, however, really enjoy intimacy, whether it be with a male or a female.

| Ethnicity |

| Social Class |

| Occupation |
Nighttime Bartender

| Place of Residence |

| Oddities |
☪ Ambidextrous
☪ Nix is constantly snacking, and is very rarely seen not eating.
☪ He has an odd fascination with humans, and particularly with their sexuality. He's always finding a new conquest, whether female or male.
☪ He loves to study humans, and tends to sit and people watch in public areas, such as a park or a mall.

"There wouldn't be a sky full of stars if you
were all meant to wish upon the same one."


| Hair Color |

| Hair Style |

| Hair Length |

| Skin Tone |

| Complexion |

| Eye Color |

| Height

| Weight |

| Body Type |

| Build |
Athletically Toned

| Tattoos |
Left Outer Wrist
Right Chestbone
Left Shoulder Area/Chestbone

| Piercings |
One in his left earlobe

| Birthmarks/Scars |
Inner Right Wrist

"Beauty begins the moment
you decide to love yourself."

| Powers |
*Note: All of Vyasa's powers tends to revolve around the element of Spirit, hence his spiritual-like abilities*
Telepathy ~ The ability to transport his thoughts into another being's mind, along with reading the thoughts of other beings. This is one of the abilities he's perfected and no longer struggles to control. At first,however, he would hear the thoughts of every person that he was in a room with, and often times it would given him ungodly migraines, to the point of nearly passing out.
Astral Projection ~ This is a form of telepathy, hence his ability to control it, and is the power to separate the spiritual mind from its earth-bound body, and travel throughout the universe. This is a power he only recently discovered, so he can only do so for a maximum of an hour or two at a time, at which point he begins to lose his ability to find his body and return to it, and he can only travel up to approximately 500miles before he feels a pull and can go no further.
Psychometry ~ The ability to take information from anything or anyone that you touch. This is one of the abilities he has yet to perfect; instead of being able to control who and what he gains information or memories from, it comes in random spurts. He may touch one person and be able to know everything about them, while another person he gets absolutely nothing from.
Dream Manipulation ~ Nix can create, shape, enter and manipulate the dreams of others, including nightmares, daydreams, etc. He can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming, entrap people in REM, and promote spiritual/emotional healing within dreams. He can also control his own dreams, and does so flamboyantly, often bringing other people from their own dreams into his for his own entertainment.
Persuasion ~ His eyes and his voice aren't naturally alluring; instead, they are a gift that he's acquired over time - the gift of persuasion. It works on only mortal creatures, but he is able to, well, persuade said creatures into performing certain tasks or giving him certain information that he wants. It comes in handy while looking for the seasons, and working at a bar.
Spiritualism ~ This is a wide spectrum of abilities, most of which are already listed above. However, there are a few that have yet to be named, and these are abilities that he has yet to discover, due to his 'new' status as a Star, such as: Physical Healing, Mediumship, Psionic Inundation,

"He who is not courageous enough to
take risks will accomplish nothing in life."

| Personality |
{Arrogant, Confident, Jester, Protective, Perverted, Charming, Wise, Confident, Persistent}

The first thoughts that come to mind when one of his names is mentioned tend to range anywhere from 'cocky' to 'perverted'.

An extremely sexual being by nature, Vyasa tends to go after anyone that he finds to be even remotely attractive. He will sleep with whoever he is attracted to, be they female or male, without any qualms in the department of emotions, whether theirs or his own. He has no reason to worry about his own feelings, seeing as he has an innate ability to keep himself from falling in love, especially with a human. He finds himself inadequate and undeserving of love, and so he doesn't allow himself to feel it for anyone, with the thought being that if he didn't deserve to be loved, than he didn't deserve to feel love for another being. This self-hate stems from his past as a human - not from the lives that he took, but from the lives that he couldn't save. The deaths of his family members took their toll and weigh heavily on his shoulders. He finds himself to be at fault for the loss of their lives, given his extremely protective nature, and still mentally beats himself up for it all of these years later.

He does, however, feel emotions towards the Seasons, their parents, and his Senior Star. Whether or not it could be deemed 'love' is difficult to say; it could simply be his personality reflecting onto his work. He has always taken his duties seriously, even if it doesn't always seem that way, and often passes his feelings for the Godly beings around him off as protectiveness towards his 'bosses', which isn't a far stretch, seeing as they basically recruited him as an employee. Whenever he thinks of it that way, it makes him laugh, picturing the Sun and the Moon behind human desks and filing HR forms. It's a way to keep his mind separated from his heart. Although he won't mentally admit it to himself, his heart has already accepted the fact that he loves all of them each in their own, special way.

The only one who's different would be Harmonix, who although he will admit in his heart to loving, he refuses to admit to being in love with. Not only would the thought completely vex the Sun and the Moon, but he also doesn't want to ruin to close companionship that he and Harmony have developed. There are no secrets between them, and out of all of the members of his new 'family', Harmony is the only one who knows the full extent of his past and his feelings about it. The Sun and Moon may know the events that happened in his life, but not how he felt during and after those moments. The only one he has ever divulged that to would be Harmony, who has never once taken advantage of his trust by touching him physically. If she does, she ensures it's over or through clothing, given her inability to control her Psychometry. Truth be told, she tries to avoid doing so with everyone, but is especially careful with Vyasa, and that is one of the only reasons why he trusts her so wholly and completely - because despite her ability to know every single thing about him, she refrains from her obvious curiosity and allows him to come to her with his feelings when he's ready to. She never pushes subjects, but instead listens, and if he doesn't want to continue, will immediately change the subject.

Vyasa is, however, one that you would want on your side, instead of against. He is fiercely protective and will go to the very ends of the universe to ensure your happiness and safety. Although it seems like he doesn't take his job very seriously, in reality he does. He will not hesitate to end the life anyone who threatens the lives of those that he 'cares' for, and if you seem to project a negative air towards them, he will strike you down immediately.

On an upside, he is extremely easy going and is probably one of the easiest out of all of the 'Gods' to talk to, aside for Harmonix and Ellyion. He tends to listen before speaking rashly, and is very thoughtful in his words and advice. He may react rashly when his own emotions come into play - case in point, Harmonix - but when dealing with other's issues, he is very thorough in his responses.

| Morals |
☪ Making assumptions is making an ass out of yourself and the other person.
☪ Be wholly and completely honest.
☪ Never, ever break a promise.
☪ Do not judge others.
☪ Always keep your eyes on the stars.

| Likes |
☪ "Intimacy"
☪ Humans
☪ Animals
☪ Swimming
☪ Oceans
☪ Waves
☪ All types of food
☪ Classical Music
☪ Soft beds
☪ Storms
☪ Galaxies
☪ The color purple
☪ Astrology/Astronomy
☪ Mythology
☪ Children

| Dislikes |
☪ The color brown
☪ Hip Hop/Rap
☪ Lies
☪ Deception
☪ Negativity
☪ Grammatical Errors
☪ Coffee
☪ Pineapple
☪ Hay ~ It makes him sneeze
☪ Technology
☪ Trains/Metros
☪ Money
☪ Plastic bags (He thinks they're ungodly annoying)
☪ Crying/Tears
☪ Rejection

| Talents |
☪ Seduction
☪ Swimming/Surfing
☪ "Intimacy"
☪ Astronomy
☪ Piano

| Flaws |
☪ Huge ego
☪ Cocky
☪ Lazy
☪ Doesn't take rejection well
☪ He has a huge soft spot for anything tiny and/or cute

| Weaknesses |
☪ Harmonix
☪ The Seasons
☪ Senior Star
☪ Tiny/Cute things
☪ He tends to think with the wrong head at times.
☪ Rash decision making

| Hobbies |
☪ Swimming
☪ Eating
☪ Piano
☪ Astronomy/Astrology
☪ Mythology

"And into the forest I go,
to lose my mind and soul."

| History |
Originally known as Valence Yakov Vasiliev III, Vyasa was destined for greatness from the moment of birth. He was born just before the Ruthenian and Cuman raid on Poland, which began in 1092, as the first born son of the Grand Duke Valence Yakov Vasilieve II and Grand Duchess Victoria Anastasia Anarandali-Vasilieve, in the capital of his home country, Russia.

His childhood was extraordinary, if anyone were to ask - he spent his days learning from the best of tutors that his parents could find, alongside his eventual younger siblings, a set of triplets by the names of Vyktor, Valentine, and Vasili, and a set of twins by the names of Veronyka and Valencia. While his younger brothers took most of their looks from their father, with their brown hair and intense red eyes, his sisters were the near spitting image of their mother, with maroon hair and clear, blue irises. Valence, however, was a healthy mix, with maroon hair and blazing rubies for his eyes, and was the pride and joy of his parents. He excelled above the other young men of his social stature, easily besting them in both education and physical capabilities, and for that his younger siblings greatly admired him. While they could undoubtedly be complete devils in their own ways, his brothers aspired to become him. His sisters looked up to him immensely, and he was extremely protective of the two girls, often chasing down any boys who attempted to become suitors to them.

He was in the direct line to become the next Grand Duke of his family, and his intent throughout his life was to inherit his father's title and carry it even further. He trained from dawn until dusk every day from the moment of his seventh birthday, and it paid off in his skills and mind, so much so that he become one of the very few Marshals of the Russian Federation. Many a times he led thousands upon thousands of young men into battle, and many a times would he bring back thousands upon thousands of young men. While there were, obviously, casualties, the Russian Federation soared under the leadership of Valence, who took pride in the small number of losses that they would gain under his hand. He captured a good portion of the land that Russia still holds to this very day, and quickly become one of the richest men in all of the country. His only enjoyment, outside of spending time with his family, sexual conquests, and his rise to power, had to be the ocean that his families' main residence was so near. Since a very young age, he had always enjoyed the water and swimming, and when not working or visiting his family, he would always be found spending time in the water. Such is the freedom of a Marshal.

Whatever he wanted, he received.

Any woman or man he wanted, he would have.

He never once, however, fell in love with a single one of the people he took to bed, which definitely assisted in the nickname that he eventual received.

The Blood Commander.

Rumors circulated of his supposed cruelty, but they were all quickly and efficiently squashed by the people he led, who knew him to be kind and merciful, yet strong and determined. While he took pity and always heard the case of each party if there were a situation that arose, he also did not show weakness in the eyes of his men and women - he would place punishment when punishment was necessary, and it was often appropriate to the crime.

He lost track of the number of people who were his own that he executed. He doesn't, however, regret a single death, having done it all for the sake of his country.

Now how, one may ask, did such a successful man die at such a young age?

The answer is quite simple: betrayal of the highest degree.

His own personal right-hand man betrayed him. He gave away the location of his families' home to the enemy, and while visiting his family, they attacked. They came during the night, catching not only his family but also the countless guards that were assigned to protect them, and executed each and every one of them by way of beheading, before setting the entire mansion ablaze.

Throughout all of it, they forced Valence to watch, in complete horror as his family members were slowly but surely picked off, one-by-one, before his very eyes, and he was unable to do anything to save them. Once the commander of the opposing militant had finished, he turned to Valence and delivered the final blow to the young man.

What was odd, however, was that when he awoke in what he believed to be the afterlife, he was no longer the young adult that he was when he passed. Instead, when he looked into the glittering water of the fountain that was located in the middle of a beautifully decorated entry room to what could only be described as a castle, he saw the boy that he was as a child. If one had to put a number to his appearance, he looked to be about eight or nine years old.

And yet he still retained all of his memories and the developed mental maturity of a 21 year old.

When he turned from the water, he found himself met by two tall figures - a beautiful woman with shockingly white hair, and a devilishly handsome man with equally shocking golden locks. When he lowered his gaze from their faces, it locked on a young girl who stood behind the woman, peaking out at him around her legs. She looked to be just around his age, if only a little bit younger, and after studying her curious expression he once again raised his eyes to the man and woman.

The discussion that followed involved a lot of disbelief and anger on Valence's part, and when his rage showed itself, the man, who introduced himself as Sun, ordered his wife, known as Moon, to usher the young girl, who he now knew as Harmonix, from the room. As the woman was doing so, the girl broke free and ran over to Valence, who had taken to repeatedly driving his fists into the nearest wall. At that point, his knuckles were bloody and worn down to the bone, but he was so blind with fury that he barely even felt the pain.

What he did feel, however, was the small breeze that came with the girl, along with her gentle grip on his upper arm. Along with her touch came an odd sense of calm, which instantly invaded his body and spilled into his mind. His punches slowed before eventually stopping, and he dropped his arms to his sides, blood dripping onto the floor below them. Harmonix seemed undeterred by the blood and his wrath, so much so that despite his heavy breathing and flared nostrils, she wrapped her arms around him and did the one thing that he had only ever allowed his younger sisters to do.

He allowed her to hug him.

After a few moments, he slowly crumpled. He dropped to his knees and let out a guttural howl, one that echoed with the pain he held within, and she went with him, never once releasing her grip around his abdomen. The tears followed, and they became a steady stream down his face, his shoulders shaking, and finally, minutes later, he turned and gave himself over to her, allowing himself to completely dissolve in the young girl's arms.

The knowledge that he would never see his family again had completely stolen his very breath away. The comprehension that he could no longer lead a normal life in the mortal realm had gotten the better of him.

And so he fell apart.

Once he had finished his dissipation, Sun and Moon took him into a small, warm room, and allowed Harmonix to join them. They explained everything about his situation.

Very rarely did they allow a mortal to have the opportunity to become 'one of them' - a God, they said. His case was special, however; something that happened to him as a baby made it so that he was lacking in the soul department. That is, he had a soul, but only half of one. This made him unqualified to live a joyous afterlife with his family, but instead would doom him to wander the Earth as what the mortals now deemed a 'ghost'. It was a very rare occurrence - something to do with a hiccup in the line of reincarnation - and had only happened to a few handfuls of times since the beginning of human life.

They took pity on him, however, because they saw in him a great potential. He had two options - one, to stay with them as a protector of their children, or two, return to the mortal realm as an earth-bound spirit, cursed to wander the plains between existence and nonexistence for the rest of time itself.

It's pretty obvious what choice he made. And with this choice, he was given the opportunity to change who he was entirely. He decided to keep his mortal appearance, but changed his name, instead adopting the name Vyasa Vasilieve.

The years that followed were filled with the rebuilding of his physical shape. When he was reborn in the castle above the skies, there was a slight fluke in his genetics that returned him to his child body of so many years before. This made it difficult to protect the seasons, but he never once lost his determination. The skill was still there, just not the physique in order to execute said capabilities.

With time, he began to discover the unique gifts that Sun and Moon had bestowed upon him in his 'afterlife', and with the help of his best friend - unsurprisingly this was Harmonix - he began to learn how to harness said powers and use them to his advantage. Her assistance actually granted him an ability that wasn't gifted by the Sun and the Moon - the gift of Psychometry, something that he shares with Harmonix. It was an occurrence that the Gods had never seen before, and still baffles them to this day.

His aging rate they found was the same as the seasons, who were estimated to stop physically changing by the time they looked to be in their late teens to early twenties, just like their parents, and so once he reached the physical age of approximately 21-24, right around the age that his mortal life ended, his changes stopped.

Many years went by, during which time he was content just to protect the seasons and live with them. The only bump along the road was Harmony's incident, for which Nix blamed himself endlessly for. He had been assigned to accompany the three of them to Earth for that very trip, but at the last minute was told that he didn't need to, and despite his unease over allowing them to go alone - he was still in his child-like form at the time, same as Harmony, but had already formed a close bond with the young girl - he agreed to allow her to go with her parents by herself. He knew how clingy he was to her, and didn't want her to think that he was annoying and get tired of him.

His heart wouldn't be able to take it if she grew tired of him.

When they returned with Harmony, unconscious and with a major head injury, he felt a rage that he had only felt the one instant since his initial death. Without permission from his mentor, Astra, or either the Sun or the Moon, he ventured to Earth and hunted down the children that caused the wound Harmony.

Let's just say that their body parts were scattered across the country.

He may have had a child's form, but his mind was that of the Blood Commander's, and as the title spoke, he was out for blood that day. And he enjoyed hearing their screams.

He was not reprimanded for his actions upon his return, but the disappointment in Astra's, Sun's, and Moon's eyes were enough to make him never act so irrationally again. They never told the seasons, especially not Harmony, what he did, but as he sat beside her bedside, clutching her cool, motionless hand, he felt an unequaled guilt assault him. It was then that he swore to change his mindset, in that beautiful bedroom that had Harmony everywhere in it, and he made an oath to protect her no matter the cost. Obviously the promise was directed towards her siblings also, but it was clear that his main priority would be Harmony and ensuring her happiness.

The following years were hell for him, watching her go through what she did. She was his closest and truest friend, both in life and death, and to watch the torment that she was forced to endure destroyed him inside. He was there to comfort her throughout all of it, and was often the one that would rush to Earth to catch and return her home when she would go into one of her 'episodes', usually before her parents would notice her absence and havoc that she would wreak on the planet. She hated him for it at the time, but once Astra removed her memories, she seemed to completely forget his involvement in it, or at least her anger towards him over it.

Now that she's disappeared with her siblings, he's become a complete mess in his desperation to find them. What had started as a love that an adult may have for a child, grew through the years into a love that one would have for a woman. It was something that he had never felt in his lifetime, and it took him a millennium to admit his true feelings to himself for her. He knew that there was little chance of anything becoming of his feelings, but he didn't care.

All he cared about was getting her back home, where she would be safe.

He's currently at a residence in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, scouring the planet with all of the tools at his disposal, alongside Astra, who is only a few countries away. They figured that as much help as it would be to live with one another and search the planet together, this way they had more than just one area being covered by two people. Spanning out was proving to their advantage, as they grew closer to the season's location over the weeks (unnaturally close, given how near Japan his current residence is). He chose this location because it is close to where his home town was during his Earthly life, and due to the ocean being so near.

| Other |
☪ He is extremely attached to Harmonix, and so he's actually kind of losing his mind trying to find her.

| Face Claim |
Rin Matsuoka

"Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift, and that is why we call it the present."

So begins...

Nixon Sparx's Story

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”It's okay to feel weak sometimes. It's okay to be afraid.
The important thing is that we face our fears.
That's...that's what makes us strong.”

From the beginning of time, humans have worshipped some form of a deity. Where they got the ideology that another, more powerful being existed, over watching them and judging their every movement, their every decision - their every thought - is beyond the understanding of modern day scientists. All that is known is that they have worshipped some sort of ethereal being since the beginning of their existence.

Jesus. Allah. Moses. Zeus. God.

Those are but a few of the many, many deities and omnipotent beings that the humans have ‘thought’ of as their creators. Obviously, none of them came close to the truth - the truth that the Sun and the Moon, two ‘planets’, as they were deemed by humans, were the actual creators of all living creatures - but that was partially the doing of said deities. Ever since the humans began to wonder how they came to be, how they were created, or in general questions anything related to such a subject, the Sun and the Moon have ventured to Earth to regularly spin stories, and spread them across the world in an attempt to slow the discovery of their being. Once their children were born, however, they put far more effort into keeping their existence hidden, into preventing them and their children from being discovered. Any human that came close to the truth was promptly dealt with, usually by the Senior Star given her memory suppression capabilities, and so far so their web of lies and legends has held up.

The lies were put into place to not only protect the Sun and Moon, and not only their children, either, but also the human beings themselves. If they were to discover the true origin of their beginnings, there is no telling what the outcome could be. What could become of the children and their parents is unknown, seeing as the two deities never once claimed to be omnipotent, and they have lived in slight fear of their existence becoming known one day.

They don’t, of course, plan to hide themselves forever. Simply until they deem the humans to be capable of accepting their existences without any repercussions; and so far, they have yet to prove themselves worthy to know the truth.

The main cause of war in human society stems from religious views. The main cause of disputes between people is caused by their differences in beliefs.

Many, many issues in human society, both currently and throughout the past, can be traced back to religious differences. The Crusades are a prime example of holy wars, during which time countless lives were lost.

The witch trials across Europe and early America are another example of the religious influence that causes mass genocides to take place. World War II, in which Adolf Hitler attempted to wipe out all of those belonging to the Jewish faith.

To sum everything up, human beings as a whole are not ready to accept the truth. They are close - God, they are so very close - to being able to hear the real truth and accept it without negative consequences or outcomes.

But they aren’t quite there yet; and so the Sun and the Moon are not ready to take the chances of revealing their existence to any human being, out of fear of them spreading the knowledge their being to other humans throughout the world. And so we hide.

We always hide.

Velonix glanced up from the blank, old book that she had been writing in. It had been given to her by the owner of the bookshop that she had just recently been given a job at, as a welcoming present. She had seen it through the window when she had been walking by, and it had prompted her to enter the store, almost as though it were calling for her. When the owner, Mr. Zwemmer, saw her inside and staring at it, he had removed it from its case and allowed her to look more closely at it. While she was studying it, they began a conversation, and one thing led to another, and she ended up with her first real job in the human world. After her third of fourth shift, during which times she would stare at the ancient book, Mr. Zwemmer finally caved and gave her it as a gift, much to her happiness. She had promised vehemently to care for it as though it were a living creature, and he laughed in response, knowing that she would.

Setting down the quill - yes, she still wrote with a quill and ink, deal with it - she put the stopper into her ink bottle and pushed back her chair, rising from her seat. She placed the book and writing utensils behind the main counter before turning to go through the boxes of new books that had arrived that morning.

She could still remember the day that her siblings pushed her into returning to Earth, which was only two weeks prior to the present day. The idea had been hers - a decision that still surprised her, even though she was the one who came up with it.

~’.’~Two Weeks Prior~’.’~

Soft whispers slithered beneath the door that led to the library. They could only be heard if one were to be standing directly outside of the door, and it was almost necessary to press one’s ear to said door in order to actually understand what was being said.

Not that there was anyone to listen to the discussion. Sun and Moon were currently overwatching the Earth, as they did at that exact time each and every new day, and The Senior Star Astra was currently assisting them in their Earthly decisions. The Junior Star Vyasa was at her side, attempting to intake any new knowledge to be gained from the actions that his more powerful Godly comrades were performing.

Now who, one may wonder, was making such noise in the library?

There could only be one group of culprits behind it; the four children of the Sun and the Moon.

The very embodiment of the Seasons themselves.

Beyond the large, oaken door, the children of the Gods sat on the comfortable furniture within. The two eldest were on one couch, while the two youngest had taken seats on the armchairs on either side of the larger furniture. Harmony had taken the liberty to start a fire in the massively beautiful fireplace that adorned the equally gorgeous library, which was quadruple the size of the area that they were currently nestled in, and she folded her legs beneath her bottom on the chair, tucking her skirt underneath her shins in an ever-present drive at modesty. A mug of her ever-present hot chocolate, decorated with whipped cream, marshmallows, and sprinkles of cinnamon, was clasped firmly between her oddly cold palms, which were damp with a nervous sweat. The same wetness was sprinkled across her hairline, both along her forehead and the nape of her neck, and a small tremble of anxiety resided in her hands. In addition, she was doing her bad habit of bouncing slightly as she sat, constantly shifting her weight in an obvious attempt to get comfortable, despite it being a futile effort.

After several moments of silence had ticked by, Harmony obviously too nervous to start the discussion of why she had asked her siblings to join her in the library, her sister spoke.

”Har, I understand that you’re nervous, but you should know by now that there’s no need for you to feel that way around us. Whatever’s bothering you - whatever’s weighing on your mind - just speak.” Her voice was gentle, almost a coo, in an obvious attempt to draw her shy younger sister slightly more out of her shell.

In response, Harmony fidgeted a bit more for a moment longer, before forcing herself to settle and heaving a sigh. After a long sip of her delicious cocoa, she lowered her feet to the floor and leaned forward, setting the mug on the coffee table before her. She dropped her hands to her knees, drew in a long breath in preparation, and in one long heave, blurted out what she had rehearsed at least thirty-two times in her mind.

”I … I want to go and visit Earth!”

Almost instantly the girl squeezed her eyes shut, her shoulders hunching in readiness for her siblings expected outbursts of rejection at her wish. When nothing was immediately said, she slowly allowed herself to pry open one eye, and then another when she noticed the blank stares of surprise from her brothers and sister. Squirming a bit under their piercing gazes - they all had equally beautiful eyes in her mind, and ones that could unsettle even the most rigid of people - she gnawed on her lower lip, looking down at her hands on her legs. Her fingers were curled inwards, digging into the flesh of her knees, and she was bouncing her one foot anxiously.

A few more beats of silence passed before anyone spoke, and it was one word.


Harmony’s head snapped up, her heart stopping for a brief moment before skipping a beat and regaining its regular pattern. Her eyes met her older brother’s gaze, which was dark and stern, unrelenting in its own way.

”But, Phoebus, at least let me explain wh-”

”No. Absolutely not. This shouldn’t even be up for discussion, Harmonix,” he interrupted, not even allowing her to finish her sentence. Her eyes welled up with tears in immediate response, and she lowered her head once more, her action holding all of the defeat she felt. She had known it was a long shot from the beginning, getting her siblings on board with her idea, but to be shot down so quickly and so assuredly definitely stung.

A soft scoff was heard from the girl that sat beside Phoebus. Her cotton candy hair was illuminated in the glow of the fire, and an eye roll could be seen.

”Oh, come on, Phoebus. At least let her explain why she wants to visit Earth. You can’t just shoot down what she says without allowing her to tell us why she would want to do it. Harmony very rarely speaks her mind about issues that she knows are controversial, so you can at least respect her courage to do so right now, given the subject.”

Harmony glanced up slightly, looking at her sister through her lashes, her gaze holding the gratitude she felt towards the older girl. Aurora definitely wasn’t wrong, though; very rarely would Harmony bring up a subject or idea that she knew would cause an argument or negativity of any sort, so when she did, it was usually for a good reason.

Turning her gaze to her older brother, she allowed her eyes to take on a puppy-dog look, and she jutted out her lower lip. This was her signature expression - something that she reserved only for times that she really wanted something - and her older brother instantly melted like butter.

Quickly averting his own eyes from hers, he looked away, his pale cheeks taking on a soft flush.

”By the stars above, Har - not the eyes,” he groaned. He flicked a glance at the girl, only to find that she was still holding the same expression, and slapping his hand over his eyes, he slowly dragged it down his face, before heaving a loud sigh.

”Fine, I’ll at least listen to this insane idea that you’ve come up with,” he muttered.

Instantly Harmony brightened, her puppy dog look diminishing, and she leaned forward, her previous nervousness replaced with obvious excitement. A twinkle shone in her eye, and she had a gentle smile on her lips. She still did, however, speak with hesitancy, a slight stutter taking away some of the confidence she felt.

”I … I’m hoping that if I were to go to Earth … That it could maybe help me come to terms with everything that’s happened since … Since the incident,” she finished, her voice ending almost in a murmur. What little courage she felt when she began speaking had quickly faded as she finished, and she felt her shoulders slightly slump with dejection. She picked at her fingernails, suddenly extremely fascinated with her hands.

”I know that … I know that I’ve caused a lot of unnecessary trouble and problems over the years, ever since that day when we were children … And I know that because of what happened, I’ve changed a lot as a person ...” She trailed off for a moment, having to pause to garner a bit of bravery. Turning her face back upwards, she met each one of her siblings gazes before continuing.

”I’ve been keeping it hidden as much as possible, but recently … Recently, what Astra did to help me contain the Phoenix … The walls that she built to help seal my two separate minds, or identities, or whatever you want to call them … I can feel them beginning to crumble,” she said softly, her shoulders once more slumped, but this time instead of the cause being defeat, it was more so worry. She pressed her lips together for a moment before continuing.

”I … I’m really scared,” she whispered, tears prickling at her eyes. ”I’m scared of what will happen if those walls disappear completely, and the Phoenix is allowed out and into the physical world once more. I don’t expect any of you to understand … You’ve never had anything like this happen before … But I ...” Drawing in a shaky breath, she felt a ball of anxiety curl in her chest. ”I can hear her … I can hear her voice, in the very back of my mind, hiding behind those walls. She keeps telling me to do things … Things that I know I shouldn’t do, but things that I really want to do. So far I’ve been able to ignore her and push down my urge to do what she says, but … But I’m afraid of what might happen if I can’t get a handle on her.”

There was a lapse in words being said, before Phoebus once more spoke, his voice slightly heavy, given the equal weight of the current conversation.

”And how do we know that it isn’t Phoenix’s idea for us to go to Earth? How do we know that this is actually your own idea, Harmonix?”

Harmony hesitated before slowly responding.

”I just … It might be hard for me to resist the temptation that she gives me to do certain things, and I may not have been able to discern my thoughts and her thoughts before Astra helped me, but … Right now, I can tell which thoughts are mine and which are hers. I don’t really know how to explain how I can, but … But I can. And on that, you’ll just have to trust me, Phoebus.”

Another moment of silence ticked by - there seemed to be a lot of those during this discussion, Harmony idly thought - before anyone responded to her words.

”I think … That if you think that it’s a good idea, and if you think that it really will help you, Sundown … That we should do it.”

Harmony turned her gaze to her younger brother, her lower lip trembling slightly. She had known before even asking for her siblings to meet her that out of all of them, Ellyion was most likely to support what she thought was best, and he had definitely proved her correct in that assumption.

Turning back to her older siblings, she looked at them with her wide, umber eyes, which spoke volumes over her expectation for an answer. Aurora was studying her nails, and while filing at the tip of one of her index fingers, she shrugged and spoke.

”I think that if you think that it can help you, and that you can handle it, we should at least give it a shot. Who knows? Maybe it’ll prove beneficial for all of us. Wouldn’t you agree, Phoebus?” she dragged out, purposely doing so in order to annoy him.

The boy in question narrowed his eyes slightly at his older sister, a soft growl of sorts escaping his lips, before he turned to Harmony, his gaze a smidge less stern than it was before. After several calculated moments, during which time she could practically see the gears turning in her older brother’s head, he spoke.

”Seeing as I’m clearly outnumbered, I’ll have to say yes. What kind of brother would I be to just let all of you run rampant down on Earth? Someone has to be down there to corral you,” he sighed, rubbing his temples.

Harmony immediately brightened, her skin taking on a slightly golden glow, and she was across the gap between them in seconds, her arms thrown around her older brother’s neck.

”Thank you, Phoebus … You … You have no idea what this means to me,” she whispered into his neck, her tears soaking into his long hair.

Slamming her forehead dramatically onto the counter that held the register and basic supplies for the bookstore, Velonix let out an equally dramatic sound that could only be described as a mix between a sigh and a whining wail. Turning her head slightly, she looked forlornly out the window, inhaling the scent of the book directly before her face.

The sun was shining brightly through the clear window, giving the interior of the building an ethereal glow. Dust mites danced in the sun’s rays, and for a moment, she felt an unwanted sadness in her chest.

Somewhere, far up in the sky and even further beyond that, her parents were looking down at the world below. She could picture her mother, wringing her hands and a worried crease between her brows, and her father, pacing with long strides across the hall that enclosed the enormous, hologram-like image that showed them the entirety of the planet. It was used to view in on any place at any time, past, present, or future, and to interact with said reality. There were many of times that her parents had altered the past in order to benefit the future - they went back and prevented world-wide catastrophes.

Why, then, did they allow certain events to occur? Why did they allow countless lives to be lost to the hands of evil humans who wished nothing but death upon the masses?

It was all for a better goal.

To think that they enjoyed watching the humans suffer - you couldn’t be further from the truth. Countless times had Velonix ventured into the great hall, as a young child and beyond, to find her mother weeping over the hologram of the beautiful planet. She had seen unimaginable things in that hologram, and heard screams that still echoed in her ears to this very day. As soon as her parents spotted her they would shoo her away fairly quickly, of course, but that didn’t stop her from seeing things.

People being torn limb-from-limb by ancient Roman Gladiators.

Children being burned alive alongside their parents during the European Witch Trials.

Animals being killed by toxic chemicals sprayed down upon the humans by large flying machines from above.

Tears pricked at her eyes at the memories, and she squeezed the large umber orbs shut in an attempt to stem their flow, and to shield herself from the visuals flashing before her eyes.

Closing them only prevented herself from seeing, however. It didn’t slow what she could hear, not by a long shot; and the screams continued to echo inside of her mind.

Making a fist, she struck herself repeatedly on the side of the hide, rather aggressively if anyone were to look upon her action.

“Stop ... Stop it, please ...” she whispered, her lips a slight grimace.

After a few moments, the screams slowly faded and she had managed to qualm her rapid breathing, having only just then realized how quickly she was panting. She remained like that, bent over with her hand resting on the counter, for who knew how long, and only rose when the alarm to the door made its soft sounds, the pre-recorded melody of Fur Elise announcing the arrival of a newcomer.

Smiling at the person who had ventured inside, she stretched out her arms, her elbows crackling at the motion.

“Welcome back, Mr. Zwemmer! Did you have a pleasant afternoon?”

The elderly man gave her a kind yet beaming grin in return, making his face slowly into the business, his cane that was honestly just used for sure - he really didn’t even use it, the trickster that he was - clacking away with each step.

“Ah, Velonix - always a warm and joyous face to see. I enjoy being able to leave my store, knowing it’s in good hands, and also being able to return to it, knowing that I’ll be able to see your cute face when I come back,” he chuckled. Velonix instantly turned beat red, lifting her hands and waving them sporadically before her.

“Oh, Mr. Zwemmer, you’re too kind!” she laughed, her embarrassment evident in her flushed face.

Chuckling once more, he approached the counter that she stood behind, lifting his cane and gently resting it on top of her head.

“Now that I’m here, you get on outside and enjoy the sunshine. You’re young and deserve to enjoy your youth; not spend it cooped up inside of a bookstore all day.”

Velonix gave the man a reassuring smile, clapping her hands together in front of her. “Oh, I really don’t mind, Mr. Zwemmer! I love being surrounded by the books, so it’s no hassle for me at all!”

Rolling his eyes in a very young action, he made his way behind the counter, nudging her with his cane.

“Go on, shoo - I can handle it for the rest of the day on my own. Go outside and enjoy yourself! Make some friends!”

She barely had enough time to snag her book and writing supplies before the old man had hustled her out from behind the counter. She wasn’t worried about anyone reading it - if anything they would assume that it was nothing but a fiction novel she was working on - but she felt almost as though she were missing a part of her when it wasn’t within her reach.

Stumbling to the door - he accidently tripped her a bit with his cane - she spun back around and waved to the man. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Zwemmer! Make sure to tell Ms. Ponsi that I said hello!”

She was, of course, referring to his beautiful, snow-white Persian kitten. He had adopted her shortly after his beautiful wife had passed, which wasn’t long before Velonix arrived on Earth, and the kitty was the apple of his eye. Although he and his wife had loved each other endlessly, they had never had children - something to do with Mrs. Zwemmer being unable to conceive - but had had countless pets over the years. After their last one died, with Mrs. Zwemmer’s ailing health, they decided not to adopt another animal for fear that they wouldn’t have time to care for it. After his wife passed, however, he was recommended by his doctors to adopt an animal to help with the grief, and not too long afterwards did he hire Velonix, so that he could have more time to spend with his precious pet.

Velonix shook the thoughts from her head. Of course, she wasn’t meant to know all of these things. It wasn’t as though Mr. Zwemmer had told her all of this. But then again, that was one of her specialties - knowing too much about the humans that she came into contact with. It’s why she tried very hard not to come into physical contact with a human; she had enough difficulty with her own memories, she didn’t need any added into the mess that was her brain.

Once outside, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes for a moment, inhaling the crisp, Autumn-like air. It wasn’t too cold, but neither was it unreasonably hot in this part of town. It was a happy middle ground, much to her delight, as her season normally was, and she was enjoying the beautiful weather - not that she couldn’t control it or anything. She giggled at the thought, opening her eyes and gazing up at the sky, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand.

If only her parents could see her now - unafraid of the human world and its inhabitants. When she arrived on Earth with her siblings, she spent the first couple of days hiding in her bedroom, absolutely petrified to leave the house. However, after some gentle coaxing from her little brother, Ellyion, she managed to bring herself to step outside - and my, oh my, was she glad that she did so. The beauty that the Earth held was shameful to miss out on! She had forgotten over the years how gorgeous the nature was, and how bewitching the scenes that played before her eyes were. Obviously she was in town, currently, but even where there was a heavy lack of nature was she mesmerized. The shops, the people - everything was so fascinating to her, and she hadn’t even begun to explore this one little town, let alone the entire planet! Who knew what else was out there for her to discover? Her siblings and she had done their fair share of studying of the planet and its inhabitants over the hundreds of years that they had been alive, but nothing even came close in comparison to actually seeing it in person.

She had forgotten the beauty that the Earth held, and how kind the humans could actually be. What she once viewed as a dark and frightening place, she now saw as a light and gorgeous environment. The creatures that she once saw as vile and terrifying beings, were in actuality extremely caring individuals, rich with their own histories and memories, their own personalities.

She was a fool to ever believe that such an alluring and prepossessing place could be scary, and she was giddy with her newfound knowledge.

*Continued In CutupxKuraRavengade Collaboration Piece*

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"Never make permanent decisions
based upon temporary feelings."

“Nixon, I-I baked you a cake! Please, won’t you accept it?”

A petite, beautiful young woman with stunningly blonde hair and startlingly blue eyes stood opposite the man in question, a counter separating the two. The clanging of glasses and guffaws of drunken men echoed around them, but Nixon was spared from the brunt of it, due to his ever-present ‘fan club’ congestion around the counter.

The bar was oddly busy for the day time, with several groups of people trickling in for mid-day drinks and cheap bar lunches. Normally the ‘young’ man would be slightly annoyed by the women taking up what little space the bar counter offered, but today he didn’t mind. He was making a ridiculous amount of money - not that it mattered much, seeing as he had an endless amount of money at his disposal - off of the unending customers that were making their ways into the bar. So, instead of shooing the ladies from the bar and grill, Nixon was taking the opportunity to chat with and dazzle them.

And they were, unsurprisingly, swooning under his ruby gaze and charming smile.

Setting down the 20oz draft glass that he had been polishing, Nixon slung the towel over his shoulder and propped his elbows on the counter, leaning forward and across the bar. He stopped only when he was nearly nose-to-nose with the girl, who couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen years old. It wasn’t uncommon for the town girls to wander into the bar, having heard of the Adonis-like man who worked there. A crimson blush immediately rose to her cheeks, her eyes growing widely startled, and he simply gave her one of his Earth-shattering smiles.

“I love cake, but I’m almost unsure of if I should accept the gift. You see, I may just develop a case of diabetes, given how much sweetness you already bring into my life, Anastasiya,” he said, giving a slight lift to her name. She practically swooned when he said her name, but managed to maintain some of her composure, just long enough to shove the box in his direction, her head lowered.

“Please, I insist!” she practically shouted, her embarrassment that followed evident in the tensing of her shoulders. A few of the ladies that lined the bar giggled at the girl, whispering about her foolishness, and how a girl like her had no chance with Nixon. Clearly he heard their words, as did the girl, who visibly deflated under their scrutiny.

If there was one thing that Nixon couldn’t stand, it was unnecessary rudeness towards someone who didn’t deserve it.

Giving the women a small look out of the corners of his eyes, he felt the corners of his lips turn up a slightly malevolent smile, before he turned his attention back to Anastasiya.

His grip closed around the box, and the young girl’s head whipped up in surprise, having obviously already accepted the rejection that she had thought was coming. Instead, she was met with a handsome smile, and Nixon leaned forward until his lips were touching her ear.

“Don’t pay them any mind. You’re easily the most beautiful woman in this bar - perhaps even this whole town,” he whispered softly. When he felt her cheeks grow even warmer against his, he chuckled softly and leaned back. With a quick reach behind him, the package in his other hand, he pulled his arm back and stretched it out towards the girl. A small, black card was held between two fingers, and the gasp of the women at the bar was profound.

Instead of a ‘little black book’, Nixon kept ‘little black cards’. These cards he kept on reserve for the women and men that he found irresistibly charming, and who he had a keen interest in. While the girl in front of him definitely wasn’t the most beautiful woman he had taken to his room, she was definitely above his normal standards for physical attractiveness. That, and he really enjoyed the looks on the faces of the women at the bar.

It served them and their smug attitudes right. He enjoyed putting petty humans in their places.

Focusing his attention on Anastasiya once more, he gave her a slow wink, the corners of his lips turned up.

“Give me a call sometime, kotyonok*,” he said softly. He turned away and opened the mini fridge behind the bar, specially reserved for employees, and slid the box of cake inside of it, to be enjoyed later.

As he was bent over, a moment of what could only be named sadness rushed over him.

Sweets are her favorite.

The thought flitted through his mind, completely unwanted, but also completely out of his control.

Immediately he shoved the thoughts of Harmony and the seasons from his mind, rising and slamming the fridge door shut, slightly rougher than necessary and causing a few of the ladies to jump a bit in their seats.

Turning back to the women, he put his fists on his sides, leaning forward slightly and beaming them all a smile. Anastasiya had scurried from the bar after getting his card, her glee obvious in her rush, and so he focused on the women who remained.

“Who wants another round?”


With a sigh, Nixon dropped onto his bed, flopping back dramatically. It wasn’t possible to get physically tired, due to his God-given body, but he was definitely mentally exhausted from having to deal with all of the women that had ogled over him at the bar. While some of them were definitely nice on the eyes, there were a few who had definitely fallen into a gutter or two, and those ones were the most pushy.

Shuddering at the image of their naked bodies, he dug his cell phone out of his pocket. Holding it above his face, he quickly keyed in his pattern and opened it, finding a plethora of text messages and what were referred to as ‘Snapchats’. He chose to go through the ‘Snapchats’ first, which mostly consisted of naked body parts. A good portion of them belonged to women, but at least one-third were men, and were a nice change from the normal breasts that popped up when he opened the pictures.

Not that he didn’t appreciate the images. They were definitely pleasing to look at. It just grew old seeing the same thing over and over again. It was nice to change things up a bit.

After sending a few pictures in response - ones that were definitely provocative also - he flipped to the text messages. Several were from the men and women that he had given his card to that day - there were about six of them - but only one caught his attention.


Hi Nixon! This is Anastasiya, hahah. I hope I didn’t text you too soon ;)

A smirk immediately crossed his features. Glancing at the time in the corner of his phone, he read 08:46pm, and almost immediately began to type a response.


You definitely didn’t ;) I’m actually really bored, so your text brightened my spirits! It’s nice to talk to you outside of the bar, Anastasiya.

Almost immediately his phone dinged, and he felt another smirk on his lips. Her excitement was obvious in her quick response.


Ahah, I’m so glad I could make you a little less bored! Wuu2?

A moment of confusion crossed through him, so he immediately responded.


I’m sorry, but what’s wuu2?



Haha, I’m sorry! It means what’re you up to?

Grinning, he waggled his brows, laughed at himself, and typed a quick response.


I just got home from work. I’m just laying in bed right now … Bored out of my mind. What are you up to?



I’m actually doing the same exact thing! You wouldn’t mind some company, would you? :) My mama and papa went out for the night, so I really have nothing to do :/

His brow raised, and he felt a small chuckle rise up in his chest.


Come over ;)

After sending his address to her, he chucked his phone aside, yawned, and stretched his arms above his head. His tendons crackled in response, and he stared up at the ceiling, guilt rising within him.

Where are you?

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Astra had always welcomed the rain, and everything that came with it. The wet grass, the misty air, the dark sky, a cool chill…she could feel it all working around her, hear each drop of rain on the pavement, see every gleam of water on the grass. If she had been anywhere but the small town, people would have been looking at her with wide eyes and amusement. She wore black dress pants and a white button up shirt with a mandarin collar. Her clothing was obviously men’s fashion, though the shirt looked oddly feminine on her, hugging her small waist and accentuating her form. Overtop of it all was a perfectly unsuitable black wool cloak, held together at her neck by a gold brooch. Her leaf-green hair contrasted heavily against her monochromatic clothing choices, and her brown eyes were nearly the colour of amber. However, the town had gotten used to her presence, and as a result, they rarely bothered her any longer. Astra was pleased with this arrangement, given that she no longer had to answer people’s questions about her hair or clothing, and could just work in peace at her home.

As she approached the door, she focused her gaze onto the door knob, watching it turn slowly and open with a loud creak. Nearly no one was outside in this sort of weather aside from the few farmers working outside. She stepped in to the warm house, her weight causing the floorboards to shift and groan. It was an old home, but it was secluded and comfortable. The Senior Star’s gaze flickered to the lamp on her desk in the front room, which came on immediately, casting a warm glow over the floors and walls. She took her cloak off and hung it on the hook by the door, stepping to her desk and sitting down. Spread over her table were various in progress maps and papers. She had drawn so many in her efforts to memorize every aspect of earth, that she had taken to selling them as a means for some extra money. People paid good prices for hand drawn works of art that could go in offices, classrooms, or the library of some rich asshole.

A knock came at the door. Astra grimaced. She had barely been home for a minute! Why was somebody coming to buy something this early in the afternoon?

With a sigh, she called out, ”Come in!” and the door opened as a young auburn-haired woman peered around the heavy wooden door.

“I’m sorry if these aren’t usually your selling hours, but I have my grandfather’s birthday tonight and I haven’t gotten him a gift! I heard your maps were beautiful, and he would love one of his home country to hang in his office!” The woman called out.

Her voice was high pitched and annoyingly cheerful. A frown of annoyance crossed Astra’s features as she dropped her pen on the desk.

”You may come in. I have one you may like.”

The woman strolled in, shutting the door behind her, and made her way towards the desk, her eyes running over the various drawings all over the walls. Topographies, countries, continents, the entire world, solar systems, stars…worlds of all sorts covered the walls in no particular organization. Astra’s fingers began to tap against the desk in annoyance, waiting for the woman to finish her analysis of the walls.

“Don’t you just love living in England? I love the mild weather and the people so much! It is just such a lovely – “

The woman droned on in her admiration for the country. Astra bit her lower lip in impatience, her fingers beginning to tap more rapidly against the surface of the desk. Though she had nowhere in particular to go, and nothing to do, she could not stand wasting time by conversing with brain-dead humans. She had much more important things to do. Scouting for information, reading newspapers, blogs online, checking everywhere for discrepancies in the weather from one place to the next, looking for any sign of her Seasons. The only thing she was sure of was that they were most likely all grouped together.

She continued to stare ahead at the brunette, drifting in and out of focus as the woman spoke. Now she was talking about Japan.

“Just the craziest things have been happening in this place! Apparently –“

Astra let out a huff and turned her cat-like eyes back down to the pen in front of her. She pushed it gently with her finger, watching it roll up the slanted wooden surface, and then fall back down to her hand. She continued this act of boredom, the woman’s voice fading to the background, becoming only a monotone blur amongst the heavy rainfall outside.

“—some places have nice hot weather, and just ten minutes away there will be snow! It’s like the seasons have gone crazy!”

Astra’s attention focused in again with the mention of the word “seasons”. This was mostly out of habit, due to being so obsessed with the word and its implications as of late.

“Uh huh…that’s fascinating…” She muttered, her amber gaze falling back down to the pen in front of her. Her mind started to run on a track, following the barely heard rambling of the woman in front of her. What place on earth had such a track record for disorganized weather? Certainly not Japan. She began to lose focus again, and her fingers began to push the pen up and down the desk.

”Come on lady just buy something already…It’s my last map for this season…” She mused in her head, her eyes tracing a path back up to the woman, who was still talking. Suddenly her mind seemed to backtrack, rewind itself. Season. The Seasons. Her Seasons.

Astra’s stance shifted suddenly. She slammed her hands down on the desk, the pen falling to the floor. An inkwell tipped over, spilling a black pool over her in-progress astronomy chart. She stared intensely at the brunette standing in front of her.

”What did you just say???” Her sudden interest in the topic surprised the woman, and she stared at Astra in surprise as if she was a mute who suddenly learned to speak.

“Oh…um, just that my dog wasn’t doing so well with his new collar –“

”No, not that!” All attempts at grace or regality had disappeared in Astra’s frantic realization that she just might have something useful to go by.

“Oh! You mean that town! The crazy weather! Yes, it’s quite something, I’m very interested myself, but I couldn’t possibly make my way there!“

”Alright, you need to go.” Astra interrupted the woman once again, stepping out from behind the counter.

“But, I haven’t gotten my map!”

”I’m closed now.”

“B-but I need it for my grandfather’s birthday!”


Astra’s gaze flickered towards the door, which opened with a slam against the wall. With a gentle shove, she pushed the woman out of her shop and onto the steps outside. With another look to the door, it closed again, and the lock turned with a click. The curtains on the large window beside it pulled shut violently, all light cut out of the room aside from a single lamp still on at her desk. It was all done in the matter of a few seconds. In the warm orange glow of the lamp, Astra sat herself down in the wooden chair and pulled out the sleek metal device from the drawer in the desk. Pressing the button, she pressed on the green message bubble. She had to contact Nixon. She had to tell him that she might have found the place. She had given him many false alarms before, but this one just seemed so right .

It was the only number in her phone. She frantically typed out a message to him, knowing that it was the best way to reach him. She stopped for a moment. How far ahead was his time zone? She calculated it in her head quickly with an image of time zones surfacing in her mind. Ten hours ahead. He was probably still awake. It should only be around 10 pm where he was.
12:18 pm
Nixon we need to leave. Now. I think I may have finnish where they might be

The message appeared on her sent screen. She narrowed her eyes at the typo.


Her fingers danced across the screen in a hurry. It auto-corrected again. Astra let out an impatient squeal and tried once more.


Finally, it was correct. She sighed and wracked her brain to remember the conversation with the woman. It appeared in her head and repeated itself exactly how it happened. She typed the location to him.

Somewhere in Japan. No time to waste.

With that, she ran up the stairs and began to throw together a bag of essential items. Some clothing, a few basic maps and her half-finished bottle of scotch. It didn’t matter what she took with her, she could just manipulate whomever she needed to in order to get what she wanted on the plane. A frown crossed her face as she realized she would have to take a plane in order to get there. For a moment she wished for Nixon’s ability that allowed him to move his mind from his physical body. If only she could do that, just to see if she was right about this place.

Even though she was not one hundred percent sure, she still had a good feeling about it.

As she returned from upstairs, she grabbed her black wool cloak off the hook by the door. She wrapped it around her body, pulled up the hood, opened the door, and stepped outside into the pouring rain. The scent of petrichor in the air pleased her immensely. As she hurried down the cobblestone steps, a white cat stepped out from behind a bush, sitting down on the pathway in front of her way. Astra looked down at her companion, a weak smile flashing across her features. It was rare to see such a genuine expression on her face. She leaned down towards the animal, staring into its green eyes with her amber ones.
”Are you going to come with me? She cooed to the animal, standing up straight again. The cat mewed as if in understanding. Astra nodded her head in response, and looking around her, began to walk ahead once again with the white animal trailing behind her.

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"Hard work beats talent
When talent doesn't work hard."

"You're such a jerk, Nixon!"

A loud crash ricocheted throughout the room as a rather gaudy lamp smashed against the wall that had been directly where Nixon was previously standing. Another shattering sound echoed, this time a glass exploding across another portion of the wall and drenching it with water. Again, Nixon had side stepped the throat, an eye roll following the action.

"You're fucking crazy," he sighed, rubbing his temples. The girl let out an exaggerated shriek of anger, her blonde hair up and around her head in an insane mess. She was clad in only a pair of underwear and a bra, and her eyes held an insanity that was reserved only for freakishly jealous humans, but women in particular.

"You're a fucking asshole!" she cried, her hands clenched at her sides, having run out of things to throw. Nixon rolled his eyes again, grabbing her clothes - which were rolled up into a heap near the door where they had been abandoned in her anger - and shoving the mess into her arms.

"And you're fucking nuts!" he shouted in return, his hand pressed against her naked back as he shoved her towards the front door. She spun around, her hand flying out as though to hit him, but he instantly snagged it in the air, his eyes flashing with a darkness unbeknownst to most.

"Haven't you ever heard of a one night stand? What did you think was going to happen? We were going to 'make love' and fall for each other?" He let out a dry life at the look on her face, pushing the front door open at the same time. "You're a fucking child. I don't go for children. You were fun to play with, but now I'm bored, so leave. You were just an easy fuck and now I'm over it."

And with that, he slammed the door in the half-naked young girl's face, just as tears began to stream down her cheeks. He obviously held no sympathy or pity for her, seeing as it was insane for her to think that anything could come of the hook up.

Rubbing his face, he let out a grumble.

"No more virgins ... I swear to God ..."

Making his way upstairs once more, he quickened his pace when he heard a few rapid dings from his cell phone. They were a slight flutter in sound, almost like a morning rise, and it was the ringtone he had chosen for the only other creature on this Earth that he trusted - or, at least, that he trusted and could actually get into contact with.

Diving across his bed, he fumbled through the blankets until he found his phone, unlocking it with a quick swipe of his thumb across the screen.

Four new messages.
From: Sexy Senior

Smirking a little, he clicked them open. What could his gorgeous 'superior' possibly want? Perhaps she had come to her senses and decided to accept his moves, instead of reject them?

His smirk disappeared as he read the messages, his eyes flying across the screen as he gripped the phone tighter.

Nixon we need to leave. Now. I think I may have finnish where they might be



Somewhere in Japan. No time to waste.

If the messages contained any other words, he would've laughed and given her immediate grief over her typos and her need to correct herself. But instead, he flipped over to his internet app and in the search bar quickly keyed in four words.

Weird weather in Japan.

Instantly links began to pop up, from both news and gossip sites. His eyes flew across the screen, taking in the information rapidly and without much thought to anything else around him.

Intense climate changes spread throughout northern Japan ...

... Unnatural snow fall during summer time and ...

... Sporadic heat waves and storms scattered ...

Nixon felt his jaw clench. Everything pointed at the seasons being in Japan, but nothing pointed at where they were specifically, just the northern region. Knowing Astra, she only went off of hearsay and didn't bother to research any of the information that she was given before she texted him. And also knowing her, she was probably already halfway to the airport, when she had just texted him a mere ten minutes ago.


Get a flight Wakannal, Hokkaido. We'll start at the northern most region of Japan and work our way down. I'll probably beat you there, since it's only about a three hour flight. I'll wait for you at the airport.

Shoving his cell phone in his pocket, he immediately began to throw together a small travel bag. He could always 'persuade' a human if he needed anything else, but for the moment, he simply packed his bare necessities; this meant his phone charger, the maps that he had gathered of different regions of Earth, a few changes of clothes; his bathroom necessities, a few books on astronomy and mythology; his Beats headphones, and a single intricately carved ring strung on a necklace, engraved with the name Vasilieve on the inside of it. Snapping the necklace around his neck, he threw on a jacket and tossed the bag over his shoulder.

Of course, he couldn't just abandon the bar, so with a quick text, he mass messaged his employees to care for it in his absence, placing his general manager, Colton, in charge of everything. With that taken care of, he strode the sidewalk, a car pulling up just as he reached it, his timing perfect. As he slid inside, he instructed the driver to take him to the nearest airport, and then turned his gaze to the starry sky outside of the window.

I'll be there soon, Harmony. Please, just hang tight a little bit longer.

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Astra was already in a cab, on her way to the airport when her phone buzzed at her side. She reached into her duffle bag and pulled out the device, her cat-like eyes tracing over the letters on the screen.


Get a flight Wakannal, Hokkaido. We'll start at the northern most region of Japan and work our way down. I'll probably beat you there, since it's only about a three hour flight. I'll wait for you at the airport.

She scanned her mind, reciting the information. Hokkaido….the northern region of Japan, famous for hot springs and the mountain range. The words revealed themselves in her head as if she was reading a book. He must have done some research into weird weather in Japan and come up with that. Astra was unsure of how close Nixon was with his information, but this was all they had to go off of. She was always hesitant about following information she found online; she had been lead much too often on wild goose chases conjured by interns writing news articles about the most mundane things. Astra was too distrustful of the written word, something that people often twisted to sound more lucrative and interesting. Going off of actual experience though, and people who had seen the very thing, seemed to work better for her.

The cab ride had been quiet and uneventful thus far. Astra was not one for small talk. She stared blankly out the window, watching the raindrops slowly peel along the glass, leaving a clear trail behind them for another drop to fall. Her mind began to wander away from the present. What were they going to do once they reached the city? Her source of information had not been very specific, and apparently neither had Nixon’s. Japan was littered with small towns that had little to no news coverage. There were villages ranging from a dozen people, to cities with millions. How would they know where to even go first? She had been lucky to have a woman that even mentioned the event. Without her, she would never have even though to go to Japan, and they most likely would have never found the article online without the keywords.

She let out a small sigh, her breath fogging up the glass. They were going to need a lot of luck, and a lot of energy, to get any more useful information.

“So, uh, you goin’ on a vacation, Miss?” The cab drivers gruff voice pierced the silence. Astra winced slightly. She understood that the man was just doing his job, trying to be polite, but she had no desire to chat with him.

“No, it is just for work. I’m sorry, but I would rather be left to my thoughts for the time being.” She spoke back to him, her voice smooth and convincing.

The man nodded his head in understanding, and muttered a quiet apology. Left to her own mind, Astra let her thoughts wander, dreaming up plans and possibilities, musing about both success and failure. They grew and shifted into wonderings about Japan and its residents, how people acted there, how she would find herself comfortable in a new space. Would she be forced to split up from Nixon? Would they travel together? Were they even in the right place? With all the twists and turns in the path of her thoughts, it was no surprise that she felt the car slowing down in what felt like only a few minutes.

She looked at the payment required on the little screen by the dashboard, and pulled a few bills from her bag, offering them to the driver. She took her bag, and then reached to the seat beside her for the cat carrier that held the small white animal. Nixon would probably be a bit bewildered, possibly annoyed, that she had decided to bring an animal companion. Nevertheless, this was her decision, and she felt that she might be more comfortable in a new environment if she had something familiar with her.

Exiting the cab, she entered the doors of the airport. Instantly, it was as if a wave had hit her, she felt overwhelmed by the voices, the footsteps, the crying children and angry parents, impatient men and women arguing with eachother. Emotions were running high here. Astra grimaced as her grip tightened on the handles of the carrier and bag. She stood still for a what seemed like hours, forcing her breath to slow down, trying to focus her gaze on the only thing that was important.

She felt a slam into her shoulder; she staggered, managing to keep her balance.

“If some people didn’t just stand there, this would be a lot smoother!” A man grumbled in her direction, his luggage trailing behind him. Astra caught her breath again and took that as a sign to keep moving.

Signs directed her to a ticket counter. She set herself in line and waited for a few minutes until she reached the counter. The dark haired woman behind the counter looked up, and recoiled slightly at the vision of the green haired woman in front of her wearing a long cloak. London was filled with eccentrics and oddities though, so the surprise only lasted a minute. It wasn’t long before Astra had her ticket and was off towards security, where a playful touch made the empathetic man feel bad for her “forgetting” she couldn’t bring alcohol unless she bought it at the duty-free store, and offered to let her bring it on for just the price of duty. The woman boarding the plane glanced down at the cat, and divulged that as long as the container was the right size for carry-on luggage, she could bring the animal.

Astra sat on the crowded plane, the cat carrier at her feet, the Japanese-English dictionary sitting on the tray in front of her. How quickly could she learn the basics of the language and its writing before she got there? The woman opened to the first page, beginning to take in the information and commit it consciously to her long-term memory. Her flight was nearly 10 hours. Hopefully Nixon wouldn’t lose his mind waiting that long for her at the airport.

She didn’t have a single doubt in her mind that the flight would feel long. She only doubted how long it would take, once she was back on solid ground, to find what they were looking for, and if it was even possible. Her eyes scanned over the pages.

find, will find

Astra mouthed the word on her own, savouring the sound of it on her tongue.

”Mitsukeru…” She muttered under her breath.

Yes, she would find them.

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"The minute that you stop caring what others think
is the minute that you become your true self."

The ride to the airport was less than extraordinary. The taxi driver was an angry hobbit, who spent the entire trip complaining about his quote-on-quote, 'whore bitch of a soon to be ex-wife that just wanted all of his money' - though it was doubtful that the man had any money given his current profession. However, Nixon suffered through it, giving an occasional nod as though he were actually paying attention to the seemingly endless rant, and when the time came where the car finally slowed to a complete stop, he practically threw open the door to the vehicle and scrambled out in a desperate need for escape. A wad of bills were tossed haphazardly over his shoulder and onto the backseat, and he made for a brisk walk inside the massive building, ignoring the shouts of the driver behind him.

Once he was inside, the shouting became a distant and forgotten memory, already shoved completely from his mind. The interior of the impressive fortress was neutral in coloring, varying from simple whites to even simpler grays, with a few monotonous blues thrown into play. It was brightly lit, stinging his eyes when he first entered, slowly becoming accustomed to the lighting given the darkness of the outside world. The normal clamour that surrounded an airport ricocheted around him - parents shouting at their equally-loud, screaming child; people arguing with the baggage claims personnel; the random soccer mom pitching a fit at the ticket counter over some God forsaken, ridiculous thing; it was all so normal, and it made Nixon slightly uneasy to be surrounded by it.

Adjusting his grip, the back of his hand resting on his shoulder and the bag hanging down his back, he shoved his free hand into his pocket and strode towards one of the ticket counters. As he walked, people slowed and dropped their voices to hushed whispers, many of the women turning light pinks in hues and their eyes widening. His mere presence was enough to bring a large man to his knees, and women swooned over every step he took, causing a slightly feral smirk to quirk up the corners of his lips. As he made his way easily to the front of the line, his crimson gaze flashed with a ruby glow with each person he passed who even attempted to stop him. Immediately their expressions turned slightly dazed before they settled in, barely even making note of the strange man who had so rudely cut in line before them.


“One ticket to Wakkanal, Hokkaido - one way, first class.”

The ticket woman blinked, her eyes momentarily coming to rest on the wad of bills that had been smacked onto the counter before her. Finally, she slid it across with a dainty touch, didn’t bother to count it, and quickly printed off his ticket. He turned away, snatching it from her hand and tossing her a slight wink, and strode directly past the security personnel, who simply blinked in confusion. One attempted to step before him and stop his procession, but with a single look up at the large man, Nixon was able to slip by, the man holding his head in sheer bewilderment.

”Now boarding flight 22A, boarding gate 5B, destination Wakkannal, Hokkaido, Japan. Now boarding flight 22A, boarding gate …”

It didn’t take him long to reach the gate and make himself at home on the aircraft. The first class area held only two other passengers, although it could easily accommodate twenty, and was separate from the second and third class areas by a sliding door. He chose one of the expensive seats at the very back of the seating, and slipped his bag above him in the overhead storage. A gaggle of stewardesses stood giggling near the pilot’s flight deck, their own little area to sit and prepare things for the customers directly before it, and were looking between him and one another. A swift game of rock, paper, scissors ensued, and the victor let out a quiet squeal before striding down the aisle, obviously putting extra effort into her walk being a bit extravagant.

“Welcome. My name is Uria, and I’ll be your stewardess for this evening. Is there anything that I can get you?” she asked in a soft purr, leaning against the seat before him and making it very clear when she used her upper arms to slightly plump up her bosom. Nixon raised a slight brow for a moment, before a sly grin slid across his face. His eyes flashed ruby once more, and the rest of the people in the first class and stewardess area turned away, seeming to have completely forgotten his presence entirely.

“You can come and have a seat on my lap - I’d love to have some company for this trip,” he allured. She let out a soft giggle and did as requested, easily making herself comfortable.

No, the flight itself wasn’t going to be boring in the least.


The traditionally styled Japanese Inn was beautiful and quaint, yet very impressive in appearance. Nixon slipped out of the limousine, which he had ordered while on his flight along with booking the hotel room, and sized it up, immediately taking in the quickest escape routes if need be. It was a precautionary measure drilled into him since he was very little - and still alive - and although his new family had done their best to rid him of the actions, it was as the saying went. ‘Old habits die hard’.

Hefting his bag onto his back, he made his way inside, revelling in the quiet nature that surrounded the little hotel. It was privately owned and fairly expensive, but it wasn’t as though he were lacking in funds. As he approached the desk, he had his phone out and was typing away a quick text.

To: Sexy Senior

I’ve already arrived at the hotel. I’m sending you the address now. A limousine is waiting for you at the airport, so look for a chauffeur holding a sign that says ‘Leila’. He’ll bring you here, and when you arrive, tell the front desk attendee that you’re here with ‘Annakin’. She’ll give you the room card and tell you which room to head to.

He smirked at the use of his Star Wars references. If there was one thing that he was obsessed with in the human world, it was movies, and the Star Wars series took the cake. The idea of other life out among the stars fascinated him, and Star Wars captured the concept beautifully and creatively, much to his viewing pleasure. Nixon turned his gaze up to the woman at the front desk, flashing her a dazzling grin.

“Do you speak Russian?” he asked her, and she nodded curtly, her whole demeanor strictly business. I forgot how formal the Japanese were. “I’m checking in for Annakin, room for two,” he held up his index and middle finger. The woman typed something into her computer, made a few clicks, and then slid a key card across the counter. “My friend will be arriving in a few hours. Can you make certain that she receives the proper information and a key card as well?” The woman nodded once more, pursing her lips a bit. “You will be in room eight,” she said in broken Russian, clearly more proficient in understanding than in speaking the language. He acknowledged her, took the key card, and made his way down the halls until he found the room, which was directly beside the hot baths entrances. The door unlocked with a soft beep, and he slid inside, flipping on the light.

The room was typical in Japanese fashion. The only furniture in the room were a television stand with a flat screen TV, a table that was short to the floor with a matching cushions to kneel upon beneath it, and one gargantuan king sized bed sat on the floor. The bathroom had some weird looking contraption that was supposed to be a fancy toilet, and had a large hot tub styled bathtub in it. There were sliding doors beside the table that led onto a tiny, secluded deck that overlooked the beautiful gardens, and he immediately went to prop them open an inch. Dropping his bag on the floor beside the television, he kicked off his shoes and socks and face planted into the feather-soft bed, instantly snoring away.

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“We are now arriving in Hokkaido, Japan. Please prepare for landing.”

The words sent a rush of relief over Astra. She closed her book and adjusted her seat. She could not wait to get off. The whining children and stench of sweat from the humans around her had made the entire trip unbearable. Part of her almost felt bad for disliking humans as much as she did, since they were the creation of her superiors, after all, but her sympathy never lasted long.

She pushed herself past the people, cat carrier in her grasp. The animal inside was meowing with a ferocity that she had never heard before. The cat probably wanted to get out of the carrier as soon as possible. She understood the cat’s impatience in a way that reflected her own. Getting off the plane was an absolute blessing. As she stepped out of the door and into the empty hallway, she finally felt as if she could breathe. Moving down the hallway, her eyes wandered to what was waiting for her at the end. A mural adorned with cherry blossoms, fans, and a painting of women in kimonos greeted her, with a banner across the top that said “Welcome to Japan!” in English. Below, the same phrase in Japanese. She read both fluently. Her quick reading on the plane had given her a basic understanding of the language, aside from a few odd phrases or specific cultural things. Astra reached into her pocket to check her phone.

To: Sexy Senior

I’ve already arrived at the hotel. I’m sending you the address now. A limousine is waiting for you at the airport, so look for a chauffeur holding a sign that says ‘Leila’. He’ll bring you here, and when you arrive, tell the front desk attendee that you’re here with ‘Annakin’. She’ll give you the room card and tell you which room to head to.

The message had been sent nearly four hours ago. By the time she got to him, he would probably be passed out asleep. And who was Leila? Why that name? Astra grimaced at the message, her brow furrowing in confusion and distaste. She put her phone away and set out further, grabbing her bag from the retrieval area, and watching carefully for a sign adorning the name Leila. A man stood surrounded by a group of other chauffeurs, wearing a black cap and suit. The name was neatly drawn in English letters on the board he held. Astra walked confidently up to him. She stood taller than him by a few inches. She expected an odd look from him, maybe one of surprise, but she did not receive one. Rather, he looked at her eyes, smiled politely, and bowed.

“You are Miss Leila? I have your vehicle waiting, if you would follow me.” He spoke, his English nearly perfect and only with a slight accent. Astra nodded her head in agreement, slinging her bag over her shoulder. He shook his head with a sheepish smile, and reached an arm out towards her. Astra was left in confusion for a few moments before realizing that he was offering to take her bag. She offered it to him, preferring to keep her cat carrier with herself, and set off with the man through the airport. A small smile spread along her lips. Was everyone this cordial here? She had gotten a sense of it through her readings, but never expected it to actually be this prevalent in the culture. She had neglected to research this place very thoroughly upon her first placement on Earth. Everywhere around her, men offered to carry bags, people bowed to one another, children waited patiently alongside their parents…Maybe she would like it here.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Astra wished the limousine driver farewell, stepping out and gazing at the hotel in front of her. In an odd way, it reminded her of the town she usually resided in. The area was shrouded with trees, the hotel standing peacefully amongst the nature surrounding it. A quiet bubbling of a stream could be heard nearby. The sun had just begun to rise in the distance, drawing her attention to the mountains in the distance shrouded in fog. The road behind her was relatively untouched, the limo she was in having been one of the only cars on the road. The air was still. It was just so quiet .

Adjusting her duffle bag, she made her way inside, stepping up to the welcome desk. This would be a good time to practice her Japanese.

“Good morning. I have someone named ‘Annakin’ waiting for me.” Her accent was not perfect, her words were tainted with her slight English phrasing, but the sentence obviously made enough sense to the woman at the front desk. She curtly nodded her head and turned her attention to her computer screen, typing a few things on the keyboard before picking a room key out of the drawer, and setting it gently on the counter in front of Astra.

“You will be in room number eight. Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to use our complimentary hot springs.” With that, the woman folded her hands together and gave a small, cordial bow before returning to her work. Astra turned with the key card in hand, about to make her way down the hall before a man stopped her.

“Would you like help with your bags, Miss?” He offered. The man’s eyes wandered down to the cat carrier in her hand. For a moment, he seemed a bit nervous. The man was younger than the other staff of the hotel, and seemed a bit less experienced.

“Ah, I am not sure if animals are allowed in the rooms—“ He stopped, interrupted by a gentle hand on his shoulder. Astra let her fingers rest on him, staring deeply into his eyes.

“I am so sorry, I had no idea. I really need to keep her with me though, it is very important to me, and I’m sure you can just make one exception?” Her amber eyes danced with fresh tears, emotion sweeping out of her like a wave. You could see the man’s expression change from a stern gaze to a soft look of sympathy. She could feel, in return, his emotions shifting into what she wanted them to be. He bowed his head in apology, allowing her to proceed onward.

Astra lifted her hand from him, continuing on her way. Down the hall, she spotted the number eight on the door, and entered with her card. She barely looked at the room before noticing the familiar body on the bed. A glance at the clock told her that it was around 7 AM. She set her carrier down on the floor, opening the door. The white cat nearly leaped out, wandering back towards the partially opened screen to the garden. Astra bent down to unzip her tall black boots, placing them neatly by the door when she had finished. She unclasped her cloak, revealing her high-necked white blouse underneath, and set the outerwear on a hook by the door. Sweeping her forest-green hair behind her ears, she stepped around the room looking for the other bed. There was a large bathroom, and a garden, but she couldn’t find another bedroom.

While before, she had been careful to be quiet as to not disturb him, she suddenly lost all care.

“Did you only get one bed!??!” She cried loudly in an attempt to wake him up. She was tired, and a bit cranky because of it, and wanted nothing more than to sleep for a few hours, but not next to him .