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Aku no Musume - Daughter of Evil

Aku no Musume - Daughter of Evil


A long time ago, in a kingdom of trecherous inhumanity, there was a princess reigning in apex, of only age fourteen. She was to be executed at three in the afternoon; but somehow she escaped.

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Introduction evil flower blooms dainty in maniacal colouration...


...although it's a beautiful flower, there are too many thorns....


"Ruin the Country of Green."

A long, long time ago, in a country called Lucifenia β€” better known as the Country of Yellow β€” a set of twins were born, a girl, and then a boy. Because she was born first, the girl became the heir of the family, while her brother was raised to become her servant. Still, they were very close. Their father died fourteen years later, leaving the country to his daughter to rule. She was a ruthless, spoiled princess, with everything she could ever ask for; and when the money ran low, she taxed the heart and soul out of her people; she executed anyone who apposed her. Very quickly she became known as the Daughter of Evil.

The princess fell in love with a prince from the Country of Blue β€” Archadia β€” across the seas; but he was in love with a common woman of the Country of Green β€” Lithilus β€” one that bordered Lucifenia. The princess wouldn't give up though, because she always got what she wanted. She ordered her brother to find this woman of Green and kill her; but when she couldn't be found, the princess ordered the entire country destroyed. Her brother had no choice but to comply, for he would be forever loyal to his beloved sister. However, he had fallen for a woman of Green β€” the beloved of the Prince of Blue β€” and hid her in a well during the war, with promises to return for her. He would never get the chance.

Enraged by her decision, the princess' own people struck out against her, and captured her to have her executed.... And so ended the tyrannical princess' life....

Or so they thought. The princess's servant exchanged clothes with her, taking her place for execution the next day. The people would never know the difference until it was too late. The princess fled Lucifenia for the Country of White β€” Aromia β€” where she lived with a girl who had once been a close friend of the woman of Green.

It's been two years since the princess' disappearance. The people of the Country of Yellow have a new monarch, and live happily under his rule. The Prince of Blue, however, renounced his title to go looking for the Princess of Yellow, because he still feels that his love's death was not properly avenged with the death of the princess' servant. He has searched the world these past two years, and has come to the northernmost reaches of Aromia to find her, in a small village called Lorelaei.


:s u m m a r y:

Disclaimer: The Daughter of Evil series belongs to the original writer of the songs, Mothy. I do not take credit for his awesomeness, I only revel in the absolute beauty that is his mind. I only created the storyline as of two years later, and the names of the countries (with the exception of Lucifenia) and the map of the world.

This RPG takes place in a fantasy world that I created myself, including the drawing/colouring of the map; Solantra, which is made up of five countries: Aromia, Lithilus, Archadia, Lucifenia, and Austrevena. Below, the map will be provided along with a short description of each of the countries, and the links to the videos of the Daughter of Evil series. The songs are in Japanese, I warn, but I have chosen versions with the English translations. The RPG follows mostly the first two songs, and almost completely disregards the other three; it is not necessary to hear the songs and read the lyrics, but it would help. If you've already heard them, good for you, have a cookie. I will also include short pieces of information regarding the characters' home countries and how they tie into the story.

Here is a map of Solantra


:t h e . c o u n t r i e s:

Aromia: The northernmost country in Solantra, Aromia β€” the Country of White β€” is cold and moutainous, hardly ever getting a reprieve from the snowy weather. Most of the land is uninhabitable; but a few small villages manage to survive with Archadia and Lithilus shipping in new supplies every two weeks. Aromia is not ruled by a government at all, but each town has their own police force and deals with misbehaviour according to the laws of whichever country they do the most trade with β€” Altima deals in Archadian law, Celes in Lithilite. The people here are called "Aromites", and are known to be the most peaceful people of Solantra, having never participated in a war yet. The capital city is Celes.

Lithilus: The border country between Aromia and Lucifenia, Lithilus β€” the Country of Green β€” is half mountain range, half farming based, and experiences a moderately cool climate. The land is workable and the weather is bearable β€” it's cool during the fall, winter, and spring; but the summer is both hot and wet, making it good for farming. However, more than sixty percent of Lithilus' income is trade of their fabrics, the finest in Solantra β€” the most well-known is their silks. A relatively peaceful country, Lithilus never wages war unless absolutely necessary. They are ruled by a democracy, in which a Lord will be appointed by his people every seven years, unless the Cabinet that passes his decisions rules him unfit before his reign is over. The people here are called "Lithilites". The capital city is Vesperia.

Archadia: The northern island nation of Archadia β€” the Country of Blue β€” is mostly flat lands that are best for farming and breeding of livestock. Their livestock is the best in Solantra, and they especially boast their 100% organically fed Archadian beef, which is mostly exported worldwide for consumption by royalty and aristocracy. Archadia's climate is relatively cool throughout the year, but comfortably warm in the spring and summer; with the exception of a small island to the far east, Destiny Island. This island technically stands on its own, under no control of Archadian government whatsoever, but accepts Archadia's wish to assist them in survival. Because of the small size of this island and the hot water current flowing directly past it on both sides, Destiny Island stays tropically warm year-round and is known for white, sandy beaches, as well as their pineapple and coconut exports, though they're small compared to those of southern Lucifenia. Archadia is ruled in a monarchy, where the Fon Ahnge family has ruled in apex for over five hundred years. This country is anti-violent and prove this by having no army whatsoever. Like Aromia, they have small police forces and a justice system used inside their own country. They have never participated in a war. The people here are called "Archadians". The capital city is Destati.

Lucifenia: Better known as the Country of Yellow, Lucifenia is the largest country in Solantra, and therefore also the richest and most powerful. They are an influential country, with more than fifty-eight percent of all exports in every category coming from them. The climate varies from north to south, going from moderate to tropical, with grasslands, and then as you travel south, prairies, forestland, and finally jungle. They are pioneers of the worlds of science and exploration, having discovered three other countries westward from Solantra. As of yet, no life has been found among these lands, but Lucifenia has plans of colonizing them as part of their own country. Ruled in a monarchy, Lucifenia was reigned by the D'Autriche family up until two years ago when the princess disappeared. Now, it is ruled by another man who was elected by the council, but his family will continue to govern. The people here are called "Lucifenians". The capital city is Kreyon.

Austrevena: The warring country, Austrevena β€” the Country of Red β€” is a hot-temperatured country settled and taken over by Lucifenian soldiers who had defected from the Lithilite Military over three hundred years ago. The natives of Austrevena are very much distinguishable from the descendents of the Lithilites, because they are all dark-haired and dark-eyed. The blondes take up more than eighty percent of the populations of the cities of Terradis β€” the capital β€” and Testra. Austrevena is mostly farmland north of Yarnarrow, and desert south of it. They are known for the exceptional breeding of their horses, which are known as the blue-blood of equines, the horses of royalty. Their army is notably a mounted army, and second in size only to Lucifenia's; they are ruthlessly brutal, and almost eternally at war with Lucifenia in some form or another. They go through every little skirmish from trade disputes to full-on physical battles, mostly over the rule of the two islands between them, Hazel Island and Sulphur Island. Currently, they each own one of them, and are at peace, but both are on edge once again as the coffee bean sales of Sulphur Island rise at a constant rate, only getting higher. That's right. They are about to battle over coffee beans. Austrevena's army was requested two years ago by Archadia, oddly enough, to strike back at Lucifenia over the ruin of Lithilus; but the attack was called off just before the princess' execution. Austrevena is ruled by a Queen at the moment, in a monarchy, and the people are called "Austrevians".

:t h e . s o n g s:
Like I said, the storyline only really follows Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil, and after that, the story is pretty much AU. It's not necessary to hear the songs and read the lyrics, though if you want just the English lyrics (with a legitimate reason, of course β€” like a slow computer... like me....) then I'll be happy to provide them for you. I believe the plot of this RPG strays the most from Daughter of White, so that one can be pretty much completely disregarded. Anyway, if you decide to watch the videos, then enjoy, and try not to get addicted. -coughAnahcough-

Daughter of Evil

Servant of Evil

Regret Message


Daughter of White


:t h e . c h a r a c t e r s:

Daughter of Evil: Rillianne Lucifen D'Autriche
Played by: MagicalNeko
The Daughter of Evil was once the Princess of Lucifenia, a tyrannical, spoiled brat who forced her people to provide her with everything she wanted. She was the older twin sister to her servant, and had always commanded his loyalty and his respect, both which he gave willingly. She fell in love with the Prince of Blue, and was furious when she found out that he was already engaged to another woman, and a common one at that. She had her brother take a portion of the army and destroy all of Lithilus just to make sure this one woman was executed. Finally, her people had enough of her heartlessness and captured her to execute her; but her brother gave his life for her and was executed in her place. She now lives in Aromia with the Daughter of White, helping out in a shop that distributes goods in Lorelaei.

Prince of Blue
Played by: LozerFanAnah
The Prince of Blue is originally from Archadia, next in line for the throne. When his fiancee was killed, he was devastated and wrote to the Queen of Austrevena asking permission to borrow her army to wage war on Lucifena for the unlawful murder of the Lithilites for "no earthly reason", though he knew exactly why. He had the attack called off when he heard that the princess had been executed, only to find out later that it had really only been her servant. He renounced his title, giving the throne to his younger brother, and began to travel Solantra searching for the princess, only to end up defeated and tired in Lorelaei where he planned to take a break. His two Servants of Blue travel everywhere with him.

Daughter of White
Played by: OPEN
The Daughter of White is the eldest of three. With her parents killed in a border skirmish in the mountain pass from Celes, where they used to live, six years ago, she takes care of her two brothers with the help of the Daughter of Evil. They help distribute goods shipped in from Archadia for her godfather, and are well respected in Lorelaei. She was good friends with the Lithilite woman that was engaged to the Prince of Blue before her death. She always swore that if she ever met the princess who had her best friend murdered, she would kill her herself. The Daughter of White doesn't know that the Daughter of Evil is actually the princess of Lucifenia.

Brothers of White
Played by: OPEN and OPEN (To be played by two different people)
The Brothers of White are the younger brothers of the Daughter of White, who live and work with their sister, sister's friend, and their godfather. They are both either slightly or completely enamoured with the Daughter of Evil, though the elder one is definitely closer to her.

The Godfather
Played by: OPEN
The Godfather (Couldn't resist....) runs a local shop in the small village of Lorelaei, which distributes goods shipped in from Archadia. He is considered the most powerful man in Lorelaei. He knows who the Daughter of Evil really is, but says nothing. He leaves it to her to figure out what to do, though often advises her to repent for her sins. He invites the Prince of Blue to stay in his home during a snowstorm.

Servant of Blue I
Played by: OPEN
Servant of Blue I is a girl a few years younger than the Prince of Blue, who is considered his best and closest friend. She completely understands his need to find and kill the princess, as the woman of Green had been like a sister to her. Only she knows the secret that the woman of Green took to her deathbed and guards it carefully from the Prince of Blue β€” if he knew, it would completely destroy him. She sees Servant of Blue II as a younger brother and an apprentice, and is always trying to help him out however she can.

Servant of Blue II
Played by: OPEN
Servant of Blue II is originally from Austrevena, shipped as a present for the Prince of Blue's wedding two years ago. He tries hard to impress the Prince, and has become completely enamoured with him; but because he was once only a simple farmboy, he's not used to serving royalty so directly. He's a little clumsy, but he is ever grateful for Servant of Blue I's ever steady helping hand and sees her as an older sister. Because he was originally from a horse farm in Austrevena and had never really seen snow, it was his idea to come to Lorelaei to take a break.


:r u l e s:

  • No power-playing or god-modelling.
  • No playing other peoples' characters without their permission.
  • Please post in novel-style format. At least one GOOD paragraph per post. NO one-lining.
  • I will automatically reject any application that does not correctly use the profile provided, does not contain adequate paragraphs of information of the character, and does not implore the proper use of punctuation/spelling/grammar/capitals. Enough said.
  • Love is Allowed.
  • All characters must be 16 to 25 years of age.
  • If you're just going to sign up and then never come back, don't bother signing up β€” it's a waste of both of our time.
  • Anime pictures only, please.
  • The names of the characters should be more English names than anything, but extremely unique fantasy names are not only accepted but encouraged.
  • If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask me.
  • Have fun!
  • Rule of Cool: If it's awesome and it makes the story even better, it's allowed. This means that you can dual-wield chainsaw swords while surfing on the hood of a Lamborghini Diablo as you fight a giant kraken in the lost city of Atlantis, so long as it moves the story forward and isn't outright power-playing bullcrap.


:f o r m:

[First Name]
[Last Name]


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