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Sean Laughterine

"I'm too young for this shit. They used to worry about marriage at my age. Now, we only concern ourselves with basic survival. Marriage is bullshit now."

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a character in “Alaganda”, as played by Lacare


Sean Laughterine


Full name: - Sean Laughterine
Alias/Nicknames: - Sean, so... None.
Gender: - Male.
Nationality: – Rogue
Birth Date: - January 5th
Age: - 23
Descendent(of): - Dead people.
Current Residence: - NYC
Job/Profession: - I'm rogue. Why would I have a set job? That's just as bull as marriage these days.
Title: - Rogue, dammit. How many times must I tell you people this!? I'm not the traveling kind either so just stop asking.
Political Stance: - (Rogue, Group, Certain City, Lec etc.) I'm not going to reply to this.
Personal Alignment: - (Chaotic, Lawful, Neutral, Good, Evil etc.) Chaotic good, I dunno.

Height: - 5'11"
Weight: - 200 lbs
Build: - Ripped. I guess. Does this matter?
Eye Color: - Brown
Hair Color: - Brown
Handedness: -(Left,Right, Ambidextrous?) Right
Skin Shade/Color: - Tan?
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - No.
Description: - (Over-all, more in-depth description of appearance, description of their presence; Overbearing, feeble, innocent, Clothing Description and more in depth description of scars and tattoos, perhaps habits involving them?) I am how I look? Stop pissing me off.

Sexuality/Preference: - Women.
Relationship/Marital status: - Marriage and relationships are bullshit.
Family/relatives: - Nope.
State of Mind: - (General Sanity, as well as any mental illness or personality disorders.) I've been told I'm a bit psychopathic in the way I don't show emotions. I'm not, but they think I am. I also get that I'm a bit cocky and arrogant.
Friends/Allies: - Yes, why do you want to know..?
Education: - Elementary school was still popular back when I was a kid.
Likes: - Attractive women. People who can stand up for themselves. Puppies... What? I saw one once before the army dragged it away and killed it.
Dislikes: - Marriage. Committed relationships. Love. Etc.
Hobbies: - Finding attractive young women escaping slavery just ahead of the army and bringing them into the Rogue lifestyle and nation. Sometimes he plays with them and their emotions a bit before they scamper into the further depths of NYC.
Personality: - Pretty much already stated it enough for you to put it together. I can be a gentleman, though, just let that be known.
Habits/Quirks - (OCD, Thumb Biting, Twitches etc.) Rubs at his left ring-finger when agitated or bored.
Debilitating Fears (If any) - (What stops them in their tracks? Freezes them up? Haunts their nightmares?) Golden wedding bands (which are quite rare to find anyways)

Weapons: – Simple pocket knife, revolver
Accessories: – Nice, leather, work boots. Unknown origin.
Miscellaneous: – NA

General/Preferred Style: – Hand-to-hand, no weapons
Hand-to-Hand: – Fists and pocket knife
Weapons Style: – Style? What?

Relationship Status: – Single, always. Do you not even listen?
Family: – As I've said before, NO.
Known Languages: – English?
Proficiency(Specific Skills/What are they good at?): – Observing a situation and making quick decisions as to what should be done immediately, especially good under pressure.
Personal History/Background: - I'm not telling you that, God Damn.
Clans (Family Clan or Otherwise): - (Toko Specific)

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Fuck off already and let me crawl back to sleep.

So begins...

Sean Laughterine's Story