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a part of Alaganda, by Lacare.


Lacare holds sovereignty over Alaganda, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Alaganda is a part of Alaganda.

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Alleria Kurra [14] "I must run this message. Run. Through the forest. Run. Quieter than a serpent. Run. Speedier than the fastest horse. Run. I must deliver this message. Run. They are in danger. Run."
Braylen Eldrazi [13] Thief and Beggar turned Professional Con Artist and Wanted Rogue.
Alexander Shaw [8] A hardworking man who can never catch a break.
Sarah Green [8] A girl with the same look of dread in her eyes, no matter where she is.
Oaklie Alex Kross [4] "Why are you doing this?" So she decided to stop, and just walk away from being a soldier. But her life is still filled with a single question: Why?
John Creed [4] They say the wars over. I still see it when I close my eyes.
Sebastian Horst [1] "If you can't summarize it into an equation, then I can't help you."

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#, as written by Lacare
Alleria had said nothing further to the men who had forced her to stay bound to the horse, and only watched them as a man approached with his own disgraced look on his face. He's of an older generation... She thought to herself as she studied his face before he reached them and called the soldiers out for what they had done. However, their faces showed they either couldn't care to be bothered or, maybe, they felt above him. Pausing in her thoughts and tilting her head slightly to the side to continue observing them, she noted this dull, near lifeless look on their faces. They're tired... The sudden realization which had suddenly hit her came from their irritableness as well as the looks they gave to the man. Their faces looked worn and exhausted, rather much like a leaf may look from the previous fall.

Straightening her head and body again, she caught herself curiously contemplating the situation at hand. It wasn't like there was much else for her to do. However, as her new companions and the lead soldier exited her shack, she tilted her head once again before leaning slightly against the steed's neck. How can he act as if this is nothing? Or is it nothing? It's not as if this should have a direct impact on his day-to-day life in any way if he so chose... Alleria pulled in a deep breath, but found herself releasing it equally as quickly, unsure of how the air could taste so bitter now within her mind when it had been so sweet only just a little while ago.

Furthermore, when the traveling man flung himself atop the same horse as she was on, she could not help but to utter a tiny, "Thank you." to him as he promised to protect her. Such an action, she knew, would only bring him danger, though, but she felt as if he would not listen to her even if she made logical points. "Why would you do this for me?" She gently questioned in a barely audible whisper, one which she was certain he may not have even heard as he continued after the momentary pause. However, she was glad she had at least been able to thank him because his following words shocked her and made her want to be away from him immediately, to the point where she was tempted to call him out for being a rogue.

Once this discovery of his true being was placed before her, she found herself frozen and in pure terror. She wanted to scream out, but the men, even the leader at this point, would likely not listen to her and would blame her reaction as an excuse to be freed. If only they weren't so tired. She thought to herself as tears began streaming down her face of their own accord. She couldn't stop them. They came to the brim of her eyes, lighted there for but a moment, then, at first, plopped down to the horse's hair and the ropes which held her, finally turning into a steady stream of salty water along her cheeks which she could in no way stop. At this point, she realized, she could not scream even if she wished to. Terror had taken over her whole body.

Within her heart and mind, though, she was screaming more than ever before. She wanted to thrash free of the bonds which held her tightly and kill him however she could. She wanted him to understand how horrible of a person he was. You're evil! You're evil! You're evil! You should burn in the hell which you have created! Her mind continued screaming endlessly while she remained speechless aloud. She now couldn't decide who her captor was: her own soldiers or the murdering rogue? At first, it had been quite apparent, but now... she questioned its apparency due to the new information which he had provided her. You shouldn't be here. Did you want to kill me? Why were you in my shack? How is getting involved with me going to help you? Just leave me alone! Her words couldn't be heard and they certainly didn't help her any, but they continued flooding through her mind much how daisies will take over a whole field with their little, white flowers. As such was not the case, her mind was not sunny, but much more a dark, dismal, blackened, stormy, cloudy place.