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Alexander Tanik

"I'm a vampire. If you didn't want to talk to a blood sucker, you shouldn't have talked to me."

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a character in “Alaiden Home For The Supernatural”, as played by WillCole



"Are you asking me to apologize for draining her? I'm a vampire, that's what I do."

ImageImage Name: Alexander Tanik

Age: 25

Age Turned:21

Height: 5"7'

Race: Vampire

Sexuality: Heterosexual

  • The Embrace The ability that all vampires have in common, the ability to embrace another being, be it mortal or immortal (it has been said that fae have the best blood), and drain their blood. The Embrace is not a pleasurable experience for the one being drained, but for the vampire, it is the most pleasurable experience possible.
  • Potence: Many mortals who encounter a vampire remark on it's inhuman strength. While not all vampires have this strength, Alexander specifically trained in this discipline, making him inhumanely strong.
  • Celerity: The vampire is fast, faster then a normal being. Some say that this discipline is what gave vampires the chance to dominate over mortals, while some say that it is the discipline that made the vampires feared by humanity. Whatever it did, it is certainly useful.
  • Animalism: A vampire with this discipline can converse with animals or even summon them to him if given enough time. A kindred can cow a weak animal into following it's commands, but for anything more dangerous then a domesticated dog, only a fool would attempt to dominate.
  • Smell the Blood: A simple trait, but incredibly important for a vampire. Using a trained nose, the kindred can smell blood of mortals, allowing a vampire to hunt it's prey until it becomes sunny.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The art of combat that can be deadly in the arms of a vampire. Used mainly for grappling and ground fighting, it allows for the embrace to be given to unwilling targets.

"Watch carefully, if you bite your prey like this, they scream louder."

  • Sunlight: Those cursed by creation are forbidden from gazing it's greatest form, the sun. If a kindred is exposed to direct sunlight, he will quickly catch fire. If exposed to indirect sunlight, (from reflections), the kindred will be simply blinded by it's rays (moonlight doesn't count, just for mythology's sake). No matter what type of light it is, though, a vampire will be utterly terrified if he sees sunlight, even if it is not touching him.
  • Blood Pool: In order to keep it's body moving, a kindred must make sure to drain the blood of another creature every night, or be ravenous, and lose control until it feeds.
  • Can't Eat: If a vampire actually eats food, his body will instantly vomit it up.
  • Can't Cross Running Water: Traditionally, a vampire can not cross running water. As long as it is two feet wide and one foot deep, a vampire like Alexander can not cross it.
  • Cold to the Touch: A vampire is generally cold to the touch, and Alexander is no different. His body is cold, lacking the warmth of a human.
  • Blood Thirsty: For one reason or another, Alexander is a blood thirsty kindred, not feeling remorse for his draining, nor does he show any sign of wishing to stop.
  • Off-Putting: While Alexander is not a lone wolf, he is certainly a person who is disliked by the normal. Be it the smell of blood in his breath, or the anger apparent in his eyes, people simply do not want to deal with him.
  • Casts no Reflection

"This was a good hunt. Hopefully your blood is a worthy dessert."

  • Most humans (True Humans, not witches)
  • Fire
  • Loud Noises
  • Pacifists
  • Cowards
  • Fights
  • The Wild
  • Blood
  • Animals
  • Red Meat
  • The hunt

"You don't want to know me."

Alexander is a vicious vampire, plain and simple. To humans, Alexander is nastier then normal, which says a lot. But to supernatural creatures, other parts of his personality become visible. He is pushy and quick to anger, but when dealing with something he likes, Alexander is visibly less angry, and actually approachable. He loves the animals of the forest, considering them to be his hunt-mates, and tends to stay in the forest for large amounts of time. The kindred is unrepentant, and unapologetic, but honest and kind to those that deserve it. He is passionate, and respects those who prove themselves to him.

ImageAs a vampire, Alexander stands tall(ish) and proud, with a powerful looking physique, a sharp nose, and unkempt hair. His back is covered in scars from his father's belt, and his chest has the traditional upside down Ankh tattooed on. He has a number of cut scars on his face, as well as a single burn mark on his hand from experiencing the pain of sunlight.

Alexander Tanik was born and raised in Detroit Michigan to Charles and Juliet Dean, an alcoholic man and a chronically depressed woman. This family was not the most supportive of Alexander, with his father coming home and beating him, and his mother never leaving her room. He was an only child, and as such, had no solace until he was old enough to go to school. There, he hoped, he would make friends and be able to forget about his home for a few hours. OF course, this did not work out. Detroit is not the city of kindness, even in 1990, and Alexander was bullied and tortured in school, finding no respite. At the age of 12, Alexander began to skip school. It wasn't like his parents paid attention to his grades, and the teachers didn't even know his name. He hung out with gangs, gaining a number of tattoos, and started to smoke. Life at home was pain, so he took any kind of pleasure he could.

His time in the gangs was what Alexander considered his true life, and, after a short while, decided to become a true member of the Tanik gang. The Tanik gang was something special, the bosses were capable of things that seemed to be from comic books, and their leader was an illusive man who was never seen. There, the fighting was key, the strong ate the weak, and everyone was blood brothers. The leader was revered as a god, and the bosses were respected and envied. When they heard of Alexander's situation at home, his parents were found murdered in an alley, and when they heard about his school, none were spared. "Taniks were family", they said, "And no one messes with our family".

This was Alexander's golden years, and his natural inclination towards violence served him well, causing him to rise in rank. After nearly nine years of fighting and killing, Alexander was called to be greeted by the leader, Elder Tanik. Meeting the leader was a like a dream-come-true, and Alexander instantly went to the prescribed meeting place. There, he met the leader, Elder Tanik, who had fangs the length of tusks, and eyes red like blood, sitting in a throne of bones.

"Do you know how your bosses are so powerful?" The elder asked, standing from his throne, and motioned to Alexander to come closer.
"They followed my path, and accepted my curse. Follow me, child, and you will know strength beyond that you can imagine."

Alexander didn't need much motivation, he simply nodded, as the elder embraced the young man, draining out all of his blood, and then filling Alexander's corpse with his own blood. That was when the danger to society, Alexander Tanik, was truly born. He killed and destroyed entire gangs by himself, and drew a reputation as the Vanquisher of Detroit. When mere mortals were not enough to deal with a problem, he or the other bosses were sent out to deal with it. Of course, these things only occurred at night, as the curse of the vampire prohibited him from seeing the light.

But such good things never last long. Hunters of the Church appeared one night at the elder's home, killing him, and then began to hunt for the other bosses. Together, they managed to vanquish the Hunters, but not without supreme casualties. Four of the five bosses were staked, Alexander being the only survivor. His family killed released his rage, and he went on a killing spree, until he realized that if he continued, more Hunters would come after him. He spent a number of years in the forests, dealing with the animals of the forest, making them his family. However, the forest was impossible to stay in, as it offered little cover from sunlight, and he needed human blood. He discovered Alaiden Home For the Supernatural during this, and decided to seek asylum there, until he could be strong enough to face the Hunters himself. His anger and hatred of humans takes over him sometimes, and he keeps everyone at a distance, knowing that he is still hunted. The only thing that brings him true joy at this point is his 'family', the hunt, and the forest.

So begins...

Alexander Tanik's Story

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ImageAeronwen gazed out the large window in the garden room. She was an early riser and normally up before any of the other beings that took refuge in the house that she and her sister had set up. She sipped a little of green tea as Paschar then came and stood beside her beginning to talk to her. "Well young lady, today is a new day and there are things you must do. What will you do first?" She shook her head then took another sip of tea. "I don't know Paschar. What do you suggest I do?" She inquired then stiffened when she heard someone coming from behind. She turned then her expression lightened. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

[ OOC: I left it open for anyone. Basically it's just another day and we will begin with waking up and such. ]

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Alexander groaned as he woke from his sleep, if you could even call it that. He had just entered his daytime nap, the taste of blood from his last hunt was still there, though it's taste was not delectable. An animal's blood is not valid food for a vampire, apparently, and it tasted even worse considering how he hated the idea of draining his family. Sometimes family has to help out in unpleasant manners, Alexander rationalized, shaking his head.
He considered returning to his slumber, but in the end, he he had to go outside, even if the daylight would burn him instantly. He then stood up, and looked at his daytime clothing. It was somewhat of a holy garment for Alexander, a gift from his sire before he died. He grabbed his cloak, and threw it on, covering his entire body with a thick black covering, and then strapped on his boots and his face mask. Covered from head to toe, and looking either entirely ridiculous or frightening, Alexander headed out of his dark room, practically snarling, making sure to stay in doors and away from any light.

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Arturo looked briefly at XaiJin as she commented about his physical outburst earlier this morning, he gave a glance behind her as Thea, Lazarus, Alexander and Evanne entered in close spaces of time with each other. Did know one sleep in this house? There was certainly a large group of supernaturals who had trouble sleeping.

His gaze then fixed on his other form walking among the others in the kitchen area, his face full of hate and disgust for every single one of them. He looked at Arturo with malice as a knife manifested in his hands, he then began to stab and slice at the individuals in the room blood seeping like black treacle out of the lacerations. Of course none of this was real it was just a projection in his mind that was often replayed in his mind, like a form of toture.

Arturo looked away quickly, but the harsh whisper in his ear stuck in his mind.

"sangue ottenuto nella morte e sangue perso nella vita"
(Blood gained in death and blood lost in life)

Arturo stood up quickly, his elongated nails scrapping on the wood leaving marks in the grain. Leaving the kitchen he walked quickly exiting out of the nearest door into the garden. He breathed deeply relaxing himself his nails shortening back to original length, he walked for a while before sitting down on the cool grass.