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Corruptor Blackheart

"Always blame the Vampire.." -sigh-

0 · 655 views · located in Alaiden Home For The Supernatural

a character in “Alaiden Home For The Supernatural”, as played by Nami L'Chi



"Always blame the Vampire... I get it... sharp teeth... we're the mammal version of a shark."


Appearance and Personal Info:






Eye Color:

Hair Color:
Dyed Black with Blonde Highlights

Skin Tone:




Smoking | Playing with his lip ring | Fiddling with his rings |

Singing |Playing an instrument | Natural Vampire Stregnth| Persuasive |Speaks Italian

# Running
# Cats
# Guitars

-Daytime (his powers are weakened)

It's hard for him to speak to girls or guys he likes
He's constantly thinking about music or a good cigarette
The sunlight makes him weaker than normal
He has never had the taste of human blood



Corr can't remember much about his history its all a blur to him. He wasn't a born a vampire, he was turned into one. The details on this are however fuzzy. What Corr does remember is a face, a blonde haired green eyed woman with dark red lips and high cheekbones. It was the last face he saw before he died. He's never known who she was or what she wanted with him. He has no memory of his parents, just a smell, roses. Roses bring him back to a place he cannot remember. A place where he grew up as a child. He doesn't even remember his name. Instead of trying to find it out, he gave himself a new name, Corruptor. He knew his last name was Blackheart from the memory that fades more every day.

For years Corr lived on the streets, drinking the blood of sewer rats, dogs, any wild animal that he could get his hands on, which was alot. He developed his stregnth and skills on the streets, playing guitar for money, singing for money. He did allright for himself, but he felt as if he didn't fit in. He didn't tell anyone WHO or WHAT he was, but he felt uncomfortable around everyone, afraid of the bloodthirst he's always felt but ignored. Leaving his town, he found the house for the Supernatural and hopes he could fit in with these people.


Mysterious|| Honest|| Funny|| Sarcastic || Confused || Shy || Flirty (once you get to know him)|| Secretive||Loyal


Though he has no memory of what happened to him, it plagues him with nightmares of ghosts he never knew.

He has one cat... her name is Dusty.


So begins...

Corruptor Blackheart's Story

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ImageAeronwen gazed out the large window in the garden room. She was an early riser and normally up before any of the other beings that took refuge in the house that she and her sister had set up. She sipped a little of green tea as Paschar then came and stood beside her beginning to talk to her. "Well young lady, today is a new day and there are things you must do. What will you do first?" She shook her head then took another sip of tea. "I don't know Paschar. What do you suggest I do?" She inquired then stiffened when she heard someone coming from behind. She turned then her expression lightened. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

[ OOC: I left it open for anyone. Basically it's just another day and we will begin with waking up and such. ]

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Corr opened his eyes and stretched. Looking around he realized he was in a bed and not on the streets. Oh, that's right... that djinn chick... He thought to himself as he relaxed for a few minutes, it was soft and comfortable, just how he thought a bed should be. He was tired of hiding himself, he was tired of running away. Sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he'd run his fingers through his hair and smile. He got up, seeing how he slept in his attire anyway, made his way down to where voices were coming from. There had to have been a door leading outside somewhere, maybe these people knew? It was worth a shot anyway.

Opening the door to the kitchen he raised a brow his eyes on everyone. First to catch his attention was XiaJin. He made his way to her, since he wasn't hungry, he had eaten the night before. "Seems your words rang true, you are a Djinn, and you have gotten us here to safety... I thank you." He whispered to her, his eyes on the Unicorn horn protruding from a girls forehead. He stopped and stared at her for a minute, before the urge to smoke started nagging him.

Sometimes it was worse than his craving for blood.

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Natalya McVannah
Natalya gave Aeronwen a smile before making the unicorn horn disappear. Okay, that's enough embarrassing yourself for today, Natalya thought, a bit shy. She stood up, her hair hanging down her back in ugly knots. She closed her eyes and concentrated, and when she opened her eyes, her hair was back in its naturally wavy state. She gave a little smirk, proud of herself for not miserably failing, and strolled over the fridge. With arms swinging casually by her sides, she reached in and grabbed a pear, biting into it the second the fridge door was shut. She leaned against the counter across from the fridge, relaxing a bit. Or at least trying to. The scratch marks were a bit uncomfortable for her tastes.

When she finished, she strode out of the kitchen and up to her room, changing into her clothes and grabbing a book. She walked outside, and sat under a big tree, snuggling into it, attempting to get comfortable (and failing miserably). She instead opted for laying near the tree, and began to lose herself in a world of monsters and heroes and true love.

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Rounding a corner Arturo growled lightly, mainly in surprise at the girl in front of him. Sniffing again it wasn't her scent that was hanging around his nostrils hers was a sweet scent with a tang of nervousness and worry. Arturo walked around her as she began to speak stumbling over her words and finally holding out a peice of paper with Aeronwen's name on it. She must have been sent here to find refuge.

Arturo's head titled to the side as he looked at the paper, he gestured to a door and spoke " In there turn left then right, everyone is in the kitchen" he turned around and began to walk away before he turned to the girl again " you should relax, worry will get you no where"

He ran through the garden the rush of scents filling his nostrils helped him gauge vaugely where the smell was coming from. Growling loudly he noticed movement in the trees, crouching down Arturo squinted to get a better look his wolf instincts coming out to help him rather than hinder him.

Looking over to the house he saw. Corr outside, he whistled to get his attention to beckon him over. A vampire's eyesight was just was good as a werewolf's.

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Corr gratefully took the cigarette from Xia, and smiled. "You're the best." He whispered before running outside and lighting the cigarette. He took the first hit and smiled. "Ahhh... sweet release." He murmured to himself before taking another hit. Even though he felt weakened by the light, he couldn't help but smoke. It was a habit he picked up years ago. Sitting in the shady grass he closed his eyes and took another hit. When was the last time he had a smoke? A long time that was for sure.

His eyes opened as he heard a whistle, looking around he tried spotting who was the whistler. His eyes landed on the man who seemed to have spoken to his Djinn earlier. The man was beckoning him over? Raising a brow, he'd put his cigarette out, making sure to save the rest for later. He jogged over to the man, his blue eyes glistening. "Don't you know its dangerous to summon a vampire when you're alone?" He joked, unaware that the man was a werewolf. Corr just didn't seem to care about using his sense of smell.

"So how may I assist you today?" He asked leaning himself against a tree, his eyes more focused on his fingernails more than anything. He didn't see anything wolfy about the man, he was too focused on himself.