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Evanne Jeansonne

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

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a character in “Alaiden Home For The Supernatural”, as played by Terraformer



{"Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd.” }
-William Congreve
Day N’ Nite || Cold || My Cinnamon Girl || A Girl Like You || Moonlight Serenade || Voodoo || Slept So Long || Cameltosis || The Sounds of Silence || Ride || Burning Desire || My Cinnamon Girl || MVP || Black Magic Woman ||


|{Full Name}|
Evanne Marie Jeansonne
{"Like Evan, only not spelled the same."}

{"Don't Bother, only my sister calls me that"}

{"There's something about reaching adulthood that's not significant at all"}

1/2Cajun French||1/2Choctaw Indian
{"Cher, you already know"}

{"Not very experimental"}

{“At least I still look the part.”}




{Indifferent|Funny|Determined|Private|Jaded }

"Most would say that I'm cold and unfeeling. And while that may have some truth, I do feel. I have the ability to laugh and cry and scream and love...I just don't always have the capacity. I just don't feel the same way. I'm not obnoxious, but I'm not a shy person either. I'm not easily excited and the word mellow doesn't even explain it correctly. I like my privacy and I revel in the quiet afternoon. Your problems are safe in my hands and some find my lack of empathy refreshing and quite reflective, while others of course, don't. I don't really have friends because most don't understand my definition of space or the depth of my indifference. Or should I say, the cold logistics of my robotic-like heart. I have an extremely dry sense of humor that most have actually come to find quite amusing. And of course, Nehgross nor my sister Aero has never ceased to "kick the dead horse" when it comes to my "horrendous" social skills when it comes to strangers. My life has always been relatively different. And I do believe that is the sound of my mother turning over in her grave."

|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
▪Extremely Cleanly
▪Snaps when she’s forgetful
▪Chews her lips when she’s nervous
▪ Her eyes turn black when she uses her power
▪Her tattoos strengthen her power

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
⚘Her Common Sense⚘
⚘Being able to sense emotions⚘
⚘Her sister, Aero⚘
⚘Calm under pressure⚘
⚘Above average intelligence⚘

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
⚘Extreme Heat⚘
⚘Any harm to her sister⚘

øThe death of her sisterø
øLosing control of her powerø

✤She’s never been romantic with a man✤
✤She has a slight obsession with horror movies✤




|{Hair color|Eye Color}|
Raven black. It walls past the waist and is wavy and unruly | Her eyes are a pale, pale blue, closer to white than their presumable color. A gift from her mother.


Evanne tends to dress herself in dark colors out of habit. It brings out her tattoos and she's more comfortable when she can see them. Her overall style is a modern grunge, calling for a lot of cotton and a lot of denim, all dark. She doesn't wear much compared to other people because she prefers to be cool. So she is often seen wear less than most on cold days

|{Skin Tone}|
Her skin is lightly tan with a copper undertone thanks to her native american heritage

|{Body Type}|
She's tall for a woman, so she feels gargantuan at moments. While she is lean and tone, she has womanly curves that even she finds impossible to hide.

All of them are symmetrical (occurring on both sides of the body) and they connect and overlap each other. Tattooed by the fae. These help her with her metal abilities such as magnetic manipulation and metal mimicry | No piercings.





Specialties | Talents:
Metal Magic {Mastery level}:To be able to control, create, and replicate all metallic elements and they're alloy's in the physical sense.
{"If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole. Even metal is just a part of Earth, that has been purified and refined."}

Magnetism {Mastery level}:The ability to project a magnetic field and use it to control magnetized metals. It grants the user the ability to fly and manipulation enormous quantities of metal that were otherwise nearly impossible.
{"You've seen X-men right?"}

Metal Mimicry {Intermediate level}: The ability to physically transform into or have a physical body made up of metal. It's perfect for quick defense when surprised or when no other weapon is around.
{"My skin turns into steel, it slides over me like cool water, but it’s not just armor. It's something else"}

Blood Magic{Advanced level}:The Iron that is located in the blood is in its most purest form. To control or create it this takes great concentration and a serious understanding of how metals work. Can be used in fighting for obvious purposes or in healing as a way to speed the healing process.
{"For the last time...I'm not a bloodsucker."}

Electricity Magic {Intermediate level}:To take or create an electric current and project it almost like lightning through your body. Mostly through the limbs or stomach. Electricity is highly unpredictable and dangerous to use around people you don't actually want to get hurt.
{"Give me a thunderstorm and I'll give you a show"}

Weapon and Technology proficiency{Mastery level}:Both fields require tons of man hours spent mastering and perfecting each skill. With a special affinity with metal, most weapons and technologies are instantly mastered and understood. As if they were an extension of the mind and body.
{"No, I won't fix your radio."}

Healing{Advanced level}:This goes hand in hand with blood manipulation. Forcing the blood to mend injuries, lesson the blood pressure or calm the heart. It can be quite painful if the User's blood is involved in the case of more serious injuries.
{"Unless you're dying...please don't ask."}

"I'll never forget the day I met Nehgross. I was at the circus with my mother, just me and her and it was a cloudy day. It was dark due to the over cast and as they headed towards the big top, Evanne knew something was wrong, she looked towards the animal cages and narrowed her eyes something was definitely wrong. Her mother let go of her hand to pay for the tickets. As soon as she let go, Evanne wandered towards the cages. She passed circus performers, acrobats, tigers, elephants, and even some little people as she continued, her heart sinking with every step. As she rounded a corner she came upon an alley. In the alley there were trash cans. Evanne closed her eyes as her ears strained to hear anything unusual. Suddenly, as if whatever was making the sound noticed her presence, a soft and gargled mewling reached her ears. She ran to the can and tore off the lid only to let out a small scream and drown it into her hand. Inside the garbage can was a white lion cub. Its small white throat was cut and it was bleeding fast. Evanne rushed to it and carefully lifted it out of the can. The cub looked at her for barely a second and Evanne saw the clearest blue eyes She'd ever witness.

Evanne was desperate at this point. The cub's little heart was sputtering out and she had to think of something quick. So she did the only thing she knew how. Closing her eyes, she had little time to think of the consequences and the fact that she was so unskilled at this particular form of dark magic. Unable to dwell on the what-ifs, she found a bottle in the same trash can and smashed it on the brick wall of the adjacent building. She sat down swiftly, crossing her legs and set the half-dead cub on her lap. Evanne took a deep breath in an out and extended her small 9 year old arm above the cub. Hurriedly, before she could change her mind, she drew the broken glass down her arm and let the blood spill onto the cub's little neck. Her eyes went black as her head tilted back. Her breathing became labored as her blood mixed with the lion's, slowly stitching the skin and muscle together.

It felt like an eternity before the lion was healed and her arm closed as well. Evanne and the lion were both quite stained with blood. The little baby lion slept in her arms as she attempted to get her breathing under control. Later, when her mother finally found her, she explained, after a LONG and GRUELING lecture, that this cub could very well be her familiar. She explained that a witches familiar was a guardian, a former witch or warlock that moves as a shade until a young witch/warlock is chosen. Later she would come to learn his name was Nehgross, an elemental of Earth from the renaissance era. And that he has WAY too much attitude."


▲Nehgross|▲Aero|▲Winter|▲Virgin Snow|▲Sunsets that turn into nights|▲Slow, Sensual Music|▲Practicing Her Magic|▲Chocolate|▲Archery|▲Fidgeting|▲Spring Rain|▲Reading|▲Swimming|▲Playing the piano|▲Art|▲Horror movies|▲Traveling|


▼People who rule over others|▼Obnoxity|▼Pity|▼Open Conflict|▼Being forced to do something|▼Hot/Humid weather|▼Losing control|▼Mocking her accent|▼Being called an orphan|▼Being forced to feel unwanted emotions|▼Sugary foods(besides chocolate)



"I had a happy childhood considering. It wasn't the powers, the strange guests moving in and out of our home in downtown New Orleans, but I knew there was something different. Something was odd, as if I didn't belong. I was tall and tan with hair black as night, while my mother was blonde and my father and sister had flame red hair. I was the only elemental, the quiet, reserved one." Evanne began.

"I was the rule breaker. I mad things spicy in the Jeansonne house. Spicy in a completely true way. I once even put spicy powder in mum's meals and everyone's mouths were burning for a week. It was funny but I did get in a little trouble. Anyway, Evanne and I were polar opposites. I was firey and dependent on her while she was solitary and could survive without me." Aeronwen interrupted.

Evanne had to force herself not to openly roll her eyes at her sister. "She was so INFURIATING growing up. Always with the jokes and pranks. You never had a moments peace," she looked to her sister,"but that's just who Aero is. She passionate and mischievous and she's my sister. I wouldn't have her any other way." She looked down slightly and then back up. "I remember when my mother, our mother, sat me down and told me who I was, who my father was. In a way, it was a relief to finally know why I felt this way. My father, my real father, was or is a shaman or medicine man for a small indigenous tribe in the low wetlands of Louisiana." Evanne chuckled lightly."Sometimes when I think of him, I picture him with my scowl and maybe he even crosses his arms when he's annoyed like me."

"I had a hard time believing my sister when she explained to me that she wasn't my sister. I wasn't the brightest as a child but I slowly began to understand that she was my sister but she was my half-sister. I had blazing red hair like my father who once lived in Ireland but then moved to Louisiana on a business trip." Aeronwen fiddled with her thumbs slightly. "I didn't like to know how my mum met my father so that's basically still a mystery to me but the way they separated was no mystery."

"I remember when we got older, my mother saying to me in passing conversation on the topic of men, that 'Love, ma cher, is more often than not, a fleeting thing. You enjoy it while it's with you, and when the wind sweeps it away, you wait for the next to come along.' Now by this time I knew my mother too well to believe a word of what she said, she was hurt. She explained to me so briefly about why she and my father split. It had something to do with his tribe. She was a demon to them, cast aside as if she wasn't one of the last rays on sunlight on Earth. As for Aero's father, he was not forced. I'm just glad we were slightly older when it happened. At least by that time we knew how to grieve."

Aeronwen grasped Evanne's hand. "The memory is still painful. I was only 8 years old and Evanne was 10. The people in the town had their rumors and one day, our family had gone on a picnic. We were a great little family. Two beautiful daughters, a mum and a proud father that would do anything for his family." Aero took a deep breath. "Our family bond was tested that day and one was broken that led to the death of my father and the beginning of our travels around the world. Those townspeople were murderers and they should pay but mum would tell me to forgive and never forget."

Evanne squeezed the hand of her sister. "For a long time after the incident, I found myself falling into the role of mother. Our mother felt everything, down to a cellular level. When her love died in front of her eyes and in front of the eyes of their children, she was devastated and it affected her to a point where she left us, never physically, but mentally. She performed her job and fed us, but the light in her eyes was gone and wouldn't be back for quite some time. So I tried to be that emotional comfort for Aero. I grieved on my own time and kissed her scraped knees and helped her with her homework. It was a very precious time in my life."

"Precious to both of us but eventually she left us completely. This didn't break us harshly though. We knew she would never be the same and using the money that my father and mum left us, we founded the Alaiden Home for the Supernatural. Alaiden after our mum. Someone who hoped for peace for all species. We want to fulfill that wish."


Character Dialogue || #010138

Face Claim || Jennifer Lawrence

So begins...

Evanne Jeansonne's Story

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ImageAeronwen gazed out the large window in the garden room. She was an early riser and normally up before any of the other beings that took refuge in the house that she and her sister had set up. She sipped a little of green tea as Paschar then came and stood beside her beginning to talk to her. "Well young lady, today is a new day and there are things you must do. What will you do first?" She shook her head then took another sip of tea. "I don't know Paschar. What do you suggest I do?" She inquired then stiffened when she heard someone coming from behind. She turned then her expression lightened. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

[ OOC: I left it open for anyone. Basically it's just another day and we will begin with waking up and such. ]

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In the attic of that large estate, a white lion was harumphing at a pile of pillows and blankets located in the center of the room. He paced back and forth, his voice exceeding any kind of tone that should be spoken inside. At this point it was almost 7 a.m. and Nehgross be damned is she was emerging that early.
"Get up, Evanne."
"No."She just buries herself lower into the blankets atop her large bed.
"GET UP now. You need to practice this Evvy. And if you don't pull your narrow behind out of that bed I will pull you out of there MYSELF.
Evanne merely ignored him until a massive weight plunged itself under the covers, shaking the floor, and pulled her out forcefully. She gave a small yelp as she hit the floor without much grace and glared daggers at the lion now lying on her bed. He looked down awful pleased with himself. He crossed one paw over the other and quirked a barely existent brow.
Evanne grumbled nonsensically and stood, wearing nothing but a pair of black shorts and tank top. Her wavy hair looked slightly more "lived in" than she would normally prefer.
She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Suddenly, her eyes were colored black, and her body went rigid. She had no idea why it took so much energy for her to accomplish it, but it was evident how out of control she was. Her breathing began to quicken as it started from the tattoos at her fingertips and toes. The cold metal slid over her skin and began to travel up her limbs.
Evanne winced as it reached towards her abdomen and chest, "Nehgross"...
"Calm yourself dear."
Evanne fell to her knees as the the tattoos of her body almost reached out and poured metal all over her abdomen and chest. Once her torso was completely covered, the metal slowly inched it's way up her neck, her breathing became erratic as it slid over her cheeks. It wasn't painful, but the feeling of being completely encased was a feeling she could never accurately describe. Finally, the metal ceased to grow as it covered her eyes. The mirrored surface reflected everything in sight, including Nehgross' smirk.
"Very Good my dear, very good indeed."
Evanne breathed deep as the air rushed into her lungs,and stood. Her skin felt tingly, as if it were asleep. But the only thing that was on her mind now was hunger. Usually she would wait until the metal had slid back into her skin from whence it came, but she was feeling uncharacteristically famished,considering she constantly ate. She opened her door and Nehgross soon followed. As she made her way down the stair, the metal on her feet made clinking noises on the wood. Soon enough she was in the kitchen in all of her metallic glory, already smelling the teas and fruits that made her mouth water, but this morning she, like her companion, was a carnivore. She glanced at the surrounding dining room and wondered where the other inhabitants were, especially her sister, before entering the kitchen, the dragon eating some salami at the entrance. She inclined her head slightly and walked past him. Since she can feel nothing past the metal, she may or may not have bumped his arm, so she gave a small "Excuse me." anyway.
As she entered the large glass paneled kitchen, she went straight to the meat locker and grabbed Nehgross a fresh steak. He quickly devoured it after she tossed it his way and grabbed some bacon for herself. She stepped up to the stove and turned it on, greasing her pan. As the sun light shone through the large glass panels, the metal began to slide to its proper place within her tattoos. By the time it had completely dissipated, she was sitting at the small breakfast table enjoying her bacon and chocolate milk.

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Arturo looked briefly at XaiJin as she commented about his physical outburst earlier this morning, he gave a glance behind her as Thea, Lazarus, Alexander and Evanne entered in close spaces of time with each other. Did know one sleep in this house? There was certainly a large group of supernaturals who had trouble sleeping.

His gaze then fixed on his other form walking among the others in the kitchen area, his face full of hate and disgust for every single one of them. He looked at Arturo with malice as a knife manifested in his hands, he then began to stab and slice at the individuals in the room blood seeping like black treacle out of the lacerations. Of course none of this was real it was just a projection in his mind that was often replayed in his mind, like a form of toture.

Arturo looked away quickly, but the harsh whisper in his ear stuck in his mind.

"sangue ottenuto nella morte e sangue perso nella vita"
(Blood gained in death and blood lost in life)

Arturo stood up quickly, his elongated nails scrapping on the wood leaving marks in the grain. Leaving the kitchen he walked quickly exiting out of the nearest door into the garden. He breathed deeply relaxing himself his nails shortening back to original length, he walked for a while before sitting down on the cool grass.