Faye Branson

"It hurts when you want someone you can't have. It hurts even more to lose someone you've once had."

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Faye Branson



Sexuality: Straight

gender: Female

Species: Siren

Family: None alive or caring



+ Writing

+ Art

+ Music

+ Running

+ Being alone


x Liars

x Secrets

x Lightning and Loud noises

x Helplessness

x Judgement/hostility

Physical Description:

Faye is 5'6. She has blonde hair and grey eyes depending on the light. She is very light skinned, and absolutely gorgeous. She is seventeen and very dainty. On a regular basis, she wears a beanie, t-shirt, skinny jeans, and converse that are long worn-out.


She is very friendly and funny in person, but only she knows how truly alone she is. She doesn't trust anyone, for fear they will love her only for the curse. She isn't shy, but no one knows who she really is. She is very fun-loving. Everyone has always come to her as a problem solver, even in situations she couldn't possibly comprehend. Some think she is a conceited guy-hopper. However, many seem to forget that not only do her adorers fall in love with her, but she falls in love with them as well. She has learned not to love, when it lives longer then the person she is in love with.

Equipment & Abilities:

Faye loves to write and draw. She sketches out the emotions she never reveals aloud, but hides those too. With her writing, she tells of everything she has ever experienced; The love and the loss. Other then the fact that her love is toxic in general, she has become pretty accurate throwing knives, for what it is worth. Because of her physical stature, in the line of fire, she would probably play dead or end up dead.


Historical Background:

Faye grew up all around the globe. Knowing the curse would catch up to them if they ever slowed down, the Branson family was always on the move. For 16 years, Faye never knew she was unlike any other girl. Other than the fact, that the only permanent home she ever knew, was the back seat of her families Grand Caravan. Death caught up though, taking both of her parents in a catastrophic car accident. She almost didn't make it, thats for sure. Her uncle came to Los Angeles, where Faye had been orphaned, and became responsible for her until she was to turn eighteen. She seemed to have all the responsibility though. If it weren't for Declan, she never would have made it. Declan was her best friend. He was the only one who ever knew how awfully Faye was treated by Greg, her drunkard guardian. He became her saving grace, loving her for who she was even at her worst. They were truly in love. We all know how love ends for her though. On a day much like any other, death made it's second presence in Faye's life. He swept in and took Declan in a drive by, where he jumped in front of Faye, protecting her from an incoming bullet. She returned home with no point in life. Beaten and belittled that night by her abusive alcoholic uncle, Faye couldn't take it anymore. She packed her bags and ran until she found the Alaiden Home for the Supernatural. Where she finally found refuge in a home others could never survive.

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So begins...

Faye Branson's Story

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The silence, scratched at her. Slowly, she bagan backing her way out of the kitchen. Then she noticed a young girl walking down a long hall, looking sad. Faye wanted to speak up and ask what was bothering her, but felt that she was in no opposition to start friendly conversation.Image She suddenly felt a desperate need for fresh air. She ran out the front door and dropped her bag on the porch.

Faye was hyperventilating, but the fresh air took her in with open arms. She paced back and forth, trying to mentally prepare herself for another awkward confrontation. She hated having to meet people, her entire life she had been sheltered from it by online schooling, no friends, and hotel rooms. Now, she had no one to cower to.

While deciding whether the most logical decision was to run away and never look back, or walk back in with the confidence she had only ever seen in "Mean Girls", someone rounded the corner. Faye jumped as made he made his presence known, nose pointed in the air. Her heart beat what seemed to be forty miles per hour, and to stop it she suddenly spoke up, "I'm Faye." She instantly crumbled. "I just got here, and got the brunt of it." She starred as he kept smelling. "Can I help you find something? " She said this awkwardly, feeling completely out of her comfort zone. How could her nose smell something that this person couldn't. "I um, sorry I am new to this whole monster thing.." Her eyes grew large as she realized what she had said. Shit shit shit shit What did you do?! "No I mean that, I don't mean that, I meant that.. I mean, I WAS TRYING TO SAY," She was getting aggravated at herself. She was just making it worse, "I just found out that I was different, so I ran away and.. you don't care.. Well, would you maybe happen to know where to find this pers-" She just stopped before she made it worse. She shuffled through her purse and found the slip of paper with the name Aeronwen written on it. She held the slip out to him, shaking nervously.

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Rounding a corner Arturo growled lightly, mainly in surprise at the girl in front of him. Sniffing again it wasn't her scent that was hanging around his nostrils hers was a sweet scent with a tang of nervousness and worry. Arturo walked around her as she began to speak stumbling over her words and finally holding out a peice of paper with Aeronwen's name on it. She must have been sent here to find refuge.

Arturo's head titled to the side as he looked at the paper, he gestured to a door and spoke " In there turn left then right, everyone is in the kitchen" he turned around and began to walk away before he turned to the girl again " you should relax, worry will get you no where"

He ran through the garden the rush of scents filling his nostrils helped him gauge vaugely where the smell was coming from. Growling loudly he noticed movement in the trees, crouching down Arturo squinted to get a better look his wolf instincts coming out to help him rather than hinder him.

Looking over to the house he saw. Corr outside, he whistled to get his attention to beckon him over. A vampire's eyesight was just was good as a werewolf's.