Kandyl Quinn

"Talking to yourself is a sign of insanity or creativity."

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Kandyl Quinn

{ "Being apart of two different worlds is something that you could never fathom." }

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Just the little things.

Kandyl Emory Quinn

Female, obviously.

19 Years Old.


Man or woman, doesn't matter.

Skin Walker.

Currently Single.

What does my reflection show?



Kandyle stands at the average height of about five feet and six inches, stretching to five feet and eight inches in the many different styles of heels and boots she loves to adorn, especially out in public. With a petite figure that possesses small curves in the right places of her body, she doesn't look very strong, but she is actually quite the opposite as her muscles hide beneath snow colored skin that burns easily; probably because she has a mostly Irish bloodline. Her hair is platinum blonde, sometimes more gold then white in the different angles of sun or man made light; falling down past her lean looking abdomen in different waves and curls; she tends not to style it, because she loves the messy bed head look. Her eyes resemble a dark green gray that can be mistaken for a stormy ocean blue, and her face is angled with a sharp jawline. But then again, her entire body has some sharp edges; like her tall shoulders, prominent collarbone, and edged elbows.

She often covers herself in array of punk or grunge outfits that are either too baggy or too tight. She loves latex as well as tight, revealing clothing like skirts, garters, and corsets. But she also is a free soul who loves the feel of a baggy plaid flannel, leather jacket that's too large on her, or baggy jeans with rips and tears that gives another rebellious, messy feel to her body. She compliments her face with dark makeup; often wearing too much liner, black eye shadow, and heavy amounts of mascara and dark lipsticks. But as she says often, everyone is different and everyone has a different idea of what beauty actually is.

Look a little deeper.



Kandyl is quite an aggressive character, if you engage her the wrong way. With a silent temper that only blows when it's boiling over, her glare of death is enough to make any person have shivers down their spine and force the hair on their neck to stand up. But when she isn't seething over a grudge or reacting harshly to an insult or rude behavior, she tends to be more quiet and observant. With people she's close to, Kandyl can be quite upfront and outgoing; making sarcastic comments and giving off a taste of her dry humor, but she can make people laugh and it's not like she doesn't have an idea of what fun is. But her idea of fun could probably be considered inappropriate to those with a more innocent disposition. Her rebellious nature leads her into trouble, which is partially why she has come to Alaiden.


Kandyl is a Skin Walker. She has the ability to transform herself into any animal that she wishes to be; although the bigger the animal, the more difficult it is to maintain that shape; therefore she has a time limit on how long she can stay an animal. She usually wishes to change into a large black cat or a German Shepard, being able to hold that transformation for two weeks or longer since she has been practicing for so long. Changing into a bear or a mountain lion, she would only be able to hold that transformation up to three days; and would most likely only change into something that dangerous if she felt threatened. And like werewolves, Skin Walkers have an aversion to silver but only in their animal transformation.


❆ Coffee ❆ Corsets ❆ Food ❆ Sleep ❆ Music ❆ Makeup ❆ Tea ❆ Writing ❆ Rainy Days ❆ Thunderstorms ❆ Concerts ❆ Drinking ❆ Cigarettes ❆ Reading ❆ Black ❆ History ❆ Anthropology ❆ Movies ❆


❄ Bright Colors ❄ Animal Abuse ❄ Insects ❄ Hot Weather ❄ Large bodies of water ❄ Messy Areas ❄ Idiots ❄ Commitment ❄ Guns ❄


My many chapters.



Growing up was never easy for Kandyl; her home life was never very solid, and her family members never reliable. With a father that drank too much, a mother that worked too many shifts and a brother who liked to party all night and sleep all day instead of going to school. Kandyl always found herself alone. She never had many close friends due to her embarrassment of her family and her awkward behavior around other kids; but the friends she did have, were her escape to go out and try things a kid should not be trying. She always felt like her parents never cared, and her brother was too busy getting fucked up to realize life was passing them by without a warning.

Kandyl first learned about her bloodline through her father's drunken stupor. It skipped every generation on his side, and she was planted with it; but the only way it could be activated was by her killing a relative. The way her father acted angered Kandyl and frightened her, and of course she lost it when she turned 14 and she watched her father force himself on her mother with a knife to her neck while being drunk out of his mind after she got home after her third shift. With her mother in frantic distress and beating on the pig but unable to push him off, Kandyl ended up taking her father's fire arm from his cabinet and pulling the trigger without a second thought. She wasn't prosecuted or sent to jail after the months of terror in court when she was ruled innocent and acting in defense of her mother; but her family never looked at her the same way again.

About six months after she killed her father, Kandyl noticed the changes beginning to start. The first transformation was a forced one, her genes starting to kick in and forcing her to take the shape of a mouse in the middle of her room. It was painful, but when she came back out of it, she began to realize she could take many other different forms. She started out small, taking the form of a mouse or a rabbit out in the woods behind her house. All she had to do was feel it, think it, and her entire form changed in only a minute. She read as much as she could online, and found out more about her bloodline through journals her father had kept from her grandfather's life. With practice and the ability to find bones and wear them to increase her performance, Kandyl was able to control her transformations and their length with greater skill as the months went on.

On her 18th birthday, Kandyl had another incident. Out in the city after partying with "friends", she was making her way back to the hotel with a heavy buzz. Four men attempted to rape her and mug her in an alley way, and without even thinking what she was doing, her animistic instincts that had become dominant in her blood kicked in and for the first time she became a giant grizzly bear. She completely mauled them to shreds, and their bloody bodies forced her to flee from the city and back to her home. But shortly after arriving, she was also greeted by a group of supernatural hunters that had somehow tracked her back there. With fear, she decided to go on the run, usually taking the form of a hawk or a cat and moving from city to city, being able to eat lowly items that would upset her human form, but did just fine in her other appearances.

When she learned about Alaiden Home For The Supernatural, she decided that was where she needed to flee. The hunters were still on her trail, but after moving there, she found that she felt safer being among other people who had problems like her. But the fear of being found still haunts her to this day, and her past is something she wishes she could erase entirely.

So begins...

Kandyl Quinn's Story

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ImageAeronwen gazed out the large window in the garden room. She was an early riser and normally up before any of the other beings that took refuge in the house that she and her sister had set up. She sipped a little of green tea as Paschar then came and stood beside her beginning to talk to her. "Well young lady, today is a new day and there are things you must do. What will you do first?" She shook her head then took another sip of tea. "I don't know Paschar. What do you suggest I do?" She inquired then stiffened when she heard someone coming from behind. She turned then her expression lightened. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

[ OOC: I left it open for anyone. Basically it's just another day and we will begin with waking up and such. ]

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ImageXiaJin's eyes sprang open as she awoke from another dreamless sleep with the sound of a bang from seemingly a few halls down. She sat up and remember she was not in fact in a bottle but instead on a soft bed, covered in warm comforter. She yawned and threw her Tinkerbell pajama covered legs on the floor, adjusted her matching tank top and stretched.

It felt good to be out, even though she wasn't free. Her master was only on his first wish and his wish was here. To be somewhere safe. To her surprise, they found themselves in this place, filled with creatures like them.

Well more or less.

After a wash and brush, she kept her pajamas on as they were comfortable, and matched her perfectly cropped blue bob of hair and shuffled into the Kitchen were a few had already gathered.
"Ahh, Morning," She offered with a yawn and a stretch, before grabbing and then peeling an orange. She rose a slice to her full lips, her eyes darted around the room with a sleepy gaze. Aeronwen seemed to be in a pleasant mood, Kandyl, whose name she thought was interesting seemed fine, Natayla stroke up an conversation with Aeronwen, and Arturo seemed to be having it rough. No pun intended.

She turned to Arturo.

"Was that you who made that loud bang. Scared the hell out of me." She commented, Xiajin was always good for a conversation, whether you wanted it or not. "Not that I minded, I probably would have slept in if you hadn't." she said, popping another slice of orange into her mouth.