Thea Sardothien

You can try to kill me, you can try to corrupt me, you can try to tame me, but no matter what you do to me... I will rise from the ashes again.

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{You can try to kill me, you can try to corrupt me, you can try to tame me, but no matter what you do to me...
I will rise from the ashes again.}


Thea Sardothien

Appears to be around 20



Man or woman, doesn't matter to her...

{Face Claim}
Lucy Hale



{Hair Color}
A very dark brown, though can show auburn in the light.

{Eye Color}
Humans see brown eyes, but other supernatural species see a deep amber with fiery flecks.

Average height of 5'6"

{Physical Description}
Thea, like the Phoenix, is mysterious and beautiful. She has long, dark brown, feathery hair that is soft to the touch like a birds feather. Her golden amber eyes that crackle with red sparks are the doors to see into her soul and bask at the fire that resides there. Her skin is lightly tanned from enjoying afternoons in the suns warmth. Her body itself is thin and lean, depending on quickness of movement, rather than strength.

In her ears you can often find earrings made of Phoenix feathers that she had taken from her past-selves ashes, or feathers around her neck on a chain. She likes to wear reds or blacks, colors that attract warmth.



As a Phoenix, Thea is warm like the flames and ashes that birthed her. She is energetic and on good days is often found outside doing something active. She enjoys spending time with friends and is very loyal to those she loves. Some say she is too gullible or innocent, though she denies this constantly. When bothered or upset, she can be a tad bit of a hot head, always speaking her mind without thinking, which can get her into trouble.

❖ Heat ❖ Fire ❖ Laughter ❖ Jokes ❖ Music ❖ Sunbathing ❖ Burrowing Under Warm Blankets ❖ Heights ❖ Running ❖

❖ Rain ❖ Losing People She Loves ❖ Losing Her Temper ❖ Fakes ❖ Being Alone ❖

❖ Avian Physiology - Enhanced Eyesight: Thea, like a bird, has ciliary muscles that can change the shape of the lens in her eyes rapidly and to a greater extent than in the mammals, allowing her to see things faster than others.

❖ Hollow Bones: Thea's bones are hollow like a bird, making her lighter, faster and more agile she appears.

❖ Healing: Phoenix tears can be used as an extremely potent healing material, able to close serious wounds and help clear infection. Because of this, Thea has taught herself how to cry on command so that she can be useful if someone is hurt.

❖ Self-Resurrection: When Thea grows too old or too weak her body will burst into flames, turning herself into ash. Through the ash she can be reborn into a new child, looking to be the age of ten. Though this can be useful, when she returns as a new human she may look different, be a different gender and may not remember past memories. This power allows her to stay immortal, but through different faces and lives.




Thea's life began at the end of another. As a Phoenix, she had no actual parents to take care of her. Instead, when her former self faded and passed away into ashes, she was reborn.

When she woke, she was in the form of a ten year old body with no memories of who she was or where she was. All that surrounded her were four paper walls, a pile of ashes and many candles and incense that smelt of fine jasmine and fresh bamboo. She was too weak to move and too sore to call out, so she lay there until someone came an hour later. It turned out to be an elder woman with a wrinkled face and a long grey braid. When she saw Thea she looked shocked and began yelling for others. Soon enough there was five or six more men and women in the room looking at her in shock. Thea wanted to say something to them, but before she could the men and women were bowing. She didn't understand what they were doing, not until someone finally explained it to her later.

The man who taught her as she grew up explained that she was in China, at a shrine where they worshiped the ancient creature known as the Phoenix, and that she was one of them, born in a humanoid form. From then on, she was forced into ceremonies, rituals and festivals. Because of this, Thea soon found out that living the life of a deity was dry and boring. This made her turn to sneaking out at night when the guards were drunk and too much in a stupor to notice.

She made friends and even fell in love. Everything seemed perfect until the priests and priestess' found out of her night rendezvous to see the children of the town. They locked her up, denied her to see them again and then threatened that they would kill the other kids if she even dare think of leaving. The place she thought had been home, soon turned into a toxic prison that made her want to scream.

Thea planned her escape perfectly. She continued to act as the perfect Phoenix deity everyone wanted, showing off her powers and attending the shrines functions. All the while, she was slowly stealing jewelry, clothes, every single piece of money she could and sleeping poisons from the healers. During a new years festival, when everyone was distracted, she drugged her guards and crept away. She sold the stolen jewelry for money, changed into the most plain clothes she had and spent her money on a plane ticket to America where she would blend in much better with the Caucasian people who looked like her.

When she arrived she spent a majority of her time learning the new customs, language and people. She made new friends along the way, friends that pointed her to the direction of the Alaiden home for Supernatural. This soon became her new home and safe haven.

So begins...

Thea Sardothien's Story

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ImageAeronwen gazed out the large window in the garden room. She was an early riser and normally up before any of the other beings that took refuge in the house that she and her sister had set up. She sipped a little of green tea as Paschar then came and stood beside her beginning to talk to her. "Well young lady, today is a new day and there are things you must do. What will you do first?" She shook her head then took another sip of tea. "I don't know Paschar. What do you suggest I do?" She inquired then stiffened when she heard someone coming from behind. She turned then her expression lightened. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

[ OOC: I left it open for anyone. Basically it's just another day and we will begin with waking up and such. ]

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Arturo looked briefly at XaiJin as she commented about his physical outburst earlier this morning, he gave a glance behind her as Thea, Lazarus, Alexander and Evanne entered in close spaces of time with each other. Did know one sleep in this house? There was certainly a large group of supernaturals who had trouble sleeping.

His gaze then fixed on his other form walking among the others in the kitchen area, his face full of hate and disgust for every single one of them. He looked at Arturo with malice as a knife manifested in his hands, he then began to stab and slice at the individuals in the room blood seeping like black treacle out of the lacerations. Of course none of this was real it was just a projection in his mind that was often replayed in his mind, like a form of toture.

Arturo looked away quickly, but the harsh whisper in his ear stuck in his mind.

"sangue ottenuto nella morte e sangue perso nella vita"
(Blood gained in death and blood lost in life)

Arturo stood up quickly, his elongated nails scrapping on the wood leaving marks in the grain. Leaving the kitchen he walked quickly exiting out of the nearest door into the garden. He breathed deeply relaxing himself his nails shortening back to original length, he walked for a while before sitting down on the cool grass.