Aubrey Axel Williams

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a character in “Alas, Babylon: A New Beginning”, as played by Zephyr


Aubrey Axel Williams

Axel, Auby





Phasing - The ability to meld with and pass through any form of matter at will.
Heightened Neural Activity - The ability to process reality at a rate three times that of a normal human, mostly at will.

Aubrey is a very quiet individual, not known to say anything unless it is extremely important. He is very timid, and avoids conflict when he can, even though he is in essence untouchable. His nose is almost always buried in a book or in sheet music, and when one is available, he is often seen at a piano. He loves nature, and tends to spend most of his time free time either reading in the gardens, or practicing in the music rooms.

Aubrey has an odd fidgeting tendency; he tends to gliss his fingers over solid surfaces like they are piano keys, absent-mindedly practicing musical pieces. He can usually hear the notes he "plays", whilst others just hear a faint tapping. Though he doesn't realize it yet, he has the ability to speed up his neural activity at will.

  • Reading poetry, philosophy, & classical literary pieces
  • Writing poetry & philosophical observations
  • Playing piano
  • Gardens, flowers, and trees
  • Apples, amongst other sweet fruits
  • Scarves [He owns 12 of them]

  • His powers
  • Water [He cannot swim]
  • Hot temperatures
  • Rap & Hip Hop music, amongst other popular styles
  • Idiocy
  • Ignorance & intolerance

Aubrey is a very petite person; he stands about 170 centimeters tall on a good day, and only weighs in at 40.9 kilograms. His complexion is very pale, spotted with a few freckles here and there. Though most people think he is very pretty, he dislikes his appearance. His clothing of choice is a pair of slim-fitting [though not necessarily skinny] jeans, a tight fitting t-shirt, either a cardigan or a button-up dress shirt over top, and one of his multiple scarves. Though he doesn't like to admit it, he finds most of his clothing in the girl's section.

Before he discovered his powers, and before transferring to Babylon, Aubrey was constantly beaten up in school. The excuses varied from him being a "fag", to his tastes in music, to the fact that he was a bastard... Any excuse both the boys and girls could find, they would use. He, however, never raised a hand to protect himself. Neither the teachers nor the principals cared enough to stop the fights; they basically had the same outlooks as the children, feeling he deserved it. Because of this, his mother was constantly moving him from school to school, from town to town to try and protect her baby boy. It was the same at every school he went to; cruel children, careless teachers, and overall ignorant neighbors...

He didn't know why he never tried to protect himself; perhaps he thought it was because he was deserving of punishment... Perhaps he was afraid of hurting them... One thing was certain though; the day he did changed his life.

It had happened in the cafeteria of a high school in grade nine, the first day... A group of boys from presumably a higher grade, all of whom he hadn't even met yet came up to him, the largest pushing him backwards and demanding that the "new kid" pay his initiation fees. He didn't have any money on him; his mother had to struggle just to support him, and the money Aubrey earned working at various libraries went towards helping her. When they found this out, they didn't hesitate to begin dolling out the "alternative initiation fee". The same boy who'd pushed him threw a punch, striking his jaw and sending him sprawling to the floor. He closed in on him as he lay there, and threw a second punch... But something inside Aubrey had been sparked... Call it rage, call it courage, or whatever you may, but whatever it was may have very well saved him. The second punch thrown went through him, and the boy's fist smashed into the tiled floor, breaking his knuckles. Astonished, Aubrey stood and watched as the bewildered group moved in, attempting to "lay a beating" on him for whatever it was he'd done. But he held on to that spark, and every strike that they threw passed through him.

He was expelled from the school that day for starting a ruckus and breaking the knuckles of their senior quarterback.

When he arrived home, he immediately went to his computer and began researching information on what had happened to him. He eventually stumbled upon the web page of a school for "gifted children" known as Babylon. But through much deliberation, he decided not to go. His mother needed him, and he couldn't leave her to fend for herself; she was a very needy woman. But, one day after work, he came home to find her dead on the kitchen floor; the cause was stress-induced cardiac arrest. After organizing and throwing the funeral, and with nothing holding him back, he left home for Babylon...

Mr. Vanerblit's Room

With him, Aubrey brought his entire collection of books; a full three bookshelves worth, as well as his collections of piano sheet music, which occupy seven three-ringed binders.


::Daily Schedule (Mon - Fri)::
Period One: Ancient History
Period Two: Music / Music Theory
Period Three: Lunch / Study Hall
Period Four: Philosophy
Period Five: English / Latin

So begins...

Aubrey Axel Williams's Story