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Kisho Aoigetsu Nibanshi

Elementalist(Emotions sometimes have effect.)//13//Mr. Vanderbilt's Room

0 · 243 views · located in Babylon School For Exceptional Youth

a character in “Alas, Babylon: A New Beginning”, as played by Zeique


Kisho Aoigetsu Nibanshi

Jr. and sometimes people call him little man or little bro




::Race/What Are You?::
Air and Fire based Elementalist

Can alter the molecules in the air to give a wide array of effects. Also things that have a strong Fire element base is within reach of this kid. Examples of Fire element based thing: Lightning, Lava/Magma, Fire, Sparks, ect. He has thought of many things he can do with his powers both alone and in combination. When he is angered or scared some part of him might light on fire, depending on how intense this feeling is depends on the intensity of the fire. (Orange being the most mild, white or clear being the most intense.) Though when he is sad or has his feelings crushed the air around him commonly becomes anywhere from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, again dependent on how intense the feeling. (-20 being the strongest feeling, and 10 being the least.) Although those are common they are not every time, but if they do happen it is usually wisest to leave him alone for a while.

Kuro is usually a nice kid and loves to be around people. He will usually refer to those older than him but not an adult as big brother, big sister, brother, or sister. Kuro is short and looks young for his age, but he likes that since it gives him a Lolita appearance. Kuro always like new things and is never afraid to speak his mind when you ask him and even when you don't. If you want Kuro's honest opinion he will tell you without hesitation. He also loves to try and cheer people up when they seem saddened, and will use his Lolita actions to do so usually. If you had to use four words to sum Kuro up these would most likely be them: fun-loving, open-minded, sweet, dangerous. Putting that dangerous part is a very accurate thing to do, mainly because of Kuro's powers. Since he doesn't have full control over them his emotions commonly are shown through slightly uncontrollable use of his powers.

Friends, being called a 'cute kid' for his Lolita looks, nice people, talking, sweets, getting help when he asks, the colors blue and red.

Mean people, being called a toddler due to his Lolita looks, people trying to help him when he doesn't need it, sad friends

For formal wear Kuro has a pair of grey pants and a grey over coat in addition to that. For casual wear he only wears black shorts and red tee shirts. Kuro always has the stuff bear that is in his the picture, although his is, in ratio, three times bigger. The bear's name is JJ and Kuro considers the bear one of his family.

When Kuro was born he was smaller than normal and basically stayed the smallest one through all his life. He didn't mind this since he was able to use fire and control the air starting when he was 3 years old. Kuro always was a fast learner and quickly learned to use his powers when he wished. He also knew right from wrong quite early as well. However, even though he had control over his powers so he could use them when he wanted Kuro couldn't help but for his powers to appear when his emotions went negative. His anger and fear formed fire and his sadness and crushed feelings came out as freezing air. Sometimes when these emotions mixed he had fire but all around him the air was freezing. For this reason Kuro was home schooled, not because his parents liked it though. They heard of the Babylon school when Kuro was 11 and decided they would send him there as soon as he turned 13. On his 13th birthday they told him of this place and Kuro said he would like to try it out, even though it was far away from his home.

Mr. Vanderbilt's Room

Kuro loves having fun and sharing jokes, but he knows when he needs to pay attention and behave. During his free time Kuro has never been found to do the same thing two times in a row, and always keeps active. To add to his Lolita appearance Kuro needs to take a nap sometimes just like a young child. At lunch he will have a quick small meal then take a nap until period four. (This next part I will take out if it is requested in anyway to me.) Even though Kuro makes it to his first period on time he still sleeps for 15 minutes more at the beginning of class as well as sleeping as much as he can after eating breakfast.


::Daily Schedule (Mon - Fri)::
Period One: Element Lore {Miss Lora}
Period Two: Science {Mr. Vincent Pamalar}/Math {Miss Colleen}
Period Three: Lunch/Study Hall
Period Four: Physical Education {Mr. Nikolaus Summers}
Period Five: Personal Power Class {Mr. Thane Zed}/Mutant Studies {Mrs. Alyssum McAllister-Summers}

So begins...

Kisho Aoigetsu Nibanshi's Story