Yoshimura Aya

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Yoshimura Aya

Yaya, Yoshi-chan, Ayabi [She hates all three of them]




::Race/What Are You?::

Wave Production - The ability to generate different sound-waves in frequencies varying in decibel levels and hertz, through mediums such as shouting, clapping, etc.
White Noise - The ability to generate a sound-wave that can interfere with electronic equipment and cause severe headaches in some.
Auditory Replication - The ability to perfectly replicate any noise one has ever heard before, through vocal means.

Aya was always the wanna-be rebellious type. Ever since she was eight years old, she had always wanted to be the bad-girl that everybody was afraid of. She'd chew gum in class, put her feet on the desk, threaten to beat people up... But this was all a facade; she was in reality a straight-A student, and was terrified of the other students in her school finding out. In reality, she was somewhat afraid of what she was trying to be. She had a few friends, all bad-asses and slackers who's only goals in life were to make others miserable.

Aya was a vigorous soul, not afraid to get a little dirty in the name of adventure. As a child, she would come home from school constantly covered in dirt and mud. As she grew older though, she seemed to come home less-frequently covered in dirt. She loves to laugh, and absolutely loves to be the source of others laughter. She has a good, healthy relationship with her parents and her grandma; they don't mind her attitude in class so long as it doesn't get her into too much trouble, and so long as it doesn't affect her grades. She has a stuffed bunny named Meisa, who has been her "best friend" since she was three. She carries it with her wherever she goes, hiding her in her bag.

  • Her stuffed bunny, Meisa
  • Drawing, painting, and any other visually artistic medium
  • Exploring
  • Her "Okaa-san", "Oto-san", and "Obaa-san"
  • Visual Kei & J-Rock

  • Hurting others
  • Failing
  • Uniforms
  • Pain
  • Being serious

Aya loves to dye her hair different combinations of colours. Currently it is a simple brown, with reddish highlights and lowlights. She's very lean, with apparent muscles, but not so many as to take away from her femininity. She's relatively tall, unlike the rest of her family, measuring up to about 5'10".

Aya has lived in America for as long as she could remember; her parents moved to Topeka, Kansas with her grandma when she was only a year old. She had always been wonderful at art, even at the young age of three. She got along fine with the other kids in her school until she was about seven, when the kids started to get a bit cliquey. At eight, she decided to become friends with the more adventurous-types; they seemed to be a lot more like her than some of the other kids. They stayed friends throughout elementary school, but as they grew older, her friend's personalities got nastier. Aya, not wanting to lose the only friends she had, did the same. As they reached high school, Aya began to realize that her "friends" were rather fearsome; half-way through grade nine, she didn't even want to be friends with them any more... But she knew if she abandoned them, she would be subject to their torture as well. So, she kept up the bully facade; she hated to admit it, but she liked the sense of power it gave her...

When she was in grade ten, things all went to hell about three-quarters of the way through the school year. The zipper on her bag broke, and out fell Meisa, along with a few A+ papers that she had just received. Her "friends" were astonished at this, feeling as though they had been lied to for all these years about who the true Aya was. She tried to explain to them, but they wouldn't have it. One of the girls in her group of friends was so infuriated, she actually threw a punch at Aya. In reaction, the girl screamed, an ear-piercing, blood-curdling scream; it seemed to emit multiple separate decibel levels. In any case, her attacker stopped dead in her tracks, and threw her hands up to her ears to try and block out the noise. The next day, all of her old "friends" were sent to the hospital with internal hemorrhaging. Aya was astonished. She returned to school the next day and completed her year there without ever seeing her "friends" again, every day finding a desolated area of the town to practice and hone what she referred to as her gift.

After the school year was done, her parents decided it would be best for their daughter if they sent her to a school for others like her. She half-heartedly agreed, and once the summer was over, found herself at Babylon.

Miss Gertrude Vanderbilt's Room

Aya always has her sketchbook and her stuffed bunny Meisa on hand.


::Daily Schedule (Mon - Fri)::
Period One: Personal Powers Class
Period Two: Swimming / Painting II
Period Three: Lunch/Study Hall
Period Four: General Art
Period Five: Drawing II / Phys. Ed

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