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Michel De Angelo Robutton
TipToe By Imagine Dragons.


Mike Robutt.


His golden blonde hair is almost always messy, bedhead type of style that suites him fairly well; parting down his right side and curving over his head and stopping right at his eye, when originally, his hair goes right below his ears. During sports, or on hot muggy days, he’ll often pull it back into a ponytail of some sort- but because of the length being odd and choppy; his hair tends to fall from the ponytail. Michel’s eyes match his hair perfectly; bright golden eyes that always have a luminous tint to them during the night.

Michel’s lips are full, but aren’t big and they frame his perfect teeth and are complimented by deep dimples on his cheeks; speaking of lips, he always sports a devious and playful smile that seem to attract everyone’s eyes- or at least until they realize who their staring at. Michel is tall and broad, with lean muscles wrapping around his body that compliment and bring more attention to the tattoo that hugs itself from his long fingers and muscular waist, up his arm and broad shoulders and resigns right at his jawline. The tattoo is self-made and customized, so he has a weapon with him at all times.

He is almost always seen with pure diamond earrings in both of his ears. Michel tends to dress fairly fancy, either seen in his uniform, a suit or a tee-shirt with jeans (which is rare for him). He often fancies antique items and will be often seen with such in his hands, or you could just see him talking to no one on his antique phone. Michel either wears dress shoes or no shoes, and when he wears no shoes, he often has odd, colorful socks on that never seem to be matching. Speaking of matching, that’s something Michel could never do- while he does wear suits, many of the times, his suits are mismatched, as well as his uniform. The tie is neon pink, or the suit jacket is white while the bottoms are black- there has even been a time where he wore bright, neon red suit top with sequence dress pants.


If he can stick it in you, you’re his type- boy or girl regardless.

18 years of age.


Since Middle School.


Artistic Illusionist/Creator;
In other words, Michel can breathe life into anything that is art. Well, almost. He can create illusions on art that he himself has not created; while, with art he has, he can easily bring it to life so it is a breathing, living thing. Just as Michel can bring it to life, he can easily destroy it as well. His Alice allows him to manipulate art to his will, though, with art that isn’t his, he can only do illusions as stated before.
His illusions come out strong, vibrant and life-like, though are easily destroyed and easily able to go around; while with art he creates; his creatures/creations are life-like and are very real. They are harder to destroy and much hard to go around or fight. When his creations do die, they go back to where they were created- in case of his tattoos, they’d return to normal tattoos and his creations can resurrected at his will.


Alice form:
Unknown, though a few things is certain; it’s definitely not Diffuse or Childhood.

Star ranking:
Second Star.

He has an amazing ability to lose things and then make up for them by mismatching EVERYTHING. Not to mention Michel is a killer cook in the kitchen- literately, don’t put him in the kitchen with live meat-including yourselves. Seriously. Partially because of his Alice, he is a fantastic artist and has a charm about him that would make you think it was his Alice- of course that’s only if he wants to use it. Another thing is that he is multilingual; knowing Korean, Japanese, Italian and English perfectly.

Preferred Weapons:
If one must be named, it would be his tattoo and his collection of sharpies (watch your white walls).


Least to say, Michel isn’t exactly all there. He is eccentric and unique; always doing things that would consider him a scatter brain- and in simple words, he is; a big one. He is very four dimensional, always in his own world doing his own thing. Despite this, he is able to somewhat keep up with his lessons and assignments. Michel is a joy to have a conversation with, being a good listener and all- great joke, eh? The only time he will listen is if you strip down in front of him; then he will really listen, or at least, the closest thing you can get to listening. Don’t get him wrong though, he isn’t a horn dog- he’s a puppy. A bright puppy. He can easily get himself wrapped around around someone and is easily falling in and out of love- yet he is very loyal and protective. Michel is a very laid back guy overall, and a fairly good friend- if you ignore the fact that he’ll ‘borrow’ your things and most likely lose them as well as never listening- and is very loyal and friendly. See? I told you he was a bright puppy. And a puppy he is; you can even teach him how to sit, stay and roll over. Seriously, you can; just hang something in his interest over his head and you’ve got him (of course if he likes you).

While he may not be the sharpest butter stick in the fridge, he is very in tune with other’s emotions, and depending on other’s moods, it will depend if he speaks to you or not. Michel often tries to avoid things that are hard for him and he hates conflicts; he prefers peace, not war- unless you steal his food. Then it’s all hate in food and war; or something like that. Michel is a garbage can when it comes to food- he will eat you out of house and home, yet he won’t ask for your left overs. He’ll fish them out of the trash later when you aren’t looking. Even though his eating habits aren’t that sanitary, Michel is very clean- perhaps too clean. He brushes his teeth after everything he eats and is completely against sugary sweets and teeth rotting foods; he prefers that of much saltier flavors. Even his living and cooking quarters- wherever they may be- are sparkling. And while he has an odd habit of making his cooking ‘fresh’ (as in, ‘you buy live chicken and leave the rest up to me’ kind of fresh), he always cleans up after himself and always makes sure everything is in its place- one could say he has slight OCD about this. Which is awfully hard for him since he either loses or breaks everything he touches; which won’t get him down for too long counting the fact that he easily replaces and mismatches them instantly. He quotes that, ‘no one will notice’.

Though, like everyone, Michel has a dark, serious side- one without cookies too. He is very strong willed and won’t give up, which can make him as dangerous as the next guy (if he wants to be, of course). While it does take a lot to piss him off, when Michel does, he is practically unstoppable; unless, you know, you kill him. He is unbreakable, and will attack as much as possible; yet, he is more of a defensive person who will watch you from afar before making his attack. Michel is a very good observer if you catch his attention or piss him off; he will block off anything around him and can draw up monsters that seem only possible in nightmares, and these monsters can destroy a lot without much recognition. Like superman, he has a weakness and that’s if you can kill one of his creations yourself; with each creation you kill off, he becomes weaker and slower each time- which is why he isn’t classified as dangerous.

Overall, Michel is fairly laid back with an oblivious, puppy-like personality that is eccentric and unique yet, surprisingly quiet. While it is hard for him to get pissed off, it is possible. Despite that, he is a very friendly guy, but isn’t one of which can be befriended so easily due to the fact that he borrows without asking and loses things so easily, not to mention he is a horrid listener. He loves food and loves cooking, this includes killing his own meat, and if you are in the kitchen, he wouldn’t mind tasting you. Michel may be considered a playboy, but one wouldn’t think him of it since the emotion he feels is often semi-true; he falls in and out of love easily. He is quirky and an amazing artist, always having his handy sharpies on him; he will draw on anything, anywhere, and whenever he feels like it. While he may be slightly lazy, he is very playful and devious with a not-so-great sense of humor; he takes everything literal and to the heart.

~Takes everything literal and to the heart.
~Very submissive at times.
~Loses things, ALL THE TIME.
~Eats almost everything.
~OCD about cleaning.
~Will eat you (not kidding, either).
~Drools, A LOT.
~Falls in and out of love easily.
~Very touchy with people.

~Art of Any Kind.
~A Clean Environment.
~Peace and Love.
~People (of all sorts).
~When He Mismatches Items.

~Conflicts or Problems.
~The Dark.
~Anything Sweet and Sugary.
~Loud Music or Things- this includes his alarm clock.
~Chicken Bones (simply because he can’t eat them).
~When He Loses Things.
~Dirty Environments.
~Those Who Kill His Creations.

Surprisingly, Michel was born to normal parents, or so he thought. Now that he looks back on it, he is positive that they were a lot queerer than they were letting on. Michel was born in Italy, to Mary De Angelo and Karamu Robutton, which means he’s only a quarter Japanese. They always stayed far from Japan, and instead, moved everywhere else. Michel couldn’t really think of a time where he actually called a place home; little to his knowledge, he never understood the reason of their moving- nor where they got the money. He was the only child due to the fact that his mother had gotten too sick to bear another during her first pregnancy, so for health concerns, she didn’t have another one. The rest of Michel’s past was a bit of a blur to him, the only significant memory of his childhood was when his mother had passed away suddenly; it was hard for him and he hadn’t handled it well- perhaps that’s why he is so fourth-dimensional today.

Due to the fact of his mother’s death, his father had moved back to Japan and he lived with his grandfather from his dad’s side. His dad was a very strict man, who always prohibited Michel from gaining any real close friends except his cousins who stayed often at his grandfather’s house. His father even went as far as having Michel homeschooled- for what reason was still unknown to Michel. And because of this non-social life he was living in, he became a ‘rebel’ when he turned thirteen. His attention went from looking for things to do at home alone to grafitting on trains and building sides; not only was he good at sneaking away at night, it turned out he was also good at art. He became notorious for his artwork- both famous and infamous; or at least until his father found out…

It wasn’t really his fault; how was he supposed to know that his art would come to life simultaneously and destroy half of the bakery? On the night of the event, him and a former friend (his first one, no less) where planning to make a huge painting of a large wolf-like monster on the side of a bakery. To his surprise, his drawing came to life and severely damaged the inside of the building and injured the people inside; it was soon killed and chalked up to a rabid dog weeks later. Though, poor Michel fainted at the scene and was scooped up and brought to Alice Academy. His father sent him his things and said goodbye without much fight or word and Michel has been here since.


Michel created a ‘creature’ that he calls, well, Creature- what can he say? He’s just that creative. It’s more like a companion than a pet and follows him almost anywhere to keep him company. It is harmless and does nothing in assisting him; it doesn’t even speak.

So begins...

Michel Robutton's Story


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#, as written by Layla

“Welcome to Alice Academy!” a deafening voice exploded through the speakers of the crowded assembly hall. A boy with a spirit-seeing Alice chuckled as the spirits of students and staff alike leapt from their skins at the sudden shattering of their eardrums and the sight of... “I’m Mitsuki Hisakawa, Student Body President and your host for today.”

Students and staff members had been trapped in that assembly hall for the past three hours, listening to introductions of new students, briefings, announcements, rules, subjects, uniforms and speeches. Most notable of the speeches included the junior school principle’s, which droned on for 56 minutes and 22 seconds regarding his pet serpent’s favourite times of the day. Most of the audience had fallen into a deep sleep only to be jarred into wakefulness by bag pipes announcing the arrival of the President of the Student Council.

“Mommy!!!” wailed a small child from the elementary school. He received a glance from the self-proclaimed host on the stage and he very literally seemed to turn grey. His jaw touched the top of his chest and he swayed like a paper bag in a rainstorm as he sat rooted to his seat.

“Listen up, kid,” Mitsuki said slowly, clutching the stage podium. “Your mama’s swimming in a sea of gold right now and you’re probably never going to see her again. Suck it up or I’ll suck you up into a big, black whole of oblivion. Unless you’d rather be my roommate, of course,” she added with a baring of teeth that might’ve been a feral snarl or a grin.

The stage podium turned to ashes.

Mitsuki laughed.

“Haha, these stage props sure are fragile, huh? Wood these days!” The audience laughed nervously.

“Moving on. Welcome back, oldies, and newbies, welcome to the next decade of your life stuck with me if you don’t follow the rules,” she chirped, her wavy snow blue hair bouncing merrily on her shoulders. “Seeing as I’d rather be contemplating the meaning of life under running water, we’ll skip the formalities, alright?” she declared.

“First up’s the annual Search and Conquer tournament!” Dramatic bagpipes drum rolled. There was a mass intake of breath from the older students. “That’s right, kids! It’s the annual 71st Hunger Games!” Mitsuki clapped loudly before returning to standing on her toes to reach the microphone. “No, seriously. Stop acting like I’m sacrificing you to the Fertility God. Woooo, excitement!”

She grunted and snatched the microphone from the stand. They needed shorter microphone stands. “I said excitement.”

A roaring cheer followed the initial splatter of applause.

“For those of you who’ve yet to experience the joy of Search and Conquer, let me explain to you what it is.” She beamed supportively, rolling her weight onto the heels of her booted feet and then to her toes, and back, and forth, and back. Her eyes darted left and right. Man, she needed a sugar hit.

“14 students will be randomly chosen and given individual flags they must keep on their persons. They will be sent to the Northern Woods.” Suddenly, the interior of the assembly hall transformed into that of the menacing outdoors. The crooked fingers of the trees loomed over the audience, threatening to engulf them. Students from the technical abilities class panted as they spun and tapped at the mechanisms maintaining the illusion.

“The” – she grinned – “’volunteers,’ will be scattered throughout the woods during noon and in the woods they will remain until sunrise. The game involves stealing an individual’s flag. Those whose flags you steal will join your empire and you will be their Queen or King.” But who was she kidding, a woman would win this. “Anyone under their command, will also become your slaves. For example, Billy steals Dicky’s flag, Billy becomes Dicky’s king. Lily steals Billy’s flag, and becomes Billy and Dicky’s queen. If Dicky steals Momo’s flag, Lily also becomes Momo’s Queen.

“The person who manages to survive unclaimed until sunrise wins a prize, as does the person with the largest empire. The prize?” Mitsuki’s pale aquamarine eyes darkened with glee. “The former, 1000 rabbits” – there was a collective gasp, that was even more than Special Stars received – “and the latter, a one day ticket outside.”

Silence drenched the student body just as the illusions made by the technical abilities class evaporated, the assembly hall shimmering into focus.

“Now for the rules of the game!” she announced, her aura leaping into a fluff of pink cotton.

“One: once a person has claimed another’s flag, you cannot claim their flag unless you’ve claimed the flags of the people they are ruling. Two: you cannot steal the flag of your own monarch. Three: killing or permanent injury of students – or teachers – is not allowed.” She tossed a glare at Midna Silvera, emphasising each word with venom.

“Fourth: you may not bring items – dangerous or otherwise – outside of what is given to you. Fifth: your flag must be tied around your wrist at all times. Losing your flag will result in removal from the game. Sixth: no communication is allowed with those beyond the Nothern Woods. Seventh: no teleportation or human locating Alices or any other similar Alice may be used.” Mitsuki’s gaze flicked over to the wings of the stage for a brief moment before returning to the student body. “This year, Nero Sceer, the Head of the Dangerous Abilities class will be overseeing the tournament. He may use lethal force and interfere with the events. He may aid the participants or act as an obstacle,” her voice dripped with disdain. “He will reinforce the rules to ensure the game is fair.”

Mitsuki beamed and clapped her hands together, bouncing just as a lanky man – or gigantic rabbit shaped like a man – appeared beside her. He bowed and lifted the tall hat from his head, holding it out before her.

“Now for the volunteers!” She dipped her hand into the hat and pulled out a bundle of lollies. She unwrapped them and stared, reading out the names before popping the candies in her mouth with fervour. “Sylvia Cauthon, Hiroki Seijun, Maya Shinozaki, Midna Silvera, Jules Carter, Kana Nishino, Lorelai Bay, Michel De Angelo Robutton, Feris Lilliand, Alexander Rammis, Azeal Rowens, Shino Terr, Naoya Watanabe and…” She narrowed her eyes at the sweet.

Mitsuki flipped the candy around, rubbing at it as if to ensure it was real.

She tasted the candy.

No, it couldn’t be.

“This is wrong,” she told the towering rabbit man. Her only reply was a disappearing bunny act as her useless assistant vanished in a puff of smoke. She opened her mouth, closed it, turned to the audience, and glared. “And Mitsuki Hisakawa.”

She turned away from the stage for a moment, her softly flowing pigtails twitching as she faced the back of the stage. The Alice limiting rings on her fingers flared, the gems flickering like embers in wood that was about to ignite. She exhaled and spun around, her usual smile already in place.

“Now for your gifts! For Sylvia Cauthon, a bottle of water.” The items would appear midair and fall into their laps. “For Hiroki Seijun, all seven books of the Harry Potter series. Alexander Rammis, a pineapple. Naoya Watanabe, a jelly fish lamp. Maya Shinozaki, inflatable earplugs. Midna Silvera, a detached showerhead. Jules Carter, chicken bones. Lorelai Bay, chinese tea leaves. Kana Nishino, a piece of nylon string. Michel Robutton, tarot cards. Feris Lilliand, a king sized mattress. Azeal Rowens, a bottle of salt and pepper. Shino Terr, a cup shaped like Pokemon. Mitsuki Hisakawa… Men’s underwear... 100% cotton."

“All Search and Conquer participants and Nero Sceer must report to the edge of the Northern Woods at 1147 hours to commence the tournament. Other students and staff may view live footage of the tournament in the dining hall or common room. Students may return to their respective rooms if they so desire,” she mumbled absentmindedly, her gaze drifting already to a realm no one else could see.

“By the way, I was serious about my request of cookie dough pop tarts in your welcoming letters. New students who fail to provide me with sugary goodness…” She paused, tilting her head in thought. “Will die.”


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Michel De Angelo Robutton

Michel, by no means was paying attention; hell, he zoned out hours ago. Instead, he was on the opposite side of the room with Creature, drawing up tiny candies with eyes but no mouth on the seats and then eating them (so they wouldn’t scream). While they tasted like sharpies, they did keep him occupied. Damn it, if it wasn’t for the custodians, he would’ve had himself a meal; why did they have to clean out the garbage? Just because it was the first day of the school didn’t mean anything. Perhaps they knew Michel would do something like dig through the trash; maybe they thought that the new students might get scared or frighten seeing a man dig through the trash and eating the leftovers that stayed in the trash.

Still, it was unfair. Suddenly, the overhead speakers blasted loud, enough to jar Michel and make him jump. Michel landed on his butt with a thud as he turned his head towards Mitsuki; Creature taking off after the little candy man he had dropped due to the booming voice. His first reaction was to stick his finger in his ear to cease the endless ringing that was apparent in his ears, and his second reaction, was to simply ignore her completely. He could care less what she had to say about whatever; instead, he stood up, his arms in front of him as he tried to grab Creature who busily munching on the candy man. He ran towards Creature and grabbed him, walking back to his seat. Though, as soon as he made it back, Mitsuki suddenly became naming off the names that’d be participating; when he heard his name being called out, he dropped Creature, creating a loud ‘oomph’ and a gurgle.

Michel had the same blunt look, except his mouth was open a bit; perhaps to express his shock. It was going to be his fourth time doing this; to say that he was bad at this game was much of an understatement. Two out of the three times before, he lost his flag; the last one, he lost his team, and then lost his flag- though; he quickly replaced it with an exact replica, but was caught anyways. He was exactly sure how he lost the thing since it was around his wrist, but it ended up gone. Not to mention his items that he got were also lost. The tarot cards appeared above his head, and Michel eyed them suspiciously before reaching up and grabbing it as it fell.

Tarot cards? Michel examined his item, looking it up and down before shaking it, as it was a joke. Though, his attention didn’t last long on the tarot cards, but shot up to Mitsuki as she released everyone; Michel instantly walked across the assembly hall, following her in her tracks. While Michel knew Mitsuki’s powers was dangerous to him, he still fancied her; perhaps it was because she ate every bit of his food without wasting anything- or perhaps it was because she had an awesome bust size that Michel adored. “I made you cookie-dough candies.” He stated, feeling his uniform pocket, before his pants pocket. It didn’t take long for him to take off his jacket and shake it out. “Or, I had some…” He said, looking through his jacket, curious to as where the bag had gone. “I’ll make you more.”

Michel looked at her before putting on his jacket once more, looking at her; she seemed just as bummed about being in the games as the others who’ve previously been here been.


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The assembly hall was filled with people, both old faces and new, so it was obviously going to be very loud. In this crowd it was very easy to get lost amongst them and have no one take notice of you. This is exactly what Jules Carter wanted. While the rest of the students were laughing loudly and climbing over the chairs, Jules sat patiently in her seat for the assembly to start. Her friends had gone off to the other corners of the room but she knew not to take it seriously, they always did that.

Her pale brown eyes crossed the room, silently searching for a certain somebody in the audience. After a few minutes of looking, she finally found her target. Michel Robutton was sitting at the back of the room, casually drawing candies and popping them in his mouth. She couldn’t help but giggle at the uniqueness of the scene. As he looked up from his sketchbook, Jules’ pulse quickened as she ducked behind her seat. ‘I hope he didn’t see me staring.’ She thought worriedly.

However, before she could sneak another glance, a loud and familiar voice filled the room. “Welcome to Alice Academy! I’m Mitsuki Hisakawa, Student Body President and your host for today.” The small girl smiled as her friend walked on the stage, her steps filled with the overwhelming confidence Jules hoped to gain one day. She laughed quietly to herself. ‘I hope she doesn’t fall down again like last year.’
A small boy began to cry for his mommy, prompting a very side remark from her friend. Jules’ sighed and buried her face in her hand. ‘C’mon Mitsuki, there was no reason to be mean.' Even though they were best friends, she still didn’t know why Mitsuki always had to say mean things. You catch more flies with honey then vinegar. The fact that Jules hadn’t even set a trap yet is beside the point. She pulled her hand from her face just in time to see the podium fall to ashes.

At the mention of Search and Conquer, she sank a little down into her chair. She’d never been picked to compete and she would like to keep it that way. God knows she wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning anyways and she might get hurt or worse. With a small flicker of fear, she awaited the participants of this year’s game.
“Sylvia Cauthon, Hiroki Seijun, Maya Shinozaki, Midna Silvera, Jules Carter, Kana Nishino, Lorelai Bay, Michel De Angelo Robutton, Feris Lilliand, Alexander Rammis, Azeal Rowens, Shino Terr, Naoya Watanabe and…” Shock and fear shot through the young girl’s body. Not only is she taking part in this but she had to face Midna Slivera, the disputed strongest in the school, but her friends Feris, Michel and Alexander might be hurt!

“And Mitsuki Hisakawa.” At this sudden new development , Jules let out a sigh, though she wasn’t sure if it was for relief or concern. On one hand, Mitsuki would definitely protect her (after taking her flag of course) but on the other she didn’t want her friend to get hurt or hurt other people. Judging from the waves of depression and anger coming from her friend, she wasn’t too happy with the situation either.

“Now for your gifts! For Sylvia Cauthon, a bottle of water. For Hiroki Seijun, all seven books of the Harry Potter series. Alexander Rammis, a pineapple. Naoya Watanabe, a jelly fish lamp. Maya Shinozaki, inflatable earplugs. Midna Silvera, a detached showerhead. Jules Carter, chicken bones. Lorelai Bay, chinese tea leaves. Kana Nishino, a piece of nylon string. Michel Robutton, tarot cards. Azeal Rowens, a bottle of salt and pepper. Shino Terr, a cup shaped like Pokemon. Mitsuki Hisakawa… Men’s underwear... 100% cotton." Jules jumped as ten chicken bones of assorted sizes fell into her lap. “Chicken bones?” she asked questioningly. This must be some sort of joke. The sound of laughter drew her attention. One of the students had was pointing at her, holding his sides as he chortled. Eyes soon became drawn to the quiet girl, making her sink lower into her chair. “P-Please stop looking at me.” She protested softly, not sure that anyone could ever hear her.

As soon as the assembly was over, Jules gathered her chicken bones and slowly walked over to Mitsuki, cautiously avoiding the eyes staring at her. However, her heart skipped a beat as Michel stood in front of her. ‘Oh god, it’s Michel. What do I say? What do I say? Alright, I’ll just walk up there and say Hi Michel. There simple…right?’ Looking much more nervous then she had previously had, Jules approached the man of her dreams, her face a mask of bright red. The words came out as quietly as a whisper. “um, H-H-Hi Michel.”


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#, as written by Layla

There were many questions to ponder upon regarding the intricate spiderweb of life. Some of which included but was not limited to: what the hell was wrong with Naoya? He was like a male, scowling, albino version of Lady Gaga, equipped with the glow in the dark breast plates, controversial sex slash mass murder music and all.

She'd admittedly been glaring in his general direction throughout most of the assembly - when she wasn't looking at a certain Aliment Serving Superintendent or ASS for short - or rather at the skinny bubble of fish that was Lorelai Bay beside him. What was she doing there so cheerfully disintegrating Naoya's vibe? She had bad Feng Shui embedded in her salty skin. The stupid reversed mermaid and her absurdly blinding smile along with her ridiculous cascade of luminescent sapphire hair. Her flawless skin and youthful bounce?


Mitsuki chewed the inside of her cheek as she wandered purposefully through the assembly hall. Who was she kidding? She had no idea where the hell she was going. It didn't matter, she could walk through walls. No, seriously, she could walk through walls.

Never in her eleven years of being slave to Alice Academy had she ever been chosen for Search and Conquer. She'd laughed at the misfortune of the chosen, especially those given bizarre and pointedly useless and troublesome "gifts" like a Finding Nemo DVD. What could you do with that in a forest?

Yet here she was, holding a bundle of men's underwear - '100% cotton!' the package emphasised. At least they'd vacuum packed it and she didn't have to think of a way to carry a dozen boxer briefs piled as high as she was short for the entirety of the tournament. What good would underwear do her? Maybe she could use it as a pillow. Maybe she could blackmail Alex for his pineapple. Yes, that sounded ingenious.

Mitsuki knew most students believed these sadistic and bizarre games were her idea of fun but she wasn't that creative. She simply continued the traditions of Alice Academy and picked out magical candies from a hat. If it were up to her, she'd give herself a tank or maybe a person, maybe a subdued Nero Sceer transformed into a mindless zombie.

“I made you cookie-dough candies.”

The blissful image of Nero with a collar around his neck attached to a cord in her hand shattered into one even more mesmerising. She took in his messy grey hair, the sleepy tilt of his stunning grey eyes and those perfect, perfect grey lips. Damn, she was colourblind, but he was beautiful. So breathtakingly beautiful, she thought she might unravel into a pile of mush if he stood there staring at her for too long.

"...had some.” Was she dead? She was dead, wasn't she? The steady thump of his heartbeat trickled up her arm and splattered red across her cheeks. His dimples flashed for a brief moment and she could've sworn she'd sprouted wings and maybe another head. “I’ll make you more.”

Oh she wanted so much more from him. She wanted everything. She wanted to follow the dips of his lips and pop the buttons of his pants so he could pop her. He made it hard to keep it PG31.

"Michel," she breathed. "Do you-"

"Umm.. H-H-Hi Michel.”

Jules' soft voice trembled with nerves and Mitsuki quickly took a step back from Michel, the red of her cheeks igniting at being discovered staring so intently at Michel whom Jules loved, and having such inappropriate thoughts when it wasn't as if she could touch anyone anyway. Mitsuki tugged at the soft material of her fingerless gloves.

"Jules!" Mitsuki called cheerfully, spinning around to drench her jewel in the brightest smile known to man. Jules had been nothing but kind to her, the only to like her not because she was useful or because they were frightened, but genuinely like her for her. She deserved better and she had to wonder, as she was certain most wondered, how on earth she'd managed to lure an Angel into her oil slick.

Stop it, Tsuki, she chastised. You're the epitome of perfection.

"I'm so sorry you were chosen for Search and Conquer," Mitsuki said with a frown. "I was certain threatening to castrate the wererabbit to leave your name out of it would work." Her brows furrowed as she contemplated what she'd done wrong. Was the threat inappropriate? Should she have taken his basket of bunny children hostage?

"I'll protect you, Jewel." Mitsuki looked into her friend's large eyes. She knew many thought her to be naive and even childish but she knew Jules was wiser and saw more than anyone in this school could hope to. Jules saw the billions facets of compressed carbon and knew it to be a chunk of coal struggling to be a diamond.

Mitsuki rubbed the back of her neck and brushed invisible lint from her uniform to keep her hands busy and away from Jules. She smiled and glanced between Michel and Jules.

"Hey, Robutt, why don't you... Prepare for Search and Conquer and go together? With Jules. Jules and Michel. Michel and Jules," her voice trailed towards the end. "Mijules. Juchel. Miles." Mitsuki snapped back to the present like a spring pulled taut only to be suddenly released.

"Anyway! I have uh- Committee stuff! Working. With the newbies. Showing them around, you know? Threatening them. Retrieving my cookie dough pop tarts." Stop talking! "I'll just be going now," she said, spinning on her heel and skittering away, one inch at a time. She was almost incredibly strange - more so than usual even - when she was around Michel and Jules simultaneously. "Assignment! New person. Helping out uh... These guys!"

She grabbed the arms of the two nearest students, and lucky for them their uniforms and her gloves rested between their skin. Otherwise, they might've died or turned into a big, vertical expanse of grey. She glanced at them, one clutching a pile of Harry Potter books and the other a salt and pepper shaker. She glanced at Michel and Jules, the thoughts in her mind bouncing against her skull like nails and razorblades in a container of jelly. She had to stop being so weird! Names. She needed their names.

"Ah, ah, ah..." She pulled her lower lip between her lip and glanced between the two of her hostages. "Uh... This is Hokie Saint," she said quickly, lifting up the hand of Harry Potter. Had his name been Hokie Saint or Juliet Sand? Ugh, close enough, she grunted. "And this is, this is..." She glared at the familiar face and then, as if she'd been shot with a litre of tranquillisers, she felt her legs turn to rivers.

"Still not giving me your name?"



"Azeal. Azeal Ji Rowens."

"Azeal. Azeal Ji Rowens." Mitsuki shook her head. Of course. As student body president, she knew the names, Alices, histories, personalities, clothing sizes, average bathing times and preferred foods of everyone. Really, she was just a stalker, but she liked to think she was just taking initiative and being responsible. Who knew when a person's style of handwriting would come in handy?

"Anyway!" she said merrily, forcefully tugging the two boys closer to her body. She tucked her arms over their elbows and laughed very loudly. "Have a great night- I mean, time together, Robutt. My Jewel." She spun around and dragged her two excuses with her.

"Don't say a word," she said, her words clipped and cold the moment she turned her back on Michel and Jules. "Now smile and laugh like you're having fun," she commanded, nudging them to look happy with a painful stab of their pressure points with her thumbs. "Oh, Hokie, you're hilarious!"

She shoved them into the gardens outside of the assembly hall, the shutting of the double doors behind them reverberating through the walls as the onslaught of sunlight momentarily blinded them. Mitsuki crossed her arms and frowned at the two. Mmm, they'd looked more impressive from afar. She raised a brow and let her gaze travel over every inch of their bodies, noting the occasional freckle on their skin and crinkle of their shirts.

She met their eyes, and smiled.

"I don't believe we've been formally introduced," she said after introducing herself quite loudly on stage but a few minutes ago. Mitsuki curtsied, lowering her petite frame for a moment before smiling serenely. "Mitsuki Hisakawa at your service." She winked as she straightened her body. "I'll be your guide for today. How may I be of assistance? What would you first like to do? Perhaps you'd like to visit my torture chamber?" she laughed.


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Michel De Angelo Robutton

“Michel, Do you-” His eyes examined Mitsuki as she began to ask him something; the original idea of coming over here was not only to give a friendly hi or give her the cookie-dough candies, but to also speak about the game. He’d figured since he wasn’t going to win anyways, and this year he had more friends in the competition, he’d simply offer his flag to Mitsuki- since the chances she would win where somewhat higher than most of the students participating this year; not that he was interested in winning.

“Umm.. H-H-Hi Michel.” A cute little bell rang in and Michel turned his head towards Jules. She was a very short- very, very short girl whose short, light brown hair and eyes always seem to make Michel want to look down at her; while the reasoning for him looking down at Mitsuki is similar yet a bit different.
Michel smiled his usual, devious grin, exposing his deep dimples as he raised a hand to Jules; though, his smile only grown bigger as Mitsuki floated over to her little Jules and greeted her. The two had such a strong bond, and often of the time, Michel labeled the two as the ‘tiny-duo’. He watched in a daze as the two spoke, and in all honesty, wasn’t doing much of listening.

His attention was, however, snapped with the hole, -Mijules. Juchel. Miles.- thing. He raised an eyebrow at that notion, wondering where the conversation had taken while he was latent.
"Anyway! I have uh- Committee stuff! Working. With the newbies. Showing them around, you know? Threatening them. Retrieving my cookie dough pop tarts.
"I'll just be going now, assignment! New person. Helping out uh... These guys!"

Mitsuki always ended up getting a little weird around him and Jules; which was odd to him. Well, at that note, Michel turned from her and towards Jules. It didn’t take long for Mitsuki to grab his attention, though, once again with her next few comments; he stared at her with a blunt look and a smile playing on his lips as he watched her awkwardly try to do her job.
"Have a great night- I mean, time together, Robutt. My Jewel."
Once again, Mitsuki made him raise his eyebrows in slight confusion and smile wide; she was humorous- that girl.

With that, Michel turned to Jules once more, hearing Mitsuki in the distance saying how some kid was funny. Michel smiled down at Jules a bit wider before he made a throaty, “Ah,” Once again, he patted himself down, looking for a certain item that may have gotten lost; as if he just remembered he had done that a few minutes ago, he looked down at Jules and smiled once more. “I had cookie-dough candies I was going to give Mitsuki.” He stated. “But I’ve lost them. Would you like me to make you something since I’ll have to make her more?”

If Jules wanted him to make some, it wouldn’t be much of a burden; he enjoyed cooking- especially meat. Though, that would have to wait for dinner; tonight, he was making a whole turkey. The poor soul was already locked up in the kitchen, gobbling for forgiveness.

"Oh, by the way," Michel started. "How do we prepare for a search?" It was a question that had made it through his 'not-listening' barrier. He pondered on the topic for a while before looking back down at her. "Should we play hide-n-go seek?"


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Hiroki felt more fatigued than he did when he woke up, he was ready for the day to end, all the student's had exited the assembly, it was just him and Kitty now. Kitty, Noticing the tired look on Hiroki's face, offered to help him beat the game "Aniki! i can help you win the game!" she said with a smile on her face "Noo kittyyy..." he said with a hoarse voice, the thought of the game alone was enough to drain his energy. "Didn't you hear...we can't use our Alice.." "B-but! they can't see me!" said kitty flailing her arms. "Trust me..they'll catch us and if they do it won't be pre-" he was interupted by a skinny black haired boy. "Excuse me." Hiroki turned his head to his right.

he said looking up at the boy, for he was still in his seat. He thought he was the only one in the assembly, he didn't notice him. "Um, when you're done reading those, would you mind if I could read them too. Uh, you don't have to if you don't want to. I mean. I just like reading is all." Hiroki looked down at the series in his lap, then looked up at the boy. "You can have them." he raised them up to the red eyed boy, he reached for them taking them from Hiroki. Hiroki then got up out of his chair, put his hands in his over-sized pockets and walked away towards the exit of the assembly. Kitty clung onto his arm and walked beside him. Hiroki started towards the hall.

"Now what...when does this games start.." Said Hiroki, eager for to get it done and over with. Kitty tugged at Hiroki's arm lifting herself up and down, which caused Hiroki to anchor evreytime she jumped. "Gah! stop it!..Kitty!!" he said through his teeth, trying to shove her away. “I made you cookie-dough candies.” Hiroki paused, and looked ahead of him. It was Mitsuki, and some blonde haired guy. And another student appeared, she was small and had brown hair. Hiroki was going in that direction, he was planning on waiting outisde for an announcement on when the game was to start or something, and plus he was feeling a little drafty so some sun would do him some good.

He lowered his head, causing his bangs to veil his eyes as he passed by the three student's, kitty began tugging at Hiroki's arm again and swung from his arm causing Hiroki to loose his balance and skid across the floor, he collided against Mitsuki, landing right ontop of her. "Fu-...fuck." he said under his breath. "I-i-i-i-i...IMSORRY ANIKI!" yelled Kitty, she then dissapeared....

Hiroki met Mitsuki's eyes for a breif moment, he then flinched and jumped up off of her, he didn't even apologize, he just got up, shoved his hands in his pockets and ran a little. His eye's were wide in shock, he wasn't quite sure what the hell just happend. He slumped against a wall and blankly stared at the floor. "Aniki?...Aniki!" said an echoey voice "Aaanikii!" evreything caved in "Huh?...." Hiroki blinked a few times. He sighed a sigh of realief. "only...it was only..a vision!..hah.." his breathing was a bit heavy, he was trembling a bit. Kitty grabbed Hirokis arm, Hiroki grabbed kittys hand and moved it off him. "What did i say about touching..." . "Bully Aniki!!" she pouted and darted off in front of him, Hiroki calmed down a bit. He was reminded that Mitusuki and the other two student's were still there, he lowered his head so they woudn't talk to him or notice him. "i should have better control of Kitty..." Hiroki thought to
himself,making a mental note.


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Surprisingly, it wasn’t Michel that turned around first at her voice but Mitsuki, beaming her usual cocky smile. Most people wondered why someone as liked and nice as Jules would hang out with the bitchy student body president. When asked about it, she’d simply reply, “Never judge a book by its cover. She’s actually really nice.” Of course, no one believed her but herself.

"I'm so sorry you were chosen for Search and Conquer," Mitsuki said with a frown. Jules waved her hand in dismissal, a worried smile on her face. "I was certain threatening to castrate the wererabbit to leave your name out of it would work.” The brown haired girl gasped, her worry turning into concern. “M-Mitsuki! I told you n-not to do that. I don’t want you getting in trouble.” Her friend just smiled and shrugged her shoulders like she always did when told that. Not listening to her concerns was one of the many things she’d come to expect from her dearest friend.

She clamped her arm down onto Jules’ shoulder, staring deep into her eyes. "I'll protect you, Jewel." A small blush spread across her cheeks. She’d never seen Mitsuki more serious in her short time of knowing her then right now. She let out a sigh of relief. ‘I guess I don’t have to be worried about the game now….still, those rabbits could buy me a lot of books.’

"Hey, Robutt, why don't you... Prepare for Search and Conquer and go together? With Jules. Jules and Michel. Michel and Jules,” Like a fish out of water, Jules gasped, her entire face quickly turning from white to a deep crimson. Mitsuki was always trying to get them alone together but so far, all her plans had failed. This one, with even the slightest margin of success, made her blood run cold with nervousness. She pushed her fingers together silently, not sure how to react to this.

"I'll just be going now," Jules looked up hastily, her eyes pleading her not to go. Of course, Mitsuki would have none of that. Finally, her plans worked and she’s not going back on it now. "Have a great night- I mean, time together, Robutt. My Jewel." Burying her face behind her hands in embarrassment, this was the first time Jules had ever wished someone would not be able to speak.

As Mitsuki walked into the distance, the small girl quivered in nervousness, she was alone with the guy she had a crush on for a whole year, what if she screws up? What if he doesn’t like her? She snuck a peek at him from under her short bangs. His bright blonde hair was perfectly complemented by his eyes, shining a bright golden light even in the dim assembly hall that seemed to look into the deepest recesses of her heart. His smile was as devious and cocky as usual, melting any girl’s heart who beheld its majesty.

Wait a minute, was that smile directed at her? It couldn’t be. She turned her head, looking for the person behind her who had stolen his attention, only to find nothing. Her heart skipped a beat. He was smiling at her, her! Her hands shot to her chest, trying to remember what Mitsuki told her to do in this situation. ‘Alright, don’t be nervous. Be confident! When does ask you out, say yes!’

“I had cookie-dough candies I was going to give Mitsuki.” He stated. “But I’ve lost them. Would you like me to make you something since I’ll have to make her more?” “C-can I help?” She asked quietly, her nervousness overruling her friend’s advice. She could hear Mitsuki now. ‘No, no, no! You can’t be quiet and confident at the same time! Now, let’s try it again…’

Still, she was cooking with Michel Robutton, something she never dreamed of doing. A warm and fuzzy feeling crept up inside her chest as he stared off into his own little world. Was it love? Was this the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Jules could only hope.
"How do we prepare for a search?" He asked suddenly. With all the excitement, she’d forgotten she was a part of the competition. She wondered the same thing. "Should we play hide-n-go seek?" A random thought burst into the young girls head of the two of them, hiding in a closet together. He gently touches her chin, bends down and- “No! No! Not hide and seek!” Clapping her hands over her mouth, she blushed profusely.

“I-I mean, w-we can’t really prepare f-for this.” With a swift motion, she turned her back to him to hide her embarrassment. “T-To the kitchen, r-right?”


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#, as written by Layla

"Welcome to the annual Search and Conquer!" a voice chirped from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously, echoing through the minds of the contestants in the menacing woods. Well, in sunlight, it was actually quite pretty, ignoring the poisonous snakes and mud swamps that probably plagued it. Mitsuki felt her jaw fall a little at the familiar cheer. Coffee boy? she thought incredulously. "I'm James Franklin, our student body president's personal assistant." She snorted at his self-proclaimed title. Please, he was her foot rest and slave and had been since they were six. "My lady, my nights have been dark with worry for you," he moaned and Mitsuki grunted in response. The feeling was not mutual; and weren't nights meant to be dark?

"Seeing as both prez and vice-president Rammis were chosen for this expedition, I'll be your guide for this tournament." Mitsuki shielded her eyes with a hand to look at the afternoon Sun, memorising the shadows the trees around her cast and the position of the star so she would roughly gauge the time. She wished she'd worn a watch but each of the participants had been magically teleported to random parts of the Northern Woods at 12:00pm sharp and seeing as she'd been too busy with almost dying in the school hospital, she hadn't had much of a chance to even get dressed. She shivered in her thin hospital gown and thanked her luck that it at least wasn't one of those that left her entire backside bare. She'd prefer to have a pair of pants on but an ugly off white dress with pale blue polka dots was close enough. Her vacuum packed bag of men's underwear was tucked under her arm, despite her having no recollection of having it. She supposed their 'gifts' simply appeared with them even if it wasn't on their person at the time of the transfer. Luck was working in her favour today. You never knew when you could use a pair of 100% cotton underwear, even if she honestly couldn't fathom a situation that would call for that, and she was pretty damned creative.

"As you can tell, you've all been scattered throughout the Northern Woods and you'll find a green and red flag with the face of Santa Claus wrapped around your wrist. You must keep this on your persons at all times. When your flag is stolen, the face of Santa will become that of your new team leader. Team leaders will have the faces of their victims printed on their flags."

Mitsuki was already moving, searching the woods for prey. Having been sent on countless missions, she moved quickly and silently, her eyes tracking every rattle of a leaf or skitter of an ant. She had no idea how she'd even ended up in the hospital but she remembered gasping as a surge of life like a shock from a defibrillator jolted her awake only for her to succumb to unconsciousness moments after. Her earliest memory besides that jolt was giving Azeal half a dozen Howalons.

She listened intently to James as he recited the rules she'd memorised before and put a halt to her prying altogether when he began reading through the names of participants. She racked her brain trying to remember every small detail about every student. She knew most in person and knew all from reading their personal folios yet perhaps it was whatever had happened before, but she couldn't seem to remember anything all that well. She thought she might've understood most of their Alices but the names were being thrown into a large, boiling pot of mud, and it didn't look as if it was going to be salvaged any time soon. She bit the inside of her cheek. She wasn't one to give up.

"Search and Conquer will end when the sun rises tomorrow and your gifts will disappear. The person who remains unclaimed through the entirety of the tournament will win a thousand rabbits, and the leader with the biggest team will win a pass to the outside. Be warned, there are Alice traps scattered throughout the Woods that will transport you to the nearest competitor should you make contact with it. These are very well hidden and unlikely to be spotted, but here's a tip: watch out for anything and anyone that's out of place."

Like that gigantic rubber duck over there?

A massive rubber duck sat a ways away. When did that get there? She gawked at it, puzzled, and then they made eye contact. Wait, what? Eye contact?!


"What the f-" she cursed just as the rubber contraption slash beast bounced towards her. She screamed and spun around, running as fast as she possibly could as the neon yellow creature leapt distances no bathtub deco should've been able to. Mitsuki was in no way slow, having spent most of her days every day chasing after idiots who broke rules, but the duck was one crazy piece of plastic.

"Prez! Prez, are you okay?!" James asked frantically, his voice deafening from the invisible speakers in their heads. She heard a muffled voice in the distance scolding him for using his telepathic broadcasting Alice inappropriately. She scowled. No one was allowed to yell into his ear and use him as a personal broadcasting station except for her.

I don't know, Franklin. I'm being chased by an oversized bathroom utensil. Do I look okay?

"Uh, by the way," his voice returned. "There're some obstacles to overcome in the Woods."

Mitsuki chanced a glance over her shoulder and found the glint of the rubber duck's dark eye.

No shit.

She screamed and ran harder.

"I'm so glad I'm not any of you right now," James laughed for a while before sobering up. "I love you, Tsuki. Survive and come back to me. My body is yours to use and dispose of."

Mmm, disposing of him did sound quite nice.


Maybe later.

Upon closer and slightly less brief inspection, she realised the duck wasn't a duck after all but a gigantic chic. Hope fluttered in her stomach - or maybe hunger, it was hard to tell - and she wondered if she could eat it.

Her eyes darted around, searching for an escape but finding nothing but trees the duck would only crush. Maybe she could dig a hole and bury herself, and maybe the medicine they gave her was making her stupid, crazy, or both. She glanced at the rings on her fingers as she ran and touched her ears, her Alice limiting devices had been replaced. Could she take out a duck giant made of rubber? Did her Alice even work on rubber?

You're not freaking electricity, Tsuki.

For one reason or another, she hesitated to stop and stand in front of the duck with her arms wide open for a hug. Maybe it was the highly plausible chance of death by flattening or her mistrust of self-guided, supposedly small baby chickens, but she wasn't quite ready to die.

But she stopped, spun around, and held out her arms.


The bundle of yellow fuzz grasped her hands and spun her around, tears glistening in the corners of its eyes. It pranced through the garden of trees, although from this vantage point, they looked more like pieces of broccoli. The humongous chic clutched Mitsuki to its neon chest and twirled, emitting sounds of joy or calling for more crack, there was little differentiation.


Well, stranger things have happened.