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Naoya Watanabe

"One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a funeral..."

0 · 769 views · located in Alice Academy

a character in “Alice Academy!”, as played by coricidinForte


"Bad things happen to wizards who meddle with time."

5'10" / 177cm



"The Draugar, The Ghoul, these are the names I've heard them call me since I was a child. He must have maggots in his brain, The Ghoul, he lives in his grave, The Draugar. Fine, these names that mean repulsive, malevolent dead, I'll take them. A Draugar seeks to torment those who had wronged them in life, and a Ghoul eats human flesh, I guess I'll become a wendigo then. Hah, I wonder how long it will take for them to call me that as well.....fuckers."

"Are you actually asking me this question? Didn't I tell you that people relate me to species of the Goddamn living dead? Are you high right now? Whatever, it's not like I have time for that sort of thing, or interest. Call me an Aromantic Asexual, you pretentious dickweed."

"Seventeen years, thirty five days, six hours.....It feels like a long time, and no time at all. Three hundred and thirty more days, well, I wonder what my heart will be like by then."

"I'm a domesticated bird, born in this bird cage. It's my prison and my reality. I have never traveled beyond these walls...I wonder what it is like, but the outside world, screw it, I don't need it."



“When I see myself I do not see a person, I see flesh and bones, and a wasting, decaying picture of incapacitation.”

The nicknames branded on Naoya’s existence aren’t without logic, when people see the boy they see death personified walking amongst humans. No, he seemed to levitate, floating through their realm and invading the spaces; he is the monster that sleeps underneath their beds, the eyes that watches their backs when they believe themselves to be alone. He is a boy born on the cusp of space and time, living in a body of atoms that have seen the birth of creation and the bitter destruction of it all, wrapping around the universe and concentrating into a single form the screams anomaly. In fact, throughout his entire life his mere existence brought tremors to the universe, his respiration making it writhe until the forces of nature became rancorous towards him, so in retaliation the fallout of supernovas became weaved into the xanthochroid.

He was given anemic skin, a near translucent flesh that is achromatic aside from the winding labyrinth of ethereal blue veins and patches of rose dyed flushes that have perpetually become the shading under fragile cheek bones, as if the blood vessels are inflicted with a permanent state of internal bleeding and healing. The threads of thin filamentous biomaterial that fall past his ears and frame a wan visage are void of pigment, white and crystalline. There were days in the past where Naoya allowed his hair to fall across his forehead in long fridge to veil the form of a disgusting, grotesque devil, as if the snow colored strands would be competent in convincing classmates to stop comparing him to monsters fit for Grimm fairy tales, and in present day he maintains it, keeping it in a certain organized chaos, highlighting the eyes of archaic demons.

Nystagmus assures that the orbs of lukewarm pink will never cease moving. His irises consistently move in irrepressible twitching motions, dancing eyes that hinder his vision, and further convince people to maintain their distance if they wish to keep their soul from being absorbed by the meres of diluted blood. Unsettling is the word connoted to his wavering gaze, and many may attempt to convince others that those eyes involuntarily jerk because he walks a thin line between life and death, the past and the future, never keeping his entire being inside the plane of present life, always venturing into a hazy unknown that only he can see, and understand.

However Albinism isn’t enough to constitute he become an outcast on pallid feature alone. Illness is the force that brings his body to deterioration, but he isn’t affected by disease, his body crumbles away from pressurization and high temperature, it is his Alice that slowly kills him. A limited Alice is the apple of desire, power in its greatest form at the price of one’s own life, and Naoya indulges in temptation, he always has, playing with clocks to distort the universe and sacrificing himself to pay collected debts. He suffers from obsession and withers away quickly as an unashamed piece of art, displayed for the world to see.

The boy is ghastly, the shape of his skeleton traceable and protruding as he becomes so underweight that his vision swims more often than not, and on his worst days the biliously gaunt boy needs a wheelchair for he can’t manage to stand at all. Place a hand upon his chest and you’ll feet a heartbeat slow and erratic. Touch the surface of his form and you’ll find no heat, only the chill of one so close to death. The numbered days take residence in the puffy shadows around his eyes, the brittle fingernails and shaking limbs, night sweats and dry skin. He covers his freezing body in layers of clothes, unironed, sometimes hardly clean at all, thankful that he is not a girl so he does not have to display spindly, reedy legs.
So perhaps you cannot blame the other residents of Alice Academy for whispering of him instead of approaching him, we cannot expect humans to be amiable to those that show us the inevitability of death, especially when we prefer them to be bound to sterile hospital rooms, opposed to allowing them to roam through our pristine corridors. Maybe it doesn't matter, after all, for Naoya to live beyond eighteen, well, it’d be a miracle.


“It's twenty past two in the morning and I'm thinking; I bet they consider themselves lucky...”


Clocksmith Alice


Alice form

Star ranking


● Telling time. It's been suggested that Naoya might always know exactly what time it is because of his Alice, however he insists that his Alice only comes into play when he's making or repairing a clock. Needless to say, it's kind of ironic that the one person who never needs a clock to tell the time is born with an ability that revolves around it.

● Manipulating people. Now, Naoya isn't a master at manipulation and he doesn't bother with the general population, the only people he manipulates are those that he's close to, also known as, his friends. He's not a sociopath but rather distorted and insecure, so he will purposely do nice things to insure that people stay with him, or will belittle them in often subtle ways to remind them that they need him in their lives.

● When it comes to languages, Naoya is only completely fluent in his native tongue, Japanese. This however, is because people can no longer speak the dead language, Sumerian, which he is a near-fluent reader of. He often uses Sumerian with his clockmaking and claims that it somehow amplifies the effect of his Alice. Whether this is true or not is up for debate.

● Artisan Talent. Opposed to popular belief, his Alice doesn't include magic creativity and hands that automatically know how to build and fix clocks. The talent for crafting beautiful clocks, be it out of precious metals, woods or glasses, have been acquired through several years of learning and practicing, and now he creates clocks that are not just highly desired for their abilities, but because of their beauty.


Clocksmith Alice

“It's my obsession, and I don't need anything else. Not family, not lovers, not friends, they should be meaningless to me.”

Naoya's Alice gives him the ability to add special, often supernatural, features to the clocks he creates and repairs. The various effects are often unexplainable to the untrained mind and seem to bend reality. It is true though, these clocks are the bane of the universe in which they are made to meddle with the fundamentals of physics and the concepts known as space and time, time and space, and all that good, or bad, wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

They may include pocket universes and separate dimensions, fit into the catacombs between gears or their hands may possess the ability to bring a person forward or backwards in time, perhaps the ticking is the captured whispers an ex-lover once spoke into your hair or maybe they teleport you to the location of your most important meetings. It's also possible that they're just completely silly and nonsensical, with certain clocks possessing teeth to bite anyone that attempts to open it beside you, or alarms that dance around your room to get you to actually wake up in the morning or clocks that fart glitter every hour.

The types of clocks Naoya creates is vast and unlimited, his Alice allows him to spite God and therefore makes his ability controversial and often perceived to be unorthodox. Additionally as a technical type he has great control over his Alice and this allows him to decide exactly what features will be applied to the clocks, but it also means he must be creative as no special surprises will occur through just thoughtless building a watch. It's nature isn't inherently dangerous nor is it innocent, and it certainly isn't unlimited. As a result of his Alice being the limited type he can use it as much as he wants to whatever power degree he desires, so theoretically he could create several pocketwatches that can bend time and allow users to travel back and forth at will, without stopping. However, since his Alice directly affects his health and life span, damaging and shortening it, doing so would certainly kill him fairly quickly.

That being said, despite his Alice destroying him, Naoya is obsessed with his Alice. He thinks this to be his one redeeming factor, the one thing he likes about himself and finds insatiable passion in. It's of unlimited possibilities and ignores the laws of the universe, he wants to see it bent, repaired, meddled with and if the universe collapses in the process then he wouldn't find himself minding. He doesn't have a death wish, but he is too far gone to listen to reason, and he believes that his Alice, which is killing him, is also what can possibly save him. Regardless of advice to avoid using his Alice often, or altogether, he continues to produce clocks for himself dangerously often, typically once a week, and what's more is that his clocks can be commissioned by people within the Academy grounds. Due to the possible features fixed into them, not to mention that making them slowly kills him, they're both highly desired, and incredibly expensive.

Of course he has been forbidden from making his most powerful clocks for himself and his customers. School officials require him to register all his features for review, but certain school officials may occasionally order him to make one, with a generous pay of course. Naoya typically side-eyes this as he tends to ignore the rules and does what he pleases with his Alice anyways. Most of the clocks he sells aren't very powerful but they still are sought out and considered to be an 'edgy' thing to have among students regardless of the type of clock they are get. This is because of his label as an 'untouchable' among the student body so it's marked as gutsy to seek him out and commission a clock from him, and since people enjoy showing their bravery off his pocket and wrist watches are the most commonly produced items of all. To order a clock requires communication to discuss what kind of feature is desired, what kind of model and details are preferred and what materials the customer wishes to be put into the clock. Moreover, he can repair clocks and add minor effects to them, but they typically don't last long. At his small, cramped workshop in Central Town are pamphlets describing the basics, but special materials and designs are another matter, and that means that him and the customer will be spending some time together...whether they like it or not.

Available Materials
Plastic, Rubber, Woods, Quartz, Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, Ceramic (titanium carbide),Faux Leather, Resin, Steel, Bronze, Titanium, Silver, White Gold, Rose Gold, Gold, Platinum.

Available Gemstones
Amber, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Cordierite, Crystal, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Diopside, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Pearl, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, Tourquoise, Banded Sardonyx, Rhodocrosite, Morganite, Adventurine, Malachite, Labrodite, Jade, Topaz, Tourmaline, Zircon.


Light Feature, in which at the press of a button lights will come from the watch and cover the room in a particular patterns which may include; various maps including astral and marine, blue prints, various text such as instructions or stories, clocks and various meters. This makes the model, often put into chronometers, more popular among studious students and those with technical type Alices. The lights may also move so clocks tick in real time and maps remain viable, it is also a permanent feature. It ranks on the power scale a 2 out of 10.

Bitey Feature, a feature exclusive to pocket watches. It completes the pocket watch with a row of teeth so that it will bite anyone that tries to open it, other than the owner. It's thought to prevent theft but really, Naoya just thinks it's funny, and it is another permanent feature. It ranks on the power scale a 2 out of 10.

Time Pause Feature, which allows the user of the clock/watch to pause time for up to one minute. During the time pause the user remains paralyzed aside from the hand controlling the clock, but they may only resume time. This simply allows the user more time to think, and proves to be useful during tests, dates, conversations, lying, observing rooms and so on. A plus side to this feature is that the user ceases aging when time is stopped as well, so the side effect of multiple uses is typically only dependence. Additionally, it can only be used once every twenty four hours and can only be used ten times before the clock returns to being a normal object. It ranks on the power scale a 5 out of 10.

Sound Echo Feature is a rather intimate feature which requires quite a lot of detail to make along with a physical supplement. Instead of ticking the clock or watch will make noises of the past, be it a voice or the ocean waves one heard during their childhood, and to achieve this memory it requires a drop of blood from the customer. The noise from the clock or watch can be turned on and off, and it also never runs out. It's significantly popular with the heartbroken and lovers alike. It ranks on the power scale a 4 out of 10.

Wake-Up! Alarm Clock Feature is a feature exclusive to alarm clocks. When the alarm clock goes off it also becomes animated and will run around the owners room until someone catches and shuts it off. These alarm clocks have been known to run around campus due to the more stubborn students that own them, they're also noted to be extremely annoying and make terrible noises including but not limited to; whaling, screeching, the recital of the Mexican National Anthem and a distorted version of the DiGiMon Theme Song. It ranks on the power scale a 3 out of 10.

Banshee Alarm Feature despite the name, this is not a feature exclusive to alarm clocks. Like the name however, the clock is scheduled to scream once your death is within the range of 24 hours. It is deadly accurate, but it also allows the user a chance to attempt to change their fate, that being said, them knowing about their death is often what gets them killed anyways. It ranks on the power scale a 6 out of 10.

Pocket Universe Feature describes the type of clock or watch that contains a small dimension connected to it. This allows the user to access the pocket universe to store objects no bigger than your average bedside table, and is perfect for traveling. It ranks on the power scale a 7 out of 10.

Glitter Time Feature is the cheapest feature available and is easily put into repaired clocks. Simply enough, at whatever time the user sets it to, the clock or watch will basically, well, fart glitter at that time or interval. It's commonly seen as a disruptive, joke feature than anything else, but drama students seem to like it. It ranks on the power scale a 1 out of 10.

Insight Feature is what allows the user to see into the future for up to an hour. All one has to do is activate the clock or watch and peer into its face, which will become a screen to their future, but they must stay and watch for one hour if they want to see the entire hour. This feature can only be used three times before the object returns to normal and may prove to be more of a waste of money than anything, but it is 100% accurate, unless you meddle, you dirty meddlers. It ranks on the power scale a 7 out of 10.

Cuckoo Guard Dog Feature is a feature exclusive to cuckoo clocks as it acts as a security feature for ones room or home. When someone breaks in that doesn't supply the Cuckoo clock with its user specified chant then the animal inside of the clock with spring out, expand, become animated and attack the intruder while the clock rings loudly. It has a high satisfaction rate but is also noted to be a bit ruthless and cruel, but hey, they're the ones breaking into your house..unless that was you walking in drunk, then shame on you. It ranks on the power scale a 5 out of 10.

Cuckoo Clean Up Feature is another feature exclusive to cuckoo clocks and is similar to the previous feature, but instead at every hour the animal inside expands, animates, and cleans the area before returning, guaranteeing you a clean space. It does however have a tendency to misplace your objects. It ranks on the power scale a 4 out of 10.

Energy Conversion Feature, this is a relativity common feature as it is simple and usually harmless. Simply put the clock or watch absorbs sunlight and later converts it to electricity for various appliances, with the clock not being a clock at all but a measure of how much energy is available. It's praised for being environmentally friendly...except that it requires metals to make. It ranks on the power scale a 1 out of 10.

Scheduled Teleportation Feature is perfect for everyone who is always late, but its bad for those that end up popping into the meeting room at exactly 3 o'clock without a shirt. The user sets a specific time and when that time hits the clock teleports the user, or whoever is holding it, to the area connected to it. Each clock or watch can only be connected to one location and they can only be used five times before returning to normal objects. It ranks on the power scale a 6 out of 10.

Green light, Yellow Light! Feature is your go to appliance for speeding or slowing down time. The affect is universal and lasts for one minute, with only the user being able to perceive that time is moving slower or faster, and the maximum time effected if five minutes. This is handy for lectures you want to miss or if you want to treasure every second you get to creepily stare at your crush! It ranks on the power scale a 6 out of 10 and can only be used five times.

Accelerate, Decelerate! Feature is the sister feature to Green Light, Yellow Light, but locks onto a specific object, making the time around it move slower or faster instantly. Have a bad fall? Slow it down and save yourself! Want your baseball throw to reach 100mph? Speed it up and become popular! It has ten uses and ranks on the power scale a 5 out of 10.

Object Age Manipulation Feature is a targetable feature that shifts the age of a specific object, making it younger or older. That old teddy bear from your childhood? It can be good as new! That dresser you just bought? You can make it an antique! That safe you're trying to break into? Make it older than dust! Oh...wait a second......Anyways, it can only be used five times before returning to a normal object and it ranks on the power scale a 7 out of 10.

Re-Do Feature is the feature that allows its user to go to any date up to one year in the past and re-do their life in an alternate timeline, erasing themselves from their previous timeline and replacing themselves from the one they invade. This allows the user to live in a new universe but keep their memories, allowing them to fix any wrongs, but they may not return to the timeline they left. It ranks on the power scale an 8 out of 10 meaning it isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials but Naoya may make exceptions and bend the rules...

Fast-Life Feature is the feature that allows its user to go to any date up to one year in the future and live the remainder of their life in an alternate timeline, erasing themselves from their previous timeline and replacing themselves from the one they invade. This allows the user to live in a new universe but keep their memories, allowing them to avoid any specific events, but they may not return to the timeline they left. It ranks on the power scale an 8 out of 10 meaning it isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials but Naoya may make exceptions and bend the rules...

To the Past! Feature isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials due to it ranking on the power scale a 9 out of 10. It is the feature that allows its user to go to any date in the past completely in their own timeline. This allows the user to live in their own universe, keep their memories, and allows them to fix any wrongs or live, or escape to, any time in the past.

Fast-Life Feature isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials due to it ranking on the power scale a 9 out of 10. It is the feature that allows its user to go to any date in the future entirely and live the remainder of their life in their own timeline. This allows the user to live in the same universe and keep their memories, allowing them to avoid any specific events or live, or escape, to any time in the future.

Chronolock Hotel Feature is a feature that upon activation places the user in an ornate room outside of time and space. This allows the user and any that were attached to them upon activation to relocate to this space and makes them immune to the effects of time, space and their reality. If time were to change, all in the chronolock would remember the previous reality and would remain unharmed. It also means people inside the chronolock do not age or are affected by human needs such as hunger, sleep, thirst and so on. The largest danger to the feature is that staying inside the lock too long may make it difficult to leave or harm the user mentally. It ranks on the power scale an 9 out of 10 and therefore isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials but Naoya may make exceptions and bend the rules...

Timeline Escape Feature isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials due to it ranking on the power scale a 9 out of 10. This can only be used once, and allows the user to jump from one timeline to another timeline, also known as an alternate universe. This creates an anomaly as two of the same person will exist in the same universe and causes and imbalance, and because it can only be used once, the user will not be able to return to their original timeline.

Time Travel Feature isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials due to it ranking on the power scale a 10 out of 10. This allows the user to travel throughout time at will without limitations, permitting them to jump into the past, present and future as they please.

Timeline Jump Feature isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials due to it ranking on the power scale a 10 out of 10. This not only allows the user to switch timelines but allows them to jump between them at will with unlimited uses, making it dangerous and possibly universe shattering.

Complete Chrono Control Feature isn't a feature available to the public as directed by Academy officials due it it not ranking on the power scale. This feature has only been made once in a grandfather clock one year ago and is the reason for Naoya's extreme decline in health. Complete Chrono Control allows the user to manipulate time through the clock as the please, with consequences for the actions, but otherwise no limitations. It covers all aspects of time from parachronal cognition to temporal eraser and is considered a dangerous object that borders on Godly powers. The location of the grandfather clock remains unknown aside from those that have taken it, so it's suspected to be somewhere in the Academy, and is an object he desperately seeks out as creating another will most likely kill him before he's finished.

Common Models


Pocket Watches


Alarm Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks

Mantel Clocks

Lantern Clocks

Longcase Clocks



“Adieu, motherfuckers.”

The words from his classmates speak of an isolated boy with a tongue made out of acid. They paint macabre pictures with their rumors; a monster without a heart, this aloof manifestation that lives only among ticking clocks, and to the rest of the world he is dead, and an apathetic visage that narrows in irritation. Naoya, he’s acts separate from this world, the shattering boy with a one track mind, the child of time that had no minutes to spare. He has no reason to trust his peers, the people who antagonized and alienated him; they were the ones to drive him to create walls of iron around his soul. Humans, they became empty in his perception, and as a result, well, what they say about Naoya Watanabe tends to be true.

He is, without a doubt, an asshole. Not the sort of asshole that gets plastered and yells at the top of his lungs or the asshole that leads you on just to get to your sister either, he’s the kind of person to scorn others with blunt words and contracted pupils. It’s true that he is a reserved, quiet person, because not unlike a ghost he haunts the halls with silence, trapped in his thoughts and indifferent to the lives around him. Yet his personality is not of a mute, because Naoya is blunt, sarcastic, and doesn’t care about your precious, fragile feelings. If someone irritates him it’s rare for him to maintain his vigil, as there’s always a tart insult lingering on the tip of his tongue, ready to stab another with a biting remark if they so much as make a harmless comment about his hair. He can be angry with frost laced within his words, and he can be the steam of hot coals, cruel and callous, and to protect himself.

If you somehow got it into your head that he is a delicate rose that cuts people with thorns out of cynicism and insecurity, then admittedly, your presumption is nearly correct. However Naoya is more like a rose that has been cut and left to dry in the sun, with the petrified flower put into an IV bag of water and saccharine sugar while those thorns grow inches long. The enmity he directs at himself creates apertures in his psyche, it distorts him and turns suspicion into paranoia, doubt into delusion. He’s instable and afraid, unable to trust other people for they are cruel and shallow. Any confidence he has is paper thin, he has made castles and motes to protect himself from not only daggers of mistreatment, but from the good in the world as well, because more so than the bad anything sweet and wonderful turns into a festering wound once it is gone. Anything positive is to be looked at warily, and he often prefers to avoid it, those compassionate words and friendly gestures, because if he is not cautious they will leave him with a bleeding heart.

Possessive, obsessive, clingy and controlling, Naoya is all of these things towards the people closest to him. The boy isn’t entirely made up of hate and spiteful words, insults and curses. He may speak his mind and have harsh, critical opinions but these reactions are partially born from looking in the mirror and seeing a dying child of sin, repulsive and shameful. The only thing he likes about himself is his Alice and at times, his knowledge and creativity, that talent for making clocks, but even he acknowledges that he is a terrible person deserving contempt. Still, he is human, and those that he considers close to him, precious friends, they are his, and aren’t to belong to anyone else. His mindset is skewed, distorted and unbalanced, and he manipulates these people to keep them loyal to him through treats and sly words, not out of malevolence but because it is frightening to think that they would leave, and easily he becomes appallingly jealous, envious and greedy.

However, he isn’t all bad. This child, he is introverted and often seized by his obsession over his Alice. He may be insecure and afraid, not just of trusting people but of dying as well, and he may be cruel and creepy, the walking dead that they all whisper about. He is dependent on others, this weak boy named Naoya, and he may be resentful of his decomposing body and of events in the past, but even with his mislead mind there remains some acts of clarity, some perceptions clear, and moments of kindness. Those that see any compassion from him are lucky, and also, unlucky, for they’ll see him at his weakest, and they’ll witness the guilt that devours him whole, but they’ll be able to hear his honesty, the adoration that is certain and real. They’ll know what it’s like to be so valuable to someone, this dying someone that becomes fervent, and manic, when that bond is threatened, but perhaps that is less of a gift, and more of a curse.


“Shut up, move over, and let me sleep next to you.”


● Naoya requires constant medical attention. He takes a variety of pills on the daily and receives injections weekly, along with routine checkups and other medical procedures to preserve his life.

● Prone to become vexed he is an individual that swears quite a bit, and as his frustration builds, the more ridiculous his insults and swears become.

● Due to a lack of body heat, when it comes to people he trusts enough, Naoya enjoys clinging to them and leeching off of their high temperatures and since he despises sleeping alone so much, it's fairly common for him to break into the rooms of people he considers friends of sorts and sleeping with them in their bed regardless of their gender or sex.

● When he decides to sleep, although he often falls asleep not from his own accord, he'll usually listen to a tape that contains a single song, enchanted by an Alice that induces listeners to fall asleep. This tape is from his mother, and is his mother's voice, and for some reason it's precious object of his...and not became it gives him a chance to decide when he becomes unconscious.

● Speaking of clingy tendencies, he's not a person who's known for having friends, but he's incredibly possessive over the ones he has and is prone to jealousy and other...bizarre actions, such as pestering, accusations, and sometimes some minor stalking. He has an inclination to be the dominate force and is more likely to be controlling than anything else.

● Never uses chopsticks ever. As far as he's concerned chopsticks were made solely to spite him.

● As a consequence of his hospital fees, even as a special star student Naoya isn't as wealthy as he'd like to be, and yet he still spends money on the limited amount of friends he has, usually treating them to meals and giving them material possessions. This sounds nice's just another way to insure that people remain as his.

● All of his text messages include some sort of emoticon. They're usually antagonizing one way or another. ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ

● Clocks, Watches & Chronometers ●
● Clockmaking & Watchmaking ●
● Horology ●
● His Alice ●
● Hot Food ●
● Fantasy Stories ●
● Mathematics ●
● Having People Indebted To Him ●
● Jellyfish & Jellyfish Themed Objects ●
● Money ●
● Being Taken Care Of ●
● Tea ●
● Profanity ●
● Sumerology ●
● Solitude ●
● Bothering People, Making Them Unsettled ●

● Arrogant Philosophers ●
● Wheelchairs ●
● Hospitals ●
● Needles, IVs, etc ●
● Sterile, Chemically Clean Smells ●
● Lectures ●
● The Sun ●
● Sugary Food ●
● Classes & School & The Academy in General ●
● People ●
● His Appearance ●
● Dying ●
● Ignorance ●
● Comments About His Appearance ●
● Crowded Areas ●
● Winter ●



“I don't know what warmth feels like, but I know the heat of loathing, and the fires of a wrathful grudge.”

So it began on a day where the windows were clouded with steam and the ground was clothed in blankets of virginal white snow, coating the world in purity and the whispers of lighthearted joy. People may find it fitting, or ironic, for the albino to be born on the apex of winter, but years later he thought that on the day of his first breath he took in all the cold of the world, turning his body pale as hoarfrost clung to the surface of his feeble organs. Tetsuya Hidaka and Hisoka Watanabe, two lovers, two Alices, two high school students not yet ready to raise a baby, and they gave up their son that was cursed with the karma of their immoral conduct. Tetsuya, a latent Alice, a diffuse type, he was a man who could heal with a touch and went on to help relief foundations around the world. Hisoka, she was a somatic Alice, an intermittent type, who had a voice that could lull people to sleep and recorded tapes for the public to buy.

She was the parent that visited the orphan who was born within the Academy gates, destined to live out his life beyond those bricks and die there too. Until he was three she would visit and sing to the boy with hair that reminded her of the snow, eyes that reminded her of that February. She would sing him off into a land of indistinguishable dreams, an illusionary world of love he would never know. One day her Alice became lost, used up, and it’s unclear if she couldn’t visit her parentless son anymore because of Academy rules, or that she simply stopped bothering with the blank canvas of a child. Within his minds eyes he retains tepid memories of a short haired woman holding him in her arms, her voice filling the room with the sweetest of morbid lullabies, but perhaps that is because he owns a small white tape with a single name written on it in black sharpie ink; Naoya.

For whatever twisted reason he never once held bitter feelings to these distant blurs that were his parents. There was never a rancorous sentence uttered between his lips, not once damning them for abandoning him in this empty, isolated world. The Academy treated him well after all, with people to take care of him, feed him hot food and read to him the most elaborate bedtime stories. The kindest people, those that had melancholy coloring their irises, pity in the bends of their appendages, those were the type of people that raised him, and they are the people he is kindest to in return. It’s possible that he is just grateful to know that someone commiserated him enough to take care of a thin, pathetic infant that appeared as a walking corpse even as a soft child, the child that other children whispered about, teased, treated as if he was diseased and contagious. Yes, he was grateful to receive any kind of love at all when children drove knives into his heart, consequentially making him run and hide to play with his Alice, to the point where the ticking of clocks was his only friend.

The adults called him gifted as a child; they praised him and urged him to make more of those wonderful creations that could bend space and time itself. More than the attention and money though, he became obsessed with his Alice, shunning the other students to work as often as he could, learning how to put gears in the smallest of watchers and carve the most ornate designs into clocks until his products became not only beautiful, but stronger. Naoya’s thirst converted in insatiable desire, the curiosity making him forget water, sleep, and then his fingers began to ache, fevers hit and blood began to drop from his mouth. They were wrong, he wasn’t a diffuse type like his father or an intermittent like his mother, his Alice was the leech of limited, killing its owner with the use of their Alice, or in Naoya’s case, the only thing that made his life feel like it was worth living.

One day he began making his presence known in hospitals, adding pills to his diet and regular checkups to his routine. Those that paid for his products were relieved that he didn’t cease production; they could continue to purchase to satisfy the craving of their selfish hearts. Those object rose in price and demand, because like the rest of him he they are limited, and what’s more, touched by a living ghoul, a cursed boy. In middle school his classmates ceased bullying him, there were no longer days of the strange, anxiety consumed Naoya Watanabe that was ridiculed and locked in closets. The torment from his peers ceased as he understood his mortality and the imminence of his death. The boy with the stutter became the boy with the sharp tongue, still a loner, still distant, but no longer a cowardly fool that stood afraid of his classmates. They resorted to talking behind his back, but he didn’t mind the chatter of imbeciles. He kept himself in his workshop, taking their money in exchange for a piece of his life, just so they could run around campus and show off their courage for approaching a repulsive personification of death.

He grew increasingly apathetic to the world outside of the one he created for himself, his mind becoming distorted as he frequently would seek solace, silence, in a chronolock room. High School wasn’t much different from Middle School, he gained the special star for his ability, his draining life, and how he spent the entirety of it at the Academy. This was a paid penitence, some sort of mercy for the dying, and not a reward for his relatively average grades made from his indifference towards them. He was dying, why bother with tests when he could do something that mattered to him now? Years past by and against the suggestions from the few Naoya didn’t, or rather he couldn’t, stop using his Alice, and although the amount of clocks he made lowered, it was far too late for him to save himself just from discontinuing. So his health became worse, he grew thinner, dangerously thin, until he appeared malnourished in the shall that’s significantly underweight, and his body wasted away, becoming weaker until there were days where he couldn’t so much as stand for himself. Oh how pathetic he is, the sickness on the inside being reflected on the outside, it was as if his albinism was a type of foreshadowing, that he was destined to turn into dust since day one.

Fear became an overwhelming force in his life. He could feel himself dying, and his hands would be possessed by tremors at the thoughts of his brain shutting down, his blood running ice cold when he realized how soon his body would be buried in the Earth’s crust. He didn’t want to die, and he didn’t have to, because this ability, this Alice that granted him to chance to dismantle the rational world as they knew it, it could save him, or so he convinced himself. Over the last break, in between school years, he practically locked himself in his workshop, began obsessively building a grandfather clock with complex, tiny details and designs decorating it. It was a clock of silver, platinum and gold, a clock that had Sumerian carved into the inside of the wood. He hardly left for any other reason besides hospital visits, and he pictured a clock that would give him total control, something to save him, keep him alive. Hell, maybe he’d even become immortal, and just as he wished, he found it, his organ began to fail but oh he took the secrets of the universe and bounded them to a single object of dark wood and silver numerals.

When he was finished Naoya ran his shaking fingers over the carvings of deer, doves and roses. He could feel the sparks of unimaginable power underneath his fingertips, the universe coiling within the quartz inside. He began tinkering with the clock, pulling chains and turning the hands, turning a dial and setting up momentum. What he wished for was restoration, and with his heartbeat becoming slower, the world becoming dimmer, the clock began ticking, and rewound time on his body. The boy sat slumped against the clock, eyelids closing from the heavy weights pulling down on him, his mind turning silent, and his final exhale escaped his lips, and then time for his body moved backwards, not just the damaged organs becoming repaired but his Alice regaining lost strength as well. It’s confusing, time is, perhaps meddling with it is what caused his Alice to be limited in the first place, but he didn’t question it as the recent damage gained from his magnum opus was erased, and then the Academy officials barged in, putting a halt to what would have saved him an indefinite amount of times and knocked him out cold. It took hours for him to wake back up in a familiar white room, body resting on a hospital bed. He almost thought he had hallucinated the event, that his Alice hadn’t helped him at all, that he was finally losing it, but they told him how his condition improved, and later, with wrath raging inside of him, he learned that the clock was taken, stolen, by those that claimed it was too powerful, that an object capable of giving humans immortality was only noxious, and nothing else.

Now, cynical and deteriorating, he continues to wake up in a cold sweats, clutching onto his chest, certain that during his sleep that his heart stopped beating entirely, and he curses those that warranted his execution, because they are the ones that he will never, ever, be able to forgive. Naoya, he doesn’t want to die, and he doesn’t have to, and yet, that’s just what the Academy wants him to do.


So begins...

Naoya Watanabe's Story


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#, as written by Layla

“Welcome to Alice Academy!” a deafening voice exploded through the speakers of the crowded assembly hall. A boy with a spirit-seeing Alice chuckled as the spirits of students and staff alike leapt from their skins at the sudden shattering of their eardrums and the sight of... “I’m Mitsuki Hisakawa, Student Body President and your host for today.”

Students and staff members had been trapped in that assembly hall for the past three hours, listening to introductions of new students, briefings, announcements, rules, subjects, uniforms and speeches. Most notable of the speeches included the junior school principle’s, which droned on for 56 minutes and 22 seconds regarding his pet serpent’s favourite times of the day. Most of the audience had fallen into a deep sleep only to be jarred into wakefulness by bag pipes announcing the arrival of the President of the Student Council.

“Mommy!!!” wailed a small child from the elementary school. He received a glance from the self-proclaimed host on the stage and he very literally seemed to turn grey. His jaw touched the top of his chest and he swayed like a paper bag in a rainstorm as he sat rooted to his seat.

“Listen up, kid,” Mitsuki said slowly, clutching the stage podium. “Your mama’s swimming in a sea of gold right now and you’re probably never going to see her again. Suck it up or I’ll suck you up into a big, black whole of oblivion. Unless you’d rather be my roommate, of course,” she added with a baring of teeth that might’ve been a feral snarl or a grin.

The stage podium turned to ashes.

Mitsuki laughed.

“Haha, these stage props sure are fragile, huh? Wood these days!” The audience laughed nervously.

“Moving on. Welcome back, oldies, and newbies, welcome to the next decade of your life stuck with me if you don’t follow the rules,” she chirped, her wavy snow blue hair bouncing merrily on her shoulders. “Seeing as I’d rather be contemplating the meaning of life under running water, we’ll skip the formalities, alright?” she declared.

“First up’s the annual Search and Conquer tournament!” Dramatic bagpipes drum rolled. There was a mass intake of breath from the older students. “That’s right, kids! It’s the annual 71st Hunger Games!” Mitsuki clapped loudly before returning to standing on her toes to reach the microphone. “No, seriously. Stop acting like I’m sacrificing you to the Fertility God. Woooo, excitement!”

She grunted and snatched the microphone from the stand. They needed shorter microphone stands. “I said excitement.”

A roaring cheer followed the initial splatter of applause.

“For those of you who’ve yet to experience the joy of Search and Conquer, let me explain to you what it is.” She beamed supportively, rolling her weight onto the heels of her booted feet and then to her toes, and back, and forth, and back. Her eyes darted left and right. Man, she needed a sugar hit.

“14 students will be randomly chosen and given individual flags they must keep on their persons. They will be sent to the Northern Woods.” Suddenly, the interior of the assembly hall transformed into that of the menacing outdoors. The crooked fingers of the trees loomed over the audience, threatening to engulf them. Students from the technical abilities class panted as they spun and tapped at the mechanisms maintaining the illusion.

“The” – she grinned – “’volunteers,’ will be scattered throughout the woods during noon and in the woods they will remain until sunrise. The game involves stealing an individual’s flag. Those whose flags you steal will join your empire and you will be their Queen or King.” But who was she kidding, a woman would win this. “Anyone under their command, will also become your slaves. For example, Billy steals Dicky’s flag, Billy becomes Dicky’s king. Lily steals Billy’s flag, and becomes Billy and Dicky’s queen. If Dicky steals Momo’s flag, Lily also becomes Momo’s Queen.

“The person who manages to survive unclaimed until sunrise wins a prize, as does the person with the largest empire. The prize?” Mitsuki’s pale aquamarine eyes darkened with glee. “The former, 1000 rabbits” – there was a collective gasp, that was even more than Special Stars received – “and the latter, a one day ticket outside.”

Silence drenched the student body just as the illusions made by the technical abilities class evaporated, the assembly hall shimmering into focus.

“Now for the rules of the game!” she announced, her aura leaping into a fluff of pink cotton.

“One: once a person has claimed another’s flag, you cannot claim their flag unless you’ve claimed the flags of the people they are ruling. Two: you cannot steal the flag of your own monarch. Three: killing or permanent injury of students – or teachers – is not allowed.” She tossed a glare at Midna Silvera, emphasising each word with venom.

“Fourth: you may not bring items – dangerous or otherwise – outside of what is given to you. Fifth: your flag must be tied around your wrist at all times. Losing your flag will result in removal from the game. Sixth: no communication is allowed with those beyond the Nothern Woods. Seventh: no teleportation or human locating Alices or any other similar Alice may be used.” Mitsuki’s gaze flicked over to the wings of the stage for a brief moment before returning to the student body. “This year, Nero Sceer, the Head of the Dangerous Abilities class will be overseeing the tournament. He may use lethal force and interfere with the events. He may aid the participants or act as an obstacle,” her voice dripped with disdain. “He will reinforce the rules to ensure the game is fair.”

Mitsuki beamed and clapped her hands together, bouncing just as a lanky man – or gigantic rabbit shaped like a man – appeared beside her. He bowed and lifted the tall hat from his head, holding it out before her.

“Now for the volunteers!” She dipped her hand into the hat and pulled out a bundle of lollies. She unwrapped them and stared, reading out the names before popping the candies in her mouth with fervour. “Sylvia Cauthon, Hiroki Seijun, Maya Shinozaki, Midna Silvera, Jules Carter, Kana Nishino, Lorelai Bay, Michel De Angelo Robutton, Feris Lilliand, Alexander Rammis, Azeal Rowens, Shino Terr, Naoya Watanabe and…” She narrowed her eyes at the sweet.

Mitsuki flipped the candy around, rubbing at it as if to ensure it was real.

She tasted the candy.

No, it couldn’t be.

“This is wrong,” she told the towering rabbit man. Her only reply was a disappearing bunny act as her useless assistant vanished in a puff of smoke. She opened her mouth, closed it, turned to the audience, and glared. “And Mitsuki Hisakawa.”

She turned away from the stage for a moment, her softly flowing pigtails twitching as she faced the back of the stage. The Alice limiting rings on her fingers flared, the gems flickering like embers in wood that was about to ignite. She exhaled and spun around, her usual smile already in place.

“Now for your gifts! For Sylvia Cauthon, a bottle of water.” The items would appear midair and fall into their laps. “For Hiroki Seijun, all seven books of the Harry Potter series. Alexander Rammis, a pineapple. Naoya Watanabe, a jelly fish lamp. Maya Shinozaki, inflatable earplugs. Midna Silvera, a detached showerhead. Jules Carter, chicken bones. Lorelai Bay, chinese tea leaves. Kana Nishino, a piece of nylon string. Michel Robutton, tarot cards. Feris Lilliand, a king sized mattress. Azeal Rowens, a bottle of salt and pepper. Shino Terr, a cup shaped like Pokemon. Mitsuki Hisakawa… Men’s underwear... 100% cotton."

“All Search and Conquer participants and Nero Sceer must report to the edge of the Northern Woods at 1147 hours to commence the tournament. Other students and staff may view live footage of the tournament in the dining hall or common room. Students may return to their respective rooms if they so desire,” she mumbled absentmindedly, her gaze drifting already to a realm no one else could see.

“By the way, I was serious about my request of cookie dough pop tarts in your welcoming letters. New students who fail to provide me with sugary goodness…” She paused, tilting her head in thought. “Will die.”


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Lorie jumped when the announcement came overhead and Mitsuki came up to the podium. She hadn't ever met Mitsuki in her years here, but she did know of the girl. They had the blue hair in common, and Lorie had to admire that. As Mitsuki continued speaking, Lorie turned to her best friend Naoya, who had been sitting next to her. "Hey, Naoya, do you think she's serious? About the whole death thing?" Lorie had never known Mitsuki to be anything except dramatic, but you never knew.

Lorie cocked her head at the mention of Search and Conquer. She'd never been particularly athletic, unless it was in swimming, but this game had indeed been a fun one. She smiled at her gift of chinese tea leaves, and grinned but sort of grimaced at the mention of Naoya's jelly fish lamp. "Jellyfish. Nasty creatures."

When Mitsuki finished the announcement, Lorie laughed. "I knew it was a smart decision to put everything in that letter. Hey, so, do you wanna come by my room for a swim before the tournament? Or we can go to yours and I can help you unpack. Your choice!" Lorie beamed at her best friend. Although Naoya was kind of reserved and soft-spoken, Lorie was bouncy and happy enough for the both of them by far.


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When it came to Mitsuki Hisakawa there were three things he was certain about. First, she was a complete nut case. Second, she was probably really soft, like, Charmin Ultra soft. Third, she would have him dead by midnight.

He was significantly more inclined to place his face in his hands and groan the moment she stepped on the stage, but instead he was drawn out of his haze and actually began paying a bit of attention to the assembly. Which he hated, by the way. One may think an individual that has been here their entire lives would be exempt from sitting through a welcoming ceremony, but nope, the Academy existed solely to get under his skin, or so Naoya thought. He pressed his lips together in a thin line as she rambled on about the tournament she was so fond of, though he saw it as further evidence to prove that she was a psychopath. What kind of person actually became jovial over such a twisted event? Mitsuki Hisakawa did.

As if it wasn't bad enough that Lorelai's name was called by their ridiculous student council president, she spoke his name as well, and a lump formed inside of his throat, only after he sighed in a bitter exhale. His fingers curled, turning into fists at his side, and though his eyes were restless, always moving, he brought those trembling irises to look around the forest decorated room, searching for a hidden escape route among the dark shadows. Of course, there were none, he just had terrible luck after finding ways to avoid being dragged into this absurd game for years. This time he wasn't so lucky, and the loathing he held for the pigtailed girl grew. Fuck her, fuck her and her stupid pigtails and her idiotic sadomasochistic competitions. How rich was it that the sick kid was going to get dragged into this mess and be designated as a slave? So rich, oh it was comedy gold, someone get him some gold bars because he might as well be Bill Gates!

Not that he would play by those guidelines. Rules were meant to be broken, and he would shatter them if he pleased. Or perhaps he would present a countenance of apathy out of spite? Decisions, decisions.

His hands found a object to clutch onto - the jellyfish lamp, which he was definitely keeping, and he glanced over to the person he was sitting next to; the one and only Lorelai Bay. "No, she's just nuts. I mean, peanut brittle doesn't have anything on Hisakawa, you just can't compete with that." Alright, so maybe he was exaggerating a bit, call the FBI or whatever, he didn't care. The albino boy tapped the surface of his lamp, shoulders slumping as he began predicting the exhaustion he would soon feel, and gently he leaned on Lorelai's shoulder, casually so, and indifferent to how normal people conducted themselves. "What would I have to unpack?" He questioned, and if anyone but this girl had asked, he would have scoffed and rolled his eyes. It wasn't like he, or anyone else, could leave the Academy during holidays. This place was a gated community without the barbecues and desperate housewives, instead it had the whole 'you may not leave' spiel.

"Yeah, lets just go back to your place before all this craziness goes down." He decided, voice quite, as it naturally was, and Naoya glanced over to the long haired girl, wondering if she was feeling stressed at all, and if she thought that the water would relax her before the 'Hunger Games'. "Do you want to stop by Central Town first? We could get extra bubbly tea or something..." Languidly he stood, suggesting a detour before they headed to the High School dorms. He wasn't exactly fond of bubble tea itself, but that extra bubbly tea made by that young woman with a cooking Alice, it was to die for, or, almost to die for. Once he stood the boy meticulously brushed invisible dust off his worn uniform, scuffs decorating it and making his fussing contradictory, but this was Alice Academy, nothing needed to make sense. When he decided that his blazer was free of the germs from his classmates Naoya turned around and offered his free hand to help Lorelai up, since you know, she was a mermaid (kind of?) and they've been sitting around for a long time, who knows what could happen.


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#, as written by Layla

There were many questions to ponder upon regarding the intricate spiderweb of life. Some of which included but was not limited to: what the hell was wrong with Naoya? He was like a male, scowling, albino version of Lady Gaga, equipped with the glow in the dark breast plates, controversial sex slash mass murder music and all.

She'd admittedly been glaring in his general direction throughout most of the assembly - when she wasn't looking at a certain Aliment Serving Superintendent or ASS for short - or rather at the skinny bubble of fish that was Lorelai Bay beside him. What was she doing there so cheerfully disintegrating Naoya's vibe? She had bad Feng Shui embedded in her salty skin. The stupid reversed mermaid and her absurdly blinding smile along with her ridiculous cascade of luminescent sapphire hair. Her flawless skin and youthful bounce?


Mitsuki chewed the inside of her cheek as she wandered purposefully through the assembly hall. Who was she kidding? She had no idea where the hell she was going. It didn't matter, she could walk through walls. No, seriously, she could walk through walls.

Never in her eleven years of being slave to Alice Academy had she ever been chosen for Search and Conquer. She'd laughed at the misfortune of the chosen, especially those given bizarre and pointedly useless and troublesome "gifts" like a Finding Nemo DVD. What could you do with that in a forest?

Yet here she was, holding a bundle of men's underwear - '100% cotton!' the package emphasised. At least they'd vacuum packed it and she didn't have to think of a way to carry a dozen boxer briefs piled as high as she was short for the entirety of the tournament. What good would underwear do her? Maybe she could use it as a pillow. Maybe she could blackmail Alex for his pineapple. Yes, that sounded ingenious.

Mitsuki knew most students believed these sadistic and bizarre games were her idea of fun but she wasn't that creative. She simply continued the traditions of Alice Academy and picked out magical candies from a hat. If it were up to her, she'd give herself a tank or maybe a person, maybe a subdued Nero Sceer transformed into a mindless zombie.

“I made you cookie-dough candies.”

The blissful image of Nero with a collar around his neck attached to a cord in her hand shattered into one even more mesmerising. She took in his messy grey hair, the sleepy tilt of his stunning grey eyes and those perfect, perfect grey lips. Damn, she was colourblind, but he was beautiful. So breathtakingly beautiful, she thought she might unravel into a pile of mush if he stood there staring at her for too long.

"...had some.” Was she dead? She was dead, wasn't she? The steady thump of his heartbeat trickled up her arm and splattered red across her cheeks. His dimples flashed for a brief moment and she could've sworn she'd sprouted wings and maybe another head. “I’ll make you more.”

Oh she wanted so much more from him. She wanted everything. She wanted to follow the dips of his lips and pop the buttons of his pants so he could pop her. He made it hard to keep it PG31.

"Michel," she breathed. "Do you-"

"Umm.. H-H-Hi Michel.”

Jules' soft voice trembled with nerves and Mitsuki quickly took a step back from Michel, the red of her cheeks igniting at being discovered staring so intently at Michel whom Jules loved, and having such inappropriate thoughts when it wasn't as if she could touch anyone anyway. Mitsuki tugged at the soft material of her fingerless gloves.

"Jules!" Mitsuki called cheerfully, spinning around to drench her jewel in the brightest smile known to man. Jules had been nothing but kind to her, the only to like her not because she was useful or because they were frightened, but genuinely like her for her. She deserved better and she had to wonder, as she was certain most wondered, how on earth she'd managed to lure an Angel into her oil slick.

Stop it, Tsuki, she chastised. You're the epitome of perfection.

"I'm so sorry you were chosen for Search and Conquer," Mitsuki said with a frown. "I was certain threatening to castrate the wererabbit to leave your name out of it would work." Her brows furrowed as she contemplated what she'd done wrong. Was the threat inappropriate? Should she have taken his basket of bunny children hostage?

"I'll protect you, Jewel." Mitsuki looked into her friend's large eyes. She knew many thought her to be naive and even childish but she knew Jules was wiser and saw more than anyone in this school could hope to. Jules saw the billions facets of compressed carbon and knew it to be a chunk of coal struggling to be a diamond.

Mitsuki rubbed the back of her neck and brushed invisible lint from her uniform to keep her hands busy and away from Jules. She smiled and glanced between Michel and Jules.

"Hey, Robutt, why don't you... Prepare for Search and Conquer and go together? With Jules. Jules and Michel. Michel and Jules," her voice trailed towards the end. "Mijules. Juchel. Miles." Mitsuki snapped back to the present like a spring pulled taut only to be suddenly released.

"Anyway! I have uh- Committee stuff! Working. With the newbies. Showing them around, you know? Threatening them. Retrieving my cookie dough pop tarts." Stop talking! "I'll just be going now," she said, spinning on her heel and skittering away, one inch at a time. She was almost incredibly strange - more so than usual even - when she was around Michel and Jules simultaneously. "Assignment! New person. Helping out uh... These guys!"

She grabbed the arms of the two nearest students, and lucky for them their uniforms and her gloves rested between their skin. Otherwise, they might've died or turned into a big, vertical expanse of grey. She glanced at them, one clutching a pile of Harry Potter books and the other a salt and pepper shaker. She glanced at Michel and Jules, the thoughts in her mind bouncing against her skull like nails and razorblades in a container of jelly. She had to stop being so weird! Names. She needed their names.

"Ah, ah, ah..." She pulled her lower lip between her lip and glanced between the two of her hostages. "Uh... This is Hokie Saint," she said quickly, lifting up the hand of Harry Potter. Had his name been Hokie Saint or Juliet Sand? Ugh, close enough, she grunted. "And this is, this is..." She glared at the familiar face and then, as if she'd been shot with a litre of tranquillisers, she felt her legs turn to rivers.

"Still not giving me your name?"



"Azeal. Azeal Ji Rowens."

"Azeal. Azeal Ji Rowens." Mitsuki shook her head. Of course. As student body president, she knew the names, Alices, histories, personalities, clothing sizes, average bathing times and preferred foods of everyone. Really, she was just a stalker, but she liked to think she was just taking initiative and being responsible. Who knew when a person's style of handwriting would come in handy?

"Anyway!" she said merrily, forcefully tugging the two boys closer to her body. She tucked her arms over their elbows and laughed very loudly. "Have a great night- I mean, time together, Robutt. My Jewel." She spun around and dragged her two excuses with her.

"Don't say a word," she said, her words clipped and cold the moment she turned her back on Michel and Jules. "Now smile and laugh like you're having fun," she commanded, nudging them to look happy with a painful stab of their pressure points with her thumbs. "Oh, Hokie, you're hilarious!"

She shoved them into the gardens outside of the assembly hall, the shutting of the double doors behind them reverberating through the walls as the onslaught of sunlight momentarily blinded them. Mitsuki crossed her arms and frowned at the two. Mmm, they'd looked more impressive from afar. She raised a brow and let her gaze travel over every inch of their bodies, noting the occasional freckle on their skin and crinkle of their shirts.

She met their eyes, and smiled.

"I don't believe we've been formally introduced," she said after introducing herself quite loudly on stage but a few minutes ago. Mitsuki curtsied, lowering her petite frame for a moment before smiling serenely. "Mitsuki Hisakawa at your service." She winked as she straightened her body. "I'll be your guide for today. How may I be of assistance? What would you first like to do? Perhaps you'd like to visit my torture chamber?" she laughed.


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She made a sound argument; without a doubt the new kids would be headed through Central with their eyes larger than dinner plates. In fact, some might be so amazed by what has become so normal for the rest of them that their eyeballs might just pop out and roll on the floor, luckily for them there was probably an Alice to fix that. More importantly than organs rolling across the soil was the threat of ending up in a prison made out of people, better known as a crowd, which was a situation he despised enough to skip class for his personal trips to Central just so he wouldn’t have to listen to the noise spewing from brain dead children or have any of them brush against his shoulders. “Good point.” He replied, eyes drifting from her as he imagined these horrors. The bubble tea could wait, perhaps he would travel to the concentrated town with Feris instead, and at the thought the prickling needles of diffidence pushed into his innards.

The thoughts would become a bramble inside of his head, tormenting him for the rest of the day. He fought off the compulsion to hunt the patchwork boy down and drag him back to Lorelai’s dorm, where he would probably fasten a tracking device to him as well, but that could wait. Having to hold himself back from grinding his teeth into fine points Naoya walked beside her until they arrived at her specially made dorm, the saline smell filling his head as soon as he stepped inside, where the salt coated his lungs. It was a pleasant smell, at first his brow did furrow as burns was glazed in his throat from inhaling the scent, but now he thought that the ocean water relaxed his muscles, easing away tensions and worldly concerns. The boy slid his shoes off near the door, yanking off his socks for good measure and placing them inside the black loafers. Regardless, he felt as if he was teetering off of a brink, one ill-timed breath from falling into another quartz coated crevice.

“I’ll get exhausted.” There wasn’t a reason for him to state the fact, so he spoke in a hushed tone as his bare feet pressed against the floor, taking himself to Lorelai’s dresser where he placed the lamp upon, far away from the mermaid girl, as he knew of her aversion to the tentacle creatures very well by now. He always thought it was sort of funny, not in a sense that he laughed at her apprehension, but how beautiful and dangerous those squishy creatures could be, merely floating in the water with venom soaked into their bodies, and he found it humorous that the sea queen was wary of what he saw as her aquatic minions. Swimming, that itself would ruin his body for the little game the school planned, floating languidly would have to do.

Naoya opened one of the drawers, and inside he saw a small collection of his things, articles of clothing and various objects that he stored here for when he visited the aqua haired girl. He didn’t need to warn her that he was changing because it had become routine, another unusual normal part of their lives. Without embarrassment or worrying that she was watching him, just as she didn’t have to worry about his own eyes, he removed his blazer and button down, replacing the tops with a black t-shirt and folding the garments soon after, placing them in the drawer. His pants and underwear were removed in a similar fashion, and in their place he tied the strings to keep navy patterned swim trunks around his frail form, his hip bones jutting and pressed against the elastic.

Once he heard the sound of Lorelai disturbing, or being welcomed into, the body of water in rhythmic ripples he turned and wandered back over to the pond. Without thought he grabbed an inflated swim ring, decorated with images of colorful, cartoon fish that stared at him with their empty eyes. They were soulless, so he refused to look at them for long. The pictures were probably enchanted and would steal his soul; maybe they would even cast him off to a shadow realm. Naoya carefully put his foot into the water, testing the temperature that felt lukewarm to his body, and satisfied he slowly entered the salt laced water until he was lethargically floating, knees bent and arms flung over the side of the floaty.

Yes, it was childlike. No, he didn’t care. “We should stick together.” He began, prudently spinning himself around in the pond, creating tiny waves that brushed against the boarder of the artificial pool. All bow down to the tiny wave God. “For the Search and Conquer. We’re not exactly the strongest people around, you know?” His shoulders rose and dropped; it was just a fact of their lives. Lorelai grew feeble outside of the water and he well, was just frail in general, without elucidating it was obvious that they weren’t exactly fit to be running around. “Maybe we’ll be able to avoid conflict all together…and the idiots, especially the power tripping idiots. Lorelai, let’s just find a way to go back in time and make sure this tournament is never generated, now that would be a lot easier.” Naoya sighed, eyelids dropping shut as he ceased his complaining on a defeated note. He really, really didn’t want to be running around the woods. He’d probably get bit by a mite, and die.


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Lorelai smiled in contentment as she eased herself into the water. It wasn't long before she felt the transfiguration take place and her legs disappeared, in replacement a long ocean blue tail came forth, spreading about the pond and waving slightly. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, knowing Naoya was getting changed into the clothes he left here. It was just easier if he left them here, she reasoned, that way he's not having to go back and forth with all of it.

She looked up as Naoya commented about the Search and Conquer, and she agreed. "Definitely. Especially with some of the ones who live for this game. Plus, what am I going to do with some chinese tea leaves? Smell them to defeat?" She snorted and sunk deeper into the water. It was harder for her to be away from water, let alone trapped in some woods with a bunch of powerful teenagers running after me. It was always hard on the two of them, with Naoya being as small as he was and Lorelai having trouble with dry land, they always found it easier to stick together and let whatever happens, happens.

"What time do we have to go over there again? And how long till we do?"


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#, as written by Layla

"Um.... Y-You look beautiful." Mitsuki smiled, turning around to thank Azeal for his compliment but before she could, he'd retreated back into himself. "I-I'm sorry," he said hastily, flinching away from her. "I didn't mean to offend you."

Her gaze softened and she reached out to touch him but remembered not to before her skin met his. You'd think after a lifetime of no human contact she'd remember to stop trying but she supposed she'd always been a bit of a dreamer, thinking some day her Alice might disappear, that this entire time her Alice had been intermittent rather than limited. She studied his face, his gaze so intent on the ground. His body was bent as if he were trying to make himself smaller and less of a target.

"Azeal," she said softly. "I would never hurt you." She tugged the sleeve of her uniform down over her hand and touched his right cheek softly, the thin material between their skins. She caught his dark gaze with her own pale orbs. "Do you honestly think people would get angry at you for complimenting them? You didn't do anything wrong.

"Anyway, the Howalons!" she said, cheerfully changing the subject. She stepped away, her hands swinging as she hopped over to a cupboard resting beside her closet. She swung the door open and shelves of food were revealed. One of the shelves held only one large white box which she pulled out and placed in Azeal's hands. "It's only half a dozen Howalons. I need to stock up. We can go to Central Town together after Search and Conquer!"

A jolt of power gushed from her body only to be sucked away and followed by another flood of her power. So this is what my Alice feels like, she thought grimly before hearing the familiar whisper of Alex's voice, "Mitsuki, crap, don…"

"Alex!" she yelled, throwing her window open and without sparing a thought to the stupidity and dangers, jumped on the ledge and threw herself out. She gasped as her finger brushed his. His Alice flooded her bones like magma and she'd never known burning to death could feel this good. The waves of power threw her against the window of someone's room just as the circular rose quartz on her left index finger shattered. The particles of the glass she was thrown against unravelled as they leapt towards her body, engulfing her in a myriad of shards. Her body skidded along the ground and slammed into a wall.

Mitsuki slowly lifted the lids of her eyes which had been squeezed shut and found herself staring at Sushi Ingredient. The sight of Lorelai soon overpowered the cuts along her body and she scowled, hopping to her feet. She glanced at the familiar vertical stretch of ass beside Salmon Sashimi and scowled harder. What was he doing clad so scantily in Bay's room?

Right, "Alex!"

She quickly rushed towards the window and stupidly, impulsively, threw herself out once again. Her fingers grasped the ledge of another window before she fell the rest of the way down. She'd caught the echoes of a Cmaj7 chord strummed on a guitar. Mitsuki landed with a thud beside his unconscious body, cracks in the Earth rippling beneath her feet. Air whizzed in and out of her lungs as her vision spun, the usual greys of the world she saw warred with the flashes of colour. The earth felt like quick sand beneath her feet as she stood. What was happening?

The gold band clutching her right wrist dimmed, turning into copper, and then to dust.

Mitsuki spun around, disorientated, her eyes flinching at the onslaught of details. She saw the individual threads of energy that wove the objects around her, each shimmering fragment promising power. She grunted, pressing the heels of her palms against her tightly closed eyes.

"Make it stop!" a voice screeched in the distance and she realised it was her own voice and her own nails embedded in her flesh. She whirled around, her eyes burning an incandescent sapphire, her blue hair paling with each breath. She found the unconscious body and saw her power, an ocean at a time, flooding into the vessel by her feet.

The rubies in her ears flickered and darkened.

"Hungry," she gasped, dropping onto her knees beside Alex's unconscious body, staining his long hair with her fingerprints. She reached into the air past his lips and urged the strands of his breath between her fingers, rolling it into a soft cloud in her palms. She pressed the trembling energy into her mouth, devouring a piece of him as the cotton candy dissolved on her tongue. A moan eased through her lips and she grinned, the buzz of life filling her ears, their lips caressing her skin. She wanted it all.

Her nose burned with ice and fire; she pressed her fingertips to it and pulled back to find her skin stained with her own blood. She gagged and crawled away from the unconscious body beside her. Had she done this? She glanced about frantically and cowered at the bombardment of energies. Before her were colours she hadn't even known existed, having only seen shades of one.

She saw clusters of trembling students hiding, watching, their running feet frozen to a single spot as they struggled with their conscience and fear. A hand made of razors clutched her throat as she stood, stumbling backwards for a few steps before steading herself against a wall. She opened her mouth to urge them not to be afraid but was rewarded with a steady trickle of metallic red instead.

"Get away from me," she said, her voice muffled by the palm she pressed over her mouth and nose to stop the stream of blood. Her hands were shaking as she ran towards nowhere and anywhere. She nearly tripped over Alexander's body as the world tipped forward, the lights melding into a symphony of tone deaf football players discovering string instruments for the first time. She held her breath, hoping that might give her Alice a hint to go into a long, long coma or take a break in an extinct volcano in Hawaii. She realised then that rather than her leaching the world, she was somehow, by some strange science, was being leached of her Alice, her life.

She sighed with relief and, carefully, brushed the knuckles over the nearest tree, wincing as she waited for it to disintegrate.

It didn't.

Mitsuki beamed.

"It's safe, everyone! Woah, look at that!" she laughed, slapping the bark of the tree lightly. Nothing. That's it, she was going to touch everything and give everyone a hug, all 1005 students of Alice Academy. Her throat itched as the first fits of coughs ravaged her throat, her crimson blood staining her hands and the grass beneath her like ink on a canvas. So this is what blood looks like, she mused. It wasn't as hideous as she'd expected. Her breathing came in a horrible, tortured wheeze like that of a dying cat. She pulled the air hungrily into her lungs but received only a speck of oxygen despite her efforts. Her vision blurred as her feet crumbled and Mitsuki fell.

"Come on, Tsuki. Stay awake. You still need to get those cookie dough pop tarts," she attempted to whisper but it came out instead as gurgle followed by coughing as she choked on her own blood. Wow, real elegant, Tsuki. She looked around but found only the iron blanket of darkness. She hand to find whatever was forcing her power from her body before it forced her soul from it too. But she couldn't do that if she couldn't see shit.

Her hair and eyes paled, the former almost bone white and the latter a colourless translucence. She wasn't even supporting herself with her own legs and spine anymore, if those even existed. She decided it might be easier to allow her eyelids to flutter closed, to let go, and give up trying to breathe.


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The edges of his mouth curled upwards at Lorelei’s rebuttal, somehow imagining a large nose sucking up the helpless students stuck in a labyrinth woods. “Hey, you never know, someone might be allergic.” He joked, or half as much, as he thought that even a few tea leaves could be someone’s demise. For a moment Naoya continued to float in the water, eyes drifting shut as he willed his toes to curl and uncurl, his body feeling number when submerged, but for whatever reason it was a pleasant feeling, like turning into an immortal machine. “Eleven forty seven hours she said, but that sounds like bullshit to my ears.” He chided, shaking his head while his eyes fluttered open, the reds of his irises glassy and pale, staring into nothing but the ceiling. “That would be forty seven days, roughly. Forty seven point seven if you want to be spot on, I doubt the school wants us to meet more than a month from now at seven in the morning.” His voice lowered to monotone, and as always, his mental math calculations didn’t take any more than a few seconds to complete.

“Anyways, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were pulled out of bed tonight.” Naoya slid his arms down the inflatable ring, pressing his elbows down into the plastic to lift himself, and then he dropped, slipping through the hole with gravity pulling at his ankles. He drifted down, water rushing over his face and running its liquid fingers though his hair, suspending the threads as he remained submerged in the water, eyes closed and air carefully tucked inside his lungs. The sounds under the surface were beautifully muffled, hushing the loudest noises of the outside world and making echoes out of Lorelei’s splashes. He wondered, for a moment, if he opened his eyes if the salt would burn his corneas, or if he happened to breathe through his nose, when his lungs filled with water if the organs would swell from the saline, or if they would crumple like raisins. Maybe a mortician could pluck them out and put them in a jar.

No longer than fifteen seconds later did he resurface, mouth sewn shut as he feet found the bottom, standing and raising his hands to his face, cautiously wiping away the water that clung to his tear ducts. Slowly Naoya inhaled, breathing only the minerals in the air, and he pushed the white, clumped fringe away from his eyes, opening them again to look at his friend. “Your tea leaves,” He began speaking with nonchalance, reaching back to the ring of colorful cartoons. “They could be cultivated by someone with an Alice, so they might actually be capable of something.” The explanation was soft, gentle and mimicking a placid sea miles away, and again he leaned against the ring to keep him afloat, body flung over the side like a bundle of rocks. “We should try to figure out where they came from, since they could have a positive or negative affect if they were tampered by an Alice. But hey, if we have to, we’ll go out on a limb and make a pot of tea while avoiding the hoard.” He paused, considering something while drifting closer to Lorelei, and then spoke again, casually, and quietly, not wanting to interrupt the peace the water brought them. “I’ll bring some of my clocks for good measure.”


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#, as written by Layla

"Welcome to the annual Search and Conquer!" a voice chirped from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously, echoing through the minds of the contestants in the menacing woods. Well, in sunlight, it was actually quite pretty, ignoring the poisonous snakes and mud swamps that probably plagued it. Mitsuki felt her jaw fall a little at the familiar cheer. Coffee boy? she thought incredulously. "I'm James Franklin, our student body president's personal assistant." She snorted at his self-proclaimed title. Please, he was her foot rest and slave and had been since they were six. "My lady, my nights have been dark with worry for you," he moaned and Mitsuki grunted in response. The feeling was not mutual; and weren't nights meant to be dark?

"Seeing as both prez and vice-president Rammis were chosen for this expedition, I'll be your guide for this tournament." Mitsuki shielded her eyes with a hand to look at the afternoon Sun, memorising the shadows the trees around her cast and the position of the star so she would roughly gauge the time. She wished she'd worn a watch but each of the participants had been magically teleported to random parts of the Northern Woods at 12:00pm sharp and seeing as she'd been too busy with almost dying in the school hospital, she hadn't had much of a chance to even get dressed. She shivered in her thin hospital gown and thanked her luck that it at least wasn't one of those that left her entire backside bare. She'd prefer to have a pair of pants on but an ugly off white dress with pale blue polka dots was close enough. Her vacuum packed bag of men's underwear was tucked under her arm, despite her having no recollection of having it. She supposed their 'gifts' simply appeared with them even if it wasn't on their person at the time of the transfer. Luck was working in her favour today. You never knew when you could use a pair of 100% cotton underwear, even if she honestly couldn't fathom a situation that would call for that, and she was pretty damned creative.

"As you can tell, you've all been scattered throughout the Northern Woods and you'll find a green and red flag with the face of Santa Claus wrapped around your wrist. You must keep this on your persons at all times. When your flag is stolen, the face of Santa will become that of your new team leader. Team leaders will have the faces of their victims printed on their flags."

Mitsuki was already moving, searching the woods for prey. Having been sent on countless missions, she moved quickly and silently, her eyes tracking every rattle of a leaf or skitter of an ant. She had no idea how she'd even ended up in the hospital but she remembered gasping as a surge of life like a shock from a defibrillator jolted her awake only for her to succumb to unconsciousness moments after. Her earliest memory besides that jolt was giving Azeal half a dozen Howalons.

She listened intently to James as he recited the rules she'd memorised before and put a halt to her prying altogether when he began reading through the names of participants. She racked her brain trying to remember every small detail about every student. She knew most in person and knew all from reading their personal folios yet perhaps it was whatever had happened before, but she couldn't seem to remember anything all that well. She thought she might've understood most of their Alices but the names were being thrown into a large, boiling pot of mud, and it didn't look as if it was going to be salvaged any time soon. She bit the inside of her cheek. She wasn't one to give up.

"Search and Conquer will end when the sun rises tomorrow and your gifts will disappear. The person who remains unclaimed through the entirety of the tournament will win a thousand rabbits, and the leader with the biggest team will win a pass to the outside. Be warned, there are Alice traps scattered throughout the Woods that will transport you to the nearest competitor should you make contact with it. These are very well hidden and unlikely to be spotted, but here's a tip: watch out for anything and anyone that's out of place."

Like that gigantic rubber duck over there?

A massive rubber duck sat a ways away. When did that get there? She gawked at it, puzzled, and then they made eye contact. Wait, what? Eye contact?!


"What the f-" she cursed just as the rubber contraption slash beast bounced towards her. She screamed and spun around, running as fast as she possibly could as the neon yellow creature leapt distances no bathtub deco should've been able to. Mitsuki was in no way slow, having spent most of her days every day chasing after idiots who broke rules, but the duck was one crazy piece of plastic.

"Prez! Prez, are you okay?!" James asked frantically, his voice deafening from the invisible speakers in their heads. She heard a muffled voice in the distance scolding him for using his telepathic broadcasting Alice inappropriately. She scowled. No one was allowed to yell into his ear and use him as a personal broadcasting station except for her.

I don't know, Franklin. I'm being chased by an oversized bathroom utensil. Do I look okay?

"Uh, by the way," his voice returned. "There're some obstacles to overcome in the Woods."

Mitsuki chanced a glance over her shoulder and found the glint of the rubber duck's dark eye.

No shit.

She screamed and ran harder.

"I'm so glad I'm not any of you right now," James laughed for a while before sobering up. "I love you, Tsuki. Survive and come back to me. My body is yours to use and dispose of."

Mmm, disposing of him did sound quite nice.


Maybe later.

Upon closer and slightly less brief inspection, she realised the duck wasn't a duck after all but a gigantic chic. Hope fluttered in her stomach - or maybe hunger, it was hard to tell - and she wondered if she could eat it.

Her eyes darted around, searching for an escape but finding nothing but trees the duck would only crush. Maybe she could dig a hole and bury herself, and maybe the medicine they gave her was making her stupid, crazy, or both. She glanced at the rings on her fingers as she ran and touched her ears, her Alice limiting devices had been replaced. Could she take out a duck giant made of rubber? Did her Alice even work on rubber?

You're not freaking electricity, Tsuki.

For one reason or another, she hesitated to stop and stand in front of the duck with her arms wide open for a hug. Maybe it was the highly plausible chance of death by flattening or her mistrust of self-guided, supposedly small baby chickens, but she wasn't quite ready to die.

But she stopped, spun around, and held out her arms.


The bundle of yellow fuzz grasped her hands and spun her around, tears glistening in the corners of its eyes. It pranced through the garden of trees, although from this vantage point, they looked more like pieces of broccoli. The humongous chic clutched Mitsuki to its neon chest and twirled, emitting sounds of joy or calling for more crack, there was little differentiation.


Well, stranger things have happened.


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Lorelai laughed and fluttered her tail. "Your clocks have always brought us good luck before." She teased, leaning back against the edge of the non-chlorinated pool, since chlorine was heavily toxic to mermaids, and let her eyes drift shut. "Ugh, if they pull me out of this pool tonight at seven I'm going to seriously drown their butts." Any other normal person would have said "asses" but she hated to swear, even miniscule swearing like that.

She sighed and without opening her eyes, flicked her tail in Naoya's direction. "Hey, Naoya, what would you do if you could get out of here?" She asked, wondering. "I think I would go to the Pacific Ocean, see if there were others like me. I'm sure I can't be the only mermaid in existence." She flicked her tail again and sent a spray of water in her direction, letting the water droplets settle on her face and hair, refreshing her. There was nothing that could soothe her more than taking a long soak in the water. Well, Naoya could probably calm her down if need be, but that was different. Water never failed to relax her, even in the most stressful of situations.