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Ruby Heart

Welcome to the Tea Party.

0 · 38 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “Alice in Wonderland: The Deck”, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Ruby Heart
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Race: Human
Side: Hearts
Role: Princess of Hearts
Location: The West Side of Wonderland in the Kingdom of Hearts
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Crush: No one at the moment.


[So... this picture was the closest thing I could find to what Ruby looked like. A few things are missing and the hair color is totally off but I will have to improvise since the custom drawing of her is not done.]

Ruby stands at about 5 foot 7; pale creamy white skin, and bright crimson red eyes. She weighs around 140 pounds, a healthy weight for her strong but slender and curvaceous build. She as a fairly large bust; but it doesn't overdo the way her body looks, and her arms are long with dainty hands and long fingers. Her hair is wavy and thick; it curls at the ends in thick locks that hang down on her upper back; just below the middle parts of her lats, and it is a bright vibrant deep red color that originally was the color of white snow but she was in a red mood. [She does have snow white hair; I couldn't find anything with white hair so for now, we will say she dyed it.] Her skin is a creamy white color that reminded one of white cream, and her nails were longish with red nail polish on the tops.

Ruby's makeup is odd but beautiful. She usually wears red or dark color eyeshadow and a thick line of eyeliner all the way around her eyes. Her lipstick is very odd; for she does many different colors and styles, mainly blacks and reds but she is always creative with how she does her makeup. She also will add circles or hearts under her eyes or on her cheeks. Ruby actually has a black heart on her left cheek. [I know it's not in the picture but pretend it is.] Her fashion is simple; creative and bright with different colors and any peice of clothing had to have a heart somewhere on it. She only wore red, black, gold, white, and gray. She tried to never wear purple, green, or any other color that wasn't her traditional color. She wears lots of dresses; though, not the long flowing ones you'd assume. They are cut short like that of a gothic or lolita dress; usually at her thighs with lace and different layers to them. She loves ruffles and bows and lace; fishnet as well and she loves her clothing to be original and complicated. She also adores corsets and vibrant stockings with symbols or stripes on them. Her shoes are usually big black boots or high heels, that go up her calf or cut at her ankle. She wears some jewelry and always has her crown on unless she's doing something active. She also adores different styles of chokers, and likes to do her hair in different styles.




Ruby is many things. She's sweet. She is kind. But she can be extremely sadistic; but not in the way that shows blood. Ever since Ruby was little, she has had a fascination with dolls. And what she does now; is she turns people into dolls and adds them to her personal room of dolls. Her doll collection. And the dolls still have beating hearts; trapped in a porcelain body. She finds it fun to do this; it is her evil habit. But Ruby usually has a compassionate heart; she isn't ruthless or disturbed as much as her mother was. Though she does have a bit of a temper and can tend to hit people over the head with her long staff or throw a fit, but it only happens when her buttons are truly pressed. Ruby has a soft side for animals; and for children like herself, but she has a very negative approach towards the ages of people like her mother; mostly women. She can't stand it when she can't see; whether she has something covering her eyes or she is in a pitch black space, and simply it was because her mother blindfolded her as a kid and would abuse her or trap her in dark places with rats, spiders, and other crawly things.

Ruby has a dark side and a light side; of course she is naturally a dark person with an odd personality; she has many odd interests and is often very curious of things around her. She has an elegant walk, but a vicious view on things. She adores roses; black and red ones. She adores hearts and she also loves candy. Ruby's passion for animals makes it so she has many pets crawling her kingdom, such as dogs and cats and other different things. Ruby doesn't like insects though; such as spiders, ants, wasps, bees, and other flying things but she does like butterflies and caterpillars. Ruby has a power within herself that she conducts through her staff which allows her to trap objects inside a red force, and she has natural magical abilities of different kinds, almost like that of a witch but she still is considered human in a way. Ruby's most fun thing to do is have tea parties in a special place in the woods, and invite many guests which she then will turn into dolls. She has a special serum she creates and she can put it in food, tea, water... she can even rub it on someone and the effects are slower but it works. Ruby doesn't understand that this is wrong; though she doesn't always keep her dolls dolls forever.

Ruby adores parties. And not just elegant balls; she means hardcore dancing. She will run over to a house where a party is held and rock out on the stage, or hold her own flashing rock concert at her kingdom. Of course she does enjoy balls, but parties are much more fun for her. Ruby detests the idea of drugs and extreme drinking but she does drink wine at times. Her favorite drink is; you guessed it, tea. Ruby loves to also take long walks, write poems and stories, and spend time at the tailors getting new outfits designed. She also loves to dance and have a good time. But Ruby has a bit of a fear being touched too much; and she understands the idea of rejection. She suffers from depression and anxiety at times, which leads to her being down. She is emotional, impatient, and can be quite stubborn.

But Ruby is Ruby. And she loves being different.

Evil Habit: Ruby's evil habit it turning people into dolls. Her staff is magical; and holds the power of the Hearts Bloodline. But Ruby can use her magic in many ways. She usually invites guests to an elegant tea party, pours a special serum mixed with the Heart Magic which turns her guests into dolls by the time the party is over. She keeps them placed in a special room. She will turn dolls back into humans if she finds them sweet or to her liking or if she doesn't like them at all. Ruby turning people into dolls isn't Ruby's only ability.


Tea parties


Closed spaces
Dark spaces
Middle aged women
Cold things
Slimy things
Alot of sunlight
Tan skin
Sour things


Tea parties
Collecting stones





So begins...

Ruby Heart's Story