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Alice Reincarnated

Alice Reincarnated


In modern day society, they aren't as tolerant of a girl that claims to have found a whole new world. But when everyone returns from Wonderland, will they believe her then?

1,008 readers have visited Alice Reincarnated since sky_onanangelswings created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

"" and the original novel by lewis carol.


A beloved story of all ages, and many generations has begun the cycle again. In modern day, where society is much less tolerable of people claiming that a world really does exist down the rabbit hole, are a group of people who are Alice's new friends. Will the story continue the same, or is it a possibility that new developments will continue the plot.


This time, the rabbit hole exists in New York City, New York. Instead of it being a rabbit hole, it actually is an old train that runs at 3 am every night. You must be alone on the train for it to take you to Wonderland. The Rabbit in this story line is who drives the train. Not many have stumbled upon it, and the queens were the first. Followed by Cheshire Cat and the Tea Party, and finally Alice. The main story objective of this time line is for each character to complete their goal defined in their biographies. You may expand from the word or definition, just stay true to the plot. Romance is encouraged, and the plot may as well continue into the real world when they try to recover or meet their romantic counter-parts. If decided in the OOC that we wish to add objectives, I will be open minded. This is about story telling, and having a good time. None of the characters become their respective animals, but may take on their traits. For instance, the Cheshire cat may have two different colored eyes.


Rabbit-Controls the world and everything in it, the only he generally controls during the roleplay however is the weather.
Alice- Charisma, she can make anyone think about what their doing in Wonderland. She generally influences thought.
Queen's- Influences the rabbit to make decisions about the kingdom, and captures the attention of the commoners.
Jabberwock- Poison sword and master strategist.
Cheshire Cat-Disappearance, and teleporting.
Mad Hatter- Distraction, you can get caught up in the Hatters tricks for days.
Caterpillar- Can cause hallucinations.
March Hare- Can expose inner thoughts by forcing an inner voice to become a announcement.


Name|Age|FC|Role|ExpectationOfPosts|To Accomplish|Reserved For:

Alice ____________|23|Avril Lavigne|Alice|High|Confidence|MaliceInWonderland

Alice is a curious individual, and obviously the main character. You can take her where ever you'd like, just stay true to her real personality, and don't make her too much of a sob story. She is supposed to be able to end the world with a bang, find a way to do so. She is here to find confidence in herself.

|25|Adam Gregory|Rabbit|High|Love|Open

The rabbit is actually the train conductor in this Alice series. He is a very curious individual, and just like the in the regular Alice stories, he might be the only who knows how to return to modern day New York. It's like a worm hole we could say, anyway he shouldn't divulge this information or take them back unless determined in the OOC by a majority of the characters and the GM. His main goal is to not anger the Red Queen for he originally created the world to trap her. It is theorized that he is the ghost of a former train conductor who fell in love with the red queen and wished to keep her forever. After the red queen was found to be lonely, the rabbit brought others to keep her company. Recently, the rabbit has discovered that the Red Queen misses her original life, and wants to return her. But not without Alice to end this world with a bang.

26|Kenichi Matsuyama|Jabberwock|High|Tolerance|Open

Very cruel individual, think of him as the mischief maker. An ex-lover of the red queen that has found extreme interest in Alice. In the end, he is a knight of the red queen and will eventually try to kill Alice.

|26|Brendon Urie|Chesire Cat|High|Fairness| Taken by: Sky_OnAnAngelsWings

The mysterious guide of Alice, he also has a thing for the Mad Hatter, but no one needs to know.

|24|Aimee Ffion Edwards|Red Queen|High|Kindness|Open

The red queen travelled to Wonderland with her sister. The rabbit is in love with her, and wanted to keep her with him. She isn't very nice at all and uses others to get what she wants. She needs to learn kindness before she is released. She has an army of cards under her will, and is in love with the Jabberwock.

|23|Adelaide Kane|White Queen|Medium|Bravery|Open

The younger sister of the red queen travelled to Wonderland with her sister. She is jealous of the red queen because she is the elder sister. Her sister uses her frequently, and she has yet to have the bravery to stand up to her.

|24|Devon Bostick|Caterpillar|Low|SelfWorth|Open

In this storyline, the Caterpillar is not only theoretic character he is also a faithful server of the white queen. He hates the rabbit and the red queen, but never voices it so he doesn't hurt their feelings.

|22|Dean Geyer|March Hare|Medium|SelfControl|Open

An eccentric individual, the March Hare must learn Self Control. He has extreme respect for the white queen, but he is generally found with the Mad Hatter.

24|Joshua Bowman|Mad Hatter|Medium|Responsibility|phoenixheart

The Mad Hatter is a supporter of the white queen, but would much rather do nothing. He prefers not having to do anything, and it is said that Alice is the one to change this about him. Hosts a tea party to avoid the politics of Wonderland.


Make it pretty, and I'll be more inclined to accept it.

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⌈[color=second color][i][b]Role[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹

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[font=cambria]⌈[color=second color][i][b]Hair Color[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
hair color

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Eye Color[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
eye color

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Skin Tone[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
skin color

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Height[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
height (preferably in feet and inches)

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Weight[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
weight (preferably in lbs)

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Physical Description[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
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potential here

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Skills[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]✦ [b]skill[/b] || 1-2 sentences explaining.
✦ [b]skill[/b] || 1-2 sentences explaining.
✦ [b]skill[/b] || 1-2 sentences explaining. {you can add more skills}[/list]

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Power Abilities[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]βœ” [b]talent[/b] || explain
βœ” [b]talent[/b] || explain
βœ” [b]talent[/b] || explain {continue this format for more abilities}[/list][/font]
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Any other important information

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Habits[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
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❖ [b]habit[/b] || explain
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⌈[color=first color][b][u]Dislikes[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
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✘ [b]dislike[/b] || explain
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[font=avenir light]⌈[color=first color][b][u]Strengths[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
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βœͺ [b]strength[/b] || explain
βœͺ [b]strength[/b] || explain {continue format for more strengths}[/list]

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Weaknesses[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]⌘ [b]weakness[/b] || explain
⌘ [b]weakness[/b] || explain
⌘ [b]weakness[/b] || explain {continue format for more weaknesses}[/list][/font]
[center][font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=avenir light]⌈[color=second color][i][b]Personality[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
1-2 paragraphs explaining the personality[/font]
[center][font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=avenir light]⌈[color=second color][i][b]History[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
2-3 paragraphs[/font]
[font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]

Toggle Rules


1. Stay true to your amount of posting, if you auditioned for a high post character you better be prepared for it. All Characters must post at least once a week, three strikes and we'll find someone to replace you.
2. In your sheets remember that your characters must try to stay close to their counterparts, if you need help check here: Click Here
3. Reservations last 2 days, works in progress last 3 days. After that, we'll begin to search for a new person to play your role; I'm reasonable, so please talk to me if there is an issue. Post your favorite Disney movie in reservation.
4. Keep drama in character, we're all friends in the OOC. Actions in character are not towards the roleplayer.
5. Be mindful of Roleplay Gateways rules, and for the sake of remaining up keep sex in PM's.
6. Let's have a great time everyone!


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New York City, New York

New York City, New York by sky_onanangelswings

Where all of the characters reside, and where the rabbit hole is located.


Wonderland by sky_onanangelswings

Where the rabbit hole takes us.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole by sky_onanangelswings

The Subway Train

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