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James Murdock

Two Star

0 · 1,463 views · located in Alien Academy

a character in “Alien Academy”, as played by Sneakyrio


Name: James Murdock (Prefers Jimmy)

Age: 25

Abilities: Psionic Projections: Jimmy can create solid objects out of raw psionic energy. Usually in the form of katanas or other weapons of that style. He can also create shields of energy but are usually only good for a few hits. He can also make a surface in the air made of the same energy allowing him to run in the air. Basically, he can create solid objects with his mind, but they glow.

Star Rank: Two Stars, one on each of his pectorals

Appearance: Image


Personality: Jimmy is rather good humored fellow, usually trying to make sure everyone isn't too tense or scared or angry. He is a very non-confrontational sort of guy, preferring to talk things out before a situation comes out of hand. He is almost always calm and smiling. He is respectful to everyone he meets and never judges anyone. He is a very accepting person. This is a face he puts on for people. When he is alone, he never smiles, and often punches walls and tables. He is hurting inside from an event from his childhood. He is usually holding a picture of his mother holding him when he was young when he is alone. Then, when he is in battle, he is always the three C's. Calm, Cool, and Collected. Always focusing on the task at hand. Though sometimes he goes into an angry frenzy it seems out of random. Jimmy likes to help other people, almost always ignoring himself.

-People he can call Friends
-Women who are strong
-His Mother
-His Father
-Not Belonging


Jimmy only brought two things with him. His suit case and a large chest that he keeps in his room. That chest holds an outfit he wears into combat. An outfit given to him by his sensei before he left for the academy, leaving one school for another. While wearing this outfit, he looks like this.


History: Jimmy's father was a captain in the U.S. Navy and was stationed in Tokyo, Japan. When Jimmy was five, he and his mother moved there so they could see more of his dad. They lived there for 5 years, until his mother found out that his dad was cheating on her. When the divorce was final, she left for the states, but not with Jimmy. He lived with his dad for two more years until, one day, he committed suicide. Having literally no one in the country, a friend of his dad's told him about a school who takes in orphans, but the head of the school trains them. Jimmy went to the school and was accepted there. He was trained, like all of the other students, in Ninjitsu. He was trained there for his entire life, but never truly felt like he belonged there, and it wasn't just because he was the only Non-Asians. He started to find that he had special powers, he could create solid objects by thinking about it. When his sensei discovered this talent, he helped him focus his mind so he would have better control over it.

When he was 25, he received a letter for the academy. Finally, a place where he could belong, place he wasn't seen as an outsider. His sensei was very happy for him, so, as a going away present, he gave him a Koga Ninhakujo. So he would never forget his school or his sensei. He said goodbye and went to the Academy. After three days of meditating and going to orientations, the fourth day came. When he discovered he only had two stars, he was more than a little disappointed, but he felt, that now his duty was to assist the three stars and watch over the one stars. He is ready to be apart of this academy.

So begins...

James Murdock's Story