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Amadeo Faith

"I'm not giving up, won't let you suffocate me, you find your hell is home... I don't owe you anything, you'll only die a dream forgotton."

0 · 686 views · located in Columbia, South Carolina, Earth

a character in “All about the Money”, as played by Nami L'Chi


Amadeo Ruari Faith
[color=HEX CLOR HERE]”I'm not giving up, won't let you suffocate me..."[/color]


Character’s Full Name
[color=HEX CLOR HERE]Amadeo Ruari Faith[/color]

[color=HEX CLOR HERE]Ru[/color]

[color=HEX CLOR HERE]19[/color]

[color=HEX CLOR HERE]The Elf[/color]

[color=HEX CLOR HERE]∞Freedon
∞ Playing Guitar
∞ The Night Sky
∞ Tea
∞ Cigarettes
∞ Alcohol
∞ Water
∞ The truth

[color=HEX CLOR HERE]†Liars
† The Council
† Money
† Fangirls
† Paparazzi
† Soda
† Drugs


[color=HEX CLOR HERE]Hair:
During the day, his hair is black as onxy. Though at Night it changes to white as snow.

Beautiful Blue eyes that you can drown in during the day,
Dangerous red eyes that could kill you with a glance at night.

Thin and muscullar. He's well built, though not very athlecicaly built. He's got the grace of a feline, but the muscles of a wolf.

One Nose Piercing, one Lip Piercing. Few tattoos across his arms and chest.

Supernatural Abilities
[color=HEX CLOR HERE]Amadeo's two powers, is to mesmarize people with his music. People have to stop and listen to him sing. Hence why he's so famous. People just want to see him sing. Not to mention how good he looks.

He's able to talk his way out of almost anything, except for people who have had the proper traning against him.


[color=HEX CLOR HERE]Amadeo is a total sweetheart, but he holds back most of his life because of how he was abused by the council. He's always one to put people before himself, though people tell him not to. The first to enter places to make sure they're safe, and the last to leave to protect everyone. He doesn't lie, cheat or steal. He's like the perfect boyfriend everyone wants, but he won't date anyone. He's never kissed anyone nor has he ever had sex.

That's only because of his supernatural curse. Elves are rare, but there are few around, though among traveling, Amadeo hasn't seen a single one.

[color=HEX CLOR HERE]Amadeo was kidnapped from his familly at a young age, when the Council realized his powers. Since then he has traveled around the word, doing sell out concerts and tours, making the council rich. Though finding out their true intentions of using him, he fled on the night of his concert. Ever since then he's been on the run, hiding from them, trying to blend in. Turning into his elven form at night, not able to stop it not wanting to. He blends in better then.[/color]


So begins...

Amadeo Faith's Story

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Wearing a simple hoodie and his skinny jeans, he tried his best to stay hidden. His black clothing, made him stick out from the woods, but he didn't seem to care. He was far enough away from society that he didn't need to try too hard. Nature just seemed to be where he felt comfortable. Not on that stage where he was forced to stay and sing every night. Though he did enjoy singing, he just didn't feel the necessity, of doing it every single night. Sighing he sat down on a log, and looked up at the noon day sun. He was sheltered by the branches of the pine trees, but it was still a bit humid outside.

Taking off his hoodie he set it down next to him, stretching and flexing as he did so. His ears picked up a familliar sound and he looked in the direction, ushering the creature to come near him. A baby fawn emerged from the leaves and rested its head on Amadeo's leg. It's large brown eyes looked up at him, making Amadeo go soft. A soft smile formed on his face as he rested his hand on the fawns head. The forest was so beautiful, full of life and color. Though the area he was in, there was little life. A few bugs, not many animals like the deer.

That's when he heard the shot. His eyes saw it in slow motion before it impacted with him and the fawn. Forgetting his sweater, he grabbed the fawn and ran. He wasn't as fast as he usually would be, but he was graceful and lithe enough to dodge the trees and the hunter. "We need to get some place safer." He'd say to himself, and the fawn. The beach would be safer, depending on what one he went to, standing on the edge of the forest, he placed the little fawn down. He couldn't just leave it there. Grumbling he picked the fawn once more, and started jogging. They were safer for now, miles away from the hunter. Still Amadeo couldn't stop.

Something told Amadeo to continue going. The council was after him, for running, not performing that night before. He was tired of being their cash cow. He wanted something different. That was when his ankle got caught in a bear trap. "Damnit!" He cried out, falling forward, the fawn gave a yelp, and scrambled off, back into the woods. Amadeo knew the hunter was that way. Turning back, he tried prying the trap open, out of fear, but it didn't seem to work.

Amadeo continued struggling, until a shot rang in his ears. Closing his eyes he said a few words of prayer for the little fawn that had lost its life. Tears threatened to escape, should he continue thinking of the deer.

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Character Portrait: Amadeo Faith Character Portrait: Serenity Lilix
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Serenity was pouting alone, sitting onto a rock in a small cove where the rocks were formed perfectly like little chairs. She came to this spot quite often when she was irritated with her father, like now. She had just finished arguing with him, he didn’t want her going off in search of something that may or may not exist. Her tail dangling in the water as the waves crashed angrily violently the rocks.

“He just doesn’t get it.” She frowned “He has no say in what I do or don’t do.” She said in a deciding tone.

She hopped back into the water, it was warm to her, to humans it would more than likely be freezing. She quickly swam, coming to the wharf, she popped her eyes just above water, there was no around that she could tell, she pulled herself up on one of the beams next to the seals. Making sure her tail was completely out of the water. Her tail began to shed much like dead skin revealing two legs. She cocked her head to the side admiring them. She stood hopping from beam to beam until she reached the sand. Her blond hair shriveling to a shoulder length and the color disappearing from it.

She hid behind one of the large thick wooden beams holding the wharf high above the ground. “Guess I should have thought this through a little better” she whispered to herself, forgetting that she was completely nude from the waist down. Her eyes darted around quickly, the beach was pretty abandoned, which was normal for a week day, still a few people occupied the beach, her eyes fell on a vacant towel and sand bucket. She quickly darted grabbing the twol and wrapping it around her waist. Once again she stole a quick glance around, letting out a sign of relief when no one had seen her.