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All I Really Wanted

All I Really Wanted


For this group of four it will be anything but easy. It will be a living hell, will they be able to prove that love is all you need? Probably a 1x1..

886 readers have visited All I Really Wanted since ChristyLovesYou created it.


(!CREDIT! goes to tragicallylovely, who created the idea and storyline, I just cut out some stuff..)

"It is said that love transcends time.

That love can last forever.

All you need is Love.


Love is not effortless.

And it is far from easy.

For this group of four it will be anything but easy. It will be a living hell, will they be able to prove that love is all you need? Will they make it through the unthinkable? Will they make it through tragedy, pain, and darkness? They will try…they will fight…and they will love."

||High School Sweethearts.. And friends.||

*He’s the star quarterback, he’s got at least 5 of the best colleges in the country offering him full ride scholarships. She’s 2 months pregnant and has yet to tell anyone, she’s scared to death and doesn't want to ruin her boyfriend’s carrier, she knows how much this means to him. To make matters worse she’s sure it’s not his and he’s convinced she’s the one. His best friend slept with her, and it's probably his baby. Her best friend has always secretly loved him..*


Boy 1 - (Hooked up with girl 2 once, feels bad) - Taken by ChristyLovesYou

Girl 1 - (Baby might belong to boy 2) - Taken by KiraArsenic


Boy 2 - (Girl 2's older brother, friends with boy 1) - Open..

Girl 2 - (Best friends with girl 1, has crush on boy 1, younger sister of boy 2) - Open..

Character Skeleton~

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Character Portrait: Ryan Jean Carver Character Portrait: Dan Wilder
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Ryan Jean Carver

RYAN!!" her father boomed. Ryan's eyes widened and she felt like hiding. 'What did I do?!!!' she thought frantically. 'What does he want this time?' "Yeah dad?" she called softly. "Get your ASS down here Ryan Jean! You know better than to call to me from the top of the stairs!" Ryan shook her head and quickly came down the stairs. She knew that if she took her time he'd hit her twice as hard. Her thoughts immediately went to the baby. She would try her best to shield her stomach. As much as the baby was a surprise she had no desire to abort it.

Once at the bottom of the stairs he immediately slapped her across the face. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU about parking in my spot in the driveway?" he yelled. Ryan raised and eyebrow. Before she could say anything he slapped her again. Her mother had borrowed her car last night...She looked at her feet and shook her head. "I'm sorry. I won't do it again." she said softly. "WHAT did you just say? LOOK ME IN THE EYES WHEN YOU TALK TO ME!" Ryan looked up and said it again. He shook his head disappointingly and walked into the kitchen "I need a beer" he mumbled. "Go move your shitty car out of the driveway." he said. Ryan nodded quickly and ran up to her room to grab her keys. She pulled her car out of the driveway and parked it on the street where she was supposed to and came back inside. Her father was already on the couch watching tv. "I've got buddies coming over tonight. Don't be here." he said sharply. Ryan nodded. She was supposed to see Dan tonight anyway. 'I hope my face doesn't bruise.' she thought 'I don't want to lie to dan again...' She ran back up into her room and shut the door. She raised her hand to her face and touched the tender skin. A few tears slipped from her eyes but she wiped them quickly, and refused to cry. She changed into her outfit and texted Dan "Can you pick me up early? I don't want to be at my house anymore."


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Character Portrait: Ryan Jean Carver Character Portrait: Dan Wilder
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Dan Wilder

Dan stretched, waking up at a time most people ate lunch at. He glanced over at the clock, and grumbled realizing he had to get up. He stood, and made his way to the kitchen. He grabbed some sort of energy drink from the fridge, and drank it leaning against the counter. He glanced down, seeing he wasn't wearing a shirt, but did have a pair of athletic shorts on. After making himself some sort of breakfast, he decided to head to the gym. He pulled on a tshirt and a sweatshirt, grabbed his gym bag, and headed outside. Getting in his car, he drove there. He worked out for an hour or so, and had just gotten out of the showers about to change again when his phone buzzed. Sliding it open, he saw it was a text from Ryan. He smiled. Reading the message, it said, "Can you pick me up early? I don't want to be at my house anymore." he sent her a text back, "Sure, I'll be there in five. (: " He didn't have anything else to do for that day except hang out with her. Though he wasn't very observant, and didn't really pick up on things. Most people probably would wonder why she didn't want to be home, but he just assumed she wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see her.
After he changed, he quickly went to his car. Getting in, he started the engine, and turned up the radio. It blasted some sort of 90s music, and he drove over to Ryan's house. He pulled up behind where her car was parked, and got out. He jogged up to her front door, and knocked on it lightly. He took a step back, waiting patiently.

(Sorry the beginning was sort of rushed.. I didn't have too much time but I wanted to post.)


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Character Portrait: Ryan Jean Carver Character Portrait: Dan Wilder
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Ryan Carver

Ryan hopped up quickly when she heard Dan knock on the door. If she didn't get down to the front door in a few seconds her father would yell something demeaning to her in his drunken slur and she'd have to explain it to Dan. 'I DON'T want to deal with that today' she thought anxiously. As she passed her father in the living room she could see that he was already irritated with her. He gave her THE look and took another swig of his beer. She lowered her head and answered the door. "Hi!" she said happily, throwing her arms around his neck. Then she kissed him softly and gently pushed him out of the doorway. "Lets go" she smiled softly as if nothing were wrong. A purple splotch was developing on her cheek but its was barely noticeable, she figured Dan wouldn't notice it.

She loved his car. It was so nice but it seemed to fit in nicely with the neighborhood. It was one less thing her father could complain about. He didn't want her dating a "hood rat", but he met Dan and liked him. Ryan had to beg him to be nice that day. "So, where are we going tonight?" she smiled and kissed him again. Before they pulled out, her mother pulled into the driveway. She saw Ryan but acted as though she didn't exist. Ryan was used to it. It wasn't uncommon for her mother to ignore her completely.

[[It's okay :) I'm just glad you posted]]


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ryan Jean Carver Character Portrait: Dan Wilder
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Dan Wilder

Dan gratefully hugged her, he could smell her perfume, his favorite kind that she'd wear. He kissed her back, and slipped his arm around her waist, leading her to the car. He opened her door for her, and she got in the car. Going around he hopped in as well, just as her mother pulled up. She didn't wave or anything, so he assumed she hadn't seen him or Ryan. He was just that type of person though, he liked to think the best of people. She went and kissed him again, He didn't let her kiss him just once, no. He never could. His head dipped to the side and he caught her lips in his again, softly he brushed the back of her neck with his fingers. He relaxed again, starting the car and smiling at her. With his right hand he took her left, and gave it a squeeze. Then he answered her question, "Well, I have reservations at our favourite italian restaurant.. considering it's our 14 month anniversary." They'd been dating for a year and two months, and he always liked to remember, even if they didn't do anything really special.

He drove over to the restaurant, a small but cute place to eat. They'd gone there multiple times, the first time when they went on a date when they'd first started dating. Parking the car, he walked around and open Ryan's door, letting her step out. Her took her hand again, shut the door, and pressed the lock key on his key chain. They walked inside together, and they were seated at their favorite table, one he usually tried to get. The restaurant was a bit crowded, only two tables were still empty. He pulled Ryan's chair out for her, then took his own seat. Being a gentleman was natural to him. The waitress came by giving them menus, and he smiled across at Ryan. "So how was your day?" he asked casually.

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