Niveus Saeta (Sae) Cruor

A girl whose past could be true, or could be built upon lies.

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a character in “All in (dis)Order”, as played by Machubi-Uniki



The third district is the home to the important businesses and the well-respected middle-class. It also houses the mysterious creatures known simply as fae, though the occassion of these creatures and their appearances are rare and only during times when they are in life-long servitude to said middle-class. That is not to say that no other oddity can be found living in the houses of the district, since Sae herself is quite the strange young lady in looks. The human girl, no older than seventeen, was most easily identifiable by her short, silver, and soft hair. On some occasions however her greyish eyes also served as a somewhat ghostly form of recognition. More often than not she can be seen gliding easily through throngs of people, her body is one of a very few that actually had a beautiful and womanly figure. The rest had wasted away due to lack of food and clean drinking water. Unfortunately the onlooker would have to be rather tall otherwise they would never be able to find her among the crown due to her sheer smallness in size. Sae is only about five feet tall after all, not very tall at all by human standards.


Sae is no recluse, she does not spend her days avoiding people and any conversation. That is not to say she goes out and makes a complete full of herself attempting to befriend all the people of the three available districts. She was raised with the general demeanor of a lady, very polite, always well spoken, graceful, and let us not forget humble. Though the last may have been added on by her own teachings. When walking on a city street she always excuses herself with a delicate and kind smile to whomever she may have touched, and if she makes eye contact she smile and may on occasion whisper hi. When she may run into someone she knows she will hold a small conversation and listen intently, always remembering to mention how things went in the next conversation. Over all, Sae is a thoughtful person.

Perhaps too thoughtful. Sae is a kind person, however all have their flaws and strengths. Her biggest flaw is her inability to give forgiveness to those who may enrage her in anyway, sometimes even seeking revenge. As to whether those plots are carried out is a much different story due to the fact that she holds great fear. Fear mostly for herself. Sae sees what it is their ruler does to anyone who may have even the slightest thought against something she may do and she can not stand it. Though, she does want to do something about it she is a coward and would rather use someone else. That, in of itself, is something that stops her from carrying out these plots. She does how ever have one positive; she has a very smart, sharp, and calculating mind.


Sae carries around a single dagger which is only for the use of protection, because she does wear some jewelry which could make her a target for dangerous theives. Of course she could stop wearing these luxury items however, her parents prefer that people know their ranking and thus show her and them respect at all times. She is also known to carry at least some kind of money around, just in case. However aside from those few things, and cloths of course, Sae does not carry anything around on a normal basis.


Before Sae was ever born her father and mother 'hired' two fae servants both of which were male, one was named Haltija and the other was called Keiju. Both of which had to be beautiful in order to keep the family's reputation as prestigious in effect. Ten months later her mother Res gave birth to Niveus Saeta, Latin for white hair. So called because as the girl grew her hair it was found to be white, originally she was named Ihme. It is believed that the girl's hair was permenantly changed to white due to the nearly fatal birth; which was miraculously saved by Keiju. Keiju and Haltija raised Sae until she turned five, at which point Res took over all teachings, including mannerisms, cleaning, cooking, all the duties a lady would take part in. Though her mother had taken over Sae continued to have a close relationship with the two fae that simply grew stronger as time progressed. This was something her parents were beginning to become frustrated with. Until one night when Sae was ten she woke up to find Keiju gone. After much thought and conversation she realized that he had been taken away by those in even higher power and a hatred began to boil at the core.

As she continued to grow she learned how to defend herself from many different kinds of attackers and learned reading and writing skills. Sae even was taught some about her father's business and once or twice was introduced to some possible husbands. None of which she was actually attracted to in the least. In some ways she even began to admire the lower class citizens and the freedoms they had. Still though, life continued to move the same way, no change and no choice. However, that is, untill a few months after her sixteenth birthday when she began to have dreams that she found predicted things that had yet to come. Premonitions of the future. An unhumanly trait. A fae trait. However, Sae knew for a fact her mother had given birth to her. They all knew it. Her father was present, all the faes were present, and her mom was present. Or perhaps they were lying to her? Whose child was she? Was she fae or human? Sae couldn't deny the fact that she had hundreds if not thousands of traits that were completely human, but she couldn't deny the fae traits that were beginning to appear. Or perhaps had always been present, and in plain sight to her in a mirror.

So begins...

Niveus Saeta (Sae) Cruor's Story