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An orderly with a deadly name --see history--

0 · 126 views · located in Serroc & outlying areas.

a character in “All in (dis)Order”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


This particular twenty-one year old, Onemi, never did stick out in a crowd and thus his shaggy brown hair only makes it easier for him to blend in. Honestly, the only part of his whole being that would be considered beautiful would be his eye. A brilliant blue color that could seemingly gaze deeper into your own soul than you could possibly dig. If one ever saw the rest of his being, behind his scarf and heavy clothing specifically, they would see a well built chest, broad shoulders, and very strong arms. That is to be expected of those meant to keep the peace after all. In context to his clothing he is usually seen wearing a little too much clothing than necessary and can always be seen wearing a long scarf, but as to be expected it is a ragged thing eviden of too much use. Onemi also paints his face. It is always in the form of a thick line spreading across his face, only interupted by the number eighty-five. He does not tower above, nor shrink below other human me but remains at the average; just one more thing one could add to the list of things that make him blend in.


As could be evident among many of the 'peace-keepers' Onemi is quite quiet within a crowd of people, especially in the outer districts. He also has a great tendency to lean towards resting or simply staying in shadowy areas, more than likely in order to keep himself cool when wearing such heavy clothing. Though it is doubtful he will ever admit it. The man is prideful, always was, and more than likely always will be. He doesn't necessarily have pride in his position in the city but rather in his own strength and accomplishments. That is, however, another thing he will never admit. If anything his pride is what drives him to avoid other, almost seeing himself as above them. Almost, pride isn't the only reason he avoids people. Rather he just never had a fonding for crowded places, something he had always disliked, or maybe even feared. Strange, yes, but true all the more. Another thing he feels fear and a mixture of hate for are fae, he has been known to invite an innocent fae creature into a game of cards and in effect putting them into debt and thus earning himself the right to arrest them when they don't repay it. Cruel? Maybe. Does he care? Most definitely not.

Though he does not look it and on occasion doesn't act it, especially in the presence of other orderlies due to the severe embarrassment it would cause him, he is quite the gentlemen. Not towards men nor fae of any kind but only towards human woman and on the rare occasion children. After all, Onemi's whole purpose in becoming and orderly was to protect the people with 'order'. Specifically the order that existed now and in the past.

Did I, by chance, mention that Onemi is a card game addict. Any kind of card game really, 21 and poker happen to be his favorite. However, pick a card game and he will be a master at it. This is mainly due to his intelligence and ridiculous ability (completely human by the way) to read people like a book. Seemingly, he seems to be even better at reading fae, but also seems to have a harder time reading women. Something he has overcome...mostly.


Never will you catch Onemi without his scarf, it is almost like his identity. Without it he wouldn't be Onemi. He also, usually, has a deck of cards on him; especially since that is his main weapon of troubling the fae that he so hates. However, Onemi also carries around weapons of all sorts; after all you never know when someone is going to fight back when you go to take the Court. His weapons consists mainy of two daggers, a pocket knife, a chain--perfect for restraining--, and a vile of paralyzing poison. Never to you want to risk actually killing anyone, becase when someone dies all their information goes with it. That was how he was raised and trained and thus that must be right.


Ah yes, Onemi's history, a rather depressing 'sob' story as he calls it. That happens to be his main excuse for not telling it, but not his only one. Onemi was born to a very happy family, ironically they were as poor as church mice, but even so they found joy in everything. Perhaps it was because his mother had given birth to him that everything seemed so much brighter in the world, or perhaps they were the village fools. The young Onemi was raised among them untill he turned six, at which point he was out scrounging for food and filching money off of the consistant passer by. When he finally did come home he came home to a scene of utter brutality and disgust. Both his parents were dead, among them a man stood with silver hair. He was touching his mother a light of some sort seemed to be admitting from his hands, but Onemi knew what this fae creature had done and attacked it. Pointless really, a child against a fool grown fae, only the stupid would assume it to be the child's victory. Although the stupid would be correct in this case. The fae left. Leaving behind only the corpses that had fallen.

Moments passed and a man dressed in dark clothing came and took the now orphaned boy in; the young orphan boy whom had declared a deep loathing for fae no matter what they had or had not done. At which point he trained to become an orderly. Harder than one could possibly train, or at least for his age. Originally Onemi's name was Infantia Usus Puteulanus Fenestra, which directly translated from Latin means, "the baby possessing blue windows", however after all was complete and he was an official orderly he renamed himself Octoginta Novem Ego Mos Iuguolo directly translated it means "eighty nine I will kill". Eighty nine referring to the number of stab wounds his mother and father possessed combined. As for the face paint, that represents how many he has led to their demise.

So I suppose in some ways Onemi is right, his story is rather a downer, but alas it must be told.

So begins...

Ovemi's Story