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Adelaide O'Donnell

"I may be short, but I can take on any full grown man, you just let me have at 'em!"

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a character in “All Roads: The Journey”, as played by Aeroron


Adelaide's most distinctive feature is her crop of bright copper hair, which is kept meticulously pulled back into a bun. Despite her best efforts, loose strands of hair always dangle down her face, a quirk which annoys her greatly. Her porcelain skin is protected by an over-sized rubber raincoat, which looks much too big for her tiny stature. Having cream-colored skin means that she often develops serious sun-burns, so she often does her traveling at night. She carries a small tin of orange flavored candies, which she indulges in at times to keep her vitamin D level up.
Full Name- Adelaide Elizabeth O'Donnell
Height- 5'6
Weight- 110
Body type- small and slim, with average musculature
Skin type- cream colored, with a dusting of freckles due to the sun
Blood type- AB
Age- 30, although it is said that she doesn't look a day over 20


Adelaide is defined by her ambition, sharp wit, and mild-paranoid personality. She often has false confidence and picks fights she's unable be able to win. She also has a complex about being short and young-looking, which means she'll go to great lengths to prove her toughness. Scientifically, there's an interesting connection between red hair and her high pain tolerance: "The unexpected relationship of hair color to pain tolerance appears to be because redheads have a mutation in a hormone receptor that can apparently respond to at least two different hormones: the skin pigmentation hormone melanocyte-stimulating hormone, and the pain relieving hormone known as endorphins."
Adelaide has tremendous concentration, and is always focused on her surroundings. She finds it hard to unwind, and often has insomnia; however, she enjoys drinking to sooth her nerves. If it weren't for the apocalypse, making obtaining alcohol challenging, she'd certainly be an alcoholic.


Adelaide carries a large worn canvas backpack on her back, over top of her over-sized rubber jacket.
Canvas bag contents:
A small bottle of Kirsch, which is her prized possession; she's saving it for a special occasion
A tin of orange flavored candies- she has a sweet tooth, but she saves these for times when she needs Vitamin D
A needle and some thread
Antibacterial wipes, individually packaged
A package of two AA batteries
A change of socks
A half-used bottle of Aspirin, and a small roll of gauze
Pocket contents:
A few shiny worthless objects, including a piece of a broken mirror, some brass buttons, and a tiny spring probably belonging to a pen


Prior Occupation- Before the Apocalypse, she was an Irish citizen. In the early aftermath, she joined the volunteer organization of the Blue Ribbon Movement and was stationed in Australia. She had wanted to visit Australia, not only for its fascinating history, but also because of the connection to her name.
Formal Training- She went through brief training in first-aid and survival to become a volunteer for the BRM
Degrees and minors- A previous history major in college, she is extremely interested in cultures and historical landmarks. In particular, though, she enjoys reading about eccentric cults and peoples, especially the followers of Set, who were red-headed Egyptians known for their mischief and drunken behavior.
Languages known- English, French

So begins...

Adelaide O'Donnell's Story

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#, as written by danm36
For the second time Khan was tasked with mooring their craft, Annika only helping with the first rope before returning to the group. He quickly found them again, though, as Adelaide's hair made a sharp contrast within the crowds.


“Figure we’re on the outskirts of th’ market, now; it’s probably just up ahead. You all ever been there?” asked Adelaide to the group, despite the fact both Khan and Ari were keeping some distance behind and Moonie had disappeared into the stands yet keeping with the group.

"I've been 'ere a few times, though there were less stands. From what I remember there is a entrance up ahead, as in a few metal poles or the like. The last time I came a fire broke out though, and I ain't trusted the place since" Annika responded. She was walking alongside Adelaide, ignoring the traders' calls to what she figured was expensive tat. They weren't in the main trading centre so they were obviously scammers or the like. Despite this, she noticed that Ari had bought something from one of the stands and, in a swift by unsubtle move, placed the item on Adelaide's wrist before returning to the back of the group near Khan. Adelaide almost stumbled in the action and examined the trinket - a crescent moon, probably a remnant of Islam faith. That was the thing with post ignition religions, they had either merged into a single mess of beliefs or were extremist cults. Annika, still watching Adelaide saw her blush slightly and smiled. Annika didn't press about her feelings.


Khan didn't escape the traders' insistence either, in fact he seemed to have got the worst of it. He had a polished, high quality rifle, what seemed to be a packed ammo belt, a backpack and untorn clothes. This alone would give the impression that he was the richest of the group and most likely to buy something. Traders were offering sizeable portions of their wares for his rifle, one even offering his entire stand, yet Khan ignored them. Even if he were interested it was merely aesthetics, tenth-hand clothing or in rare cases low grade food. He also noted that the drug pushing stands were by far the largest.

"Good to know they have there priorities right." Khan muttered to Ari, failing to notice that he was ahead busy clipping a copper bracelet to Adelaide.

A child, no more than eight, ran up to Khan with a clear path to bump into him. Khan only noticed him at the last second as the kid was grabbing onto his PDA pouch, not realising it was held on by a steel loop, and slipped in the process. Khan stumbled a little, but continued forward, with the kid disappearing into the crowd behind him. Ari had rejoined him and kept his head down, while Moonie flitted along each stand before shunning each trader in turn, taunting each of them. Within five seconds two rusted iron pillars rose in front of them, clearly made post ignition. This signalled the entrance to the main trading complex.