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Agustus "Gus" Taylor

"It'd be so easy to just give up, but I'm waitin' for the Buckley's chance that this'll all get better."

0 · 207 views · located in Post-apocalyptic Earth

a character in “All Roads: The Journey”, as played by Aeroron


Gus is a tall man of 45, his hair is just getting grey on the sides. He usually wears a deadpan expression, making it near impossible to ever register what emotion he's feeling. His skin often gets dry and cracked in the heat. While he used to be diligent in up-keeping his appearance, he has let that fall to the way side following the death of his wife. He now is rarely clean-shaven, and is beginning to grow a beard. When a razor is available, though, he keeps it stocked away in a small trunk, along with many other assorted supplies.

Full Name: Agustus Jackson Taylor. He asks everyone to just call him Gus.
Age: 45
Height: 73 inches
Weight: 142 pounds
Hair: Brown, beginning to grey. A very coarse texture, and never very shiny.
Physical Condition: Sedentary, but in good physical health. His upper body strength is notable.
Medical Conditions: Radiation overdose has caused several symptoms, including a developing case of melanoma.
Appearance: Despite what this man has been though, he still comes off as self-respecting and reserved. He dresses in several layers to better protect himself from the radiation. Rarely if ever does he look disheveled, and his clothes managed to retain their proper creases.


Jung Personality Category: ISTJ
Explanation: "As an ISTJ, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you take things in via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion. Your secondary mode is external, where you deal with things rationally and logically."

Personality description: Gus could be described as β€œdown to earth”; he sees no point in abstract thought, and instead focuses on immediate and pressing matters. His traditional views of duty make him a hard working individual, as well as one who upholds the law. He also strongly believes in obligation. He is a private person who has a hard time sensing the feelings of others or even his own; he has a hard time sympathizing with emotional needs. He is often perceived as a cold and antisocial individual, and he does display loner tendencies. He prefers to work alone, but will collaborate with a small group if the situation demands it.
Though he carries an air of cynicism at times, he is actually an optimist. This is perhaps best reflected in his fascination with Roma; Roma represents for him the hope for the people of a decimated planet. He believes that he has collected every piece of human knowledge on the subject, and catalogs newspaper clippings and synopses of radio broadcasts on his large wooden desk.

Fears: Making a mistake that can't be fixed, dying alone, being in a large crowd, Funnel-web spiders, burglary
Habits: Placing important things in a chest to be used later, collecting information on Roma, walking around in the underground bus station
Emotional Sensitivities: The topic of his dog or his wife are sensitive for Gus. He avoids thought of them altogether.
Ethical Beliefs: An extremely moral citizen, he epitomizes responsibility and hard work. He likes to believe some of the Aboriginal myths, especially Djang.


Location: Brisbane, Australia, currently inhabiting a small ground-floor condo near the Underground Bus Station. He has boarded up the windows, and the only source of light are two flashlights kept near the door.
Notable Items
Large black luggage chest: Gus stores anything he deems useful in this chest, hoping that at some later time he'll find a good use for them. Secretly, he has locked away important medical equipment in this chest, but he doesn't take that out, for fear of robbery.
Wooden Desk: Gus has decided that this old desk will serve the singular purpose of holding all the information on Roma he has collected. Even though it generally appears untidy, he is always able to locate what he's looking for.
Small charcoal sketch and a shell: Gus keeps special mementos on a mantle, and often stares at them deep in thought. The charcoal drawing was his best attempt at portraying his wife, who deceased during the years immediately following the magnetosphere's dissolution. The shell, which he found on a walk one day, represents his dog. The Old English Sheepdog had liked to run on the shores; it, too, died during the early years of the apocalypse, but not of natural causes. Five years in to the global catastrophe, Gus panicked at the fact that he was having trouble acquiring food for himself and his dog. He was already in a deep state of despair, on account of his wife's death, and he was not thinking clearly. He came to the conclusion to kill the dog for food, however he immediately regretted the decision, and sickened to his stomach, he buried the dog on the beach.
Small collection of novels and postcards: Gus likes reading, and it gives him something to do to pass the time. His favorite story is The Hunter Gracchus, thought he's not sure if he understands it.


Occupation prior to Armageddon: Office Worker
Formal training: Worked at the front desk of a police station for two years, then worked for several large corporations. This work, of course, ceased a few months after the apocalypse. He now provides for himself in any way he can.
Degrees and Minors: Accounting degree, no minor degrees.
Languages Known: English, and can pick out words in Latin and the Pama-Nyungan languages

So begins...

Agustus "Gus" Taylor's Story