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Cam Panders

"I've managed to make it this far, I'm not going to just let myself die now."

0 · 185 views · located in Apocalyptic New York

a character in “All That Is Left”, as played by Robotic Jitterbug



Name: Camille Marie Panders
Nicknames: Cam
Age: 19
Birthday: November 23rd, 1996


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 156 lbs
Body Build: Lean Muscular

Hair color: Black
Hair style: Choppy, medium length hair with bangs.
Eye Color: Pale green
General Appearance: She tends to still worry about her looks, even in an apocalyptic setting. She scrounges for at least eyeliner and mascara. She does her best to make herself look decent. She washes herself in the water of the park's pond and still washes her clothes. Well, rinses them at least. Cam hold her looks in a high regard. Cam has softer features that look rather gaunt nowadays. She gained muscle from all the scavenging she does, and she is proud of it.

Clothes: An old, dingy, striped shirt; a pair of ripped, faded jeans; a pair of duck taped running shoes; and cracked sunglasses


Personality: Camille is a rather standoffish person, preferring not to get too close to people out of fear of them turning on her. She will allow some people into her life, but it is a rare occurrence. She is quite the loner. She uses sarcasm and bitterness as a sort of defense mechanism so that people are a safe distance away from her. But she is really caring when she gets attached to someone.
Family: Maria Panders (Mother, asleep)

Skills: Climbing and running

So begins...

Cam Panders's Story

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              Camille shifted in her sleep. Tossing left. Right. Left again. She sighed and opened her eyes; even after three years she had trouble sleeping knowing that no one was going to be there when she woke up. Cam sat up in her bed, indented with the figure of her from sleeping in the same position day in and day out. She should really go forge another mattress, the mall hasn't been touched by anyone other than herself for the three years she's lived alone. Well. Cam wasn't really alone per say. Her mother was in the apartment with her. But like hundreds of others in this godforsaken world, she was asleep. Cam slipped out from under the warm embrace of her sheets and decided to wear something other than just a dingy yellow-white bra and panties that don't even match it. Cam needed to raid a Victoria's Secret while she was out too. She shimmied her ripped jeans up her legs and buttoned the top. She hunted for her makeup bag whilst putting her trusty blue striped shirt on. Upon finding it she quickly put her face on (Consisting only of mascara and eyeliner) and put on her tightly wrapped in duct tape running shoes. Cam was going to do a lot of running today. She needed it. Before she left, she stopped next to her mom's room. "Mom, I'm going out... if you're awake when I'm back, I left a note on the fridge... it's been there a while, but... yeah." She beelines for the door and out into the desolate world she goes.

              She walks down the seemingly endless stairs down to the bottom floor of her apartment complex, walking out the door. The old security guard who used to be on alert at all times asleep at the desk. As if he just dozed off for a split second and intended to wake up any second now. Cam wished that was true. The morning sun shone down on her as she broke into a light jog. She had a few things to do today. Go find a new mattress and tow it all the way back from the mall, up the stairs, and into her bedroom; find some unspoiled food to eat (hopefully she'll happen across some protein bars again); get herself some 'new' underwear that matches; and pray once again that this time her mother would wake up and she wouldn't be alone again.

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              Cam's feet pound a rhythm as she sprints down the empty road. She was taking the long way to the mall. Her house wasn't too far from the mall if you took the right alleyways, but Cam always loved the feeling of burning lungs from running hard. Building after abandoned building whirred past her in her mad dash. 'Heh. Wanted to be an olympic runner before this happened...' She thought bitterly. Turn here, go straight, one last turn. Cam slowed to a mild jog as the building she was hunting for came into view.

              It was a large building, glass walls coat every side. Good for her to easily break and get through. Even though she had no need for that, she could easily just pry the doors open and slip in. She was skinny enough to do so. Cam approached the entrance, the one with the slightly ajar glass door. She slips her hand into the open crack and pull the glass aside with ease. She slips in and pulls it closed behind her. It may just be paranoia, but she just doesn't want anything knowing she's here... for now that is.

              She wanders the empty building, noticing that plants have already started rising up through the tiling. Cam whistles. Even though that everything that has happened to her had been nothing short of a nightmare, she had to admit it was kinda pretty how nature was trying to reclaim everything. She spots the Victoria's Secret, but the doors were locked. She reared back and delivered a kick to the handles. And another. And another. Until the door broke and she got inside. There was all sorts of underwear and lingerie that was laying around to never be sold. Cam planned on changing that as she rifled through the drawers for a bra in her size.