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Irving Macbeth

"Will my ambition be the death of me?"

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a character in “All The World's A Stage”, as played by MatthiasAleksander



Irving Macbeth
"Pray for me 'cause I have lost my faith in holy wars
Is paradise denied to me 'cause I can't take no more
Has darkness taken over me, consumed my mortal soul
All my virtues sacrificed, can Heaven be so cruel?”
[Within Temptation - The Truth Beneath The Rose]


|Full Name|
Irving Macbeth




Politician || Dancer

Macbeth || Macbeth

Irving is about 6'1" and has a slender yet muscular build, courtesy of his years of dance. His hair is fairly long and dark brown in colour. He used to dye it to hide the fact that it was turning prematurely grey, but doesn't bother anymore, now okay with the heavy silver streaks lacing through it.

His eyes are dark blue in colour, and framed by very large lashes. While he is rather handsome, Irving also looks much older than he actually is due to the amount of stress put on him by his life. He has fairly pale skin, mostly because he never actually goes out in the sunlight, and it doesn't have many markings on it - aside from the occasional bruise from dance practise.

|Hobbies || Talents|
-Dancing (Especially ballet and jazz)
-Gymnastics (Kinda linked with the dancing; he's super flexible)
-Very Charismatic
-Bird-watching (He has a large knowledge of birds, and enjoys relaxing on an afternoon and watching them fly by)

|Fears || Weaknesses|
-Severe injury/becoming crippled
-Being unable to dance
-Poor decision-making skills

|Family Tree|
-FC: Lady Macbeth (Wife)
-Claude King (Cousin)
-FC: Hamlet (Nephew)


Irving is a rather reserved man who has a sensitive side hidden under his bristly exterior. He is very loyal - or at least he tries to be, but then ambition clouds his way. He wants power and glory, but simply doesn't know how to achieve it, so he seeks to steal it from others. Irving doesn't have strong decision-making skills, and is often extremely fickle. He is also very easily influence by others, especially by his wife.

Irving does not try to commit evil deeds, rather they simple end up being the only option he can see. He feels extremely guilty over any immoral deed he commits, and often tries to convince himself to follow a virtuous path. In the end, though, he always ends up falling back onto the path of evil.

Irving had a fairly decent life up to now. He grew up in a fairly wealthy, upper-middle class family, and had a very good childhood. However, as he grew older and school and life became more difficult, he found that he never managed to meet his parents expectations. Someone was always better, more worthy, more important than he was. The worst of these was his cousin Claude. No matter what he did, Claude did it better, and Irving found himself standing in the shadow of his light.

Instead of going to college, Irving decided to study dance after highschool. It was the one thing he excelled at, where he was better than any of his cousins or friends. He made quite a name for himself, and danced at a few large performances, but it was never enough. And now, he began to notice that his body was beginning to fail him. His limbs were sore, his joints stressed and aching, and he found he just couldn't dance as well as he used to.

When the three psychics approached him, Irving thought they were joking. But now the thought that he could be better than Claude, that he could take the spotlight, was ingrained in his head. Irving decided to go to college and take a couple courses in politics. He ran against Claude in the last election, but was beaten miserably. The only path he sees now, at his wife's urging, is to murder Claude. And yet, he's terrified. Can he do it? He doesn't know.

|Theme Song|
Temposhark - Don't Mess With Me
"How it all began
If truth be told
Had a master plan
Now I rule the world

Took 'em by surprise
Worked my way uphill
They looked into my eyes
I became invincible

No one
can stop me
for only I am in control
If you want me you better contact my people

In my crown, I am king
I love their endless worshiping
I am raw, a dinosaur
But I will never be extinct

So don't mess with me
I'll shoot you down
Don't mess with me"

|Face Claim|
Mads Mikkelsen

Character Dialogue || #7d0f9a

So begins...

Irving Macbeth's Story

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(presenting a modernization of Shakespeare's classics.)



A perfect midsummer's day. Perhaps the most perfect midsummer's day the town of Verona had seen in ages.

Claude King sucked the thick, warm air into his nostrils and breathed it out through his mouth. The elements of the park were saccharine, but perfect for an excessively beautiful day such as this one. It stood right in the center of the bustling town, and it was almost shameful not to plan something in such a wonderful, flawless area.

So with a snap of his fingers, Claude commanded his many attendants to step forward. "Fellas," he crowed, "I think we've found our spot. It's time to start decorating."

With that, the group of men nodded, and busted into action. While most of the craftsmen got to work hanging streamers, balloons, and lanterns throughout the trees, a corpulent man named Nicholas Bottom spent his time carefully hammering a colorful sign into the park's grassy sod. It read...

Come join the festivity from 6-10 pm!
Food, dancing, music, a performance by our acting trope, and a fun time for all!

With a cool glass of lemonade in his right hand, Claude readjusted his aviator sunglasses and gazed upon the soon-to-be masterpiece of the Midsummer Night's Festival - his own idea, and an event he presumed the entire town had been waiting for for months. Why such little notice for such an anticipated festival? The answer was quite simple...

Verona, quite frankly, was in chaos. Not in economic chaos, nor in chaos with another town or the state of Pennsylvania itself, but in emotional chaos. The residents these days seemed...uneasy. The morale of the people was low and terribly depressing. Why, even his own stepson, Hamlet Jr., was sulking in the shadows. What the small town needed was a gigantic pick-me-up. A simple smile in the midst of darkness. This festival would lift the mood, create new bonds, and make bold, valuable memories. It was extravagant, yes, but that was would Verona was supposed to be. After all, a little party never hurt nobody. What could go wrong?

After taking a long swig of lemonade from his glass, Claude grabbed some cards advertising the event, and began to hand them out to passersby, saying, "Come one and come all! Hope to see you there!"



"Hello miss! Would you like-"

Before Ophelia Sprout could finish her sentence, the lady shot past her, not even grabbing the beautiful rose that the girl was holding out to her for free. Handing out flowers with tags on them to random strangers in order to promote the Midsummer Night's Festival was more work than it actually seemed. Still, Ophelia had to do it, or else her father would never let her back inside the house.

"Oh! Sir! Are you interested in-"

Just like the woman, the man scooted right past Ophelia, not even bothering to hear what her mousy voice had to utter.

She gazed down at the ground , then at the red, orange, and purple roses in her hands. This task was hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. If only she had a louder voice...then maybe people would hear her.

Birds sweetly chirping in the breeze, Ophelia calculatingly glanced to her left, then to her right. Slowly and gingerly, she placed the flowers down onto the sidewalk. She looked left and right once more, and then out of nowhere, broke out into a sprint.

Immediately she felt guilty for disobeying her father's orders, but once she saw the swarm of children crowd around the puddle of flowers, her doubts disappeared. He'd never know about what she really did if she just lied, but of course, Ophelia was a terrible liar, so that would never work.

If only her father wasn't so...commanding. Perhaps if he didn't have such a big job in the town and were just like everyone else, then maybe he wouldn't be so strict and mean all the time. After all, he was always getting into things that he didn't need to be getting his daughter's relationship with her boyfriend.

It was all so confusing, and she didn't want to think about it right now. She just wanted to go to the park and chill underneath her favorite willow tree. So with speedy steps, that's exactly what she did. A beautiful river nearby, Ophelia plucked a stone from the ground below, and tossed it into the murky pool. The stone skipped across the water's surface, and she closed her eyes. She wished for happiness, health, and a wonderful summer.

And then like a child, she dropped to the ground, staring up at the clouds and humming the first tune that came to mind. Today would be a good day, and she knew it.