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Romeo Montague

0 · 1,307 views · located in Verona, Pennsylvania

a character in “All The World's A Stage”, as played by Hypnos



{“O teach me how I should forget to think.”}

DIALOGUE- be365c

FC: francisco lachowski


|{FULL N A M E}|
Romeo Montague

|{N I C K N A M E }|

|{A G E}|

|{S E X U A L I T Y }|
Heterosexual ; Panromantic

|{O C C U P A T I O N }|
Heir to a rich business cooperation.

|{R O L E }|
Romeo || Romeo & Juliet




| H E I G H T | ; 5'11" |____W E I G H T | ; 140 lbs

| E YE COLOR | ; Hazel |____H A I R COLOR | ; Chestnut

|{ A P P E A R A N C E }|
Starry are the twinkle in his eyes, and sincerity does his smile portray. He is the very essence of care-free youth and yet there is something undeniably childish about him. Laugh lines cover his face softly, and his mouth a rosy pink from years of whispering sweet nothings, and how nothing they usually are.

His grin while magnetic holds hints of malice and a deep longing for something more. Something that, even though he doesn't know it yet, won't tie him down and yet when straying too far will bring him back down to Earth. This is not to say he is usually a pessimistic man hiding behind a façade someone blithe, but rather one that while he stops and smells the roses he won't be blind to the danger behind him.

And many have told him over numerous nights in bed that while soft in disposition his features are sharp and chiseled. A nose like that of Michelangelo and a body of a well-prepared man makes him desirable to those weak in will and easily seduced by temptation. While not naturally sultry he has found more often than not that riding the waves of agony is a much better fate than sitting on the sand and waiting. Good things do not come to those who wait but rather those whom are willing to seek it out.

Image Image

At night when all is quiet Romeo likes to wander around town aimlessly; finding it soothing to the soul. But, on the nights where city life brings no joy he rides out of the city and sits on the hood of his car to watch the stars for it is only there where man made light does not touch the sky, and he is able to appreciate them to their fullest.

|{FEARS & W E A K N E S S E S }|
To wear his heart on his sleeve he has been told not to do, but listening was never one of his strong suits. Heartbreak over heartbreak he does not learn from the past but rather tries to improve himself. Perfection is his goal and no matter how unachievable it may seem he will continue to persists on being the best he can be.

While he may not think of it as a weakness many have told him his cloying sweet attitude is sometimes utterly unbearable, and when taken to heart they say his self-deprecating mind set is just the icing on the cake.

Abraham Montague ; Father ; Alive
Calista Montague ; Mother ; Alive
Benvolio ; Cousin ; Alive
Mercutio ; Best Friend ; Deceased
Friar Laurence ; Good Friend ; Alive


|{P E R S O N A L I T Y}|
Bleeding Heart - Manic Depression - Impulsive - Idealistic - Covetous - Friendly

One might expect the words that fall from Romeo's lips to be sinfully delicious, but rather a certain charm is what they're given. Not a poet but rather a romanticist; he sees the world in rose tinted glasses until shattered, and so easily they are. From euphoria to complete and utter misery his mood changes just as quickly as he falls in love - but flighty as he is Romeo makes sure to never leave his inamorata for he believes joie de vivre can only truly be found in another's arms.

He finds no happiness in the future for he knows the life he is expected to follow is one of mundane workdays and tedious co-workers - expectation hung over his head like a gray cloud just ready to strike thunder. And it because of that though he has made it his personal goal to not be like his father; cold and calculating - playing God when he himself doesn't believe in such a thing. In addition to his 'rebellious' behavior toward father, he gives his heart away easily and takes possession of the others just as swiftly. He is no player, but he expects loyalty and demands he be treated with the same respect he has given others. Toxic relationships are made of people who aren't willing to give but are more than happy to take.

He finds manipulative people to be the bane of his existence for he knows all too well the feeling of being controlled like a marionette, unable to do anything but what the puppeteer wants him to do. But he is not smart enough - rather too trusting - of people that by the time he's been used it's already too late. While one might think he'd have hardened toward people he'd rather regressed in that area; all too willing to give people another chance even though they don't deserve it thoug. It is extremely hard to get on his bad side, but if one manages to do so one can expect no mercy.



|{H I S T O R Y }|

Let Verona be the place where dreams are shattered and love be the drug everyone cannot get their hands off of - no man or woman insusceptible to it's allure. Romeo is the prime example of what life in such a small town can do to a person, and having parents who find everyone underneath them cannot be good for a soul like his.

Decades of a rivalry with no known origin but rather that of tradition, Romeo grew up thinking the Capulets be the paramour of the devil himself. However with age comes wisdom and he's found the little feud to be more than a little silly. His final thoughts though were solidified when his friend Mercutio went missing after Tybalt - cousin of the Capulet's - sought him out. Mortified that a person could do such a thing Romeo overcome with grief did the unthinkable. He speaks not of what happened that day, but foolishly he thought it would make peace. An eye for an eye; a life for a life.

With the days to come the guilt weighed him down like a concrete wallet. The only remedy in his mind was that of love. Ah, as with every fairy tail all problems could be solved with a kiss to the lips and a smile. It could make the loneliest of men weep in comfort and fill the already expanding hole in his heart.
However, truly it was a shame that the object of his affection did not look his way even once. So beautiful he thought her to be that he promised himself that should he find another woman as great as Rose he would cry tears of acid and claw his eyes out. His vow though was broken the moment he set eyes upon Juliet.


|{ kiss it all better ; he is we }|

He sits in his cell,
And he lays on his bed.
Covers his head and closes his eyes.
He sees a smoking gun,
And the coward he ran.
And in his arms is the bleeding
Love of his life.

And she cried,
"Kiss it all better,
I’m not ready to go.
It’s not your fault, love,
You didn’t know, you didn’t know."

Her hands are so cold,
And he kisses her face
And says, “Everything will be all right."
He noticed the gun,
And his rage grew inside.
He said, “I’ll avenge my lover tonight”.

And she cried,
"Kiss it all better,
I’m not ready to go.
It’s not your fault love,
You didn’t know, you didn’t know."

Now he sits behind prison bars,
25 to life and she's not in his arms.
He couldn’t bring her back with a bullet to the heart
In the back of a man who tore his world apart.

He holds on to her memory,
All it is, is a memory.
Hey, hey.

He cries,
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.

So begins...

Romeo Montague's Story

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(presenting a modernization of Shakespeare's classics.)



A perfect midsummer's day. Perhaps the most perfect midsummer's day the town of Verona had seen in ages.

Claude King sucked the thick, warm air into his nostrils and breathed it out through his mouth. The elements of the park were saccharine, but perfect for an excessively beautiful day such as this one. It stood right in the center of the bustling town, and it was almost shameful not to plan something in such a wonderful, flawless area.

So with a snap of his fingers, Claude commanded his many attendants to step forward. "Fellas," he crowed, "I think we've found our spot. It's time to start decorating."

With that, the group of men nodded, and busted into action. While most of the craftsmen got to work hanging streamers, balloons, and lanterns throughout the trees, a corpulent man named Nicholas Bottom spent his time carefully hammering a colorful sign into the park's grassy sod. It read...

Come join the festivity from 6-10 pm!
Food, dancing, music, a performance by our acting trope, and a fun time for all!

With a cool glass of lemonade in his right hand, Claude readjusted his aviator sunglasses and gazed upon the soon-to-be masterpiece of the Midsummer Night's Festival - his own idea, and an event he presumed the entire town had been waiting for for months. Why such little notice for such an anticipated festival? The answer was quite simple...

Verona, quite frankly, was in chaos. Not in economic chaos, nor in chaos with another town or the state of Pennsylvania itself, but in emotional chaos. The residents these days seemed...uneasy. The morale of the people was low and terribly depressing. Why, even his own stepson, Hamlet Jr., was sulking in the shadows. What the small town needed was a gigantic pick-me-up. A simple smile in the midst of darkness. This festival would lift the mood, create new bonds, and make bold, valuable memories. It was extravagant, yes, but that was would Verona was supposed to be. After all, a little party never hurt nobody. What could go wrong?

After taking a long swig of lemonade from his glass, Claude grabbed some cards advertising the event, and began to hand them out to passersby, saying, "Come one and come all! Hope to see you there!"



"Hello miss! Would you like-"

Before Ophelia Sprout could finish her sentence, the lady shot past her, not even grabbing the beautiful rose that the girl was holding out to her for free. Handing out flowers with tags on them to random strangers in order to promote the Midsummer Night's Festival was more work than it actually seemed. Still, Ophelia had to do it, or else her father would never let her back inside the house.

"Oh! Sir! Are you interested in-"

Just like the woman, the man scooted right past Ophelia, not even bothering to hear what her mousy voice had to utter.

She gazed down at the ground , then at the red, orange, and purple roses in her hands. This task was hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. If only she had a louder voice...then maybe people would hear her.

Birds sweetly chirping in the breeze, Ophelia calculatingly glanced to her left, then to her right. Slowly and gingerly, she placed the flowers down onto the sidewalk. She looked left and right once more, and then out of nowhere, broke out into a sprint.

Immediately she felt guilty for disobeying her father's orders, but once she saw the swarm of children crowd around the puddle of flowers, her doubts disappeared. He'd never know about what she really did if she just lied, but of course, Ophelia was a terrible liar, so that would never work.

If only her father wasn't so...commanding. Perhaps if he didn't have such a big job in the town and were just like everyone else, then maybe he wouldn't be so strict and mean all the time. After all, he was always getting into things that he didn't need to be getting his daughter's relationship with her boyfriend.

It was all so confusing, and she didn't want to think about it right now. She just wanted to go to the park and chill underneath her favorite willow tree. So with speedy steps, that's exactly what she did. A beautiful river nearby, Ophelia plucked a stone from the ground below, and tossed it into the murky pool. The stone skipped across the water's surface, and she closed her eyes. She wished for happiness, health, and a wonderful summer.

And then like a child, she dropped to the ground, staring up at the clouds and humming the first tune that came to mind. Today would be a good day, and she knew it.

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There was a familiar figure heading down the winding path in front of her. Waist-length hair, small stature, and confident walk...none other than the town's sharpest wit.

"Trixy!" Ophelia shouted, jogging over to the twenty-year-old and wrapping her long arms around her. Even if she had never talked to Beatrice, Ophelia would have greeted her the same. To the innocent girl, everyone was a friend.

She giggled and grinned, pushing tendrils of wispy brown hair behind her ears. "How are you? I'm assuming you are coming to the festival tonight, right? It's such a wonderful day out!" Perhaps Beatrice was brash and blunter than a rubber mallet when asked about her opinion on a particular subject or whenever she was forced to hear the heartbreaking backstories of he drunkards that resided at the pub. Still, she could be warm and generous, and if you really got on her good side, she was known to be a very protective friend.

Still, the town knew her for other reasons. Ophelia gazed down at the grass. There was something else that she had to ask Beatrice. Quite a touchy subject, but an important one...

"So...are you still fighting with him?" she quietly muttered, trying not to use any negative inflections. Perhaps Beatrice was quite plain-spoken, but there was only one person in the town who she truly hated. That person was the prideful Benedict Cavillor. Ever since he had come back to Verona, the two would not stop shooting harmful taunts at each other. It was like a war, only their weapons consisted of words.

While she awaited Beatrice's response and kept an attentive ear on whatever she had to say, Ophelia pulled out her purple iphone and scrolled through her list of contacts. There were a couple messages she needed to send.

The first one was for her boyfriend...

[ To: Hamlet <3 ]
[ From: Ophelia ]
{ Do you want to go to the festival tonight? Your stepdad decided that its going to be held in the park. }

The second was for her two friends...

[To: Romeo, Juliet]
[From: Ophelia]
{ Will the secret star-crossed lovers be attending the festival tonight? :) }

Finished, Ophelia looked up from her phone screen, noticing Katherine Minola, as well as the traveler man, Paris Victor, in the distance. She pointed her index finger at them, showing them to Beatrice, and smiled.

"Should we go say hello?" she asked. Of course Ophelia wouldn't be able to muster up the courage to go up to the two young adults herself. One part of her didn't want to be rude and leave Beatrice behind, while another part of her lacked the independence to do so.

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#, as written by Hypnos

      Think not of life of what it could be but rather as it is, and one will find themselves in a much happier state than he had been previously. Despite hours and hours weeping over love lost Romeo, dear Romeo, found a star much more brilliant than the comet that had left the inky black sky with streaks of gold and silver - only to disappear in front of him. True he had wept, and wept he did, but the bright angel spoke to him with words that could sweeten a tart and lifted his poor soul out of the shackles known as unrequited love.

      Ah, but had it been love or merely a fancy - knowing that the one person he wanted to obtain was the one girl he couldn’t have? Not a game per say, but rather an observation into his own mind and it is only with trial and error can one come to a conclusion. The results had be skewed for the girl he had wanted loved not him, but rather another man of a different breed. A more familiar type of man he was, but Romeo was never one to judge too harshly for he knew love had no boundaries. As proven with his now on going devotion to the girl he swore would be his last. Juliet. How sweet the name rolls off his tongue, and yet something forbidden makes him crave more. Was she subject number two? Romeo shook his head no at such blasphemy.

      It was love at first sight and how fast did his heart drop only to crawl into her awaiting, gentle hands. And yet she refused to give him hers - at first that was.

      A message from his dear friend Ophelia brought him out of his musings and while he would have loved to go on about his woe he thought it to be too rude to ignore such a kind indentation.

      { To: Juliet ❤ , Ophelia ☀}
      {From: Romeo }

      { Of course, you’ll be sure to have me in your attendance.}

      Romeo knew from the moment he met Juliet that though she may be naive in some aspects she was anything but the submissive little girl he had always thought her to be. Kind and gentle did her heart bleed, but stubbornness was a trait he knew not how to get rid of. Of course though he would never think of changing his Juliet.

      ”Do birds still sing in the face of fear?” he thought suddenly as though being reminded of their situation at hand. Of course he knew the outcome should Juliet’s father ever hear of their relationship, but Romeo often wonders would he - no, could he - still say ‘I love her’ when met with the glaring disapproval of both his father and hers?

      He wished not to think about it, but knew that reality to be too much of a possibility to ignore. Should the day come where he would have to chose between Juliet and a life of wealth - in safety Romeo would like to think he’d die for her. Then again, he reminded himself, “do not burn bridges before I even get there.”


      He spent the next few minutes to wander and ponder over thoughts he were too grim for a night such as this. And it was only when the sounds of the city were replaced with the humming of birds and tree branches falling did he notice how far he had wandered.

      With nothing to lose - but poor Juliet - he ventured into the woods where he knew the Festival would be held at, after all the town was glued by tradition.

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"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead."

-Oscar Wilde

Her eyes moved at an incredible speed from left to right, devouring every word written by Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey. Her hands held the book close to her, the pages were already worn out and the book's hardcover had dents. Despite she did her best to care for all of her books as one would care for something precious, it was an inevitable occurrence especially after how many times she'd read each and every one of them. Indeed, anyone who loved to read would know they were simply signs that almost all of her books were tremendously loved by young Juliet. The young woman had long since lost count of how many times she had read the novel as she had with many other books, but she didn't care to count for any of them anymore as she once did. Although she had started reading the novel an hour earlier, she was already just a few pages away from reaching the end.

As soon as she read the last sentence contained in her worn out book, Juliet's thoughts shifted from the tragedy of Dorian Gray to thoughts of her beloved Romeo. Their romance had broken every boundary known to her, going against the odds and simply plunging into the deep fires of passion. Oh what a great tragedy it was when she learned her soulmate and greatest love was none other than the one she was supposed to hate the most. Although she had been reluctant at first to cave into temptation at his loving gaze, she knew she had been lost the moment their eyes plunged deeply into one another. She did not care to know of a life without Romeo and would rather die than to ever know of such great tragedy. Neither did she dare to forget of the consequences of their love and what chaos would be unleashed were her parents ever to find out. And even though Romeo could be rather clingy to the point of being a bit overwhelming for the unexperienced girl Juliet was, she knew nothing but to love her Romeo for a long as she could.

Lost in thoughts was the young girl when her her sweet friend Ophelia sent her a message. Her phone's notification was completely ignored by the ever-so-daydreaming Juliet who had abandoned the tangible Earth to enter the abstract realms of her complex mind. It wasn't until she felt a slight nudge on her right shoulder that she was brought back to reality.

"Julieta, It's time for you to get ready for the festival dear." Juliet's nanny, Helena, hastened the young girl.

Although Helena's intentions were driven by her patrons, Juliet's parents, who wanted their daughter to attend the event with ulterior motives. Given Juliet's suitor would also be attending the Midsummer Night's Festival. Helena also wanted for her dear Juliet to enjoy herself at the Festival. Juliet finally nodded still a bit dozed off taking her time to transition back into real life. Had it not been because Romeo would be at the festival, Juliet would have hardly cared and would have seen suspected of her loving nanny's real intentions. Regardless, any time she'd get to spend with her lover was a time well spent. Without further haste, she checked her phone to see the time only to see the Ophelia's message and replied without further haste.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
{ To: Amore Mio❤, Ophelia }
{ From: Juliet }

{ Count me in! I wouldn't miss it for the world. }
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As soon after she sent the message, Juliet stood up and hastily hurried to place it on one of her many massive bookshelves in order to begin getting ready for the festival. Although she didn't care much for material possessions and choose to live as normally as possibly without constantly reminding herself of her parent's overwhelming status and wealth. Having her own library was something she had allowed herself to indulge with.

After she ventured deep into the woods, she immediately hoped to see her Romeo awaiting for her only to be caught off guard after seeing him from afar. Beyond doubt, she immediately recognized his back from a distance and was now determined to sneak up on her lover. The young woman carefully walked slowly and steadily behind him and only when he was at arms reach did she hug him from behind lovingly.

"Found you." Juliet whispered holding onto her Romeo with a devious smile drawn upon her lips.