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"It's an adventurous adventure, is what it is! Can't wait!"

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a character in “Allevent, Realm of Caith”, originally authored by Byte, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Aela
Race: Human
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female

None at all. Aela doesn't really do anything for a living that would earn her money, fame or anything of worth. As for what occupies her in the present day, her coming-of-age journey would be the most important thing. In basic terms, I guess that'd make her a Traveller at best.

While it is not that strange of a sight to see a child, one may certainly glance a look or two when spotting little Aela. Safe for the otherworldly attire -- And the gigantic axe slung on her back -- the girl clearly shows the strong traits of what few tribes still cling onto the primitive ways of life in terms of clothing. Her physical traits, are no different. Inheriting most of her features from mothers-side, like the rich dark-toned organic blanket, bright golden eyes and long light-brown locks -- always kept in a straight, single braid -- that easily reach the girl's waist.

Her body isn't all that muscular compared to most of her kindred -- granted that Aela is still a child -- and only barely manages to reach a standing height of four feet and nine inches, accompanied with a measly weight of ninety-five pounds that can only be described as skin and bones from a quick glance. A clearer view would reveal Aela's childhood scars and markings that pretty much come along with the tribes-member package, most located around the regions of the girl's arms and legs. Other, more significant markings are well-hidden underneath what little attire the young tribes-girl wears.

Well, Aela is a child. Well, a teen, obviously. But that doesn't make her less needy, wide-eyed and curious. Especially when venturing beyond what she has known for all her life. The girl is kind, loud, and enjoys grabbing everyone's attention so she can stand in the centre of whatever circle she found herself in. Bubbly and childishly-charming at best, Aela can be an jolly-joy of a companion to have around. Sometimes even helpful. At other times, the girl may be a nuisance, annoying and overly-careless when it comes to the outside dangers that she has not prepared for.

She is smart, but not smart enough to figure out the customs and behaviours of other people and the world outside her tribe. Taking the 'stare at it until it shows kindness and then poke it to death when it does' approach, the girl may come off as a shy, especially around those who maintain a harsh and cold attitude, yet rather gullible when it comes to learning about the strange environment she is venturing through. Although she certainly does not lack in the will to learn about it, Aela clearly struggles in adapting to it.

It isn't difficult to figure Aela for an outsider, being the unknowing and curious individual that is both intrigued and afraid of what is falling on her path. Which, in turn, throws loads of pitfalls for Aela to either drop into or gracefully avoid with just a hair to lose. Though the outcome always depends on the gravity of the situation.

There ain't too many useful skills in Aela's repertoire, but certainly there are a few that may prove their worth in the coming journey. The girl is knowledgeable on the survival aspect, knowing what plants you can and cannot eat, and also what places are best to take refuge in. Aela is also useful for certain... infiltration tasks, her lithe and small body allowing her to access areas much larger, stockier people can't get to. Anything else, she's... Well, she can play the flute, is seemingly talented at tracking footprints, and can cook a decent meal out of scraps.

Dexterity - One does not simply be part of a tribe residing in the forests by being the most bland of salt bags. Aela my have a natural litheness because of her young body, but she is far more than that. The girl is sleight of hand, light on her feet, and is able to crawl into and onto spaces most people wouldn't even be able to get to without major assistance.

Intelligence - Intelligent? Sort of. Aela is possibly the most imaginative and most curious person ever, and often comes up with the most bizarre plans that one may have heard. Take that with a cat's curiosity and you got yourself a sneak-thief -- No really, she'll slip away without notice. -- that will find you an entirely different method of passing that barred gate blocking your path of important progress.

Charisma - Not necessarily to be a conscious asset -- Aside from Aela manipulating the situation with the all-famous puppy glare. -- She has no authority over anyone or anything, nor can she lead a band of seasoned individuals to some kind of victory. Her charisma is more akin to being natural, a get-away-with-your-mischief kind of charm. The fact that she is still a sweet, innocent child discovering the world before her, and no one that would punish her too harshly. Unless you hate kids, you sick, inconsiderate bastard.

Attack & Defence - Wait, You're serious? Expecting a child to know how to fight -- Okay, punching and kicking aside. -- is expecting a monkey to sprout wings on its back and soar through the heavens. It ain't happening! And while throwing rocks is something Aela would do, the girl has yet to actually use Jack excessively. Honestly, the axe is more of a hanger-on.

Willpower - Definitely no. Curiosity has gotten the better of her once, it will certainly happen again, and again, and again. Self-control isn't something Aela will develop any time soon, and it is definitely her worst pitfall while traversing that which is unknown to her and her companion. Hell, not even Jack could heed her from doing something that is deemed careless outside of the tribe.

Perception - Obviously not used to what the vast 'New World' has to offer, Aela could very well be as dumb as a lamppost. Not that she actually is -- Although she certainly has that kind of carelessness at most given times. -- but fate dictates that the girl only finds something is awry when it has already happened, or is about to.

Cursed Axe of Ironbark Jack:
Aela's most notable equipment and precious companion. You heard right; companion. The cursed axe of Ironbark Jack, as it is called. Its exterior shows a fragile build, appearing as if breaking it is as easy as snapping a twig with your thumb and index-finger. But the inner workings, that's a different story altogether. Jack has been augmented with a Cuprum Caith crystal. For something that appears so fragile, yet so heavy for a little girl, the augmentation has given it the sturdiness of metal, yet the feathery weight of a... Well, let us say a medium-sized twig. Not that Aela uses Jack a whole lot, the axe is more of a tag-along than it is an actual arm.

A bamboo instrument that Aela carries around her waist, along with the random batch of pouches. A small, childish instrument, but whenever finding herself bored and given too much free time, the girl can play quite the tune.

Born into a small tribe that stuck with the primitive ways of life well-hidden within one of the forests of Allevent, Aela was raised in customs and culture that not many would know about. Taught to live off of what nature had to gift, to respect the world in its purest form, Cuprum. Aela's tribe revered the Cuprum Caith much like others would revere a God-entity. Mother Nature, as they called it, the giver of all life.

The young girl's childhood was spend teaching her of their believes, and how life could be kept in balance. It was no less harsh a teaching as it was a valuable one. Something Aela still practices to this very day, although... perhaps having given it a different meaning in her own mind. Curious as she was, Aela did taste, although little, of the outside world. and in her spare time, unapproved trips were made to a nearby village, spied upon as the locals would often glance once or twice before noting she had left.

Like all children of the tribe who have turned fifteen, Aela was sent off for her coming-of-age journey. A year-long adventure that would make her a true adult in the eyes of society upon return. Although some tribesman speculate that there have been other reasons for the girl's journey, the curious weapon named; Jack, being the most common reason. Though only the circle would know the truth to that.

Whatever the reason, Aela has made quite the adventure. Well, as grand as an adventure can be for a young girl. But helping the local farm owner with catching their livestock is as good as any adventure, right? And hey, so far the few towns the girl visited, the people seemed nice and giving. Though she has yet to grasp any understanding of this... 'Outside World'.

Life is definitely not a bore for Aela. Plenty of things to learn, discover, and experience. Frightened, yes, but also intrigued with what's to come next. As for her goals, Aela has promised Jack to help him on discovering his past and possibly how he got... Well, trapped in the first place. In return, he promised to help her on her travels, should Aela need it.

What others would know:
The Tribe:
Basics: Aela hails from, as the books call it, the Cuprum Tribe. A small, insignificant group of humans who have resided within one of the forests located in the eastern regions of the land. Few know about them, and even fewer tend to meet with them. They live secluded from all other societies, having taken a rather primitive way of life and only meddling in their own affairs. As their name suggests, they revere the Cuprum Caith as the creator of everything. Believing that it was this mystical energy that gave the world, and its inhabitants their lives.

Customs: The Cuprum Tribe centers its customs and culture around the balance of life. Living with nature, rather than from it. They take only what is necessary, and return what is left with elongated rituals. For example, cutting down a tree or harvesting fruits and returning their seed to the soil for another to grow. Animals are well respected, and only ever provided from of one has died a natural cause. Said animal is stripped from any useful provisions, and afterwards given a Rite for the Departed, a funeral, where the remains are cleansed and buried underneath a tree. The same rite that is held when a tribal-member has passed away.

Coming-of-age Journey: As is custom, children of the tribe who have reached their fifteenth life year are sent on a year-long journey that will make the official adults once they return. Actual specifics of this custom isn't known, just that the tribe sends them of to become more knowledgeable about the world of Allevent and its many inhabitants. In basic terms, it could be said that this journey is to make a child grow independent, that they are able to take care of themselves when they return.

So begins...

Aela's Story

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#, as written by Byte
“Wow... S-So big!”

Aela looked about with widened eyes as she entered the bustling streets of Barberry. People scurrying about with no heed for who they bumped into, the young tribes-girl having a hard time wringing herself through the mass to find a spot that gave her the time needed to take in this gigantic blob of – Civilisation.

A city wouldn't normally cause this much distress and amazement from anybody, but to Aela this was like venturing out into a strange and unknown world. Sure she had a taste of what this society was like in the much smaller settlements, but that was nothing compared to this!

“D-do these people live here? H-how...”

Her surprised remark attracted a few glances from the locals. Of course, it was a tad weird to see a child standing on a stack of crates talking as if she never had seen a city. Not to mention, it wasn't a common thing to see a member of the few human tribes – Let alone their younglings exploring the more... crowded parts of Allevent. Most just stuck with the wilds, spending their journey there, rather than mingling with an entirely different culture.

“Only a few steps into a city and already daunted, are you?”

A deep, male voice taunted just out of earshot from the locals. Though there wasn't any presence near Aela that it would've come from. “Anyway, if you are done gaping at the most common thing in the world here, how about we- Y'know, get to finding what we came for? Just a thought.”


Those words had pretty much fallen on deaf ears, as Aela was far too busy deciding on where to go, and how to get there. Eventually after some more staring and pointing, the tribes-girl found the courage to descent from the stack of crates and actually scurry about the streets. All the while asking a barrage of questions like; what are they doing, why are those people shouting, and what are those shiny round chips. The latter, Aela soon recalled to have been called money. Something she had been offered by one of the farmers a few towns back. A reward for helping out with gathering the flock of sheep that had ran off.

The voice, that Aela referred to as Jack, was happy to explain all these questions that were thrown at him. So this was a market, a place where people buy clothes and food. Those people shouting were merchants selling their wares. Jack explicitly told Aela that what they told was usually only half true, as merchants liked to exaggerate how they got their wares -- let alone their actual use.

As the young girl ventured further into the streets, she was abruptly halted by a large crowd of people that had gathered in a circle. All standing there in silence, something that definitely got her attention as it didn't take her longer than a second to squeeze her tiny from through the mass.

“Alright people, the show is over, Just our newest entertainer trying out her new comedy act, you can see it, and more, at the Green Heron Inn&Tavern, in Port Garatt three days from now. Please enjoy the rest of your day, and we hope to see you there!”

A voice called out, which resulted in the crowd instantly leaving the two strangers that were, apparently, the centre of attention. Aela had no clue of what was happening, and could only stare at the duo; A tall, white-haired male who had the look of a seasoned warrior, and a beautiful woman clothed in red-robes.

“We might want to have something done about that, however, lest it go on to attack more innocent bystanders.”

Aela followed the man's gaze, only now noticing the small fox. “Don't!” Aela shrieked, as her instincts compelled her to get between the tall man and the little fox before anything drastic would happen.

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Lysandra Teraviel

The silence was deafening as the woman stood in the middle of a circle in the crowds of people, clutching a fox to her chest and wrapping her arm around the torn cloth of her sleeve. They were all watching the spectacle--their eyes were focused on her! Why did this stupid animal have to get loose and make such a scene? It even held a piece of the fabric in its mouth, proud of the fact that it had gotten away with this! She cursed under her breath as she clutched her arm to her chest, squeezing the fox against her body. Had it known? Had any of those people seen underneath the tear?

"Alright people, the show is over! Just our newest entertainer trying out her comedy act! You can see it and more at the Green Heron Inn andTavern in Port Garatt three days from now! Please enjoy the rest of your day, and we hope to see you there!" a voice called out from behind her. She froze, uncertain of how to react to this situation. First the crowd staring at her, and now this man lying on her behalf--why did all eyes have to turn on her today? The fox wriggled in her arms slightly, a wicked grin across its face as it flaunted the tattered piece of cloth in its mouth.

Thankfully, the lie seemed to work--the crowds dispersed and the people started to return to their regular business. As she was about to turn and walk away from the commotion she had caused, a pale man with snow-white hair and piercing green eyes stepped in front of her, his armor glimmering in the setting sunlight. She would have run the other direction if it had not been for the realization that this man was blocking the view of her torn sleeve to the populace; as it appeared, however, it seemed as if the creature had bit into her skin and left a wound--nothing suspicious, they should not have noticed anything out of the ordinary...

"There is a tailor not far from here--it's actually on the way to where I am going, so if you'd like I can take you to get that fixed." The white-haired man offered, extending a hand toward the panicked woman. As he did so, the animal in her arms opened its jaws and nipped at his fingers whenever he attempted to reach out, cloth still stuck on a pair of fangs. "We might want to have something done about that, however, lest it go on to attack more innocent bystanders." The man's tone suddenly shifted, a bit of disdain in his voice.

“Don't!” a shrill cry pierced through the market as a young girl hurled herself toward the pair. She was adorned in a less-than-optimal amount of clothing, covering only her upper chest and her waist in leopard-print. Across her back she could make out a long single braid and... was that an axe? What was such a small girl doing with such a large and heavy weapon, especially in the middle of a busy market like this? Granted, the woman in red carried her bow with her whever she went, but it wasn't like a blade, something that a drunkard could accidentally kill something with. She attempted to force herself between the pair, arms outstretched as if to protect her--but from what?

The woman's stunned gaze shifted between the two newcomers, her arm still covering the tear in her robe and pinning the grinning fox to her chest. Another one!? This is fantastic--I don't need this many people trying to help me at once... She grimmaced as she attempted to calm herself down, recollect the last few moments in her scattered thoughts. There was mention of a tailor? But that would set her back on her research, and daylight was burning fast--any more distractions and she would not be able to access the Archive until the next day at the very least, possibly longer! Still, the tear would not repair itself any time soon, and the longer her sleeve remained torn like this, the more likely someone would perhaps stumble upon her... condition... or worse, the entire sleeve might be torn from her robes, and then what? No use hiding it anymore; might as well kill herself right then and there if the embarrassment didn't do that first!

"I... I..." the woman's gaze fell to the ground, unsure of what the proper response to this situation should be. The fox continued to squirm around in her arms, trying to escape but not quite using enough force to free itself. Another moment to compose her thoughts, a slow meditative breath to calm herself. It was not worth the risk, she decided--if she was forced to spend the night here in this city just to give herself the opportunity to search the Archive again, so be it.

"...thank you..." she replied slowly, raising her eyes to the white-haired man before stepping around the girl that had thrown herself between the two others. The woman in red made sure to cover the hole in the fabric, taking every precaution to make it appear as natural of a bite wound as possible (if that was even possible). "...would you mind leading the way?" Her voice wavered slightly, as if she was not sure whether she should accept the male stranger's offer.

What are you getting yourself into?

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#, as written by Igari


She had been trying to squeeze her way through the throng of people, fighting to get through the crowd to reach her companion. She was determined to "purrservere", however, as Xerxes had a tendency to get into copious amounts of trouble if left unwatched. As she pushed herself through the crowd, she faintly saw someone move out of the corner of her eye--cutting through the large group with ease. Before she could side-step them, the figure had already come to step into her path with almost too much ease. She let out a surprised mewl, already hastening back a few steps, wondering where on earth he had come from.

"Are you looking for something? Do you need help?" The words failed to process for a moment as she was more preoccupied at looking at this... being before her, colorful and rather vivid. It reminded her a little of the tropical forests she had visited once with her tribe but she remembered little of the journey. She bit her lip as she tried to look around him, narrowing her eyes a bit to see into the distance. The jolt of his appearance was steadily fading--becoming replaced by unease.

"M-Meeewr...." She didn't have time to waste on much conversation yet did not want to be rude about it. Shunning strangers who could potentially by buying her wares the next week would not do her business any good. She rubbed at her nose to try to keep Xerxes' scent fresh, as his was starting to creep into her senses. Being rude wasn't the optimal route but she did not have a choice. She was going to have to cut this interaction short--already, the feeling of tension was increasing in the pit of her stomach over what antics her animal companion could be getting into.

"I-I'm furry sorry!" Was all she managed before bending her knees and releasing her body into a pounce. Her feline alignment allowed her jump to arc over the stranger before landing gracefully on the other side of him. She did not pause, running in the direction Xerxes had scampered off to before there could be any more interruptions. She weaved through the crowd, rounding the corner just as her ears picked up a loud shriek. The young woman paused, turning to her right to see a dimming commotion of sorts. Almost immediately, she clammed up, face paling. She could very clearly see her fox, smugly in the arms of a tall, frail-looking woman. That in itself wasn't the problem. It was the amount of people around her animal companion that were causing her breath to hitch in her throat. So... so many...

She had never been good in such social settings but by the looks of things, she was going to have to step in to retrieve him. There was a primal looking girl positioned between the woman and a man with silver hair. Talking to the woman by herself wouldn't have presented an issue, she could already tell from a distance that she was an Elf. Naturally, she felt at ease around this race, given the kinship that was shared between them and her own tribes. But the other two in the equation were enough to push the summoner over the edge. She bit her bottom lip, almost inclined to turn on her heel. But there was that odd-looking stranger that she had left behind and she had no way of knowing if he would pursue after her (which was a disturbing thought). And there was no way she could leave Xerxes by himself, that was for sure. And what kind of Xiphreim would she be to leave her beloved summon behind?

Forcing the breath past her lips in a bit of a hiss, she made herself take slow steps forwards to approach the individuals. Xerxes had been waiting for her arrival, it seemed. As soon as he caught sight of her, he bounded out of the woman's arms, nonchalantly trotting over to her. He had a red piece of cloth between his teeth. She didn't take long to put it together in her mind. It was evident that this fabric had come from the woman who had just been holding him. He stopped a few inches from her feet and spat out the cloth on the ground, almost as if presenting her with some glorious catch. She frowned but there would be time to reprimand him later. She would have to make amends to that poor woman for the ruckus that he had caused.

Casting a stern gaze at Xerxes that she hoped explicitly told him to "stay purrt", she walked only several more steps so that she came to a halt some feet from the small gathering. Her face was already starting to heat up as she tried to get the words out, unable to focus on any one person in particular and settled for looking at the ground. "I apurrogize... fur any trouble my furmiliar caused you..." She trailed off weakly. How did one even make amends in the first place...? She glanced back at the fabric that was still on the ground near Xerxes, sliding her magenta orbs towards the woman. From the way she clutched at her arm, he had probably ripped a portion of her sleeve off (though she really couldn't think of how this had happened in the first place...). The only thing she could think to do was somehow pay for the repairs, maybe that would suffice? Reaching into her pouch, she took out two gold crescents and, for extra apologetic measure, also took out one of her potions.

Moving as quickly as she possibly could, she shoved the items into the hands of the woman and bowed to her, turning immediately and running from the entourage. She couldn't even manage any well-wishes, too tongue-tied and light-headed to think properly. Xerxes was fast on the uptake and darted after her as she ran blindly through the streets. She cared not for where she ended up, so long as she was far away from the group. After several minutes, she finally allowed herself to stop. She leaned against the wall, heaving out a large sigh. Her cheeks were flush with the embarrassment she felt and the nervousness that was slowly dissipating. Now that she was finally alone, she could feel the constriction in her chest beginning to loosen up. Xerxes padded around her ankles casually, yawning as he looked up at her almost innocently.

"Feeling better?" He asked her, the summoner nodding slowly as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"I think so...." She smiled a little shakily at him, unable to fully hide how uncertain she had felt during the prior interactions. She reached out her hands slightly, offering to lift her fox companion up on to her shoulders. Xerxes only wrinkled his nose but complied, jumping into her arms and settling on her shoulders. Surprisingly, he rubbed his cheek against hers, which caused the girl to smile. He always knew how to make her feel better, didn't he? Though now the next order of business was to figure out how exactly she was going to get home... She had no idea where she was in the city any longer, having run without any set destination in mind. And now she stood in what appeared to be a large plaza, blinking her wide eyes as she took in the surroundings. She heard a chuckle near her ear and turned her head a bit to the side to regard Xerxes.

"What is so amewsing?" She questioned, receiving only a motion towards the center of the plaza. She followed his directives, eyes coming to rest...

... Ffffffffnyah?!

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Icarus Saerin

Icarus was about to reach over when suddenly a barely dressed girl tossed herself in between he and the red-robed woman.

"Don't!" She shrieked, Icarus stopped his approach, but before he could even grab the fox. He turned to see a barely dressed child in leopard print clothes. She looked like one of the tribal children of the Eastern Jungles, however whether she was from there or from another it was hard to say. The most curious thing about her was the large axe tied to her back. It was clearly much to big for it to be used well -if at all- by someone of her stature, But he kept his curiousity to himself.

Icarus slowly pulled his hand away, careful not to trigger an adverse reaction from the girl or the fox, who was now squirming in the red-robed womans arms, more just for the sake of squirming than actually escaping. There was something about the foxes eyes that gave the impression that it was much or intelligent than just some wild animal, but Icarus could not quite pin the reason why.

The woman suddenly spoke. "I... I..." She said, fumbling for words. Icarus was about to suggest something, but stayed quiet, realizing the woman must have some introverted qualities, and suddenly being the center of attention must have been difficult for her. He waited for her as she collected herself, It was then that he realized she was actually a quite attractive woman. In the heat of the previous situation, he had not been able to get a very good look at her, but now he was able to take a moment to see the slender woman before him. Her skin was quite pale, almost to the point of the average Sylph maiden, if not at the point exactly. She also had green eyes that glittered with life, despite being so reserved. She had thin, dainty features, but not so much so that it robbed from her attractiveness. He took note of the long pointy ears, and suddenly realized another major component of her allure...

She was an elf. Elf women were notorious for their allure to human men, seeing as how almost all of them surpassed the beauty of human women at an extreme degree. Sylph were a sister-species to the humans, so naturally the effect would be the same.

He caught himself staring, and immediately looked off into the distance. She didn't seem to notice. He breathed a silent sigh of relief, knowing that had she noticed, she may have raised her walls again and that would have been the end of that.

She took a breath and tried again.
"...thank you..." She said, adjusting her sleeve to cover the tear in the smooth fabric. "...would you mind leading the way?" She said. Icarus nodded, and was about to ask what to do about the fox, when it suddenly leaped easily out of the woman's arm and walked over to another woman, this one a shorter girl with a cute cat-eared hat The ears looked so real he kind of wondered if they were cut off some animal, preserved, and stitched onto the hat as is, but he dismissed the thought. She looked nervous at first, glancing back and forth between everyone in the group, then suddenly regarded the fox, at first she remained with the confused expression, but that soon changed to an expression of realization as she noticed the small piece of red fabric the fox was brandishing proudly. She muttered something that sounded like an annoyed purr to the fox, and then nervously walked over.

"I apurrogize... fur any trouble my furmiliar caused you..." She said. Icarus raised a brow at her peculiar manner of speaking, but mentioned nothing about it. She looked around nervously, as if trying to find the right words or right actions to finish the situation as quickly as possible. Suddenly she reached into her pouch, pulled out two Crescents and a potion, and shoved them into the uninjured hand of the woman, bowed and as quickly as she came, she was gone.

"That was... odd... However, I believe that solves the problem of who will pay for the tailor. I was going to offer, but seeing as how she gave you that. Im sure that will be more than enough. You might even be able to buy yourself new, give or take a few silver monarchs" He said. He turned around to face the young girl once again.

"I'm sorry if you though I was going to hurt the fox by the way. I was simply going to give it to one of the guard, who would have brought it out of city limits, and released it to the wild." He said. Although he figured that a guard might find more use for it selling it to a fur clothing shop. But he didn't have the hear to tell her that. He turned towards the direction of the tailor, which was on the very corner of Merchant's Row and Guilded avenue.

He scratched his head for a second waiting in case some other unexpected turn of events decide to take place, when he figured it was safe, he "So, if that marks the end of the interruptions... Let's go" He said, offering a half smile.

He walked down the street, the woman following close behind. They weaved through the crowd, ignoring more peddlers and merchants, and after about two minutes of walking, the reached the corner. He pointed to the sign, it was a pair of Blue scissors and a golden spool, The spool on the sign was encrusted in small lumen crystals, giving it a soft glow that caught the eyes of those who passed by.

"Here it is, Geribali's Tailor&Clothes Shoppe. Pretty damn good at what they do, and for a decent cost. I'm sure they'll have you fixed up in no time." He said. He looked around the corner, into guilded avenue, He could see the Ha'Penny Pie, about four buildings down. "Would you like me to go in with you, you seem kind of nervous with crowds, however I'm sure there aren't more than three or four people in there, and most browsing clothes. The tailor is in the back on the left." He realized that she might realize she would either have to expose whatever she was hiding under her sleeve to get it fixed. "The can give you a temporary change of clothes, since it seems you don't have any, and you can wait in the changing room in the mean time. Just request it. Geribali is a reasonable man." He added quickly. Hoping to calm any fears she may have, should she choose to go in alone.

The setting changes from Barberry, City of Guilds to Allevent


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Lysandra Tereviel

As the woman attempted to step around the wild child, the fox managed to finally free itself from her arms and scamper off toward a young woman that had just appeared among the throngs of people going about their business in the market. She looked rather pale standing at the very edge of the group, her bright eyes growing wide underneath her eccentric hat with what appeared to be cat-ears sprouting from atop gray hair. Her cloak billowed slightly as she finally took a few tentative steps toward the gathering, her hands reaching into a pouch in a decent-sized bag as a look of bewilderment crossed her face.

"I apurrogize... fur any trouble my furmiliar caused you..." her voice was soft and hesitant, as if she was forcing herself to speak to the woman. The lisp caught the woman in red off-guard, and she was unsure as to whether this whole thing was a joke; if it were, it was completely unnecessary. The girl's eyes bore a semblance of panic as she pulled out a pair of golden coins and a vial of... some strange-colored liquid and literally shoved them into the elf's arms before running off in the opposite direction as quickly as possible, the fox--or familiar, as she called it--bounding at her heels.

That would explain the look it gave me... the elf thought to herself, trying to hold all of these new items in her arms while keeping the tear in her sleeve covered from prying eyes. She understood that the girl wanted to make amends, but she refused to accept charity. There was nothing worse, in her mind, than having someone feel that she should be pitied, especially if--

Her eyes grew wide. Had she noticed anything? Was that the real reason she had given these things to her? No, she couldn't accept them then! She had to give them back--

The girl with the cap was gone, lost among the crowd. There was no way to find her now...

"That was... odd... However, I believe that solves the problem of who will pay for the tailor. I was going to offer, but seeing as how she gave you that--" the woman in red stopped listening after the white-haired man ramble on about the events. Was he going to pay for her repairs? Why would a complete stranger offer to do this for her, especially after the commotion she caused? ...Was he doing this because he saw her arm? All sorts of thoughts buzzed around like a swarm of hornets in her head, but she was unsure of which to listen to and which to ignore.

"So, if that marks the end of the interruptions... Let's go," the stranger offered, leading the red-robed woman along. She adjusted her hand so she would be able to cover more of the tear in the fabric as she stepped around the young girl that had attempted to protect the fox, hoping that the shift would not draw any more attention to her bewildered look on her face. The potion was cradled in her arms, although she was trying to make sure that it did not fall to the cobblestones below and shatter--no use trying to return a broken flask to that girl with the cat-eared hat...

The white-haired man stood out against the bustling crowds of shoppers--how could he not with his armor? He pushed ahead, glancing back occasionally to make sure the woman in red was following. As much as she wanted to duck off into an alley and find the tailor's shop herself, she knew that she would most likely become lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. She knew she couldn't ask anyone else for directions either--what if they recognized her as the woman from the square that had been attacked by the fox? What if they saw her arm like this?

After a brief stroll, the armored man stopped in front of a shop. "Here it is--Geribali's Tailor and Clothes Shoppe. Pretty damn good at what they do, and for a decent cost. I'm sure they'll have you fixed up in no time." The man was speaking the truth: the displays showcased fine-tailored clothing made from seemingly-exotic materials with small advertisement displays such as "Starsilk: Designed for the heavenly look" and "Cuprum-weave: Revitalizes the body naturally". The woman in red didn't care for these sorts of fineries--her current robes were rather comfortable, but beyond that, they had billowing sleeves which helped to hide her arm.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the white-haired man looking up the street for a moment before turning his gaze back on her. She almost imagined him scanning her arm, looking through her hand to see what exactly she was hiding. Her face paled as she tried to readjust her arm to help facilitate the flask of liquid cradled between her arms, fearful that he would attempt to pry further.

"Would you like me to go in with you? You seem kind of nervous--"

"No!" she interrupted, surprised at how automatic her reply was. She could feel her eyes widen with shock and embarrassment just from the abrupt nature of her outburst. "I-I mean... no, thank you..." The woman turned her gaze to the ground as she hurried up the stairs and opened the door to the shop with her free hand, careful not to hit her bow against the building. As quick as lightning, she was gone inside the tailor's store.

"Welcome to Gerbali's!" an older gentleman called from behind a counter. "How can I--?" he paused when he saw the woman clutching her arm close to her body. "Oh, my... Are you hurt? Please, sit down!" he offered the woman a chair.

The elf shook her head, still holding the arm close to her body. "My sleeve has been torn, and I can't walk around in public with tattered robes," she explained. How easily it slid off of her tongue, even as she was panicking on the inside! "I'm looking for something similar to these robes--color does not necessarily matter, but I prefer... longer, billowing sleeves..." Her eyes scanned the wares, hoping to find something resembling what she had in mind.

"Oh, well why didn't you say so?" the shopkeeper breathed a sigh of relief before chuckling. "Perhaps I could repair your sleeve instead? It'll take an hour at the longest, but it will save you some money--"

"I would like new robes," the woman insisted firmly, never letting her hand off of the tear in her sleeve. She placed the coins on the counter using her free hand, sliding them across the wooden surface with delicate fingers. "What would I be able to get for this?"

The old man's eyes lit up at the sight of the money. "Well, it won't be enough for anything like we're displaying in front, I'm afraid... However, I think I've got something that might do the trick... Follow me, please!" The shopkeeper beckoned for the elf to follow. "I have this if you want something in the same color--" He displayed a mannequin with adorned with blood-red garments embroidered with golden embroidery close to the edges of the fabric. Most important were the sleeves--they were long and would help to hide her arm just as well as her old robes.

The elf nodded as she grabbed them with her free hand once more. "Is there a fitting room I may use?" she asked quietly, cautiously glancing around the store.

"Certainly, miss--let me show you."

The elf was led to a small stall with an open door and a mirror. "Take all the time you need, miss--if you require anything else, please don't hesitate to ask!" With that, the shopkeeper returned to his duties, leaving the elf alone with her new robes.

She quickly ducked into the stall and shut the door before finally grabbing the flask from her arm and placing it in a corner. Her heart felt as if it were about to burst from her chest at any moment, and she could feel sweat begin to bead across her forehead. She let her arms finally fall to her side again as the blood began to flow back into her right hand. Her left hand, however, had indents and creases from where it had held not skin but pale yellow crystals sprouting from her arm. The woman removed her torn robes and placed them in a pile on the floor.

The woman glanced down at her right arm, staring at the growths protruding from her skin. A sickening feeling began to brew in her stomach as she tried to recollect the events from the past few minutes and piece them back together. So much had happened--the fox biting her arm, the tear, the strange white-haired man and the girl with the cat-ear hat, and now this. She hated what her arm forced her to do! She hated the crystals, hated the care she had to take, hated the constant fear of being ostracized again...

She picked up the new robes and began to try them on, taking extra precaution to make sure that the crystals did not tear the fabric apart as she inserted her arm through the sleeve. The shopkeeper had chosen well--these robes were comfortable and soft and the sleeves were large enough to keep from arousing any suspicion from passersby. For a moment, everything seemed as it had been for decades: she felt normal again...

...until she saw the potion and her old robes sitting in a pile in the corner. She sighed, a forlorn look across her face and her reflection in the mirror. Although she had solved this problem, the elf had another to take care of: she had to find the girl who had given her the flask. She couldn't take that charity from her despite the fact that she just spent the money on these robes--there'd have to be some way to pay her back--

But what about your research? The reason you came here in the first place! You can't just abandon that now!

People saw the arm--they know and they're going to kick me out anyway...

You can't be sure!

Yes I can! Why else would they take pity on me?

You're already here--you might as well stay and do your research! Spend the night in the city--

Are you crazy!? Risk exposing myself to
more people!?

If you don't stay, then what was the point of coming at all!?

The elf sank to the floor, cradling her head in her hands. Tears began to wet her palms as she attempted to hold back quiet sobs. The woman was frustrated, agitated, disappointed, wary, paranoid, tired, utterly alone.

What am I supposed to do now?


((OOC: Disregard the location, it's in Barberry, not Allevent))

The setting changes from Allevent to Barberry, City of Guilds

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#, as written by Byte
Whatever was happening in a rapid succession of actions and reactions, Aela just glared as the problem pretty much resolved itself. From the appearance of a species she had never heard of collecting her... familiar, to the other two finally leaving the scene and shrugging it off like nothing happened.

It was all far too hectic for the tribes girl to comprehend. She was glad that the fox creature hadn't been done any harm, and the white-haired man seemed sincere in his apology. An apology that, Aela, could only nod at, though she doubted that any of the participators in this situation had seen it.

“Yes? You're done butting into anything involving animals? Okay. How about we stop doing that, and- Err- Get right back on our own track? Sound good? Yes?” The voice, Jack, had remained silent during the entire crisis, and only just now had the courage to speak his mind.


“Listen, lass. Exploring is good and all, but err- You might want to keep a low profile and just go on with your own business. Our business, in fact.” Jack butted in. As much as he knew Aela wanted to do some research in her own weird, little way, they didn't have that luxury in a city full of people who were, quite frankly, staring funny. “Tell you what, I'll answer any questions you have, after we've done a bit of research in the archive. Deal?”

The tribes girl nodded as she once again went her own merry little way, following the directions Jack gave her to find the humongous building that was; The Archive. A place where years upon years of research was stored, or so Jack explained as simple as he could.

Upon entering, Aela's eyes didn't know what to settle on first. It was bare with people, and the few that were inside hardly paid the girl any attention. It was, grand, to say the least. Leather-bound papers stored in shelves that seemed to tower up into the sky, people occasionally storing and taking what they needed from said shelves.

“Wow....” The tribes girl once again began a personal excavation, scurrying about like she had just arrived on a playground. She had no clue what to look for, but luckily Jack was there to help her out in every way possible.

“You need to find books about Cuprum, C-u-p-r-u-m. You know that, right?”


Scanning the shelves, Aela managed to find a big, brown-leathery book that stated the exact thing she was looking for. “Can't. Reach-” She uttered, jumping up and down in vain to reach the one thing she needed. But hey, she wasn't to give up that easily!

With utmost care, the girl pulled a few books from the lower shelves, stacking them on top of each other, and eventually, hop onto it.

“Watch it, lass. Don't want t-” Too late. Events were already set in motion, and not even Jack could do anything about the mess his little companion was about to make.

“Go- Woah!!!” Hastily, and not to mention recklessly, pulling the thick book form its shelf, Aela misplaced one of her feet off the stack of books. Which resulted in the unstable stack shifting slightly and crumbling to bits like a game of Jenga, no doubt acquiring unwanted attention from those around her.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow....” The tribes girl muttered, rubbing her bottom as she struggled to get up.

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Lysandra Tereviel

The elf buried her face into a tome, attempting to absorb the information from the literature. Even if it had nothing to do with anything that she wanted to research, she felt strangely at home in the archives--there was an eerie sense of calm that she felt when she could isolate herself from the rest of the world. Whether out in the wild or lost in a book, pushing herself away from any potential... mishaps was the best way to go.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone walking toward her wearing thick wolf pelts--something that seemed rather out of place in a library. The elf ignored this newcomer, assuming that he would be doing his own research as she was; minding one's own business was the norm in a library, so why was he so intent on sitting close to her?

And then, the strangest thing--she saw this newcomer reach into his bag and pull out a small glowing crystal before setting it on the table next to her. She froze, feeling the skin grow cold as her face paled. What was the purpose of this particular action? Did he know about her condition? Could he have seen something at all? Were these new sleeves not nearly as opaque as she had thought? The elf looked down at the fabric of her new robes, a look of panic in her eyes as she found that her clothing was completely opaque. There was no way he could have seen anything, so why did he place a crystal on the table as if he did? The elf cautiously turned toward the newcomer, recognizing the race. She had seen a few of his kind wandering the forests before she began travelling the land in search of answers.

"Hello. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about you and your people?" the vere asked. The woman in red remembered that the few that had come to their tribe were also wanderers--archivists for their race, they called themselves. They asked all sorts of questions to the various tribesmembers--everything from culture to crafting, from hunting to dancing. She had no idea why the elder members were so open to them in the first place, but she could not imagine what had happened to the information that these past vere had gathered from their tribe. Had they onlynow realized that their information was possibly outdated, or did they perhaps lose their entire record on the elves? In any case, she was in little mood to do any talking, especially to nosy archivists that she thought knew too much already.

" this what your kind does?" she asked, avoiding eye contact and trying to keep her voice down as to not draw further attention to herself. This was proving to be somewhat difficult, as a few wandering eyes had followed the wolf-creature for the sheer novelty. She did her best to attempt to keep her voice steady but was finding it more and more difficult to hold back her apprehension. Did she sense fear in her tone now? "Do you always go around asking random passersby for their life stories? What if--"

A loud noise interrupted her train of thought as her attention snapped toward a young girl sitting on the ground, surrounded by a pile of books. After getting a glimpse of the interrupting force, the elf had a sickening revelation: this was the same girl from the market who had thrown herself in front of her to save the familiar that had torn her sleeve! What was she doing here in the archives? Was she spying on her? Had she suspected something and followed her here? If she had been attempting to remain hidden, she had obviously failed; however, how long could she have spent studying her from afar?

Shutting her book and placing it on the table, the elf hastily grabbed the flask from the floor and stood up from table, quickly making use of the distraction created by the fallen girl and ducking around a bookcase out of view of the vere and other onlookers. She could feel her heart pounding in her throat as she ducked out of the archive, frustrated and disappointed that she could not be left alone to her own devices. Why did everyone seem to be so interested in her on this particular day? Why had the fates conspired to make her feel more alone than ever before?

The streets were eerily empty outside the Archive, almost as if something had chased the masses away. The elf did not seem to mind nearly as much, despite the fact that her nerves were still spiraling out of control. She had to keep her cool, though--she couldn't let anyone see her falling apart like this: not here, not now. Once she was outside the city, it wouldn't matter anymore. She would be away from these people and she could get away from this awful place; away from prying eyes and curious noses trying to force themselves into private matters.

You knew this would be a bad idea... Why did you decide to go back when that girl followed you in?

How was I supposed to know that she would want to follow me? What if she wasn't there because of me at all? Maybe she wants to do her own research...

How can you be sure? What about the vere asking questions? Don't you think he was a little bit
too eager to get your story?

I was never planning on divulging sensitive information, especially when I don't even know myself... It's not the right time...

Don't you see? It will
never be the right time to tell anyone, least of all a vere with no sense of personal space!

...perhaps I
was too harsh... If it's what they do--

Does it matter if it's what they do? If they find out about your condition, they'll never leave you alone... No one will ever leave you alone after they find out...

The elf appeared visibly stressed, her face still pale and her pace quickening as she barreled down the empty street. She was so focused on trying to avoid any potential route where people could be hiding. Would it be better to stay out in the open? At least there she would be able to find her way out of the city, but she would draw attention to herself being the only one out and about right now. On the other hand, if she were to duck into an alleyway, she could maintain an element of stealth at the expense of being utterly and hopelessly lost...

Before she could make that decision, she noticed a figure sitting alone in the plaza, the setting sun outlining the silhouette. The most striking feature she noticed were the two cat-like ears atop her head poking out from a cap. She stopped, recognizing this figure from before as the owner of the familiar that had torn the sleeve from her old robes. The elf was about to walk in the opposite direction when she remembered the weight in her hand. The flask! This girl had forced it into her arms after apologizing for the foxarms after apologizing for the fox's behavior! Unfortunate that she had no extra money on her, otherwise the elf would have relinquished the sum given to her.

Slowly, cautiously, the elf made her way toward the girl, keeping her bad arm behind her back and holding the potion with her other. She felt ridiculous, willingly approaching someone that might have actually seen something she shouldn't have. In fact, it had been her ineptitude that caused her to panic in the first place! Shaking aside the negative thoughts, the elf finally approached the girl, unsure of whether she had actually noticed her approach.

"...I believe this belongs to you..." she finally broke the silence, placing the flask on the cobblestone ground next to the frazzled-looking girl.

If she says anything about your arm--

She was too busy trying to run after her familiar!

How can you be too sure? Perhaps she's more observant than you think!

If she has, then I merely turn around and walk away...

You know it's never that simple, right?

Nothing is ever simple anymore...

The setting changes from Barberry, City of Guilds to Allevent


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Adion had heard the tribes girl smash into the books and the elf leave. Something was wrong though, normally he would just help the tribes girl. But something had cracked off of the elf's arm, a tiny caith crystal. A small fragment similar to the ones that formed under his fur. Adion knew what caused it, unstable casting resulting in the unintentional formation of caith crystals, and how to treat it, using warm salt water to get the crystal to move away from organic material. So, he made his decision. It would be the most beneficial for all if the elf could be able to show her arms again.

Adion had no trouble honing in on the elf. Most could not tell, but elves tended to have a sweeter, more natural scent. Adion still had the small piece of broken caith and moved a little ways from the elf to where she could see him. He then removed a caith crystal from under his fur, trying to show that he could help her. He wanted to help her. It was what vere do. The only thing that they ask is information. That is their tradition. That is the vere way.