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Icarus Saerin

1 · 456 views · located in Allevent

a character in “Allevent, Realm of Caith”, as played by AxelZero93


Icarus Saerin
Real name: Eli Kaa' ioeli

Age: 105
which By human years is around 21
Sex: Male
Race: Sylph
Occupation: Ex-Knight of the Sylph royal guard, Currently takes odd-jobs and mercenary work. Or delivery jobs for small packages.

Can't really find a picture to fit, so I will describe him in words.

  • Height: 5'8",
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Hair: White, shaved at the sides and tall on the top, giving him a very militaristic look.
  • Ears: is ears have a very slight taper to them that end in small points.
  • Eyes: Glassy green, hawkish, and a third eye lid, like cats, which is only used when he needs to see in extreme environments, such as deserts, underwater, or when in flight.
  • Skin: Very white, Not deathly, but definitely Paler than an average human.
  • Body: Leonine. His muscles are clearly defined, he has a very low body fat percentage. He is not muscular, in the sense that he isnt a massive, hulking mass of meat. But this betrays how deadly he truly is.
  • Clothing: Beneath his armor, He wears a Sylph military issue black body suit, it stays tight to the skin. Over that he wears a thunderhead grey coloured, hooded cloak that hides the armor.
  • Torso: Over his chest and upper back he has a piece of white plate armor with blue trim and a stannum crytal almost the size of his fist embedded at the center, the plate stops at his sternum, where it gives way to a white, flexible, scale plated armor covering his abdomen.
  • Arms: On his arms, he has white segmented gauntlets that end at the elbow, connecting to a plate armor matching the one over his abdomen, connecting to his Pauldrons which bear the mark of the sylph empire. the Gauntlets continue extending to a taper about a hands length above his shoulders. On each armored hand he has a lumen crystal attached to the back of each glove.
  • Lower body: Over his pelvic area, he has another plate, matching his chest plate. over his thighs, he wears the same plate armor as his upper arms and abdomen, this continued down to his knee, which gives way to plate greaves that match the other plates on his armor, which connect to his metal boots, with cloud whale leather soles, which provide excellent footing on most, if not all surfaces. At his waist he holds a sword, a black blade with a wing design on the hand guard, it has an extending hilt, allowing it to become a long-bladed spear.


Past: Eli was a soldier in the Sylph elite guard (used to protect royalty and officials) for 72 years When the Oracle declared that soon the sylph islands would be in great peril, due to events that were to happen in the human realm, he was chosen to go down and investigate, to see what was the problem and how it could be resolved. Due to the fragility of the mission, as humans were not allowed to know of the sylph he had to swear an oath of silence, only to speak of his true nature when necessary. Also, he due the the fact that he may not have had the opportunity to return to to the possible danger of the mission, he was stripped from his status as a sylph until his return. All evidence of his true identity was taken from him, save his armor and sword.

Present: Wanders the human realm, trying to find information on anything that could be what the oracle had been talking about. He makes a living in the mean time by taking freelance missions.

Future:His goal is to find the information, possibly stop the destruction, and return to his home.

Skills, abilities, Inherent traits

  • Elixer: As a Sylph, Icarus is naturally attuned to the wind caith, stannum. Although, even among his kind, he is advanced at finding different ways of using it, beyond the obvious winds, vaccuums, and flight abilities that one would think of when wind manipulation is in question, He is also known for altering the density of the wind, shaping it into lenses, which would increase his range of vision, along with that, he can create wind tunnels, which allow him to project his voice to vast distances, and listen in on conversations at a distance. He can also separate the gasses that are naturally found in air, such as Hydrogen and nitrogen, and then ignite them with his secondary Caith Alignment, Lumen. Thus creating small explosions. With his lumen manipulation abilities, he is able to create light, along with manipulate the ions in the air to create sparks and bolts of electricity. He tends to use this in tandem with his wind manipulation abilities to create small thunderheads during aerial combat.
  • Swordsmanship: Icarus has spent 25 years using his sword in a facility that emulates a stronger gravitational pull, along with the other 47 years while serving the military, Despite not being known to the world below, there are internal conflicts that, unfortunately, get to the point where it can only be settled with the sword. Along with that, the Sylph military is called when particularly strong caithness rile up and cause trouble for the Sylph people. His speed and strength with the sword will not be outmatched with just any man with a sword. His sword is also customized to change into a spear, although this he does not use as often.

Weaknesses: His armor is light, while he has more durability than a human a good attack from a caithness or some other strong adversary. can prove deadly if hit on one of the weak spots, Also he does not wear head armor. This is due to the fact that, during his "exile", He was stripped of his position on the elite guard, the headpiece is a symbol of that position, and he refuses to wear anything on his head as a replacement. He has grown used to dodging and protecting his head by other means, but it is still a danger.

Inherent Traits:
  • The sylph learn to fly at a young age, so air travel is as simple to him as walking would be to any human.
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions and temperatures. in the Sylph islands, the clouds are thinner, so there is less shade, the sun is alot warmer than on the ground, and at night, it is pitch dark, the temperatures are cold enough to cause frost on the grass. The sylph have grown accustomed to this and thus are adaptable to most temperature related conditions.
  • Sylph are quick by nature, due to the internal abilities of being Sylph elixers, but his years in training furthered his speed. Even so, in terms of speed he excelled well beyond the average soldier, to the point where he can be considered one of the fastest, if not the fastest in his military. along with speed, his strength was also increased by his training. In the beginning of his training he could barely lift on of the wooden training poles, let alone swing his sword, especially while maintaining his impressive speed. But little by little his strength increased to the point where he was worthy of entering the elite guard
      Training of the Sylph military's elite guard is done by living in a large building with a spelter crystal beneath which conditions muscles to withstand the conditions of a much stronger gravitational pull. The training takes 25 years to complete and then is repeated, on an off for five years, every ten years that one is in the military. When it is finished the warrior is able to jump higher, move faster, and more agile, on the ground and in the air, at all times.
  • Able to see better than humans in extreme conditions, due to his third eye lid. Living so close to the sun has accustomed their eyes to a much brighter light, comparable to someone flashing a lumen sphere directly in front of one's face. And at night, the night reaches an incredible darkness, but they have adapted to see in the dark. At times massive clouds pass across the land, but their third lid protects them from the water vapors in the cloud, and thus allows them to keep their eyes open and see better in obscuring fogs and the like. This also works for underwater vision.
  • Able to live in thin oxygen levels, Due to the air being thinner at the height that the Sylph naturally live in.

  • Sylph armor, A large stannum crystal, a bit smaller than his fist, embedded on his chestplate, used to augment his stannum elixer abilities,
  • Cloak which hides his armor and skin/hair color, which for some is unsettling
  • Sword, a black blade with a wing design on the hand guard, it has an extending hilt, allowing it to become a long-bladed spear.
  • Satchel, which he wears on his back. Carries mainly food
  • Money pouch on his waist

What other characters would know: Not much would be known about him, but as the story progresses, characters who grow close to him find he can be stubborn, and ill tempered, but generous and kind. He is analytical, and will usually try to find the most efficient form of completing a task. He does not take kindly to stupid people, or people he deems stupid. He isn't arrogant, but he can be judgmental.

What other characters won't know: They do not know he is a sylph, or that he was ever a knight of any military, since the sylph military's color are, to his knowledge, unique to the sylph, and so one might think his armor is customized for him. Despite being naturally being fit and well-toned, he is alot stronger than he looks, and it is easy to underestimate him.

So begins...

Icarus Saerin's Story

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Icarus Saerin

Icarus walked down the greyish-brown cobblestone street. On both sides, merchants were peddling their wares, everything from small fire crystals for 20e to various caithness body parts they claimed to work as a panacea for the low price of 5M. Such things were a normalcy here on Merchant's row.

But mid-day shopping was not his reason for being here. His true destination, the Ha'Penny Pie, was on Guilded avenue, the street that is the reason why Barberry earned it's name, the city of guilds. He was to meet an informant there. To see if there was anything new that might bring him closer to figuring out what the Or-

"Get off me!" Shouted a shrill voice. Icarus just kept walking. It was not rare for a particularly inebriated man to wander off from whatever tavern he was wasting his sense on, and get handsy with random maidens on the street. He turned toward toward the sound of the voice to see a red-robed woman shaking off what seemed to be a fox-fur boa that was caught on her sleeve. Upon closer inspection however, Icarus saw a flash of teeth, and noticed that the fur boa was alive. He walked quickly up to the woman in an attempt to help, but before he could reach her, she managed to grab onto the fox and tear it off of her arm, but not without it tearing off a piece of her sleeve along with it. Suddenly she became deathly still. Her faced paled and the was an expression of pure terror. He tried to see if the creature had drawn any blood, as some were like to get sickly at the sight of their own blood, or the blood of others.
But there was nothing. Her sleeve was dry, aside from a bit of saliva from the slinky rat that was latched onto it a second ago. All that he could see was a bit of yellow light on the inside of her sleeve. It reminded him of the lumen crystals on his gauntlets. Perhaps she had a similar gauntlet? But that wouldn't match the rest of her... He didn't know many, if any bow users who wore a metal gauntlet, as it was likely to snap the string on draw.

Whatever it was, her eyes continued flicking between it, and the crowd. Icarus caught on and stepped into the circle where the crowd had gathered.

"Alright people, the show is over, Just our newest entertainer trying out her new comedy act, you can see it, and more, at the Green Heron Inn&Tavern, in Port Garatt three days from now. Please enjoy the rest of your day, and we hope to see you there!" He announced, waving at the crowd. He positioned himself in front of the arm with the torn sleeve to avoid further exposure. The crowd mumbled and dispersed, a few chuckles of approval, a few grunts of annoyance, but before long, everything was back to the way it was. He turned back to the red-robed woman.

"There is a tailor not far from here, it's actually on the way to where I am going, so if you'd like I can take you to get that fixed." He offered. He turned his head to the rat, which turned out wasn't a rat, but a rather smug-looking fox. "We might want to have something done about that, however, lest it go on to attack more innocent bystanders."

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#, as written by Byte
“Wow... S-So big!”

Aela looked about with widened eyes as she entered the bustling streets of Barberry. People scurrying about with no heed for who they bumped into, the young tribes-girl having a hard time wringing herself through the mass to find a spot that gave her the time needed to take in this gigantic blob of – Civilisation.

A city wouldn't normally cause this much distress and amazement from anybody, but to Aela this was like venturing out into a strange and unknown world. Sure she had a taste of what this society was like in the much smaller settlements, but that was nothing compared to this!

“D-do these people live here? H-how...”

Her surprised remark attracted a few glances from the locals. Of course, it was a tad weird to see a child standing on a stack of crates talking as if she never had seen a city. Not to mention, it wasn't a common thing to see a member of the few human tribes – Let alone their younglings exploring the more... crowded parts of Allevent. Most just stuck with the wilds, spending their journey there, rather than mingling with an entirely different culture.

“Only a few steps into a city and already daunted, are you?”

A deep, male voice taunted just out of earshot from the locals. Though there wasn't any presence near Aela that it would've come from. “Anyway, if you are done gaping at the most common thing in the world here, how about we- Y'know, get to finding what we came for? Just a thought.”


Those words had pretty much fallen on deaf ears, as Aela was far too busy deciding on where to go, and how to get there. Eventually after some more staring and pointing, the tribes-girl found the courage to descent from the stack of crates and actually scurry about the streets. All the while asking a barrage of questions like; what are they doing, why are those people shouting, and what are those shiny round chips. The latter, Aela soon recalled to have been called money. Something she had been offered by one of the farmers a few towns back. A reward for helping out with gathering the flock of sheep that had ran off.

The voice, that Aela referred to as Jack, was happy to explain all these questions that were thrown at him. So this was a market, a place where people buy clothes and food. Those people shouting were merchants selling their wares. Jack explicitly told Aela that what they told was usually only half true, as merchants liked to exaggerate how they got their wares -- let alone their actual use.

As the young girl ventured further into the streets, she was abruptly halted by a large crowd of people that had gathered in a circle. All standing there in silence, something that definitely got her attention as it didn't take her longer than a second to squeeze her tiny from through the mass.

“Alright people, the show is over, Just our newest entertainer trying out her new comedy act, you can see it, and more, at the Green Heron Inn&Tavern, in Port Garatt three days from now. Please enjoy the rest of your day, and we hope to see you there!”

A voice called out, which resulted in the crowd instantly leaving the two strangers that were, apparently, the centre of attention. Aela had no clue of what was happening, and could only stare at the duo; A tall, white-haired male who had the look of a seasoned warrior, and a beautiful woman clothed in red-robes.

“We might want to have something done about that, however, lest it go on to attack more innocent bystanders.”

Aela followed the man's gaze, only now noticing the small fox. “Don't!” Aela shrieked, as her instincts compelled her to get between the tall man and the little fox before anything drastic would happen.

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Lysandra Teraviel

The silence was deafening as the woman stood in the middle of a circle in the crowds of people, clutching a fox to her chest and wrapping her arm around the torn cloth of her sleeve. They were all watching the spectacle--their eyes were focused on her! Why did this stupid animal have to get loose and make such a scene? It even held a piece of the fabric in its mouth, proud of the fact that it had gotten away with this! She cursed under her breath as she clutched her arm to her chest, squeezing the fox against her body. Had it known? Had any of those people seen underneath the tear?

"Alright people, the show is over! Just our newest entertainer trying out her comedy act! You can see it and more at the Green Heron Inn andTavern in Port Garatt three days from now! Please enjoy the rest of your day, and we hope to see you there!" a voice called out from behind her. She froze, uncertain of how to react to this situation. First the crowd staring at her, and now this man lying on her behalf--why did all eyes have to turn on her today? The fox wriggled in her arms slightly, a wicked grin across its face as it flaunted the tattered piece of cloth in its mouth.

Thankfully, the lie seemed to work--the crowds dispersed and the people started to return to their regular business. As she was about to turn and walk away from the commotion she had caused, a pale man with snow-white hair and piercing green eyes stepped in front of her, his armor glimmering in the setting sunlight. She would have run the other direction if it had not been for the realization that this man was blocking the view of her torn sleeve to the populace; as it appeared, however, it seemed as if the creature had bit into her skin and left a wound--nothing suspicious, they should not have noticed anything out of the ordinary...

"There is a tailor not far from here--it's actually on the way to where I am going, so if you'd like I can take you to get that fixed." The white-haired man offered, extending a hand toward the panicked woman. As he did so, the animal in her arms opened its jaws and nipped at his fingers whenever he attempted to reach out, cloth still stuck on a pair of fangs. "We might want to have something done about that, however, lest it go on to attack more innocent bystanders." The man's tone suddenly shifted, a bit of disdain in his voice.

“Don't!” a shrill cry pierced through the market as a young girl hurled herself toward the pair. She was adorned in a less-than-optimal amount of clothing, covering only her upper chest and her waist in leopard-print. Across her back she could make out a long single braid and... was that an axe? What was such a small girl doing with such a large and heavy weapon, especially in the middle of a busy market like this? Granted, the woman in red carried her bow with her whever she went, but it wasn't like a blade, something that a drunkard could accidentally kill something with. She attempted to force herself between the pair, arms outstretched as if to protect her--but from what?

The woman's stunned gaze shifted between the two newcomers, her arm still covering the tear in her robe and pinning the grinning fox to her chest. Another one!? This is fantastic--I don't need this many people trying to help me at once... She grimmaced as she attempted to calm herself down, recollect the last few moments in her scattered thoughts. There was mention of a tailor? But that would set her back on her research, and daylight was burning fast--any more distractions and she would not be able to access the Archive until the next day at the very least, possibly longer! Still, the tear would not repair itself any time soon, and the longer her sleeve remained torn like this, the more likely someone would perhaps stumble upon her... condition... or worse, the entire sleeve might be torn from her robes, and then what? No use hiding it anymore; might as well kill herself right then and there if the embarrassment didn't do that first!

"I... I..." the woman's gaze fell to the ground, unsure of what the proper response to this situation should be. The fox continued to squirm around in her arms, trying to escape but not quite using enough force to free itself. Another moment to compose her thoughts, a slow meditative breath to calm herself. It was not worth the risk, she decided--if she was forced to spend the night here in this city just to give herself the opportunity to search the Archive again, so be it.

"...thank you..." she replied slowly, raising her eyes to the white-haired man before stepping around the girl that had thrown herself between the two others. The woman in red made sure to cover the hole in the fabric, taking every precaution to make it appear as natural of a bite wound as possible (if that was even possible). "...would you mind leading the way?" Her voice wavered slightly, as if she was not sure whether she should accept the male stranger's offer.

What are you getting yourself into?

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#, as written by Igari


She had been trying to squeeze her way through the throng of people, fighting to get through the crowd to reach her companion. She was determined to "purrservere", however, as Xerxes had a tendency to get into copious amounts of trouble if left unwatched. As she pushed herself through the crowd, she faintly saw someone move out of the corner of her eye--cutting through the large group with ease. Before she could side-step them, the figure had already come to step into her path with almost too much ease. She let out a surprised mewl, already hastening back a few steps, wondering where on earth he had come from.

"Are you looking for something? Do you need help?" The words failed to process for a moment as she was more preoccupied at looking at this... being before her, colorful and rather vivid. It reminded her a little of the tropical forests she had visited once with her tribe but she remembered little of the journey. She bit her lip as she tried to look around him, narrowing her eyes a bit to see into the distance. The jolt of his appearance was steadily fading--becoming replaced by unease.

"M-Meeewr...." She didn't have time to waste on much conversation yet did not want to be rude about it. Shunning strangers who could potentially by buying her wares the next week would not do her business any good. She rubbed at her nose to try to keep Xerxes' scent fresh, as his was starting to creep into her senses. Being rude wasn't the optimal route but she did not have a choice. She was going to have to cut this interaction short--already, the feeling of tension was increasing in the pit of her stomach over what antics her animal companion could be getting into.

"I-I'm furry sorry!" Was all she managed before bending her knees and releasing her body into a pounce. Her feline alignment allowed her jump to arc over the stranger before landing gracefully on the other side of him. She did not pause, running in the direction Xerxes had scampered off to before there could be any more interruptions. She weaved through the crowd, rounding the corner just as her ears picked up a loud shriek. The young woman paused, turning to her right to see a dimming commotion of sorts. Almost immediately, she clammed up, face paling. She could very clearly see her fox, smugly in the arms of a tall, frail-looking woman. That in itself wasn't the problem. It was the amount of people around her animal companion that were causing her breath to hitch in her throat. So... so many...

She had never been good in such social settings but by the looks of things, she was going to have to step in to retrieve him. There was a primal looking girl positioned between the woman and a man with silver hair. Talking to the woman by herself wouldn't have presented an issue, she could already tell from a distance that she was an Elf. Naturally, she felt at ease around this race, given the kinship that was shared between them and her own tribes. But the other two in the equation were enough to push the summoner over the edge. She bit her bottom lip, almost inclined to turn on her heel. But there was that odd-looking stranger that she had left behind and she had no way of knowing if he would pursue after her (which was a disturbing thought). And there was no way she could leave Xerxes by himself, that was for sure. And what kind of Xiphreim would she be to leave her beloved summon behind?

Forcing the breath past her lips in a bit of a hiss, she made herself take slow steps forwards to approach the individuals. Xerxes had been waiting for her arrival, it seemed. As soon as he caught sight of her, he bounded out of the woman's arms, nonchalantly trotting over to her. He had a red piece of cloth between his teeth. She didn't take long to put it together in her mind. It was evident that this fabric had come from the woman who had just been holding him. He stopped a few inches from her feet and spat out the cloth on the ground, almost as if presenting her with some glorious catch. She frowned but there would be time to reprimand him later. She would have to make amends to that poor woman for the ruckus that he had caused.

Casting a stern gaze at Xerxes that she hoped explicitly told him to "stay purrt", she walked only several more steps so that she came to a halt some feet from the small gathering. Her face was already starting to heat up as she tried to get the words out, unable to focus on any one person in particular and settled for looking at the ground. "I apurrogize... fur any trouble my furmiliar caused you..." She trailed off weakly. How did one even make amends in the first place...? She glanced back at the fabric that was still on the ground near Xerxes, sliding her magenta orbs towards the woman. From the way she clutched at her arm, he had probably ripped a portion of her sleeve off (though she really couldn't think of how this had happened in the first place...). The only thing she could think to do was somehow pay for the repairs, maybe that would suffice? Reaching into her pouch, she took out two gold crescents and, for extra apologetic measure, also took out one of her potions.

Moving as quickly as she possibly could, she shoved the items into the hands of the woman and bowed to her, turning immediately and running from the entourage. She couldn't even manage any well-wishes, too tongue-tied and light-headed to think properly. Xerxes was fast on the uptake and darted after her as she ran blindly through the streets. She cared not for where she ended up, so long as she was far away from the group. After several minutes, she finally allowed herself to stop. She leaned against the wall, heaving out a large sigh. Her cheeks were flush with the embarrassment she felt and the nervousness that was slowly dissipating. Now that she was finally alone, she could feel the constriction in her chest beginning to loosen up. Xerxes padded around her ankles casually, yawning as he looked up at her almost innocently.

"Feeling better?" He asked her, the summoner nodding slowly as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"I think so...." She smiled a little shakily at him, unable to fully hide how uncertain she had felt during the prior interactions. She reached out her hands slightly, offering to lift her fox companion up on to her shoulders. Xerxes only wrinkled his nose but complied, jumping into her arms and settling on her shoulders. Surprisingly, he rubbed his cheek against hers, which caused the girl to smile. He always knew how to make her feel better, didn't he? Though now the next order of business was to figure out how exactly she was going to get home... She had no idea where she was in the city any longer, having run without any set destination in mind. And now she stood in what appeared to be a large plaza, blinking her wide eyes as she took in the surroundings. She heard a chuckle near her ear and turned her head a bit to the side to regard Xerxes.

"What is so amewsing?" She questioned, receiving only a motion towards the center of the plaza. She followed his directives, eyes coming to rest...

... Ffffffffnyah?!

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Icarus Saerin

Icarus was about to reach over when suddenly a barely dressed girl tossed herself in between he and the red-robed woman.

"Don't!" She shrieked, Icarus stopped his approach, but before he could even grab the fox. He turned to see a barely dressed child in leopard print clothes. She looked like one of the tribal children of the Eastern Jungles, however whether she was from there or from another it was hard to say. The most curious thing about her was the large axe tied to her back. It was clearly much to big for it to be used well -if at all- by someone of her stature, But he kept his curiousity to himself.

Icarus slowly pulled his hand away, careful not to trigger an adverse reaction from the girl or the fox, who was now squirming in the red-robed womans arms, more just for the sake of squirming than actually escaping. There was something about the foxes eyes that gave the impression that it was much or intelligent than just some wild animal, but Icarus could not quite pin the reason why.

The woman suddenly spoke. "I... I..." She said, fumbling for words. Icarus was about to suggest something, but stayed quiet, realizing the woman must have some introverted qualities, and suddenly being the center of attention must have been difficult for her. He waited for her as she collected herself, It was then that he realized she was actually a quite attractive woman. In the heat of the previous situation, he had not been able to get a very good look at her, but now he was able to take a moment to see the slender woman before him. Her skin was quite pale, almost to the point of the average Sylph maiden, if not at the point exactly. She also had green eyes that glittered with life, despite being so reserved. She had thin, dainty features, but not so much so that it robbed from her attractiveness. He took note of the long pointy ears, and suddenly realized another major component of her allure...

She was an elf. Elf women were notorious for their allure to human men, seeing as how almost all of them surpassed the beauty of human women at an extreme degree. Sylph were a sister-species to the humans, so naturally the effect would be the same.

He caught himself staring, and immediately looked off into the distance. She didn't seem to notice. He breathed a silent sigh of relief, knowing that had she noticed, she may have raised her walls again and that would have been the end of that.

She took a breath and tried again.
"...thank you..." She said, adjusting her sleeve to cover the tear in the smooth fabric. "...would you mind leading the way?" She said. Icarus nodded, and was about to ask what to do about the fox, when it suddenly leaped easily out of the woman's arm and walked over to another woman, this one a shorter girl with a cute cat-eared hat The ears looked so real he kind of wondered if they were cut off some animal, preserved, and stitched onto the hat as is, but he dismissed the thought. She looked nervous at first, glancing back and forth between everyone in the group, then suddenly regarded the fox, at first she remained with the confused expression, but that soon changed to an expression of realization as she noticed the small piece of red fabric the fox was brandishing proudly. She muttered something that sounded like an annoyed purr to the fox, and then nervously walked over.

"I apurrogize... fur any trouble my furmiliar caused you..." She said. Icarus raised a brow at her peculiar manner of speaking, but mentioned nothing about it. She looked around nervously, as if trying to find the right words or right actions to finish the situation as quickly as possible. Suddenly she reached into her pouch, pulled out two Crescents and a potion, and shoved them into the uninjured hand of the woman, bowed and as quickly as she came, she was gone.

"That was... odd... However, I believe that solves the problem of who will pay for the tailor. I was going to offer, but seeing as how she gave you that. Im sure that will be more than enough. You might even be able to buy yourself new, give or take a few silver monarchs" He said. He turned around to face the young girl once again.

"I'm sorry if you though I was going to hurt the fox by the way. I was simply going to give it to one of the guard, who would have brought it out of city limits, and released it to the wild." He said. Although he figured that a guard might find more use for it selling it to a fur clothing shop. But he didn't have the hear to tell her that. He turned towards the direction of the tailor, which was on the very corner of Merchant's Row and Guilded avenue.

He scratched his head for a second waiting in case some other unexpected turn of events decide to take place, when he figured it was safe, he "So, if that marks the end of the interruptions... Let's go" He said, offering a half smile.

He walked down the street, the woman following close behind. They weaved through the crowd, ignoring more peddlers and merchants, and after about two minutes of walking, the reached the corner. He pointed to the sign, it was a pair of Blue scissors and a golden spool, The spool on the sign was encrusted in small lumen crystals, giving it a soft glow that caught the eyes of those who passed by.

"Here it is, Geribali's Tailor&Clothes Shoppe. Pretty damn good at what they do, and for a decent cost. I'm sure they'll have you fixed up in no time." He said. He looked around the corner, into guilded avenue, He could see the Ha'Penny Pie, about four buildings down. "Would you like me to go in with you, you seem kind of nervous with crowds, however I'm sure there aren't more than three or four people in there, and most browsing clothes. The tailor is in the back on the left." He realized that she might realize she would either have to expose whatever she was hiding under her sleeve to get it fixed. "The can give you a temporary change of clothes, since it seems you don't have any, and you can wait in the changing room in the mean time. Just request it. Geribali is a reasonable man." He added quickly. Hoping to calm any fears she may have, should she choose to go in alone.

The setting changes from Barberry, City of Guilds to Allevent


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Lysandra Tereviel

As the woman attempted to step around the wild child, the fox managed to finally free itself from her arms and scamper off toward a young woman that had just appeared among the throngs of people going about their business in the market. She looked rather pale standing at the very edge of the group, her bright eyes growing wide underneath her eccentric hat with what appeared to be cat-ears sprouting from atop gray hair. Her cloak billowed slightly as she finally took a few tentative steps toward the gathering, her hands reaching into a pouch in a decent-sized bag as a look of bewilderment crossed her face.

"I apurrogize... fur any trouble my furmiliar caused you..." her voice was soft and hesitant, as if she was forcing herself to speak to the woman. The lisp caught the woman in red off-guard, and she was unsure as to whether this whole thing was a joke; if it were, it was completely unnecessary. The girl's eyes bore a semblance of panic as she pulled out a pair of golden coins and a vial of... some strange-colored liquid and literally shoved them into the elf's arms before running off in the opposite direction as quickly as possible, the fox--or familiar, as she called it--bounding at her heels.

That would explain the look it gave me... the elf thought to herself, trying to hold all of these new items in her arms while keeping the tear in her sleeve covered from prying eyes. She understood that the girl wanted to make amends, but she refused to accept charity. There was nothing worse, in her mind, than having someone feel that she should be pitied, especially if--

Her eyes grew wide. Had she noticed anything? Was that the real reason she had given these things to her? No, she couldn't accept them then! She had to give them back--

The girl with the cap was gone, lost among the crowd. There was no way to find her now...

"That was... odd... However, I believe that solves the problem of who will pay for the tailor. I was going to offer, but seeing as how she gave you that--" the woman in red stopped listening after the white-haired man ramble on about the events. Was he going to pay for her repairs? Why would a complete stranger offer to do this for her, especially after the commotion she caused? ...Was he doing this because he saw her arm? All sorts of thoughts buzzed around like a swarm of hornets in her head, but she was unsure of which to listen to and which to ignore.

"So, if that marks the end of the interruptions... Let's go," the stranger offered, leading the red-robed woman along. She adjusted her hand so she would be able to cover more of the tear in the fabric as she stepped around the young girl that had attempted to protect the fox, hoping that the shift would not draw any more attention to her bewildered look on her face. The potion was cradled in her arms, although she was trying to make sure that it did not fall to the cobblestones below and shatter--no use trying to return a broken flask to that girl with the cat-eared hat...

The white-haired man stood out against the bustling crowds of shoppers--how could he not with his armor? He pushed ahead, glancing back occasionally to make sure the woman in red was following. As much as she wanted to duck off into an alley and find the tailor's shop herself, she knew that she would most likely become lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. She knew she couldn't ask anyone else for directions either--what if they recognized her as the woman from the square that had been attacked by the fox? What if they saw her arm like this?

After a brief stroll, the armored man stopped in front of a shop. "Here it is--Geribali's Tailor and Clothes Shoppe. Pretty damn good at what they do, and for a decent cost. I'm sure they'll have you fixed up in no time." The man was speaking the truth: the displays showcased fine-tailored clothing made from seemingly-exotic materials with small advertisement displays such as "Starsilk: Designed for the heavenly look" and "Cuprum-weave: Revitalizes the body naturally". The woman in red didn't care for these sorts of fineries--her current robes were rather comfortable, but beyond that, they had billowing sleeves which helped to hide her arm.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the white-haired man looking up the street for a moment before turning his gaze back on her. She almost imagined him scanning her arm, looking through her hand to see what exactly she was hiding. Her face paled as she tried to readjust her arm to help facilitate the flask of liquid cradled between her arms, fearful that he would attempt to pry further.

"Would you like me to go in with you? You seem kind of nervous--"

"No!" she interrupted, surprised at how automatic her reply was. She could feel her eyes widen with shock and embarrassment just from the abrupt nature of her outburst. "I-I mean... no, thank you..." The woman turned her gaze to the ground as she hurried up the stairs and opened the door to the shop with her free hand, careful not to hit her bow against the building. As quick as lightning, she was gone inside the tailor's store.

"Welcome to Gerbali's!" an older gentleman called from behind a counter. "How can I--?" he paused when he saw the woman clutching her arm close to her body. "Oh, my... Are you hurt? Please, sit down!" he offered the woman a chair.

The elf shook her head, still holding the arm close to her body. "My sleeve has been torn, and I can't walk around in public with tattered robes," she explained. How easily it slid off of her tongue, even as she was panicking on the inside! "I'm looking for something similar to these robes--color does not necessarily matter, but I prefer... longer, billowing sleeves..." Her eyes scanned the wares, hoping to find something resembling what she had in mind.

"Oh, well why didn't you say so?" the shopkeeper breathed a sigh of relief before chuckling. "Perhaps I could repair your sleeve instead? It'll take an hour at the longest, but it will save you some money--"

"I would like new robes," the woman insisted firmly, never letting her hand off of the tear in her sleeve. She placed the coins on the counter using her free hand, sliding them across the wooden surface with delicate fingers. "What would I be able to get for this?"

The old man's eyes lit up at the sight of the money. "Well, it won't be enough for anything like we're displaying in front, I'm afraid... However, I think I've got something that might do the trick... Follow me, please!" The shopkeeper beckoned for the elf to follow. "I have this if you want something in the same color--" He displayed a mannequin with adorned with blood-red garments embroidered with golden embroidery close to the edges of the fabric. Most important were the sleeves--they were long and would help to hide her arm just as well as her old robes.

The elf nodded as she grabbed them with her free hand once more. "Is there a fitting room I may use?" she asked quietly, cautiously glancing around the store.

"Certainly, miss--let me show you."

The elf was led to a small stall with an open door and a mirror. "Take all the time you need, miss--if you require anything else, please don't hesitate to ask!" With that, the shopkeeper returned to his duties, leaving the elf alone with her new robes.

She quickly ducked into the stall and shut the door before finally grabbing the flask from her arm and placing it in a corner. Her heart felt as if it were about to burst from her chest at any moment, and she could feel sweat begin to bead across her forehead. She let her arms finally fall to her side again as the blood began to flow back into her right hand. Her left hand, however, had indents and creases from where it had held not skin but pale yellow crystals sprouting from her arm. The woman removed her torn robes and placed them in a pile on the floor.

The woman glanced down at her right arm, staring at the growths protruding from her skin. A sickening feeling began to brew in her stomach as she tried to recollect the events from the past few minutes and piece them back together. So much had happened--the fox biting her arm, the tear, the strange white-haired man and the girl with the cat-ear hat, and now this. She hated what her arm forced her to do! She hated the crystals, hated the care she had to take, hated the constant fear of being ostracized again...

She picked up the new robes and began to try them on, taking extra precaution to make sure that the crystals did not tear the fabric apart as she inserted her arm through the sleeve. The shopkeeper had chosen well--these robes were comfortable and soft and the sleeves were large enough to keep from arousing any suspicion from passersby. For a moment, everything seemed as it had been for decades: she felt normal again...

...until she saw the potion and her old robes sitting in a pile in the corner. She sighed, a forlorn look across her face and her reflection in the mirror. Although she had solved this problem, the elf had another to take care of: she had to find the girl who had given her the flask. She couldn't take that charity from her despite the fact that she just spent the money on these robes--there'd have to be some way to pay her back--

But what about your research? The reason you came here in the first place! You can't just abandon that now!

People saw the arm--they know and they're going to kick me out anyway...

You can't be sure!

Yes I can! Why else would they take pity on me?

You're already here--you might as well stay and do your research! Spend the night in the city--

Are you crazy!? Risk exposing myself to
more people!?

If you don't stay, then what was the point of coming at all!?

The elf sank to the floor, cradling her head in her hands. Tears began to wet her palms as she attempted to hold back quiet sobs. The woman was frustrated, agitated, disappointed, wary, paranoid, tired, utterly alone.

What am I supposed to do now?


((OOC: Disregard the location, it's in Barberry, not Allevent))

The setting changes from Allevent to Barberry, City of Guilds

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Icarus Saerin

Icarus blinked in surprise as she cut him off. Before he could say anything else she quickly ran into the store. He considered going in with her anyway, but decided against it. He might just alienate her further.

"... Well... Nice to meet you too. Name's Icarus, what's yours?" He said to himself. He let out a disappointed sigh, and took the corner into Guilded Avenue.

The populace changed. Where in Merchant's Row, there were mainly gentiles and civilians dominating the streets with a few warrior types in their midst, Guilded Avenue was the opposite. Here there were many armored folk of varying races, with differing weapons, coming in and out of the many buildings that were on either side of the avenue, Some were carrying sheets of paper, mission requests and bounties most likely, while others carried their spoils from a successful run. On either side of the road, there were different kinds of buildings and businesses. Either guild headquarters or a few mission related shops, usually weapon or armor shops, or item and material shops. He had been here in The Guilded Avenue many times before, usually to meet his informant at the Ha'penny Pie, and occasionally to pick up a bounty or mission when he was running low on coin. He weaved through the crowds, making his way to the large rectangular stone building at one of the corners into the avenue.

He made his way in past the door. He looked off to one of the corner tables in the back right. His Informant was not there, Which struck him as odd, as his informant was usually much more punctual than he. He walked over to the small square table and took a seat. One of the waitresses walked over to him.

"Is there anything I can help you with sir?" She said, with an exaggerated smile.

"Water, and a slice of roasted chicken and bread" He responded, without glancing at her. He was more interested in the fact that many of the people were whispering excitedly and looking at the room above the stairs. The people sitting a few tables down seemed to be a bit to drunk to notice that they were speaking just loudly enough for him to hear.

"Did she say applicators? asked the first man, a bald, burly man with a dirty leather over coat, small dark eyes and a beard with a bit of sauce from whatever he ate left on it.

"Yeah, Dr. Serabel I think I've heard that name before, but I cant put my finger on it" Said the second man, taking a sip from his mug. This one was skinnier, with a greasy mop of hair reaching beyond his eyes just tipping his thin crooked nose.

"Wha' about the other one?"

"Dunno, They're both new here, but they both started coming hear together. Lori called him Grim."

"'Ow fitting"

"Aye... Word is their discussing some sort of top-secret mission up there, and they are searching for recruits, but everyone who has gone has been turned down"

"Must be somethin' big! Oy! We should try to ge' in on it!"

"Boris you shit your pants at the first sign of a dire wolf, if it's that big I guarantee you would"

"It was one time! And You 'member, it was the mother of all alphas! Big as a prize stallion it was!"

"Please! It was barely to your chest ya idiot"

After that, they started bickering on nonsense and Icarus shifted his attention to the two at the foot of the stairs. A thin eye-patched man with a large sickle shouting obnoxiously across the room had their attention. Despite his thin appearance, there was something foreboding about him, that he was more than many of the other patrons at the bar. Which was funny considering usually most of the loud types were the weakest, but he simply paid attention to the interaction.

Who knows, if they are just openly informing volunteers about the mission, then maybe he should try for it, Most likely it would be worth a large sum of cash, and even if he didnt get accepted, he would at least have gained some information.

He looked at the empty seat across from him. It seemed his informant was not coming. It was curious, but Icarus figured perhaps he just got stuck somewhere and couldn't make it. He turned back to the two at the stairs.

Let's see how this goes

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#, as written by Wrenn
Not everyone in the Pie was a seasoned warrior, and many of them were well on their way toward being drunk, so perhaps it wasn't surprising that no one else besides Lawrence seemed to come to poor Mqundu's aid. Many of the surrounding patrons were halfway between sitting and standing, but by the shocked and nervous look to their eyes it seemed more likely they were going to flee than engage if a fight were to break out.

Grim's stance didn't change as he waited at the bottom of the stairs. Sure, his deep bundt-cake brown eyes surveyed the scene, but his pose said nothing about him joining in. A small hand gripped his arm with deceptively strong fingers, and Dr. Serabel whispered urgently in his ear after he leaned down. "Perhaps you should do something," she suggested -- the danger robbing her of her usual harsh assuredness.

"Why not let it play out," he countered, not taking his eyes off the skinny lad with the scythe or the girl who'd crouched boldly beside him. "The man is skilled," he advised -- his own experienced eyes had had difficulty picking out the lad's moves, they were so fast. "But I want to see if the hothead has enough sense to get out of this mess."

"Exactly," the Applicator replied. Now that there was a debate to distract her from the altercation, she was back on familiar ground. "He is skilled and I want him on this mission but if he kills this Mqundu he does no good for us kneeling against the headsman's block." Grim grumbled and stepped forward.

"Put that blade away," he growled, "and you can join the mission. You'll get paid five hundred marks now," reaching into one of the pockets of his battered old duster Grim fished out a small leather drawstring purse and threw it near the lad, where the five hard monarchs inside jingled and jangled as they slid. He'd have to disengage from the bouncer to pick it up, "and fifty a day plus two hard emperors when the job is done." Considering the job would take maybe ten days the one-eyed grim reaper was looking at 3,000 marks total. "Maybe then you can afford your bread without resorting to murder," he joked, and there was some nervous laughter in the room as other patrons tried to ease the tension.

"Same rate to you," he added to the brunette who'd come to the bouncer's defense. The Applicator might have liked the reaper's fire, but Grim noted the girl was a cool customer with a level head. He didn't know if she was even interested, but he'd take her over the lad any day.

Dr. Serabel turned to a man who seemed roughly her own age despite his pure white hair with its militaristic cut. He'd approached the foot of the stairs at the start of the altercation. "So you're interested too?" she asked, her melodious tones undercut by her hardbitten words. "Come upstairs -- Isengrim I leave this to you." Her white Applicator's lab coat swished about her slim body as she turned and ascended the stairs.

What had once been an inn's upstairs bedrooms had now been converted to conference rooms, and as she unlocked one door with a key and stepped inside, Icarus would see a sturdy circular table of oak and several matching chairs. Atop the table was a crate of fresh pinewood, roughly a yard in each dimension. Dr. Serabel took a seat next to where she motioned for the applicant to join her, so they wouldn't have to crane their heads around the crate.

"My name is Dr. Serabel and I'm an Applicator," she greeted. "I have precious cargo," she glanced at the crate, "that needs to be transported safely into the far north, into huldrefolk territory, where it must remain secure for several hours while I take various measurements and calibrations with which you need not concern yourself. Have you any experience relevant to a job of this type?"

"If you are interested in coin, you heard Isengrim state your compensation. If you are interested in more than coin then let me assure you that the success or failure of this mission will have dire consequences for Allevent." Perhaps she was trying to awe him into agreement, or perhaps the young doctor had sensed something in the man that was loftier than the pursuit of mere marks.

The setting changes from Barberry, City of Guilds to Allevent


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Icarus Saerin

Icarus watched as the altercation took place. He hadn't noticed that the large bokmakiri man behind the One-eyed Grim Reaper was actually relevant to the situation, but apparently he had caused trouble before Icarus had entered. Which explained the slightly tense atmosphere, which he had accredited to Grim's imposing form.

Dr. Serabel and Grim began to whisper something amongst themselves. After a moment, Grim Spoke up.
""Put that blade away and you can join the mission. You'll get paid five hundred marks now..." He said, digging into his pouch. Icarus's brow furrowed. To be offering so much as a down payment, this was no ordinary mission and with the secrecy... Perhaps there was something to learn from all of this. He got a little closer. Attentive not to miss anything.

"...and fifty a day, plus two hard emperors when the job is done." There were murmurs among the crowd. A total of three thousand marks for one job. But what was it?

"Same rate to you" She said to a Tall brown woman a few tables away from the Grim Reaper. This one hand placed readily by a holster of a firearm, was more serious looking. She was taller than Icarus, a few inches short of six feet, and very fit. She was attractive, but had an air about her that gave the feeling one shouldn't try to flirt with her. She seemed to have this atmosphere that gave the sense she had no qualms with spilling your blood.

"So you're interested too?" Said Dr. Serabel. Icarus his head turned to face her, and realized she was looking right at him.

"Come upstairs -- Isengrim I leave this to you." She said and before giving him a chance to respond, she started up the stairs into one of the bedrooms-turned-conference-room upstairs. Icarus silently followed.

He had been in this room before, taking up other missions, so he was fairly comfortable with the environment. Dr. Serabel had already taken her seat at a table with a medium sized crate sitting atop it. She gestured for him to sit next to her, he obliged.

"My name is Dr. Serabel and I'm an Applicator, " she began." I have precious cargo- "tossing a quick look at the crate "-that needs to be transported safely into the far north, into huldrefolk territory, where it must remain secure for several hours while I take various measurements and calibrations with which you need not concern yourself. Have you any experience relevant to a job of this type?"

Icarus nodded, staring at the crate, trying to somehow discern what may be inside. It was not a delivery, and from what she said she would be going as well, so it was an escort mission. But why Huldrefolk territory. They were not exactly the friendliest of the races, and surely any encounters with them would lead to conflict. So What was so important that she would be willing to risk venturing up there, and paying so much money for it?

"If you are interested in coin, you heard Isengrim state your compensation. If you are interested in more than coin then let me assure you that the success or failure of this mission will have dire consequences for Allevent." She added. Icarus turned his attention to the woman. She was young, yet her eyes were those of an extremely perceptive woman, she seemed to know more than she let on, or at least have some suspicion as to what his motivations were.

After a moment, he looked back at the crate. There were a few things he still wanted to know.
"You have my interest. But there are a few things I must ask. As for what is in the crate, I will most likely be hard-pressed to recieve an answer from you, if you were willing to disclose that, you would have done so already. So I won't bother asking; But you say that the consequences will be dire... How so? And if it involves the entirety of Allevent, why not ask the military instead of a bunch of mercenaries and bounty hunters for help? Also, why Huldrefolk territory? Its about a ten-day trip, maybe more, counting for any possible complications, and considering you are hiring an entire task force, be it a rag-tag one, shows you are preparing for such complications." He said. He was going to leave it at that, then added "I understand that as part of your position as an applicator, there is some information that cannot or must nor be disclosed to anyone who isnt deemed necessary of sharing that knowledge with. So I simply ask you answer as much as you can." Many employers were put off by people who asked to many questions at the job at hand, he had to make sure not to push her away, but all the same, let her know he was not to be perceived as gullible.

The setting changes from Allevent to Barberry, City of Guilds

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#, as written by Wrenn
As the white-haired youth asked his questions, revealing himself to be more perceptive than just about everyone else who'd previously applied, the doctor idly removed the pin that held her loosening bun in place, running her fingers through her honey blonde hair before resetting the bun tightly and replacing the pin.

"Those are some very astute questions and I will be able to answer almost all of them, because they're very interconnected." Dr. Serabel leaned forward, "But first I want to ensure that you are aware of what happens to men who reveal trade secrets of the Applicators." Although they were a guild of scholars and engineers, the Applicators were very interested in protecting its prestige and reputation, and dealt very strictly indeed with those who attempted to steal, bribe, blackmail or in any way jeopardize their patents. Some of this reputation was exaggerated by the guild itself to promote its interests, but the very real fact remained that there was a branch of the guild devoted entirely to punishing such perpetrators, and not always within the confines of the law. This explained how tight-lipped the other rejected applicants had been -- that and the fact that very few had proven worthy of hearing what the doctor was about to reveal. When the white-haired youth gave his affirmation, she would continue.

"Within the crate is a revolutionary artifice -- or more precisely a prototype -- known as a caith harvester, which in theory will have the ability to draw free caith from the surrounding environment and produce relatively stable caith shards in abundance." This was obviously a revolutionary difference over the current most productive means -- caithness hunting -- or caith extraction such as stannum windmills or alumen mining. It would be as close to free energy as Allevent could conceivably come, and the standard of living already so advanced by the current caith crystal processes would be exponentially compounded.

"My prototype in its current calibrations has the unfortunate side effect -- nay, primary effect, of drawing not caith but caithness." The doctor let this sink in while studying the man with her sharp honey-brown eyes behind her thin-frame spectacles. "Which makes it quite dangerous in the wrong hands as I'm sure you can understand." The harvester was essentially a caithness beacon, which could be placed in a city square and with a flip of a switch kill hundreds with the subsequent swarms of caithness.

"Which explains, in part, why I cannot involve the military in this operation," she continued. "The military aspects of such an artifice would no doubt appear to even the most dunderheaded of generals."

"It also explains the need for the lengthy expedition into rather dangerous territory. In order to calibrate my device it needs to be activated for several hours, which just about anywhere else in Allevent would spell disaster even if an army were present to defend it. The huldrefolk region is essentially devoid of caithness for several reasons, mostly to do with the savagery of the huldrefolk themselves. And again even if I could trust the military with such an expedition, I'm given to understand that we stand a much better chance of avoiding the huldrefolk themselves if we confine our numbers. It is a delicate balance to strike, I am aware, but it is the only way to calibrate the harvester."

Anticipating his possible next question, Dr. Serabel explained why it was so urgent that the harvester be calibrated, if there were such potential dangers with its application. "Within the Applicators there is a schism that has festered for many years but has grown ever more dangerous recently. There are those of us, such as myself, who feel a responsibility for our creations and their consequences, but there unfortunately is another camp that feels that our artifices are for us to make as many marks as we can, and to leave the moralizing to the philosophers.

"If I can calibrate the harvester and obtain positive results for my original theories then the patent belongs to me, and I can specify in what way the Applicators deal with the prototype. But if another were to perfect the design then that person could allow the selling of the prototype to the highest bidder. Those so interested are no doubt planning to sabotage this mission or steal the prototype for themselves, which is why time is of the essence." By the wounded look that slowly encroached upon her usual austere expression, it was obvious that it pained the woman greatly for her mission to be to consign her great discovery to a classified file in the Applicators' underground vaults -- but it was obvious that she felt that it was the best alternative.

"Will you join me?" she asked, hopefully and without pretense.

The setting changes from Barberry, City of Guilds to Allevent


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Icarus Saerin

Dr. Serabel finished talking, Icarus waited a moment before responding.

Caith Harvester eh? He thought to himself. The Sylph had technologies similar to that, although they had made advancements most likely far beyond the one that was in that crate. But that aside, he needed to measure the possibilities of being part of this expedition. It all sounded plausible enough. In doing so, he could be aiding in the advancement of a machine that would greatly augment the amount of harnessed caith in the realm at a time.There were no signs of malicious intent, from the way she made it sound, she was part of the group who were against it's misuse. But still, people were able to decieve, A lesson he had been taught more than once throughout him century of life.

He eyed the doctor. His reason for coming down to Avellent in the first place was because the Oracle foresaw a great calamity upon all of Allevent. Could this be it? Perhaps the Humans would acquire enough power from this machine, or from a machine that stemmed from this one, that it would spell disaster for the world? They were known for their greed and lust for power, after all, it was the reason the Sylph separated themselves from the humans eons ago... So if he joined this mission, he could end up having a hand in the very destruction he came to prevent. Perhaps he should turn it down. They might not even survive the mission, and for the time being, that would at least postpone the disaster.
But then again, They could survive. And would not have been there to stop it. If he joined, not only would he most likely be able to learn more about the machine, but he would be able to supervise it's use, and it's user as well. If he notes anything suspicious, He could just sabotage or outright destroy the machine. He might have to face everyone else she hired, such as the Grim Reaper, that female gunner, and perhaps even Grim himself. But he was not someone who couldn't hold his own against multiple strong enemies, and it was his job to put himself at risk for the good of his home....

He looked up to Dr. Serabel, Who was staring back intensely, waiting for a response. Icarus took another glance at the crate, sighed and responded.

"I'll join. You needn't worry about information leaking from me, this wouldn't be my first mission of this nature." He said, stroking his hair, a bit of a habit ever since he was stripped of his helmet years ago. "When do we set off? And what mode of transportation will we be taking?"

The setting changes from Allevent to Barberry, City of Guilds

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#, as written by Wrenn
With the situation with the bouncer now diffused Grim was about to send Jedas and Lawrence upstairs to the briefing room with Dr. Serabel and Icarus -- only to be distracted by the impressive entrance of that damnable sky pirate Runa, who despite her heavy burden was practically swaggering as she entered the Ha'penny Pie. "I got your map!" the girl declared loudly, before revealing her pack contained not the requested maps but some addle-pated bint instead. With a grimace wreathing his ugly mug the hulking northlander strode to the entrance, hauled the gagged girl to her feet and stripped her of the cloth sack which he tossed at the pirate. "A little tact would serve you well," he growled before pushing the 'map' toward the staircase where Jedas and Lawrence had gathered. "Up you go," he advised to the lot, turning over his shoulder to give Raruna another glower for good measure. "You as well," he added before storming up the staircase with footfalls that sounded like twin steam pistons running out of sync.

With nothing but ineptitude, incompetence and inebriation for the last two days, it was a surprise that the mission was now coming together so quickly, but that was the way of things sometimes. With only a moment or two having passed after the Applicator had gone upstairs, Jedas, Lawrence, Runa and the somewhat hostage would reach the meeting room in time to hear the doctor reveal the nature of the mission and for Icarus to accept. Jedas and Lawrence had theoretically already accepted the mission -- especially the one-eyed grim reaper who'd taken Grim's coin -- but now would be the time for them to raise their own questions.

"Damn girl's asked to bring maps and she comes back with a playmate," Grim revealed to Dr. Serabel, who leveled her perceptive, bespectacled gaze first on Raruna then on the bound girl. "If I'm not mistaken you owe Ms. Leautia an apology, Isengrim -- she has come back not only with a map but the map." She turned to the girl, "Is that correct, dear -- are you indeed a Qi'jhariihl?" Despite knowing that the book-eaters apparent age could be misleading Dr. Serabel couldn't help but think of her as a child - partly the youthful features and small frame, plus something inherently likable about her wide-eyed stare that recalled childlike innocence.

"As for your question of transportation, Icarus," the Applicator said, switching topics so quickly it was like an engineer discarding one tool and picking up another, "I'll admit I had some worries that we wouldn't be seeing Raruna again after taking her finder's fee, but as she has returned we can avail ourselves of her airship if it is available?"

Grim groaned, and no doubt revealed to the more perceptive of the group that he harbored a distinct dislike for air travel. This explained his casual abuse towards the sky pirate, for he simply could not find it in him to sympathize with anyone who willingly took to those flying deathtraps. Or if you were more psychologically disposed you might question whether he was beating up the girl or rather himself through her, for his weakness. In either case he gave a sudden shudder as he imagined taking to the skies once more.

Grim handed out everyone else's initial wages while Dr. Serabel clarified with Raruna where her airship had been docked. Upon giving the directions to the others in the room, the Applicator stood from her seat. "We set sail, skies permitting, tomorrow at 9°30', or just before quinta for those of you who don't yet appreciate the marvel that is modern chronometry."

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#, as written by Siryn
"A little tact would serve you well," he growled before pushing the 'map' toward the staircase where Jedas and Lawrence had gathered. "Up you go, You as well," Icarus glowered at her before ordering her to go up the staircase as well. Runa frowned at him, her eyes narrowing as she took the bag he'd thrown at her off her head. How rude! To throw her sack at her and then insult her as well?

"I have tact! You! You...." she growled, biting her lip to keep other words from spilling from her mouth. It would be best to try to stay civil lest she lose the chance she'd been working so hard to get. Finally in the presence of the Applicators, her dream to have a name made for herself other than what she's already accumulated. If she could only prove to the higher guild, the Applicators, perhaps the Free Lancers would be more than willing to take her then.

Raruna followed the group up the stairs to the meeting room beyond the tavern like area down below. The door opened and one of the others, Grim spoke out to a woman sitting at a desk.

"Damn girl's asked to bring maps and she comes back with a playmate."

"Playmate! I did not bring a plaything! I worked my ass off to get this treasure!" Runa shot at the one eyed man, her hands on her hips as she stood off to the side. The sky pirate knew that she wasn't totally accepted in the group, only a tolerance. However, she planned to turn that around, and hopefully soon.

"If I'm not mistaken you owe Ms. Leautia an apology, Isengrim -- she has come back not only with a map but the map. Is that correct, dear -- are you indeed a Qi'jhariihl?"

"As for your question of transportation, Icarus, I'll admit I had some worries that we wouldn't be seeing Raruna again after taking her finder's fee, but as she has returned we can avail ourselves of her airship if it is available?"

Runa perked up at the mention of her beloved ship. Her bright gaze shot over to the woman behind the desk and she smiled, a large mischievous filled smile. Crossing her arms over her chest, the Pirate grinned at the group, "You should know that I'm true to my word. I wouldn't have left you all hanging," she winked, "My ship is more than available... tiny though it is... but it's in great working condition!" She muttered the middle part about her ship being small, but kept her smile, "She's located on the west side of the city, just beyond the city's gates."

"We set sail, skies permitting, tomorrow at 9°30', or just before quinta for those of you who don't yet appreciate the marvel that is modern chronometry."

"Well then, if you all have no further need of me! I will go prepare my ship," Raruna announced and turned on her heel. There were a few things that needed repairs on her vessel, things she could only get in Barberry, Damn I'm lucky that the city of Guilds has what I need... I don't know how well my ship would fare if I needed to fly to another city she thought to herself. The sails were tattered, the mechanisms for controlling the crystals were getting worn and there were a few broken parts to the metal craft. Nothing that wouldn't keep her from flying, but definitely stuff that needed repairing while she still had the time.

The sky pirate looked at the Qi'jhariihl one last time and offered her a wink before leaving the room to descend the stairs. Once she was out into the city, Raruna took to the streets and began working to gather things for her ship.

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#, as written by Igari


Zasim eu dasuuk?!

She found herself on the floor, limbs bound to her body tightly by rope that was chaffing into her skin. She had no idea how she had even come to be here and fidgeted against the cold floor. She could feel the hard wood through the fabric of the bag, though she still could not see a single thing. She wildly tried to move about to try to loosen the bonds but that only increased the friction against her body. She winced distinctly, wondering how she was going to get out of this one. Well, more urgently, how she was going to fill her stomach! It was making a rather absurd amount of noise; she was frankly surprised that no one heard it. Then again, there seemed to be a loud commotion going on outside of her bag... There was indistinct yelling and what sounded like a bit of a scuffle.

She heard approaching footsteps and suddenly, the fabric that had been over her head was removed. Her vision blurred with the intake of light and she blinked her amber eyes several times to try to get accustomed to it. She was in a bar. A pub? Regardless, there were a lot of people around. Immediately, she tried to get their attentions but her mind was far too jumbled with what had happened and she was unable to differentiate dialects as effectively.

"Jhameur ly'sind! Washu ek cahre r'lashrei vin'le!" Her words were flustered, speedy--yet unlike in the universal tongue, there wasn't a hint of a stutter. No one around her looked as if they understood and desperately, she tried to portray the trouble she was in with widened eyes. Her kidnapper, a self-acclaimed pirate woman who rambled far too much, walked over, stuffing a gag into her mouth. The woman spoke slowly in her hair, at a volume not audible to anyone else.

"Look, if you'd just been quiet or at least worked right, I wouldn't be tying you up!" She froze a bit, blinking several times again. Was there anything in her knowledge stores that would've prepared her for this situation? There wasn't much time to focus on her knowledge reserves though, as a gruff looking man walked over and lifted her up with ease. She would've panicked but he immediately let her go once he had removed the bag and bonds from her person. She rubbed her arms as she was pushed up the stairs, feeling more like a bit of an object at this point. Jeez! SEEING it was far different than actually READING about it. She had to partially wonder if this was the real reason members of her race made sure not to be caught. If this kind of maltreatment was waiting, she couldn't blame them!

She didn't pay attention to the others that also walked into the room, finding much more interest in trying to figure out her escape route. She had read only a few books on some sort of human that dressed in all black and wielded throwing stars. She didn't have the black tunic... actually... she didn't have any of that, so the thought was kind of useless to her. It wasn't until she was addressed that she was forced to listen in on the conversation, missing the first part of the dialogue.

"... are you indeed a Qi'jhariihl?" She stared at the woman who spoke to her but was noticeably still frazzled from what had happened.

"Miduukhrim ny." Was all she muttered, casting her gaze downwards. She didn't like this, all this decision making without her consent! It irked her slightly but with the deepest of sighs, she tried to resign herself to the unfolding events. Maybe she would learn to like this within the next several minutes or something! The one good thing about being a Qi'jhariihl was that she was prone to preference shifting. So what made her uncomfortable one minute could very well bring her much joy the next.

From what she could tell, they were going on some type of journey? Adventure? Perhaps. Wait. Journey. Adventure. Treasure. Journey. Map. TREASURE? She looked up with excited eyes, all thoughts of displeasure lost in moments. "Yiryndrii! There will be treasure, nehriin? Daishi, daishi!" She flippantly exchanged languages without batting an eyelash, which was probably causing much confusion among the others. Ohh, she just could not help herself, not with mention of treasure. Well, no one actually said the word but it was safe to assume! The pirate woman walked past her, winking on her way down the stairs. She returned the gesture, literally too excited about what she was going to snack on to care that this was the same woman that had kidnapped her.

'I wonder what these new things will taste like!' She pondered to herself happily, already drooling at the thought. Okay, maybe this wouldn't be all that bad. So long as she was fed, she wouldn't be complaining... much!

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So... basically... It was another escort job once more... Great... Marvelous... Fantastic... Wonderful... He could go on with the list of adjectives to attach to this mission he had already accepted without much thought. Well, beggars can't be choosers as they say! At the same time, this will be a good chance for him to redeem himself in some way. Although, he really didn't care about his reputation. Still, it was important for his chosen career and all. So... he cared a little bit. In any case, he studied another female joining the group who had a rather unceremonious entrance. Narrowing his eyes at this, he hated being interrupted especially when his questions was about to be answered. This woman was surely someone he dislikes much like the wench who butted in. Scratch that, make it two females as the content of the sack was revealed to them. In any case, he didn't know that it was a possibility to transport an living being in such a manner. Thinking about it carefully, he shall use the same method as well. It was less hassle and all.

Well, it did not strike him odd hearing the languages spouting from this so-called Qi'jhariihl. Jedas had heard it from the books at his hometown about this girl's kind. Well, it was just the basic as he never had the patience for staying still and all. Well, maybe he could if he was bound or something. But for now, he looked at the seemingly younger girl who was obviously off to her own version of La-La Land. Well, he had those moments as well. It was more fun than this world apparently. Exhaling some of his smoke again, he listened to the details of the mission and the other facts needed to be known by them. Well the gist of it was to protect some harvester thing while making sure no thieves or bad guys get a hand on it. Simple enough and that is fine with him. Although, there was one detail he did not like...

Ship... specifically.... AIRSHIPS... Jedas was not a fan of technology as he had lived in a backwater country most of his life. So, it is not surprising if he hates such modern advancement or be at times in childish amazement of such achievements. For now, the airship was on his hate-list and believe it, this is not the only one on that particularly long list. Adding to that, this is one of the other things he would hate the newcomer of a woman. She likes interruptions and then she has a ship. This does not bode well for any kind of social interactions at all. He finished his cigarette and clucked his tongue at the mode of transportation as for the time reading and all. Well, the clock thing is fine by him although, he still hates reading all those numbers.

"Since, this is over... See you until then chaps. I'm leaving now!" Turning his back at them, Jedas waved his hand over his head and walked down the stairs. He needed to get some rest now which means looking for an acceptable inn. Well, he was still a bit hungry so, he might chow down on some food from the stalls at the marketplace. Without much of an interruption, he left the Pie and went on his way. Hopefully, he does not find trouble along the way in which he seemed to be a part of usually.

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Lawrence followed Grim up the steps, still a bit confused as to what exactly she'd just jumped into. Who was the woman? And the girl in the sack? Why did they need a map? Her mind was spitting out questions too fast for River's to focus on a single one. She kept all this to herself, however, as she stepped around the corner and into a room. Inside the said room was the woman she'd seen earlier; a Dr. Serabel. There was also a young man who had shockingly white hair. That was another man she'd be working with; maybe he'd be easier to get along with than the One-Eyed Grim Reaper.

Lawrence stood a few steps back from everyone, observing silently. So this was an escort mission; just protect Dr. Serabel and the package? That wouldn't be too difficult. While they would be in a dangerous area, she was sure this lot could handle themselves. As she processed all of this information, Lawrence hardly noticed as the pirate woman and the One-Eyed Grim Reaper left. She scrutinized the girl that had been in the sack; the Qi'jhariihl. The girl had suddenly seemed excited, and Lawrence couldn't fathom why. Hadn't she just dragged from god-knows-where in a bag?

It was silent for a few moments, which was nice. River's looked at the people still in the room, her eyes calculating. She sized up the white haired man (had Dr. Serabel called him Icarus?), and decided that, regardless of his personality, he'd be good back up in a fight. His body was toned and his hands were callused in areas that suggested he was handy with a weapon. And though she'd basically already accepted, Lawrence felt the need to make if official. "I'll join you," she said matter-of-factly.

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#, as written by Wrenn
The small group slowly drifts apart, one by one, as each member announces their departure. Grim acknowledges those remaining with a gruff "Tomorrow, then," before striding out of the meeting room. The Applicator greets and thanks Lawrence for her addition to the group, but after only a few small exchanges she too bids them all farewell. With Raruna's airship as transport the mission will no longer be as grueling a slog as previously thought, but there is still plenty for each to do in preparation for tomorrow's departure. Some of you, like Runa, might be leaving to buy provisions, or like Jedas you might already be prepared and spend your remaining hours looking for food or the night's lodging. Whatever your activities, each of you will have an encounter.

The men are of nondescript appearance, with clothing that marks them out perhaps as a traveler, perhaps a laborer, but nothing so exotic or fine as to draw speculation. Depending on your activities in the waning hours of the evening, one of the men might sidle up to your spot at a bar, or perhaps be standing behind you in line at a shop -- maybe even simply approach you in the street in between destinations.

The conversations are similar: each of you is greeted politely, and each man introduces himself as Cortland, a colleague of Dr. Serabel's. How he knows of your association with the Applicator is left unsaid, but you may be able to deduce that he spotted you in the Ha'penny Pie, and must have followed you thence. Cortland offers each of you a small artifice which he calls a locator -- the lumen powered device is similar in size to a snuff box, and is little more than a metal box with a hinged lid, inside of which is the lumen crystal embedded in finely wrought glyphs, and a small button. Depressing the button, Cortland reveals, sends a wide-ranging lumen wave at a specific frequency which can be tracked via his receiver.

Depress the button once a day to reveal to him the airship's location, and you will be rewarded 500 marks, in addition to whatever you receive from Dr. Serabel herself. With that simple pitch as his job offer, Cortland makes to depart, leaving behind the locator and a small coin purse with five golden monarchs.


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#, as written by Wrenn


The airdocks in Barberry are situated far from the cliffed coast into which the city itself is built -- the constant updrafts there are too strong and unpredictable for safely maneuvering. Although still within the uppermost tier's protecting walls, the airdocks are far enough from the cliffs for the wind's fury to abate. Here on this wide-open dirt field, a few dozen crafts of varying sizes and shapes are anchored. The largest is a transport ship, which makes its weekly trip to far south Dorstone, for passengers who can afford the expense instead of the longer journey around the horn by sea. The smallest airships are little more than one-man pods that can rise and fall according to their stannum engine's pulse, but have no ability to maneuver in air. These are used for observations conducted by the more scientific guilds such as the Applicators. Airships of every purpose and design in between are anchored here.

Raruna's airship is nestled beside a sizeable military vessel known as a sloop-of-war, and a gleaming sun yacht that must surely belong to one of the city's moneyed elite. On the ground next to the hull, Dr. Serabel stands with a small clutch of workers, giving instructions about her cargo and its safe storage. Somewhat out of the way Grim lies against his heavy travel pack, apparently snoozing the morning away despite the work going on about him.

As stated the night before, the airship should be ready to depart by 09°30', provided that you are all in attendance. The various roles are made clear to each member of the expedition. Raruna is solely in charge of all aspects of the flight, as captain of the airship. Grim is revealed to be knowledgeable of the huldrefolk region, and so once the ship touches down for the expedition to continue on foot (some hours' south of the mountains to avoid attracting huldre eyes), he will take charge of the group. The others are to guard the caith harvester during Dr. Serabel's calibrations, from both any caithness drawn during its operation and from any huldrefolk who come across their experiment.

Once everyone arrives, the ship will depart.

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Much like a child that had been left within a toy store alone, this is how the One-Eyed Grim Reaper could be described. His one good eye sparkled with great delight at the sights of various food arranged deliciously upon the stalls. He did not mind the clutter of people or the ceaseless voices of buyers and sellers. For him, this is his La-La Land and there is no way at the moment he would allow himself to wake from it. Within a few seconds, his arms were filled with various bags of treats and the same could be said about his mouth currently filled with some barbecued entrails of a giant sea worm. It was a fine delicacy despite the name adorning it. He continued to do such meaningless shopping and soon enough the money paid in advance for his mission tomorrow was gone.

A well-known weakness for this complicated mercenary, Jedas has no self-preservation in spending money. He shook the drawstring purse up and down once more but no marks came out. It seemed he had returned to his earlier situation again.


The difference he would probably sleep in some street corner or he could get into trouble and get thrown in jail. After all, he would need not worry about a lodging for the night. Although, he would probably be bailed by his client and that would be a cut to his payment. That is something he cannot afford. Releasing a long and heavy sigh, he continued to think about a solution for his current dilemma. "Oi, Mister are you going to buy or not?" Jedas glared with his one eye and placed his finger on his lips a gesture for silence. "Clam it! I'm thinking here okay!" The vendor of fruits shook his head in complete awkwardness and pointed behind the mercenary. "I have other customers, could you move to the side for now?" Jedas leaned his face closer to the vendor. "Why don't they move aside? I came here first. Got it." Somehow, this had caused some of the guards patrolling the area to notice. His second alternative of going to jail might come true soon enough. "Sir---" This was cut soon enough by a rather simple-looking man. "Excuse my good friend here." An arm was wrapped around Jedas' shoulder and then this stranger whispered to the mercenary's ears. "I want to offer you an additional job for 500 marks."

Upon hearing that, Jedas removed the man's arm. "Talk." The man nodded and gestured for him to go somewhere else which the Grim Reaper followed as the vendor released a sigh of relief. As for the guards, they continued with their patrols for it seemed the brewing trouble was quickly resolved. "I am Cortland a fellow colleague of Dr. Serabel. It is an honor to meet the infamous One-Eyed Grim Reaper." Jedas was not impressed with this Cortland person at all even when it was clear the man was getting to his good graces. For now, he listened. "The mission I am giving you is this." A small box was shown to Jedas which he eyed with scrutiny. "What are you going to propose to the Doctor? Man, I suggest a more direct approach. The last one I helped killed each other you know." Cortland as he called himself was not sure whether the Grim Reaper was truly an idiot or acting as one. Whatever the case maybe, he shook his head vigorously. "This is not a ring. It is a locator. Depress the button here." He demonstrated. "Once a day and it will give me the location of the ship. After that, you will have 500 Marks." After the presentation, the man gave the device to Jedas along with a coin purse. "Until, then." The man soon disappeared with the crowd of the market while Jedas looked at the tracker box in his hand.

"Well, I guess I can confirm this with the Doc. He is her colleague and all... After all, he didn't tell me not to tell anyone." Jedas went on his way with a smile as his problem of where to stay had been solved. He has now money. It seemed that Lady Luck liked him very much today but at the same time, it worries him. The fact that misfortune also follows one who had received great luck is quite true. He experienced such instances. Truthfully, it was more like his fault than an accident or bad luck. However, he would never admit that. For now, he went to search for an Inn to prepare for his mission tomorrow. "My agenda for now, a good night's sleep!"

One more fault for Jedas, he is not really an early bird. He woke up looking at the rays of the sun entering his room. "5 more minutes..." As he turned his back towards the window, he caught sight of a clock with its hands denoting 10°30'. "I have to be at the docks at 09°30'? right?" Finally realizing the time, he quickly jumped to his feet and gathered his clothes that were scattered around the floor. For anyone's information, he sleeps half-naked. Anyway, he grabbed all his stuff and quickly left his room while making a mess by bumping into furniture along the hallway. Soon enough, he made his way to the docks while panting heavily. It was safe to say he had arrived after everyone else already did. He looked at the gathered group and took a deep breath before speaking. "A man needs some relaxation, right?" Then, his stomach roared for he had yet to eat any breakfast in his hurry. "So, when are we going to eat?" Disregarding the fact, he had made everyone wait for him.

The setting changes from Barberry, City of Guilds to Allevent


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Icarus Saerin

Icarus walked down the street. The sun had made it further down the sky. It was beginning to reach evening. He had 500 marks, plus some pocket change that he had left over. He used the pocket change to pay for a quick mashed potato meal. He quietly ate his meal while The blue eyed woman, Grim, and The doctor dispersed. He nodded to them all on the way out.

When he finished, he walked over to the guild shop across the street from the Ha'Penny Pie. Here they had many of the basic materials one would need before heading out on an adventure. He had a pretty good idea about what he would get when he went in, so it was no wonder that after about ten minutes he had what he would need by the time he got out. Three hundred and twenty marks later, he came out with a Collapsible, roll-up tent/straw-cot bundle, a large whetstone, a few hygienic supplies, and a map of Allevent, and a hog bristle toothbrush. Then he went to geribali's and bought a new coat, this one thicker than his cloak, and snow white with fur lining and many pockets on the inside. It was tied on the front by light grey leather belt straps.
Being a Sylph, he was used to extreme temperatures of both sides; hot and cold, but it may rouse suspicion climbing a snowy mountain with light gear on, and not really suffering any effects. Besides It might help stay hidden better than his bright armor or his dark grey cloak. He also bought some non-perishables. Honey, Dried meats, Dried fruits, Medicinal herbs. He was sure there would be food in store on the ship, but better to be on the safe side when travelling was on foot. He then went to the inn he was staying at to pack up his belongings and pay the innkeeper for his last night.

By the time he finished, the sky was beginning to grow dark the sun was on the far side of it's arc. He decided to wander around the town, before getting a bit of rest. He grabbed his sword and placed it at his belt, and donned his cloak before he left the inn. There were less people on the streets, and the merchants had begun to pack their wares and beggars now sat on the corners counting their money, paying much less attention to passers-by. He went to the fountain at the town square. Deciding to sit and think for a little while. He walked over and sat on the stone bench. He stared up and began to count the few stars that had already begun to appear.

Oy... He thought. Hopefully this mission will prove fruitful... He stared at his hands. His left there was a scar from his training at the Sky Islands, years ago. He missed his home... He missed his family... He missed life in the guard.... and most of all, he missed-

The back of his neck began to tingle. He was able to sense subtle disturbances in the air pressure caused by movements, He turned his eyes to the left, to see a man approaching him. He non-chalantly sat up, not looking at the man. But his hand found itself on the hilt of his sword, ready for any possible confrontations. The man walked up to him, and took a seat next to him. Icarus turned to look at him. He was a normal enough looking man, nothing particularly abnormal about him. Icarus's guard went down, but not by much. People usually don't walk around at these hours. As they were prowlers about. So this meant that either this man was incredibly confident, or incredibly stupid.

"Im sorry to disturb you, my name is Cortland, a colleague of Dr. Serabel's." He said suddenly.

Icarus eyed the man suspiciously. There was nothing to raise any alarms about the man, but when Dr. Serabel's name came up Icarus's attention grew.

"Alright?" Icarus said curtly.

"Yes, well, I would like to ask you to take on a mission for me, I will pay you up front-" he said, dropping a back of coins in front of Icarus. "-five hundred marks."

Icarus eyes never wavered at the money.. He continued staring intently at the man. The man nodded slowly and pulled out a small box. "This is a locator. I need you to, each day, press the button inside, it will allow us to keep track of the ship, so we may be able to know where you are should you ever need help." He said. He got up "Whether you accept the mission or not, keep the money, in good faith."Thank you for your help in the mission. You are aiding us in an advancement that could change the future of Allevent forever." He said, and with that, He turned and walked off. Icarus watched as the man disappeared from his view. And continued staring after he had gone. He looked at the money pouch beside him. He grabbed it and began to walk back to the inn.

He began to run through what just happened. From what Dr. Serabel told him the mission was a secret that only she and a few others knew about. She never mentioned anyone by the name of Cortland however. And even so, how did he know his relation to him. It could be that she had told him about Icarus, but it seemed Preparations were being made, and the plans were moving forward quickly, it seemed like anything having to do with the Applicators themselves was done. So it was more likely the man was already there... Also, why him? Icarus had been with her for about 20 minutes, why entrust him with the safety of the group to that degree. In fact. Why entrust him with this job? It seemed like something she herself could do, after all its just pushing a button once a day... So it was unlikely that she even gave the order. He looked to the locator, opening the top. The locator button, a small yellow crystal sat at the center.
She never mentioned to him about this, in fact, from the sound of it, it seemed to be a hidden mission even from her own guild. So why report her location to them?

Icarus closed and pocketed the box. He had an Idea of what to do with it, but decided to check up with the doctor first. Had she wanted him to do this, surely she would have mentioned it during the meeting, in fact she would have given it to him. She didn't seem like the type to be so forgetful as to forget something she is willing to pay an extra 500 marks for.

He got to the in and walked to the room on the second floor. He got out of his armor, bathed and slipped into the bed.

The next morning, Icarus woke up. The sky was mostly blue with a few strands of pink at the far side of the sky. He donned his armor and his cloak, picked up his belongings and left the inn. He stopped at one of the small kiosks selling foods and bought a sandwich. He saw a clock at one of the nearby stores, on the display. Assuming it was working, it was around 8 ° 30.

He walked over towards the air docks, where the pirate girl, Runa's ship would be waiting. He saw Dr. Serabel and Grim standing side by side by the Plank. He walked up to the doctor.

"Doctor Serabel, You know a man named Cortland?" He said, pulling out his locator and showing it to her. He said he was an acquaintance of yours, and paid me 500 marks to use this Locator to transmit our location. It didnt quite sit right with me however, so I decided to check with you...

The setting changes from Allevent to Barberry, City of Guilds

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The large crowds had dispersed by the time Lawrence left the Ha'Penny Pie; while there were still people milling about, most were safely in their homes or quickly on their way to getting drunk. She could hear their loud laughter and singing from several pubs near her. Lawrence never particularly liked pubs; though she did have a taste for a good glass of beer, the way it affected her mind left her a bit uneasy. Being completely in control at all times is something she nearly worships and alcohol isn't worth giving that away, even if only for a night.

Lawrence had already booked an inn previously in the day, and slowly made her way there while replaying the day's events in her head. It was all very strange and spontaneous. Generally, she'd spend days thinking over a job, calculating the risk, the time it would take, the supplies, the victim and their crimes... River's had never just taken something on like this and it made her feel a little different. Maybe it was possible to change after all?

These thoughts were cut short when the assassin noticed a man walking straight towards her. Her hand instantly went to the dagger she had hidden in the folds of her clothing. She assessed him as he approached - he was of average build and height, not particularly strong or weak. However, the way his eyes took her and their surroundings in belied the fact that he was very aware of what was going and had no fear. Lawrence couldn't tell if he posed a threat, so she stopped walking and let him come to her, moving her jacket back to show her firearm.

"Ah, Lawrence Rivers," the man said as he stopped a few feet in front of her, "It's nice to meet you."

"You have me at a disadvantage," Lawrence replied, "You know my name, but I don't know yours."

"My name is Cortland; I'm a colleague of Dr. Serabel's. I actually have a small...side job, for you." River's tensed as he reached into a pocket, but what he pulled out wasn't a weapon but some sort of small device. "Easy now, Miss Rivers, it's only a locator. It's charged by this lumen crystal here. All I need you to do is press this button every day and we will know the location of your ship. And here is 500 marks upfront." He pulled out a pouch that was weighed down with coins and placed them, along with the locator, into Lawrence's hand.

Lawrence glanced at the money and the locator, a bit puzzled. When she looked up, Cortland was gone. "That was a bit odd," she muttered to herself. How did he know her name? And how had he found her? Perhaps he'd followed her from the Ha'Penny Pie. But why hadn't Dr. Serabel told her about this? It was a lot of money to simply push a button, it must be for something rather important. But why would they need to know where their ship was; hadn't Dr. Serabel said it was a secret mission?

Making a mental note to ask Dr. Serabel about it, she stuffed both items in two of her many pockets and continued to her inn.


Lawrence woke at dawn, weak sunlight just barely reaching through her window. She stretched thoroughly and swung her legs out of bed. Groaning, she placed herself on the still cold floor and began doing crunches. From there she moved onto sit ups, push ups, pull ups, punches, kicks and then hurried outside for a run. When she was finally done, she felt invigorated and ready for the world.

River's bathed quickly, then changed into a pair of almost-tight black pants and a loose, white blouse. She slipped her feet into her black boots, then wrapped her holster around her hips. After cleaning the weapon, she placed her firearm inside of the said holster, and quickly adorned herself with throwing knives and her two favorite daggers. Having not unpacked yesterday, all of her clothing, supplies and other weapons were still in her bag.

Lawrence made the bed and cleaned up the room till it looked like it had before she entered. Cleanliness is a bit of an obsession of hers. Carefully slinging her bag over her shoulders, she made her way to the docks. It wasn't too long until she saw the many ships and picked out the one she needed. The white-haired man from before was standing just inside, saying something to Dr. Serabel. Lawrence nimbly climbed aboard, and approached the doctor and Grim. "Good morning," she said curtly.

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#, as written by Wrenn
One by one the group recollects the next morning -- some early, some on time and one preposterously late. The doctor greets each newcomer with her oddly stern manner, but seems grateful for each of theirs presence. When any of them ask her about Cortland or the locator, she asks for them to wait for everyone else to arrive so that she can speak to them all together.

"Thank you all for bringing this to my attention," she began once everyone arrived. "You were of course right to do so. Let me bring you all up to speed. I have no association with this Cortland, although I don't doubt that he is an Applicator. As I told you all yesterday evening, there are those in my guild who would gladly see this mission fail, or better yet take control of the artifice prototype for their own calibrations. Please, any of you who were approached by this Cortland, produce the locator. Keep the marks for yourselves if you took any."

As some members of the expedition had already brought the matter to the doctor's attention, she knows who to trust for their honesty, but any who have not yet acknowledged their conversation with Cortland, now is the time, as she turns to each of you one by one. Isengrim shrugged innocently. "No, I never saw this Cortland," he replied. "Wouldn't have minded an extra 500 marks though," he joked. Dr. Serabel hesitated before moving on from him, but she nodded thoughtfully.

Once everyone has shown the locator, she looks to each of the party members. "Now what do we do?" she asks them all.

When everything is ready for launch, the doctor notifies Raruna, who is quick to get her craft airborne. With a controlled yaw and roll the airship rises free of the other craft, ascending far too quickly for some of the more sensitive members of the crew, namely Isengrim and Jedas. A surge of power from the large stannum crystal embedded in the heart of the engine room kicks the ship forward with a lurch, and soon the airship is cutting across the landscape toward the northern horizon.

Although the plains north of Barberry are not known to be especially hostile to travelers as far as caithness go, the skies are another matter. Airships are among the newest and certainly rarest of the major artifices of Allevent, and whereas caithness hunters on land and sea have somewhat stemmed the tide of caithness around the more civilized areas, in the air the party finds itself subjected to a steady stream of these random encounters.

The first fight outbreaks when a clutch of Arrowhawks swoop from the cloud cover to land on the deck, giving their piercing scream as they launch themselves at nearby party members with slashing talons and their wicked hooked beaks. Not expecting the assault, each party member is caught unawares and has to fight alone. For himself, Isengrim took a vicious wound to the leg before countering with a crushing blow from his iron totem that reduced the beast to a stream of released caith that dissipated quickly, like the last breath of an extinguished campfire. A paltry few stannum crystals showered the deck at his feet, glittering orange in the morning light. When Isengrim released a small amount of the aurum in his reserves, the other elixers of the party would see a few golden butterflies flutter about him before landing on his wounded leg, disappearing with a flash of golden sunbeams that healed his wound.

From then on the party is on alert, taking on the new random encounters in small rotating groups. Each member plays to his or her strengths. For his own part, Grim eagerly takes on any caithness with attacks that are too strong for the others to risk -- such as Spinetails or Butcherbirds -- using his bountiful reserves of aurum to nullify their attacks while dishing out his own. Conversely the large northlander swaps out with another party member whenever a particularly evasive caithness approaches -- such as Lightningales or Horned Screamers -- as his own attacks are too lumbering to be effective. The one caithness that he always fights is the Goldcrest, which is likely to release precious aurum upon its defeat, with which Grim refills his reserves. The one caithness from which he always retreats is the Nightjar, an argentum-type Caithness that often casts confusion spells to which Grim is particularly susceptible. Not wanting to turn his heavy iron rod against his own party members in a daze, Grim wisely takes cover whenever one is spotted.

In this fashion, the airship skims along the clouds on its journey north.

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#, as written by Siryn
Her mouth was full of food, the table set with utensils and the food that she'd cooked up. Upon hearing footsteps across her deck, Runa leapt up from her small dining table and took the stairs two at a time. She reached her deck in no time and set her eyes upon the group. Swallowing the bread that she'd been munching on she grinned at them and looked them over. Runa began making preparations as they waited for the rest of the group to reach her ship.

One of which was terribly late, the tall man mumbled something about a man having to have his rest as he boarded. Runa heard his call for food and she smiled at him, "Down below if you're hungry!" She hollered as she was making sure her sails were tied down. She didn't look to see if he went to eat, figuring that he was smart enough to figure out where the food was. The pirate was moving about the deck as she finished securing items when Dr. Serabel spoke up.

"Thank you all for bringing this to my attention. You were of course right to do so. Let me bring you all up to speed. I have no association with this Cortland, although I don't doubt that he is an Applicator. As I told you all yesterday evening, there are those in my guild who would gladly see this mission fail, or better yet take control of the artifice prototype for their own calibrations. Please, any of you who were approached by this Cortland, produce the locator. Keep the marks for yourselves if you took any."

Turning, she eyed the woman carefully. So, she hadn't known this 'Cortland'... how interesting. Runa figured that she would give Serabel the locator device later as she was busy at that moment.

"No, I never saw this Cortland. Wouldn't have minded an extra 500 marks though," Grim replied to Serabel as she turned to him. Runa raised an eyebrow as she watched the exchange. How strange for Grim to have not been approached when it seemed that most of them had already been. Well, whatever, maybe this Cortland man didn't get to all of them. It would make sense, it was only one man anyway. A person can't be in more than one place at any given time.

"I got one too, the man seemed mighty keen on figuring out my ships location. I'll give it to you once we get airborne, doc. However, this is my ship and I won't tolerate anyone giving out her position," Runa said loudly as Serabel turned to her. Runa made sure that everyone could hear her. She was dead serious about the locator thing, she didn't want anyone knowing where they were. That would be invading her privacy! No one wants to be a moving target, least of all Runa and her ship.

"Now what do we do?"

"We get airborne!! That's what we do!" Runa answered. Her voice was loud and energetic as she bounced around her deck making sure everything was locked down. Then she moved from one end of the ship to the other, tossing off the docking ropes that were hooked into the sides of her ship to keep it upright upon landing. The sky pirate leapt over a crate with ease and rushed up the stairs to the upper deck where her stern was. Pulling down her hat tighter on her head, she grinned wildly as her hands grasped the wheel. Her fingers brushed the levers of her controls and she began powering the crystals along the hull of the ship.

At first she siphoned the power slowly, warming the crystals. The moment the ship started to lift off the ground, she pushed the levers forward all the way and the airship lurched upwards at a fast speed. Adjusting a couple of the levers, the bow of the ship tilted upwards and they were shooting over the wall of the city of guilds in a matter of seconds. The wind whipped past her face as she maneuvered the vessel.

She got the ship up towards the clouds, the mast just barely skimming the low blowing mist of white. Locking her wheel with a clamp, she leapt down to the deck and began unfurling the sails. Pulling the rope that tied them up, they each fell down, unraveling neatly. The wind immediately caught them and the ship shook, lurching forward from the air current that caught them. With her sails taking them, Runa went back to her helm and turned down the crystals at the back of the ship, the ones that were propelling them forward. It saved on energy and also preserved the crystals.

Unhooking her wheel, she guided the ship easily through the wind, heading north to their destination. Her body was relaxed as she stood there. Her heart was light and her smile didn't fade away. Runa's eyes were glittering with their usual mischief, excitement at the journey ahead. She was determined to prove herself to this powerful guild.

Raruna had been steering her ship smoothly through the air, her mind wandering in fantasy of how she was going to handle certain situations, her reputation rising with each problem that she cooked up in her own mind. She imagined herself winning the fancy of the top guild that she was escorting and then her dream of joining the Free Lancers coming true. All of her fantasy dreams were shattered at the sound of a high pitched cry above them. Runa's head shot upwards as her eyes searched the billowing white cloud above them.

The moment she spotted a flash of wings her heart leapt into a frenzy, adrenaline pumping through her. Her hand released the wheel, the other tying it down, locking it securely in place. She turned then and drew her sword. The first of several birds descended down upon her ship and screamed their defiance against them. Runa sidestepped the swipe of an enormously large claw as one of the birds targeted her. Her blade came down as she moved, cutting into the things foot. With a screech, it took off, just barely scratching her deck where she stood.

However, that wasn't the end of it. It circled then came back down at her. Raruna raised her sword a second time and slashed at it as it came closer. The tip of her blade just barely cut into its chest, causing the bird to become infuriated. The creatures face shot forward as it pecked at her with its razor sharp beak. Runa ducked, barely missing the attack. A burn coursed along her shoulder and shoulder blade.

"Damn," she cursed as she came back up, turning around and slashing her sword across its extended wing. Another cut from her blade had the creature hopping towards the edge of the ship, its wing hanging limply from the damage she'd done to it. Drawing her long curved knife from her sheath, she threw the weapon at the bird. It shot through the air, covering the distance between her and the creature and buried itself into the back of the birds neck. It didn't make a noise as it crumpled, hanging half over the edge of her ship.

A second one dove down at her from behind, barely giving the pirate a chance to prepare. She felt claws dig into her shoulders as it gripped her and began lifting her from the ship. Runa twisted and turned in it's grip, struggling to free herself. Slamming her sword into the wood of the deck, she managed to lodge the blade just enough to keep from being pulled away from her vessel. Quickly, she reached with her other hand and drew out yet another knife. Her hand shot upwards and stabbed furiously into the beasts foot, hot blood streamed down and covered her jacket and shirt as she did so.

The bird released her with an angry cry and Runa dropped to the deck flat on her back. Standing up, she quickly unhooked the wheel and began pulling some of the levers down. They were too high and at that rate, they were going to be continually attacked by the arrowhawks. So, the ship descended quickly, loosing the attacking birds within a few minutes. Whatever stragglers remained were taken care of by the group, which Raruna was thankful for. That meant less damage to her ship, though it was a cover-up for her worry to her passengers.

Sheathing her sword, Runa guided her ship onwards, pushing the levers back up to gain more power. She had them back up in the air and away from the arrowhawks, but a bit lower than before just in case the bastards decided to descend upon them a second time. Runa ignored the scratch along her shoulder and back, it was small enough to not bother with, so she stayed at the helm and continued to keep an eye out for any more troublesome creatures.

The setting changes from Open Plains North of Barberry to Allevent


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"Thank you all for bringing this to my attention. You were of course right to do so. Let me bring you all up to speed. I have no association with this Cortland, although I don't doubt that he is an Applicator. As I told you all yesterday evening, there are those in my guild who would gladly see this mission fail, or better yet take control of the artifice prototype for their own calibrations. Please, any of you who were approached by this Cortland, produce the locator. Keep the marks for yourselves if you took any." replied Dr. Serabel. Icarus had originally planned on taking all the locators to a courier, and having him carry out a similar mission, only in the opposite direction; to throw off the Applicators. However, he figured that Dr. Serabel would have a plan on her own and she seemed intelligent enough to come up with an adequate way of dealing with the situation, so he instead handed the locator over.

"No, I never saw this Cortland. Wouldn't have minded an extra 500 marks though," Said Grim. the corner of Icarus's lip twitched into a brief smile, He didn't think Grim capable of humor, if that's what that was. It seemed logical that he was not approached. If it really was that Cortland had been at the bar, then he would have known that Grim was in charge of the mission, right under Dr. Serabel, so asking someone that high in position to sabotage the mission would have been foolish at the least.

It was then that the Captain, Runa spoke up. "I got one too, the man seemed mighty keen on figuring out my ships location. I'll give it to you once we get airborne, doc. However, this is my ship and I won't tolerate anyone giving out her position" She said, announcing that last part loudly enough for everyone to hear. He couldn't help but smile broadly. The girl had the can-do attitude of an Air Captain. Her vessel wasn't the largest or nicest ship, the fact highlighted by the neighboring ships, but she still took pride in hers. It seemed to be interesting working with her.
Icarus realized he was in a particularly good mood. Perhaps it was the anticipation that he would be back in the skies, albeit briefly. Sure he could fly up as much as he wanted, but it didn't quite match the feeling of being on a stannum ship.

Dr. Serabel turned from Grim and addressed the group. "Now what do we do?".

Runa's eyes flashed with excitement and she jumped in immediately "We get airborne!! That's what we do!" She had barely finished her sentence when she was dashing about the ship tying down loose materials and setting the sails. She had an almost unhuman grace moving around, barely looking where she was walking, but dodging and maneuvering past obstacles with extreme ease, a testament to how comfortable she was in her ship. In a matter of minutes she had the ship ready to fly. She quickly made her way to the stern and began pulling levels. There was the soft buzz of caith crystals at work, and the small orange crystals along the hull began to glow lightly. The ship seemed to jump slightly, and after a bit of calibration with the other levers, she lifted one of the levers all the way up, and the ship suddenly lurched high.The ship then slowed down a bit, and the bow began to tilt up, and suddenly it moved forward and they were off. Icarus walked over the the door where the staircase where the living quarters would normally be. He walked down and saw a small corridor with separate rooms on either side. He took the second one on the left, and inside was a small empty room with two bunk beds built into the wall. He layed down his things in the corner and began to set his bed. He sat down and and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. He was not tired, after all the day was still young, but he needed to clear his mind a bit. He waited for the ship to level out, as he could feel they were still ascending. He waited... and waited... He realized that they were still climbing and looked out the small round window to see the foggy white mist about 50 yards above the ship. His eyes widened... what is she doing? He thought to himself. Thankful he had not yet removed his armor, he grabbed his sword and ran up the stairs.... It was dangerous for small vessels to be flying up so high, the more dangerous airborne caithness resided in the high skies. He burst through the door and looked up at the stern, to see Runa just leap out of the way of an assault from a large arrowhawk. There was the sound of a loud crash and glass breaking and he turned around to see Grim wielding a large iron totem, now sitting in the center of a pile of caith crystals, His leg was gashed, but he held his hand over it, and suddenly a number of golden butterflies materialized in the air, gathering around him and disappearing into golden sunbeams after a short while. Aurum Magic. He wouldn't have seen that coming.

He felt a disturbance in the air beside him and leapt forward into a roll, drawing his sword, an arrowhawk sunk it's talons into the floor where he was standing, He reared its long ugly neck and released it's piercing scream. Icarus grimaced as the scream caused his head to spin, his ear to ring, and his eyes to water. The bird then snapped, its head stretching forward to take a bite at his arm, he batted it away his sword and shook his head, trying to regain his composure. The bird immediately struck again he sidestepped once more and swept downward at the bird's out stretched neck. His sword bit into the birds flesh and with a dull thunk, it's head fell and burst into caith crystals, followed by the rest of his body.

He looked up; Arrowhawks were known to be followed by their young. While Elder Arrowhawks were stronger and more fierce, Young arrowhawks were still a force to be reckoned with. Their beaks were straighter, and they were much more agile. Not only that, but they were best known for flying through sails and tearing them to shreds.

He could see about seven young arrowhawks circling above the ship. Runa was still engaged with one more arrowhawk. He jumped, flying up high to the circle. The arrowhawks began their dive. Noticing Icarus on the way down. He waved his hand briskly to the side, and the birds were blindsided by a gust of wind, knocking them all to the left. Normally he would have just blown them back, and it would have taken them longer to get their rhythm back enough to fly but due to their aerodynamic shaped, they were known to zip right through forward gusts of wind from unsuspecting stannum elixers, who were then pincushioned to death.

The birds flitted about, regathering their formation. From the corner of his eye, he saw the tips of the sails begin to lower, turned and saw runa back at the wheel, guiding her ship down. He grabbed the hilt and winged gaurd of his sword, and twisted the hilt to the right. He pulled up, and a secondary part to his telescopic hilt came out, this one was lined with 5 dimly glowing lumen crystals. He twisted it back and the hilt locked into position He now carried a long bladed spear. The ship was safely out of harms way, or so it seemed. The young arrowhawks were known for chasing a ship miles away from its clutch, so it was a dangerous situation. He prepared to take out the young when he heard the piercing scream of an adult arrowhawk. He slashed at the arrowhawk, the spear bit into the arrowhawk's chest, he was pushed back by the impact. The arrowhawk disengaged but was still alive. It spun around dived at him from above. He lifted the pommel of the spear and batted the bird aside, it spun out and fell, flapping wildly to regain its balance. He pointed the spear at the bird, there was a hum and the air pressure seemed to drop, and suddenly a bright blue flash of lightning blasted out of the point of his spear. It connected with the arrowhawk, who exploded into crystals that plummeted to the ground below. He saw the young had already regained their formation and were ready to dive at the ship which was now much lower, but not out of range from arrowhawks who has already targeted them. He zipped down, quickly passing the arrowhawks. He was now between the ship and the young birds. He held out his hand the air about 25 yards above him began to spin. It slowly gained a greenish hue as he condensed the natural nitrogen gas found in the air into a small cloud the size of his two fists. He lowed a little bit more, out of the way of what he was about to do. The birds began to dive, unwittingly attempting to dive through the gas cloud. He didn't hesitate. He whipped his spear forward, pointed, and shot the bolt of electricity right when the birds got within range. As soon as it hit the small cloud, the condensed gas ignited, and there was a loud explosion. When the flames cleared, there was another shower of crystals. He looked down at the ship, now unharmed, for the most part...

So far there has been the issue of cortland the day they found out about the mission, and now an attack within minutes of their departure...

This does not bode well for this mission He thought to himself. Snapping the spear back into it's sword form, and returning it to it's sheath. He dove down to the ship and landed softly at the stern, a few feet behind the Captain.

"Are you alright?"


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