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Jion Tane

"The road beneath me will show me the world around me."

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a character in “Allevent, Realm of Caith”, as played by Furry Dragon


NAME: Jion Tane
AGE: 21
SEX: Male
RACE: Dyruma
RACE DESCRIPTION: The Dyruma are a humanoid race, although they have obvious differences from humans. They can be six to eight feet tall. Their heads look to be a mixture of avian and mammalian. They have snouts yet they also have a ruff of feathers sprouting from the back and top of their head, much like a human's hair. They do not have noses like a dog or such but rather slits on their snouts. They have hands like a human's except for instead of fingernails they have sharp talons. Their legs end in digigrade feet that look like a mixture between a cat's paw and eagle's talon with feathers sprouting out of the heels. They have muscular tails with ends covered in a fan of feathers. Their skin can be any color and often has patterns or designs on it. Lithe yet muscular, they are a fairly strong species yet are more built for speed and agility than strength.

The Dyruma are a widespread race. Some live amongst the treetops in forests, some live as huntsmen on plains, while others are content to live in cities. Most live in wilder areas and tend to dislike living in crowded places. Generally they are a nomadic people rather than settlers.

One personality trait the Dyruma are notorious for is their good-humored nature. They are a reserved and polite with strangers but with people they know they are friendly and loyal. They are quick of wit and intelligent. Honest and fair, they dislike lying and cheating. With a Dyruma you can be sure you are getting a good deal with a trade. They believe in reincarnation after death so they believe the better they behave in one life the better the next life will be. While Dyrumas are a friendly people in general, they can also be violent. In their society they prove themselves by winning fights. They can be a bit hot headed and do not take insults well. Determined and at times stubborn, if a Dyruma makes up his or her mind it can be hard to change it.

OCCUPATION: Hunter and Alchemist

APPEARANCE: Jion stands at seven feet and three inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. Lean and lithe, he is muscular without being bulky, with the strongest muscles being in his legs. His skin is a rich red brown color with spots of forest green. His feathers are a dark, greenish teal. Both his fingers and the toes on his feet are equipped with sharp black claws. Long and sinuous, his tail is used both for balance and, at time, a weapon. For clothes he wears loose trousers and linen shirts, although when possible he prefers to go shirtless as he did in his childhood. He goes barefoot and has never worn shoes.

PERSONALITY Loyal but slow to trust, Jion nevertheless believes that he should be friendly with even strangers. He has a well meaning nature and doesn't like to cheat or lie; rather, he would help others with their problems if asked. He can be a bit socially awkward as growing up with the same people every day doesn't really prepare you for the varieties of personalities in the outside world. He doesn't trust easily, but once you have his friendship it is likely to stay. Determined and at times narrow minded, he is can get so absorbed in a task that he forgets all else. Although he is generally good humored he does have a bit of a hot temper and does not take unprovoked insults well. Constructive criticism he can take, just not insults. His general reaction to an insult is a fight, but lately he has been learning to restrain himself.

PAST: Jion was born to a clan of Dyruma who were looking for a new home. Their old one was getting too crowded for their liking for other races were settling the area. Born on the road, it wasn't long until his clan settled down in a forest. As he grew older he learned to love the woods that were his home although he couldn't shake a feeling of restlessness. His feet yearned for the road, the elders said. When he turned seventeen he finally decided to leave the comfortable familiarity of his home and set off into the world. Carrying only a set of clothes, a small pack containing food and water, and a strip of leather with a finger-sized silvery crystal pendant around his neck he finally felt his restless feeling subside. He was travelling at last. The first town he saw came as a shock to him. It was so big! In ordinary terms it would have been generous to call the town medium sized, but to Jion's innocent eyes it was huge. There were people of all sorts of races, shops selling things he had never seen before, and people who used magic. It was the magic that interested him the most. In his clan there had been no magic users, so he was particularly interested in it. As his travels continued he learned of caith and its uses, something he had been unaware of prior to his travels. Much to his dismay he showed no talent as an elixir. Nevertheless, he was still determined to work with caith. He became apprenticed to an alchemist for three years, absorbing all he could about the process of making and repairing caith using items. When his apprenticeship ended he lacked a way to earn money to buy the caith crystals he needed to build things. He enlisted as a caithness hunter, his early life of hunting for a living greatly aiding him.

PRESENT: Jion works as a caithness hunter. He hopes to earn enough money to set up an alchemy business. He is worried that if he did set up such a business, however, he would feel the same restlessness he felt in his youth. Stuck between two of his wants, he hopes he can find a compromise when the time comes.

FUTURE: Jion plans to never comepletely stop as a caithness hunter. The thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of seeing a caithness explode into caith crystals is extremely satisfying to him. As much as he would like to deny it there is part of him that would much rather seek adventure and action than work in a workshop. At the same time he would still like to set up an alchemy buisiness, for he also enjoys the feeling that he has created something worthwhile and would help others. He plans to try to negotiate an ideal situation for himself with the guilds, but that is still a ways off.

SKILLS: Archery, alchemy, cooking, hand to hand fighting

Dexterity: Jion is agile and has great reflexes. Due to his apprentiship as an alchemist he is also adept at working with fine machinery and such.
Intelligence: Jion has a good memory and a creative mind. He is one to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.
Attack: Due to his occupation as a caithness hunter Jion can fight well. His best weapons are the bow and his clawed hands and feet.
WEAKNESSES: [Attack; Defense; Dexterity; Intelligence; Charisma; Willpower; Perception]
Perception: Jion is not good at reading body language of other species due to his seclusion from them for most of his life. While he can pick up general emotions, the finer nuances are mysteries to him.
Defense: Jion has a more hit and doge style of fighting than a defensive one. If cornered to a wall with no place to run he could be in trouble indeed.
Willpower: Jion can be quite determined and strong willed, which can lead him into unpleasant situations. He could get caught up in a task and not pay attention to anything else or go overboard to prove his point.

EQUIPMENT: Jion carries his bow with him and a quiver of stannum headed arrows. He carries food and water with him as well as a collection of refined caith crystals in case there is any spare time to work on a project. Around his neck he still wears a strip of leather with a silvery crystal pendant, a gift from his mother. This silver crystal is a spelter caith crystal, although he doesn't know it. He also carries writing supplies and paper.

What other characters won't know: Jion is a talented artist, which helps him plan out creations to make. He also writes a journal in code so his future reincarnation can read it and know what his life was like. There may be no proof that a Dyruma is reincarnated after death, but that doesn't stop them from believing and Jion is no different.

So begins...

Jion Tane's Story

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Barberry was the biggest city Jion had been to so far. His travels had brought him to many places, but none as big and busy as this one. All sorts of different races, shops, buildings, wares, and other interesting things were more saturated into this town than the entire forest he had spent his early life in. It was nearly overwhelming, but no, Jion didn't come this far to shy from the crowds. This was simply another thing that he would have to get used to.

Tail swishing from side to side slightly as he walked, Jion weaved through the multitude of people, eyes latching on to each new sight as if staring at it could ingrain it in his brain for the rest of his life. How much could a city hold? It wasn't that large. Nevertheless it continued to defy his expectations. Merchants yelled out advertisements for their wares, people haggled with each other over prices, performers danced, made music, and juggled... It was a true circus for the senses.

It was his wanderlust that had brought him here. That, and the small problem that he lacked a job at the moment. Due to a minor misunderstanding he had been released from his last contract. Wait, no. Released was too gentle of a word. Forced out would probably have been more apt. Hopefully, however, that wouldn't interfere with him getting a new job. He would take any kind of work he could get, preferably one that paid well and wasn't boring, but he wasn't too picky.

Despite his goal of finding a place to work the dyruma didn't seem to be looking in the right places. Perhaps it was that dyruma were a race who preferred the wilds, making it so the people in the city were uncomfortable in his presence. Jion knew that with his clawed hands and feet, tall height, tail, and feathers made him an unusual sight, but that didn't mean he was going to attack someone or something of the like. Maybe the way he was dressed didn't bode well with the people of the city? All he was wearing was some trousers made of tough cloth and a simple vest. Sure, he was carrying his bow and arrows, but surely someone with weapons wasn't uncommon.

Stomach rumbling, he bought a beef pastry at a stall, eating it while walking. A flicker of movement caught his eye. Curious, he ambled after it, finishing his pastry. The thing had looked like a small animal of some sorts. What would it be doing in the city? Soon after he saw a girl wearing a hat dashing in the same direction the animal had went. Could she be after it? Was it hers?

Jion slipped to the crowds so he would intercept her path. "Are you looking for something? Do you need help?"

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#, as written by Igari


She had been trying to squeeze her way through the throng of people, fighting to get through the crowd to reach her companion. She was determined to "purrservere", however, as Xerxes had a tendency to get into copious amounts of trouble if left unwatched. As she pushed herself through the crowd, she faintly saw someone move out of the corner of her eye--cutting through the large group with ease. Before she could side-step them, the figure had already come to step into her path with almost too much ease. She let out a surprised mewl, already hastening back a few steps, wondering where on earth he had come from.

"Are you looking for something? Do you need help?" The words failed to process for a moment as she was more preoccupied at looking at this... being before her, colorful and rather vivid. It reminded her a little of the tropical forests she had visited once with her tribe but she remembered little of the journey. She bit her lip as she tried to look around him, narrowing her eyes a bit to see into the distance. The jolt of his appearance was steadily fading--becoming replaced by unease.

"M-Meeewr...." She didn't have time to waste on much conversation yet did not want to be rude about it. Shunning strangers who could potentially by buying her wares the next week would not do her business any good. She rubbed at her nose to try to keep Xerxes' scent fresh, as his was starting to creep into her senses. Being rude wasn't the optimal route but she did not have a choice. She was going to have to cut this interaction short--already, the feeling of tension was increasing in the pit of her stomach over what antics her animal companion could be getting into.

"I-I'm furry sorry!" Was all she managed before bending her knees and releasing her body into a pounce. Her feline alignment allowed her jump to arc over the stranger before landing gracefully on the other side of him. She did not pause, running in the direction Xerxes had scampered off to before there could be any more interruptions. She weaved through the crowd, rounding the corner just as her ears picked up a loud shriek. The young woman paused, turning to her right to see a dimming commotion of sorts. Almost immediately, she clammed up, face paling. She could very clearly see her fox, smugly in the arms of a tall, frail-looking woman. That in itself wasn't the problem. It was the amount of people around her animal companion that were causing her breath to hitch in her throat. So... so many...

She had never been good in such social settings but by the looks of things, she was going to have to step in to retrieve him. There was a primal looking girl positioned between the woman and a man with silver hair. Talking to the woman by herself wouldn't have presented an issue, she could already tell from a distance that she was an Elf. Naturally, she felt at ease around this race, given the kinship that was shared between them and her own tribes. But the other two in the equation were enough to push the summoner over the edge. She bit her bottom lip, almost inclined to turn on her heel. But there was that odd-looking stranger that she had left behind and she had no way of knowing if he would pursue after her (which was a disturbing thought). And there was no way she could leave Xerxes by himself, that was for sure. And what kind of Xiphreim would she be to leave her beloved summon behind?

Forcing the breath past her lips in a bit of a hiss, she made herself take slow steps forwards to approach the individuals. Xerxes had been waiting for her arrival, it seemed. As soon as he caught sight of her, he bounded out of the woman's arms, nonchalantly trotting over to her. He had a red piece of cloth between his teeth. She didn't take long to put it together in her mind. It was evident that this fabric had come from the woman who had just been holding him. He stopped a few inches from her feet and spat out the cloth on the ground, almost as if presenting her with some glorious catch. She frowned but there would be time to reprimand him later. She would have to make amends to that poor woman for the ruckus that he had caused.

Casting a stern gaze at Xerxes that she hoped explicitly told him to "stay purrt", she walked only several more steps so that she came to a halt some feet from the small gathering. Her face was already starting to heat up as she tried to get the words out, unable to focus on any one person in particular and settled for looking at the ground. "I apurrogize... fur any trouble my furmiliar caused you..." She trailed off weakly. How did one even make amends in the first place...? She glanced back at the fabric that was still on the ground near Xerxes, sliding her magenta orbs towards the woman. From the way she clutched at her arm, he had probably ripped a portion of her sleeve off (though she really couldn't think of how this had happened in the first place...). The only thing she could think to do was somehow pay for the repairs, maybe that would suffice? Reaching into her pouch, she took out two gold crescents and, for extra apologetic measure, also took out one of her potions.

Moving as quickly as she possibly could, she shoved the items into the hands of the woman and bowed to her, turning immediately and running from the entourage. She couldn't even manage any well-wishes, too tongue-tied and light-headed to think properly. Xerxes was fast on the uptake and darted after her as she ran blindly through the streets. She cared not for where she ended up, so long as she was far away from the group. After several minutes, she finally allowed herself to stop. She leaned against the wall, heaving out a large sigh. Her cheeks were flush with the embarrassment she felt and the nervousness that was slowly dissipating. Now that she was finally alone, she could feel the constriction in her chest beginning to loosen up. Xerxes padded around her ankles casually, yawning as he looked up at her almost innocently.

"Feeling better?" He asked her, the summoner nodding slowly as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"I think so...." She smiled a little shakily at him, unable to fully hide how uncertain she had felt during the prior interactions. She reached out her hands slightly, offering to lift her fox companion up on to her shoulders. Xerxes only wrinkled his nose but complied, jumping into her arms and settling on her shoulders. Surprisingly, he rubbed his cheek against hers, which caused the girl to smile. He always knew how to make her feel better, didn't he? Though now the next order of business was to figure out how exactly she was going to get home... She had no idea where she was in the city any longer, having run without any set destination in mind. And now she stood in what appeared to be a large plaza, blinking her wide eyes as she took in the surroundings. She heard a chuckle near her ear and turned her head a bit to the side to regard Xerxes.

"What is so amewsing?" She questioned, receiving only a motion towards the center of the plaza. She followed his directives, eyes coming to rest...

... Ffffffffnyah?!

The setting changes from Barberry, City of Guilds to Allevent


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After an oddly spoken apology the girl sprang over Jion's head, much to the dyruma's surprise. He swished his tail, embarrassed. He was simply offering help, but he should have seen how much of a hurry she was in. This was where he was going to have to become more experienced. Maybe he could read the often times discreet signs of an animal or caithness, but he still had a long way to go before he figured out the difference between too hurried to stop and simply hurried.

Suddenly Jion was reminded of the strangeness of the foreign ground he was standing on. All these people, things, activity... how could one stand it?

Nonsense. They're used to it. I bet they would feel just as out of place in my home. Jion shook his head, realizing he hadn't moved from the spot he was standing, much to the annoyance of those around him. Taking a step forward, he mazed through the crowd again, beginning to grasp the dance that was required to move through the busy streets.

But where could he find a job? He had hoped to find a hunter's guild who needed a new recruit, but he was no closer to finding one than when he started. An idea struck him, causing him to grin, showing sharp, predatory teeth. He had seen advertisments for a place called the Ha'penny Pie, where all sorts of people were said to gather, including potential employers. Tail held high with newfound purpose he asked directions from a shopkeeper and set off.

It took Jion quicker than he expected to reach the Ha'penny Pie. Perhaps it was closer than he expected, or maybe he was getting better at this city walking business. Whatever the reason was he sat down at the counter and called for a serving person. The little pastry he had earlier wasn't enough to sate his hunger for long, and he was thirsty, too.

"I'll have the leg of mutton with some water, please," he said to the serving person.

"Next!" a loud voice boomed.

Jion looked at the source of the voice, a tall man standing at the base of the stairs. He cocked his head in a questioning way, giving him a distinctly bird like appearance for a moment. Interest raised, he nevertheless wanted to satisfy his hunger first. He didn't know if the man was talking to anyone or someone specific. After the mess up earlier he didn't want to intrude without finding out more first.

When the serving person returned with his food and drink Jion nodded at the man and asked, "What's going on over there?"

The setting changes from Allevent to Barberry, City of Guilds

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#, as written by Wrenn
The serving person dropped off the Dyruma's order at roughly the same time Lori returned with the woman's, just as the large northman bellowed across the Pie. Hearing the Dyruma and the woman pose the same question, Lori shooed off the other server and turned to answer them both. It wasn't often that she was the one with the story to tell, and she wanted to milk it.

"I've never seen them before, but this is their second day here so I've learned a bit about them both," she began. "Dr. Serabel is from the Applicators." She assumed that the two would both be familiar with one of the Master League guilds, so she didn't explain that the Applicators were home to the best artificers in Allevent, and responsible over the last decades with virtually every new caith-powered artifice. Not that they built each and every one, but they researched and designed the prototypes for artificers the world over to reproduce.

"The big one's called Grim," Lori added. "Apparently he's some caithness hunter or mercenary or something -- definitely not an Applicator. Hold that thought!" she called when a man waved her over from another table, and she scurried off. After taking his order and delivering it to the kitchens, she eventually returned to the two.

"Where was I? Oh, so they come in here yesterday and start asking the usual suspects if they're interested in a job. 'Cept they're keeping it hush-hush in one of the meeting rooms upstairs. Everyone's been turned down so far, and none of them are saying much about what the job is, so after two days of this everyone's getting pretty curious -- myself included. There's even some friendly wagering going on about who'll be the first one accepted, or what the nature of the mission is.

"I lost a hard crescent on that guy," Lori admitted, pointing with her thumb to one of the nearby tables, where a man sat doing his honest best to drown in his mug of ale. "And he goes up there drunk and comes back down with a bloody nose for his troubles." She shook her head ruefully. "So if you think you got what it takes, let me know and I can win back some of my marks," she added with a wink, before getting called back into the kitchen with an order.

As though waiting for her to finish her story, the moment Lori disappeared back into the kitchen, Grim and the doctor came down the stairs once more, ready for anyone else who wanted to join the mystery mission.