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Porfirio "Firo" Grey

High Guardian of Adelost

0 · 323 views · located in White-walled Adelost

a character in “Allevent, Realm of Caith”, as played by Wrenn



Name: Porfirio "Firo" Grey
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: High Guardian of Adelost

Past: A native of Adelost, Porfirio is from a small but respectable noble house that has many connections to the throne, although he is the first in uncountable generations to achieve the accolades and recognition of such a rank as Guardian. Eager to learn and almost burning with ambition, Firo's childhood involved wide-ranging studies and interests, which as he matured slowly settled into public service. He joined the officers academy and then spent four years seeing heavy combat in the Sorrowars -- where he learned everything skill he now has as a Guardian, including leading men in and out of battle, his skill with a blade and his abilities as an elixer. The end of his tour coincided with the slow stagnation of combat which eventually came to be an armistice, and Firo applied straight for the position of Guardian -- somewhat young at 24 although by no means unheard of. With his connections from his service and from his family along with his proven skill he was readily taken on. Now a decade later and he has been the High Guardian of Adelost for two years.

Present: The Guardians are the warrior-diplomats of Adelost, serving as the king's sword hand and shield arm and answerable only to him and their oaths. Their duties are many and diverse, but chief among them include serving as bodyguards to the royal family, ambassadors in peace and generals in war. They are spies and assassins, sages and advisors -- whatever the king needs them to be to keep his kingdom secure. Firo is a seasoned Guardian although some may consider him to still be in his infancy as the High Guardian, leader of the Guardians. He is cold and calculating but not hostile or duplicitous, and in his words and deeds can be found nothing that would gainsay him as most dedicated and faithful. He is dark of feature and quite handsome, although it must be said that he makes little advantage of this despite the advances he occasionally receives.

Future: Porfirio's goals are somewhat simple but surely noble. He strives to prove himself in his work, and his belief in the kingdom and the king is unwavering -- a required mindset given the occasional unjust actions carried out by him and other Guardians in the name of the justice. Although quite intelligent, Firo doesn't seem to question this duality -- perhaps he is too consummate a soldier, or perhaps he is postponing his atonement until after he steps down from the Guardians.

Skills: [Fire-elixer; Swordplay; Diplomacy] As a Guardian of Adelost, Porfirio is able to always stay equipped with ferrum crystals to fuel his powers as an elixer. Although he can create quite powerful manifestations of the fire familiar as he wreaks conflagrations, Firo prefers to use his abilities in smaller, more dexterous ways, and is especially deadly at mixing fire into his sword work. A Guardian must be both the sword hand and shield arm of his King, and Porfirio exemplifies this with his abilities with the sword and with his subtle mind attuned to statecraft -- the perfect warrior-diplomat.

Strengths: [Attack; Intelligence; Perception] Firo is a deadly swordsman who uses his speed and unpredictable fire spellcraft in tandem to make him a deadly opponent. He is exceptionally intelligent and perceptive, making him well-suited for the demanding role as High Guardian.

Weaknesses: [Defense; Charisma] Firo wears little in the ways of armor, preferring speed, mobility and visibility to thick protective layers. Despite his fiery attacks Porfirio presents a cold personality which does him no favors as far as charisma goes. He is honest and fierce and capable which makes him a qualified leader, but he cannot master the ability that some naturally possess to make themselves liked. On missions involving pure diplomacy he always brings along one of the more charismatic Guardians to balance this weakness.

Equipment: As a Guardian Porfirio has access to the entire kingdom's arsenal, including its best arms and armor. Outside of battle he is likely to wear tailored coats of dark colors with elegantly embroidered sleeves and stiff, high collars. In battle he wears plate armor wrought with alumen to be exceptionally light, with only the faint amber tint of alumen to its mirror-polished surface revealing its pedigree. He is proficient in many weapons but favors by far the longsword, sometimes complimenting this with a dagger or stiletto. He wears little jewelry except for a ring on each hand that house ferrum crystals to keep his fire spellcraft ever-ready.

What other characters would know: His position and prominence make him a recognized face throughout the court and some of the kingdom. His past deeds and services are a matter of public record would any wish to research him, but his reputation alone describes him well enough to the curious. Skillful and formidable, somewhat cold but most honorable. He has earned his position as the High Guardian, and few would question his abilities with his ever-present longsword.

So begins...

Porfirio "Firo" Grey's Story

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Character Portrait: Porfirio "Firo" Grey
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#, as written by Wrenn
The morning could not begin early enough for Porfirio, as it could not for any man who burned with energy and whose duties were limitless. He woke well before sunrise, and after only a quick moment to collect himself from his light sleep, the High Guardian of Adelost climbed from his too-large bed and moved toward his dresser, bare feet padding silently on one of the many rugs that spanned his massive living quarters, this one a thick braided woolen rug from sunny Bokmakiri, that desert city far to the east. Porfirio didn't think that he cared much for luxury goods -- and a Bokmakiri rug was surely that -- but along with its almost gaudy splendor the rug was exceptionally well-made and durable, and so it stayed. Still he felt guilty as his bare feet savored the warmth that insulated him from the cold stone floor. The water that he poured into the wide, shallow basin at his dresser, however, assured him that he had not yet grown soft as he washed his face and hands without activating the ferrum glyph etched into the basin that would have warmed the water in minutes.

Soon he was dressed and out the door. Although the stone corridors of the keep were lined with evenly-spaced lumen glyphs that could have lit the way with their steady glow, lumen crystals weren't cheap and there were too few people awake at this early hour for the steward to authorize their use. Firo had made this trip each morning for the last two years, and could navigate it blindfolded. Besides which, the High Guardian hadn't grown up wealthy and had always done his reading by candlelight before his appointment here, and even though lumen glyphs had been in the castle for decades they were still a source of disquiet to him. Not that he feared them -- no, he was no simple-liver or 'Minimalist' as the fringe group had taken to calling itself -- but despite their proven practicality he couldn't help but regard lumen lamps with the same look that he would a barking cat or meowing dog.

He was the first of the Guardians to enter the Ironguard Room, as their council chamber was known. It was usual for him to be first, sometimes by even up to an hour, but it was not unheard of for another to already be up and about. Sleepless nights were common among the Guardians; despite their dedication and belief, their choices were hard as any king's or general's, and no sane man wasn't occasionally plagued by doubts. Still, today he was first, and he was glad for the solitude. He found himself drawn to one of the arrow-slit windows on the far side wall, and leaned against the stone with his arms clasped loosely behind his back. He could see the sun's rays just beginning to peak out over the ocean horizon, prodding white-walled Adelost awake. Glancing back at the folder he had placed on the giant oak table in the center of the room, Porfirio wondered what the day would bring.