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Allevent, Realm of Caith

Bokmakiri, the Desert City


a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, by Wrenn.

Bokmakiri, the Desert City

Wrenn holds sovereignty over Bokmakiri, the Desert City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Sunny Bokmakiri is a sprawling, ancient desert city buried deep within the forbidding Bokma Desert far to the east of most modernized cities. Although the people here are more acclimated to the heat than any other, still they prefer to sleep in the day and the city only truly comes to life at night. The ancient sandstone buildings shimmer in the sun and can be seen from miles away. This massive city has survived for thousands of years despite the harsh conditions it weathers, unfortunately Bokmakiri sees small profit and aside from a few wealthy merchants it has very little by way of caith devices or other modern luxuries. Vivum crystals are quite popular, but so scarce that they are seen more as a sign of wealth than as something to be utilized by caith devices or elixers.

The sun beats down across the Bokma desert, infusing it with ferrum and aurum caith aplenty, making caithness quite a problem for caravans or other travelers. The guilds have a very lucrative business in Bokmakiri taking care of such problems, although it is a business steeped in blood and not for those looking to make an easy profit. In fact Bokmakiri law punishes many offenders by having them serve time in such guilds, earning their freedom by protecting the city from the ever-present swarms of caithness.

Despite these daunting challenges Bokmakiri is a land of opportunity, as it supplies the rest of the Allevent with much ferrum and aurum, two incredibly useful caith crystals in the world's economy. The desert city can promise many riches for the brave, lucky and industrious.

The population of Bokmakiri is predominantly human, although not overwhelmingly so like many of its western counterparts. Leonin and Reptilion tribes abound, each forming a large community that is more or less insular from the rest of Bokmakiri.
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Bokmakiri, the Desert City

Bokmakiri, the Desert City


Bokmakiri, the Desert City is a part of Allevent.