Astrid Blaire

"I've never claimed to be perfect. But if you form that opinion, I won't argue."

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a character in “Almost Godly”, as played by Miss Nomer


{ "A dame that knows the ropes is unlikely to get tied up." } - Mae West

Full Name:
Astrid Gwyneth Blaire
Nicknames and Aliases:
Blaire, Blondie


{ Emotion Manipulation } With influence over the emotions of others, Astrid's presence can change the direction of an argument, a makeup, etc. She can take what emotions are already there and increase them, nurturing what was once a spark of anger into a full fledged rage. What people do under the influence of their own emotions if, of course, dependent on the person, but she knows how to use a person's feelings against them very well. Whether one be feeling fear, joy, lust, or sadness, there are ways to manipulate them into doing as she pleases. One must remember to keep their mind clear around the girl, just in case. There are limits to her powers, of course. As previously mentioned, she cannot control what one does under the power of their own emotions. Those who can project psychic shields are entirely immune to her, as well. When she loses control of her own emotions, she might accidentally affect those around her, which has caused problems when there is no one in the room keeping a cool mind thanks to her.
Twenty-Three [23]
Sexual Orientation:



Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Pale Green

Astrid has a tattoo of falcon wings on the back of her right shoulder, perhaps a reference to the falcon cape the original Freyja wore. She got it a few years ago, when she was around twenty or so.
Only her ears are pierced.
Astrid might boast that she is too powerful to ever receive a lasting scar, but she does have a few from a childhood spent climbing and, subsequently, falling. There are a few on her lower back, and one on her lower abdomen, from falling on rocks and fences.
As far as oddities go, being the incarnation of Freyja has not given Astrid many. After all, unlike some of the Egyptian gods Freyja looked every bit the human in her lifetime.



{ Flirtatious, Direct, Arrogant, Independent, Competitive }
It has been said that Freyja's romantic and sexual endeavors make even those of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty, seem tame. Thus, it's just a matter of course that her incarnation should have a flirtatious streak a mile wide. The young woman enjoys the back and forth of flirting, and very much likes the physical aspects that sometimes follow. While many societies might try to discourage frequent sexual activity outside of a monogamous relationship, Astrid is inclined to disagree with their stigma. If she likes to do something, and it is pleasurable, the young woman has difficulty thinking that she should for some reason feel ashamed of it. Thus, she has a reputation for being flirtatious and very sexually liberal. She's been in exclusive relationships before, of course, but that doesn't mean she doesn't very much enjoy open relationships and casual hook ups. She's of the opinion that denying yourself something fun, if it doesn't hurt anyone else, is stupid and not something she chooses to partake in.

It's easy to tell the difference between her just wanting to tease and flirt, and wanting to skip to desserts. The girl, after all, is very direct in her mannerisms, not one for beating around the bush for the most part. She is the sort of person who gets what they want because they have the audacity to ask, where others sit around and hope it will come to them. Astrid is a very proactive person, and believes the best strategy is always the most direct one. If she wants something, she will go for it, not worried about what others think. Ambitious people rarely care what others think, and while she may not exactly be ambitious, the young woman certainly seems to lack a certain amount of shame or reserve when it comes to going after what she desires. In speaking, she is equally forward, not one for small talk and the like when she has a point to make. She likes witty but useless banter as much as the next person, but when she has a point she is going to make it. One might question her tact because of this, and with good reason. She will never be a diplomat, certainly, lacking the delicacy for such things.

Perhaps her confidence is what allows Astrid to be so direct and unconcerned about the impression she makes on others. The incarnation of a powerful goddess, she is very much confident in her own capabilities. The young woman knows that she is competent, and this knowledge certainly shows. Just in the way she walks, back straight, chin up, it is clear that she has few insecurities. And if she does have them, they are well hidden behind a cocky grin and unabashed eyes. Unfortunately, her self-assurance does often cross the line into arrogance. She sometimes has been known to overestimate herself, and get into trouble by leaping into situations that require assistance. She is a fiercely independent individual, after all, one who loathes to rely on others and prefers to pull her own weight as much as possible. As good as self-reliance is, there is a point at which one cannot go on without the aid of another. Astrid often ignores this point, and endangers herself because of it. It is the one mistake she seems incapable of learning from.

On another note, the girl is incredibly competitive. She loves anything that will help her measure her own skills, whether it be competing against her previous scores or against another person. Sparring, racing, etc --it's all quite fun to her. She likes it best when there are stakes, however, and is constantly starting competitions with stakes like "do my laundry for a week" or "Personal servant for two days" and other such things. The chance of losing something is what makes it fun, in her eyes.
Sparring/Fighting || Exploring/Hiking || Driving
Bites Cheek || Leans Against Things When Talking || Tugs at Hair When Thinking || Tends to Maintain Solid Eye Contact When Talking
Sex || Flirting || Driving || Competitions || Bets || Camping || Hiking || Exploring || Teasing People || Sparring || Working Out { "Not when I first start, of course. But after getting into it." } || The Harmonica || Talented People { "Talent is sexy." } || Winning || Fair Matches || Loyalty || Quick Minds || Sarcasm || Boots || High Heels || Dancing at Clubs || Climbing Things || Salty Foods || French Fries || Ginger Ale || Cats || Birds of Prey { "Not just the DC Gals." } || Dark Red || Casualness || Adventure || Surprises || Hills || Skating

Eating Pork, Bacon, etc || Small Dogs || Betrayal || Swimming In The Ocean || Idleness || Boredom || Clingy People || Losing || Non-level Playing Fields || Golf || Tennis || Hard Candy || Harassment || Macho Complexes || Shakespeare || Reality TV || Beating Around the Bush || Tasks/Challenges That Are Too Easy || Being Scolded/Reprimanded || The Terms Slut, Whore, Etc || Jealousy || Complaints Without Effort || Musicals || Predictable Movie Plots || Naive Ideals of Life || Feeling Dependent || Bruce Wayne

Influencing People [Emotion Manipulation, of Course]
Physical Combat [Goddess of War, After All]
Decisive/Direct [Knows What She Wants, and Goes For It]
Evolving [Knows How To Learn From Her Mistakes]

Arrogant [May Be Reckless At Times, Overestimates Herself]
The Ocean [Won't go in a boat, won't go swimming in it, nothing.]
Emotions [If She Loses Track of Them, Can Harm Others With Powers]
Impulsive [Tends to Jump Into Things, Acting First and Thinking Later]
Inconsiderate [Speaks too Bluntly at Times, Acts in Ways She Thinks are For the Best Without Considering How it Affects Others]


Although she did not grow up exactly in the middle of nowhere, Astrid's childhood home did mean she had to take a forty five minute bus into town for school twice a day. She was born in Colorado, to a family of four that lived in a cabin in the mountains. Just getting down to the mailbox was a hike, it seemed, although for Astrid this was normal and she thought nothing of it. Her parents disliked living in large towns, and thus were willing to have to take such long drives in return for the tranquility of their home. This is where Astrid was born, and makes sense given her love of exploring, hiking, camping, etc. She needed only to go out into her backyard to achieve the camping scenery that some people drive hours to reach. It was picturesque, certainly. She lived there with a brother, her senior by three years, and her parents. The girl grew up roughhousing and hiking, learning to fight because her father, an ex-marine, thought it necessary. She was a hunter at a young age, her father a big believer in learning to acquire one's own food.

Growing up, the girl was lively, without a doubt, with a fondness for face to face interaction and the outdoors imprinted on to her by her parents. She was popular enough at her elementary school, perhaps simply because she was cheerful and loud, something that is often enough to merit friends at that age. The girl was often the leader of groups, captain of a team during games at PE, etc. She was the charismatic fourth grade tomboy, the girl who other girls cheered for as she won races and basketball games. Her life was rather ideal, but for the fact that she didn't get to hang out with friends as often because she lived so far out of town. She always had her brother to play with, and was able to keep up with him despite the age gap [something she didn't realize was probably partially due to being the incarnation of a Nordic Deity]. The girl had a hypnotic quality about her that made people feel as she did --her happiness made others happy, her anger drew similar indignation from others. Her power had not seemed supernatural, merely an extreme aptitude for people. Until, of course, at the age of twelve her world was shifted with the arrival of Dara.

Her parents did not believe the woman at first, and in fact planned to go into hiding to keep her from taking their daughter. It was Astrid, twelve years old, adventurous and curious, who persuaded them to let her go with the oracle. And eventually, they allowed her to. She still keeps in contact with them, though very little as her parents were never fond of long distance communication. She was raised by the oracle, along with the other children, and on the foundations her parents laid grew to become who she is today: Confident, adventurous, and direct. Perhaps being told who she was born of was a trigger to other aspects, her independence and flirtatiousness, but anyone who knew her as a child could say that these things were inevitable. She had been boisterous and stubborn as a child, of course.

Face Claim:
Tabrett Bethell

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