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Olaya Jester

"Athena valued knowledge, but now I know that she wished for true memories too."

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a character in “Almost Godly”, as played by Cyline


"The memory is so close I can hold it in my palm, but I can never feel it."


Full Name:
Olaya Bree Jester
Nicknames and Aliases:

Athena: The goddess of Wisdom and War.

Knowledge Replication: Olaya can gain/replicate the knowledge and abilities, including mental and physical abilities, be it knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style. She is able to duplicate information from creatures or inanimate mediums of data, such as books, computers, etc. by touching them or by just being near them at the time. However, Olaya is not able to mimic people and the more knowledge she gains, the less memories she has of her own life.

Sexual Orientation:


Hair Color:
Eye Color:
117 lbs

She has a owl tattoo on her wrist.
She has various scars on her torso from several different surgeries
Unlike most of the incarnates, Olaya does not a have enhanced healing capabilities. In fact, she suffered from several health complications as a child.


{Intuitive, Sarcastic, Cold, Selfless, Loyal}
Olaya is cold and hardly ever gets attached to anyone. Around people she doesn't know well, she seems like a stuck up b**** because she'll only make smart remarks to them and she won't greet them like a normal person. She doesn't come off as the nicest person in the world. However, as Olaya opens up, she is shown to be very loyal and honest. She'll never turn her back on someone in the group and is honest to a fault. That honesty can get her into trouble, seeing as it makes her quite blunt at times.

She is extremely smart and observant, a genius, but she doesn't rub it into people's faces. Instead, she uses her intelligence to help others. It is not unlike her to use prior knowledge to help with current situations. Sometimes, it can be seen as a bit annoying by other people, because she always has a comeback to an insult and she is constantly telling people what to do. Albeit, her suggestions usually are helpful. It still makes her bossy though, which makes her a bit unlikeable.
Reading: Olaya is an avid reader, to the point where it almost obsessive.

Writing: Although more a nescessity than a hobby, Olaya writes down everything that happens to her in a journal.

Watching Romantic Comedies: She will never admit to this, but Olaya finds romantic comedies fascinating and watches them whenever she's alone.
Covering Her Mouth: When Olaya is nervous, she tends to cover her mouth or tap her fingers against her cheeks.

Singing: Olaya will randomly sing or hum under her breath. Normally, she isn't aware of it, but she has a pretty good voice seeing as she knows a large majority of voice techniques.

Languages: Sometimes, Olaya will accidently slip into different languages when speaking.
Dr.Pepper~Animals~Books~Writing~Owls~Action Movies~Romantic Comedies~Music


Utilizing her Knowledge Replication~Helping Others~Keeping a Secret~Persuading People

Her Memory~Cooking~Making Friends~Crowds


Because of her powers and who she reincarnated as, the longer Olaya is alive, the less she remembers about herself and her life. What she does know is that her name is Olaya Jester, she is nineteen and was born on March 4th. Her parents names are Kaitlyn and Marcus Jester and she keeps in constant contact with them. They send her pictures of her childhood to jog her memory about the past. According to Dara, it is probably best to keep the side effect of her Knowledge Replication as secret. Now, aside from that, here's what known about Olaya:

Olaya Bree Jester was not born a very healthy baby. She picked up things quickly, abnormally so. She could read and speak English fluently at six months as well as write and do complex arithmetic. It shocked and thrilled her parents. However, Olaya had many health complications. By the time she was seven, she'd had eight surgeries on various organs. To the eyes of the world, she was barely holding up. However, at this times, she already knew how all of the surgeries were performed and she knew six languages. In fact, she quickly became known as a prodigy in many aspects. As amazing as it sounds, it was not a happy life for Olaya.

The more Olaya learned, the more difficult it was for her to hold on to memories. She began writing down things in a journal. They were simple things that any normal person could remember about themselves. Although Olaya could easily tell you the capital of every country in the world, she couldn't tell you her favorite soda or flavor of ice cream. It was very difficult for Olaya and her parents, who still loved her dearly, even if they had to remind her who they were every day. On Olaya's tenth birthday, a woman named Dara Kale approached the broken family. She told them about who Olaya was and that she might be able to help her.

Olaya left her family, but they never cut off contact. Even now, Olaya's memories are a wreck and only seem to last for a week at the most. She writes everything down in a journal and wakes up early to read it. Dara helps remind her who people are and knows all of her favorites to give her, in case she can't remember. It's not perfect, but it works for now.

Face Claim:
Holland Roden

So begins...

Olaya Jester's Story