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ALO: The Old & The New

ALO: The Old & The New


Somewhere between the line of VRMMORPGs and reality bad people decided to collide the two. You woke up from a SAO-like coma with amnesia just a month ago from ALO. Now, you're a Beta Tester in the new game: AOR, and you're starting to remember ALO..

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Five years ago, an incident occurred in ALO--
Sword Art Online had replayed itself.
But in this case, Alfheim was hacked & no one knew who they were.
4,253 players died within those three years. Some of them were murdered in-game, whereas some of them simply couldn’t take it any longer, and took their own life. The players that survived the horridus game woke up with amnesia. They started to remember the memories they once lost about their friends & family, but the ones they didn’t recall, didn’t remember, were of ALO. The masterminds behind the VRMMORPGs made the decision to never make any of the games, ever again.
Until now.

1. a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” to indicate withdrawal or backward motion:
regenerate; refurbish; retype; retrace; revert. ”

A few years later-- present time-- some crazy nut-head made the first VRMMORPG in two years. Its name? Alfheim Online Reborn. The project/company was called ALORE, adding an ‘R’ and ‘E’ to the original title of the game, ‘ALO.’ The thought of another VRMMORPG being brought into the world again scared the relatives of the people that wished to play it, though the people behind it tried to reassure them that it was a safer game than ALO and even Gun Gale Online. Right now it’s in its’ Beta Stage, with 1,000 player-testers inside the game. They will play for an entire year before it can truly be accepted into the world of games. And, after a month, some people are actually considering it to be a good game. But something old & new is stirring.
The few players that are Beta Testers for AOR and were the survivors of the ALO incident five years ago… are starting to remember the game, and they’re looking for answers.

PLOT; You’re a beta tester in AOR & previous survivor of ALO. There is nothing bad happening in the game at the moment. You are not trying to survive from being killed by the game or the players and you are not a master at the game, either. Frankly, every character is a noob at the moment. AOR is almost, i would say, identical to ALO, so some of the things your character will/might see can trigger more memories of ALO. Other than that, I don’t think there’s much to say about the plot except that i want it to be a surprise. c;

BACKGROUND; The time era in the world at the moment is 2058 and it’s the middle of September. The weather in AOR is cloudy. Each floor in AOR has their own unique climate, non-pk zone, monsters, dungeons, bosses, and other places. On floor 1 in AOR there are mostly green fields, plains, mountains, forests, & hilly terrain all surrounded by water, the ‘ocean’ acting as a barrier or ‘no zone.’ Ah, another thing to add. You still have wings and the races from ALO. The maximum height is around 32km whereas if you touched this ‘air barrier’ your character avatar would die. Not to worry, your character can only fly up to 4km without taking a break, anyways. If you’re flying, races have the ability to fly for thirty-five minutes without any break and need eight minutes to replenish their flight ‘meter.’ Sylphs, on the other hand, are faster than most races in air and on ground.

MORE STUFF; These are some of the places in AOR(there are one hundred+, but these are the main 'beginner' places):

What the whole place looks like, basically(the World Tree): ... lfheim.png

Non-PK zone, or the Main Courtyard: ... B900%3B486[/img]

Outside the Courtyard & World Tree: ... -440700490

Outside the Safezone - Levels 1-5 & 5-10 bulls and levels 5-10 wolves:

Corridors leading to the Dungeon:

Even more beyond the Castle - You’ll find an NPC three-headed dragon that will offer you a Level 25+ quest for a chance to have a dragon pet-- only passed to Cait Siths. Beyond the mountains is a dark forest: ... -210867911

Forest of the Dead/The Dark Forest - Levels 10-20 giant serpents & giant spiders and levels 20-25 minotaurs: ... -211297045

Please understand that I’m a very lazy person and won’t name every single place in AOR. Arigato~


I suggest you only look at green, orange, and red, since those are the basic color cursors(and the only ones I’ve seen so far).

In a nutshell:
Players with a green cursor haven’t hurt any players or killed them before(they’re so innocent..).
Players with an orange cursor have hurt at least one player, but has never killed anyone.
Players with the ‘dark orange’ or red cursor have hurt more than one player and even killed a few.

NPCs with red cursors are hostile.

THE RACES; ... eim_Online


- One-handed sword
- One-handed war hammer
- One-handed rapier
- One-handed dagger
- Two-handed sword
- Two-handed spear
- Dagger [ either two or one-handed ]
- Bow & Arrow(s) [ two-handed/other ]
- Magic(Fire, Water, Earth, Illusion and Wind) [ other ]
- Healing [ other ]
- Katana [ one-handed ]
- Shield [ defensive offhand ]


- Fishing
- Cooking
- Smithing
- Tailoring
- Mercantile
- Acrobats
- Musical
- Flight

LINK; If you still want more info about ALO, or don’t know anything about it, this is a link to go to:


Username(your charris Avatar name):
Name(in IRL):
Race(Spiriggan, Cait Sith, Undine, etc.):
Ethnicity(in IRL):

Combat Skills:
Non-combat Skills:
Forte(what combat skill they’re best at):
Equipped Weapon:
Appearance(you may add a description, if you like)(add IRL and In-game):

Biography(I would like it if we found out the charrie’s personas in the rp):
Other(anything you wish to add):

**Please delete everything in parenthesis.

Also, If I feel like I forgot something or if I broke any of the rp rules or did something wrong, I'll change it.

I hope I fixed it.. ^^;

Toggle Rules

  • Number 1 rule is, of course, do not ‘God mode.’ Your charrie is not invincible-- yet, at least.
  • Do not control other players characters without their permission. This is also considered God-moding, so it would also violate rule number 1.
  • If you do not post within two weeks(without telling me you will be gone for a specific time), you will be sent a warning PM. A week after the PM is sent, if you still haven’t posted, then I will delete your charrie/he will be killed.
  • I don’t know if they have this as a rule on this rp site(I went to a different one before), but if you want to take your romance to ‘the next level,’ you will have to do so through PM.
  • Please try to make at least three sentences(or a paragraph) per post.
  • Be kind to the other players and restrict yourself from fighting in my rp. Of course, this doesn’t mean your character can’t be mean to another charrie. c:
  • I’d very much like it if you posted a picture of your charrie in AOR & IRL. If you can’t, then you’ll either have to ask me or another player for pictures OR you’ll have to make a very lengthy description.
  • You cannot make Asuna, Kirito, Sugu, Klein, Lisbeth, Sinon, or any other SAO, ALO, and GGO character. Please be original.

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Re: ALO: The Old & The New

I made a character,r hope others do also.

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

Sorry guys. I didn't have internet connection for a long time and with Thanksgiving Day coming up, I've gotten busy, busy, busy cooking.
I'm hoping to get a few more signups before we start, though.

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

I honestly don't know.
Waiting for an answer or something to happen is starting to wear on me at this point.

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

Is this still going to be a thing?

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

Hey, thanks for accepting. Been looking for an RP based on this story for a while now.

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

ALO doesn't, but there's a lot of places where you can level up. Like, for example, beyond a mountain where levels 1-10 monsters reside is a castle haunted by level 10-20 monsters and another place beyond that with 20-30 monsters, and so on. At least, that's how I picture ALO to be like. ^^

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

I wasn't aware ALO had floors. I'll probably join dis

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

Oh yah.. I keep on forgetting the difference between ALO and SAO. *facedesk*
I'll add Bow and Arrow..
(And I even have Archer Sinon as my avatar! I'm a bakane. ^^; )

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

Yes, archers are a thing in ALO (but not in SAO)

Although I don't know about for the purpose of this RP. up to OP/GM.

Re: ALO: The Old & The New

Yo! I love me some SAO! Although admittedly I've only watched what they have on Netflix, so I haven't seen any after the ALO arc. I hope that's not a problem. Anyways I was thinking of maybe making a Cait Sith, but I was wondering if I could make 'em a archer? I ask because I didn't see archery under the skills.

ALO: The Old & The New

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