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SAZ421O V3 "VIC" or Victor

{ERROR} Please.. not smoking in the hanger bays.

0 · 524 views · located in Post-apocalyptic zone between Earth and Mars.

a character in “Alpha Omega”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Name: V3 "VIC"
Age: {ERROR} (6 years at the fall of earth now a number of centuries old)
Race: Refueling Space Station AI android number 3[/b}
[b]Gender: designated Male

Occupation: operates Refueling Space Station, Updates asteroid drift charts and broadcasts radio
Specialization: repairing, salvaging and cooking
Faction: Not committed to any faction as he still thinks that the space station is the property of the British commonwealth of nations but acts as a refueling base for SVP pirates and other factions needy enough to use the old station
Inventory: various equipment on the station along with a space museum constructed in the damaged and sealed 2nd hanger bay by VIC using various pieces he found in order to pass the time and a library with books made by VIC on various topics in order to pass the time
Primary Weapon: heavy stun ray
Secondary Weapon: shocker
{Occupational specific Items here}
Backpack: repair tools, comic books, fishing rod, admiral's hat, power cells, Union Jack, cigars, remote control and various other strange items used in VIC's long term goal of developing a personality
Bio: V3 or VIC was at the time a new generation of android designed to aid and serve crews on long deep space assignments, assigned to a refueling station orbiting earth in a distant orbit pattern VIC preformed his duty with the human crew and other androids until the situation on earth became unbearable. The crew abandoned the station eventually leaving the androids to fend for themselves, to conserve power most of the androids shut themselves down and entered storage those who remained were overcome with malfunction and the ware and tare of time until only V3 "VIC" remained. Since then VIC has adapted learning how to keep himself going and how to keep the station in business. over time VIC began to go peculiar; he had felt his first emotion: boredom. VIC became obsessed with making things fun and creating a personality for himself, he wrote, built, salvaged, started broadcasting a new BBC service and even learned to cook amazingly well. He eventually struck a deal with the SVP; an operational fuel station operating on solar conversion (nearly unlimited supply of low grade fuel for small ships) in exchange for not blowing the station up and taking it up as salvage. VIC after centuries of remaining in operation has without a doubt developed a personality however most humans and other androids think he is space crazy
Appearance: Has changed his original construction extensively and posses many features and gadgets for his amusement such as a speaker and record player of patriotic British music and a fake mustache on occasion. when expecting visitors VIC makes himself look respectable: Image

Song or lyrics:

The Space Station: Image

Overview: Refueling Station Z421O "Charlie" was constructed for small sized shuttle craft in a series of similar projects made to expand the range of otherwise short ranged shuttles. Most of the station in current times has many problems and some areas are nonoperational however the station's Solar conversion plant still operates and produces low grade but usable fuel for shuttle sized space ships. The station has no real defense other then a turret built with asteroids in mind and not spaceships, the station has a strong hall but any enemy determined to destroy the station would not have much of a problem. The color of the station was grey but over time the color became a mixture of many additions to the original grey. the station isn't very large and only had a maximum of 20 personnel most of them androids who do not need much space, its still posses a mass equal to its size but this matters little in space. The station has a large Union Jack at the entrances to the hangers and this acts as its insignia.

Center: the center is naturally the main deck of the space station, it holds the command center and most of the quarters used to house the crew such as the diner and the quarters. Its shape is round but posses no windows of any kind other then an observation deck at the top. the station makes use of radar like capabilities to guide incoming ships and spot incoming threats such as asteroids, the station has an array of computer banks that operate the complicated asteroid drift charts and the systems of the space station. the center area is the most heavily protected area as it enjoys the strongest hall, the defensive turret and a limited shield capability designed to protect the station from solar flares and possibly may work against an attacking enemy. the actual defensive capability is unknown but is probably weak as the station was never built to defend itself against enemy space ships. the turret posses good targeting capabilities in order to deal with fragments and asteroids, in theory this system could be used against an aggressor but this has never been put to the test.

Hall: the hall is the large two wing like areas extending from the center to the outer arms, it houses most of the storage area's and the fuel conversion units (and the solar ability to capture the energy) this system powers the station and creates fuel for passing shuttles and similar sized ships. It operates on energy collected from the sun and is fused into a powerful fuel using top secret methods.
Inner Arms: posses most of the communications and sensors, these arms are not a crew area and are operated by robots

Under section : houses the organic section were necessary plant life is grown in order to make the station as self dependent as possible
Outer Arms: house the four hanger's (one is sealed and damaged, now houses the space museum. another is the station shuttle craft section capable of housing two shuttles (one remaining) the other two are built for incoming ships. the outer arms also have refueling stations outside the hangers for larger ships

Weapons: point defense turret powered by station energy consumption generator, solar shield powered by emergency power cells. nether are built for combat but can fend off most shuttle sized opponents

Extra Pieces: the station houses a number of repair drones and robots used to keep the station working mostly due to the efforts of VIC, the space station also has a space radiation shield that operates on power generated by the solar conversion process

Shuttle craft: Image
relies on the space station for nearly all its systems, has nothing other then limited life support, computer systems and emergency flare shied.

So begins...

SAZ421O V3 "VIC" or Victor's Story

"Affirmative, Hanger bay 3 is ready for your refueling needs and rest assured your designation shall remain outside the database of this station providing you comply with our foreign costumes policy as stated in automatic data - burst sent to your ship's communication's file. thank you for using this station for your refueling needs, god save the king."

This was the fourth so called SVP raider that had used the station in the passed 14.53 hours, VIC would have during the good old days sent such rabble packing and would have informed the admiralty however these were not the good old days and there was no admiralty. He could tolerate them under the "Marque privateer" protocol but only after reprogramming himself to ignore the conditions of the protocol and when it may be applied since there was hardly a British government to hand over such permits any more.

There was a probability that they were on a large scale raid on earth considering the numbers of ships baring their codes that had refueled on the station and the "request" to inform them of any security traffic. Why did they have such faith in old VIC? probably because they were the best costumers of the station and also the fact that they could destroy the station if they wanted to. VIC also despised the bullies who dared to bare the markings of the UN and they were the only chaps who could afford a half decent space fleet these days, at least on earth orbit. Why did he despise them? probably because of some leftovers of his UN programming when he served on one of the few joined operations before the great chaos. VIC entered the asteroid drift system partly re tuned to detect space craft, nothing out of the ordinary to report. VIC set the system to in inform him of development.

VIC had added many systems on the station, indeed he had gone so far as to buy from the SVP additional sensors, computer banks and even one of the old spy satellite scanners used by the Israeli military to scan bunkers for penetration points in the 21st century. VIC was slowly building an observation station , for what reasons? well the SVP were interested in such a service and VIC could have so much fun with it. Since VIC installed additional broadcasting capabilities in order to reach mars clearly with his radio he had also come across other useful gadgetry such as a life signs detector and a communication's interceptor from an ocean survey probe looking for evidence of the Loch Ness monster and a soviet union "civilian communications" satellite. VIC was even thinking of connecting the wreck of Station "Tommy" with the station just to have more room for his projects, it would be risky and expensive but well worth double the space he had currently available to him; who was the ignorant fool who said androids did not require large amounts of personal space? after centuries of being alone getting more and more space crazy by the decade an android could have an entire space station for himself and still complain about lack of room. VIC was viewing his scanning data from Los Angeles using the life signs director for the first time when he suddenly saw an anomaly. A sewer was hosting numerous human life signs, remembering what he had seen in one of the old world TV shows he dug up "star gate" and an episode were the good chaps chased some one using a life signs detector VIC got the impression that this was quite similar.

Deciding to do his good deed for the day and have some fun VIC made contact with the life sign which was attempting to escape, VIC didn't know if he had a communication's device but the energy signal suggested one.

"this is the BBC home service calling whom ever is escaping in that sewer, you have multiple human life signs approximately 30 meters from your current location. Take a right turning in 6 seconds and then another right turning in 12 seconds, a service ladder there can allow you to escape into a safer location and water in the area of the service ladder should hide your tracks. the entrance can be sealed shut but at this time it is unsealed, with the best of cutting equipment it should take your pursuers 11 minutes to open the service ladder hatch "

#, as written by TheFlag
Lento slumped against the wall, and was breathing deeply and raggedly: a side effect from using his cloaking implant for to long. It took Lento a few minutes to regain both his breath and composure, Lento wasn't used to getting shot he usually preformed his missions silently, taking out the target silently and efficiently. Infact Lento could recall the amount of times he had been shot on one hand, this had even been the first time a bullet had hit him: and ironically it wasn't as bad as he'd thought, he probably wouldn't feel that way without his nano-implant though, which both numbed the pain, and had already begun the healing process, his eyes automatically looked at his shoulder: a scab had already formed Lento nodded approvingly before letting out a hesitant sigh. Lento's hand went towards the wall, leaning on it for support and pulling himself up at that moment however Lento felt a signal intrude inside his head he didn't know who it was, and he couldn't of turned it off, a voice began echoing through his mind, he could hear static in the background this call was coming from quite a distance.

"this is the BBC home service calling whom ever is escaping in that sewer, you have multiple human life signs approximately 30 meters from your current location. Take a right turning in 6 seconds and then another right turning in 12 seconds, a service ladder there can allow you to escape into a safer location and water in the area of the service ladder should hide your tracks. the entrance can be sealed shut but at this time it is unsealed, with the best of cutting equipment it should take your pursuers 11 minutes to open the service ladder hatch " the voice spoke in a robotic tone, which sounded male. Lento was baffled why the hell was the 'British Broadcasting Corporation contacting' him? as far he knew that Corporation had collapsed onto itself, due to the collapse of Civilization on Earth. Lento would've probably inquired into this, but his output signal had encountered some interference, probably due to the nano-bots being so active, so the signal right now was one way, perhaps if he got to the ground above he could boost his signal range and contact the person helping him.

After Lento's bewilderment had sunk in, he listened intently. Lento paused rubbing his temples judging on whether he should act on the advice of his new found contact, what if it was a trap, to lure him into a trap? Lento shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts from paranoia. He didn't really have a map to navigate the sewers, or any experience he'd probably end up lost. Deciding it would be better to follow his contacts advice rather to attempt to fight his perusers. Lento's eyes scanned the junction he was in, and he continued forward taking a right after six seconds, and another after twelve seconds had passed, he had noticed the water around this area had gotten thicker considerably, this slowed Lento down but his eyes flicked onto a ladder which he waded towards relief building inside his chest. Lento pushed himself onto a ledge, grabbing the first bar and began heaving himself up the ladder before proceeding up the open service hatch, Lento had pulled himself up and was laying on the concrete. After a few seconds had passed, he hauled himself to the hatch, clamping it closed: turning the valve tightly. Lento finally began to observe his surroundings, he was in a building of sorts, he pushed himself up rubbing his shoulder which was now sore flesh.

Lento pushed open the door and emerged into a stone hall way, which had several doors lined up, and with stairs heading upwards at the end. Lento crept along quietly he wasn't sure if anyone resided here and didn't want to find out, he made it to the stairs, pulling himself up before opening the door at the end, where he emerged into a alleyway similar to the one he'd been in before.
Lento had noticed a number of things; his signal had boosted considerably, he was soaked from the waste down, his cloaking implant had recharged and his shoulder had been fixed. He pressed himself up against the wall, and pushed his right hand to his temple before broadcasting his signal to his contact, "You have my thanks, for helping me back there." Lento spoke generously, but still held a rough tone, "I must ask, however why did you help me back there?" Lento wasn't really sure if his contact could hear him or not, but held a certain curiosity that needed to be sated.

VIC heard the muffled reply of the runaway, VIC himself didn't really know why he had aided this human. Possibly because it was a chance to test the new capabilities of the station and because he was the underdog, and the underdog always attracts some sympathy. VIC was not about to tell him that however, most humans have a sense of pride and when told that an act of aid or support was done on the whim of VIC's personal enjoyment they tended to get rather angry for some reason. VIC would have to tell him some of the truth as his truth programming did not allow him to lie and as this was a core program in his AI he could do nothing about it other then avoid the truth or meddle with it.

The only reply That Vic could think about was: "It seemed you could use the help so I gave it, On other news whoever is hunting you really wants to see you; I detect multiple transmissions with you as the top topic of the day. My life signs detector is useless out in the open so I can only tell you to get out of LA with whatever transport you have available, I now really must return to the rest of my listeners in the LA area, I can't deprive them of their entertainment for your sake all day you know. The weather in the LA area should be cloudy with short periods of rain later on and until 600 hours tomorrow, Thank you for listening to the BBC and now some music. today its every ones favorite comedians; Monty Python, "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life"

VIC now left the communication computer, he took out a box from under his chair and removed from it a bottle of burgundy he reserved for such occasions when a new system on the station worked. Filling a wine glass he had on his desk he toasted in memory of the king and drank half of it leaving the rest for small tastes every few moments. He did have taste programs to enjoy the taste and a disposal system to refill the bottles whenever he finished them; he didn't need foods or drinks and until he reprogrammed himself he could not enjoy them ether but what was the point of learning to cook so well and having a few bottles of superb spirits he had salvaged if he could not enjoy them?

VIC had two broadcasts scheduled for the next few minutes; it was only a few months ago he started building this radio system but now he was expanding his service and had a much tighter time table then before.

He had a broadcast to make in the LA area and in the so called "Gray men" territories; while he could not broadcast to all of them at once because of their scattered far flung communities VIC had calculated were the most populated area lay and made most of his broadcasts to the Gray men in that area.

Reaching for his broadcasting mike and tuning himself in to the Station's communication's AI VIC decided to experiment with a more pleasing voice to the locals, while it remained clear an android was behind it the voice now enjoyed the richness of his British courtesy program.

Initiating the standard countdown beep before the news announcement VIC waited for the last beep before initiating a short tune of the British national anthem as expected from the reformed Royal BBC service shortly after the granting of emergency powers to the King during the great Chaos and shortly before the fall of civilized society.

"Greetings and welcome back to the BBC emergency home service… were that home currently resides is open to debate, please send your suggestion to the BBC headquarters in London once normal service is restored.

It's now 11PM in Los Angels, for Grey Men and other subjects hearing this West coast broadcast the exact time for your region will be told by our automatic whether and time announcements after this broadcast.

And now the late news:
The presidency has returned to Washington DC after many years of emergency provisions, the locals residing in its ruins welcomed the newly appointed president Davis Rogers the third with great celebration and thanks giving not seen in the capital since the annexation of North Korea after the great and terrible 3rd Korean war.
The president made a statement in which he recognized the independence of many states such as the Gray Men alliance and the city state of Denver, the president expressed a hope to restore the United States in spirit and said in a moving speech this afternoon the following words "God forbid I do not want our nation to return to those old days of union, the conduct of our nation and the union itself led us to the abyss we have only recently began hoping to recover from. The independence of every state is vital for our continued existence as is the spirit of the United States of America; we must present a united front against those who seek to oppress our rights as Americans such as those savage communist tyrants in Europe. Let us make Washington DC the seat of our common goals and interests that is all I ask."

The BBC thanks Jack Sledge, Rex Flanders and Luke Row for information regarding that segment.

Our most recent communiqué from Europe stated that fighting has increased in all areas save the Papal States; in more recent news elements of the 4rth Hague TRL army launched a new offensive against the Consortium of Lorraine claiming sovereign right to all of France under emergency UN protocol, eye witness reports stated that great brutality was observed from the invader as many political leaders and resistance fighters were shot dead along with their families. Hague correspondents claimed that these executions were carried out in retaliation for recent terrorist activities of the resistance and that no innocents were harmed other then those killed by the terrorist activities of the resistance.

In other news the Pope is paying a visit to LA, this visit is the first Papal visit to the city for centuries and was made in anticipation of the new Papal flag ship under construction in the area. The BBC would like to take this opportunity to ask the Papal representatives on the old rumors persisting on return of the English nation to the Holy Roman Church.
According to the centuries old rumor the King of England Richard the last of his name abandoned the Anglican faith and restored England to the Catholic church, because of the great chaos no conclusive information on this matter has been found and the BBC would be grateful for any assistance on this matter from our listeners especially if they know the Papal states stance on the matter.

These were the headlines; local news shall be broadcasted in your area by our local correspondent.

After our automatic announcement the rest of the evening shall be dedicated to the great composers of British and American fill music. You have been listening to the BBC emergency home service; your Announcer was Victor Charlie. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the countless men and women who aid in our broadcasts by sending us news reports and performing local broadcasts, remember that hosting a broadcast on this station is free and much appreciated. This is VIC wishing you a good night… or good morning wherever you are you are with the BBC."

VIC was ready to venture into his garden as his quickly growing vine needed constant attention when an alert sounded on his asteroid detection device.

VIC turned with his chair to face the terminal; the signature was not an asteroid but a security cruiser closing in on the SVP shuttles. VIC living up to his promise signaled the shuttles of the danger with the agreed upon emergency code "RED3".

VIC decided to stay on the command center for now, so much work and so little time VIC was even considering getting one of his android comrades back on line if only he could get the parts to repair them; VIC could salvage parts from them to restore a few to functioning condition but that would be murder! And VIC could not even imagine of such an atrocity without making himself sick. Vic had spent so many years alone and for the first time in his "life" he experienced the feeling of loneliness.

"Your Holiness..." again another cardinal came to interrupt coffee time.

"We are enjoying java, currently," Sebastokrator replied.

This younger cardinal, perhaps only a little older than himself, stared up at him and shook his head.

"We already know of the attack," Sebastokrator said, a tad short with the cardinal.

"Your Holiness, with the upmost respect, this is not about the attack. It's the BBC," the cardinal replied.

"Go on with it," Sebastokrator said, obviously intrigued and no longer short.

"They mentioned our visit, and also want confirmation with King Richard..." the cardinal shifted to his left foot, weighted from stress and tire. He hated this job. Everyone did. Years, many years ago the hierarchy enjoyed luxury. Now, although the hierarchy does not face the grit of the common folk or even non-clerical leaders, there is rarely ever time for fun, if even prayer.

Motioning the cardinal to sit and wait, he scribbled a note.

"Send them this reply,"

It read:
"From the office of the Pontifex, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God, Shepherd of the Creation on Earth, his Apostolic Lord Sebastokrator, Bishop of the Catholic Church of the Orthodox Faith in Christ:

"It is with great humility and tremendous joy that We come to the glorious city of Los Angeles, whose patron saint is Saint Vibiana, to help come and heal the wounds this region has faced. We hope that many can come together and free the shackles of humanity, to destroy the bonds of slavery, to rebuild the beautiful civilization which Christ inspired and his children built.

"Concerning the rumors of England, we, as Bishop of the Church, can only speak for two points: firstly, we have records of communication between the the late king and our predecessor, including conceding confirmation of the king into the faith and discussing the total conversion of the nation; secondly, we view, during these times, all followers of Christ to be members of the Catholic Church, and therefore we strive to bring all the children back into the fold. We ask that the children who reside in the dominions of England, who consider themselves subjects of the King, or who find national unity with England, and all children to return to the Catholic Church so that we may become a family united.

Sebastokrator PP."

With the that, this cardinal was off.

"Thank you, Lord!" Sebastokrator exclaimed.

Removing himself from the desk, he silently walked, with stomach wrenching back into his gut, to the small chapel extending from the office. A private chapel. At the back of the chapel lay an ornate Tabernacle, the Holiest of Holies, just below a beautiful marble statue of the Virgin Mary.

"Time for Vespers, it seems..."