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What makes you think they'll even bother to ask you into their pack eh?

0 · 395 views · located in Under earth

a character in “Alpha Touch: Four sons”, as played by Wolfee


I have soft, flaxen coloured hair that is remarkably long. Deep orangey/brown eyes similar to the sunset. Some curves and a decent bust that I'm darn proud of. Tall, flaxen furred ears and a killer smile that I cant help but flash at everyone no matter where I am. (Unless I'm in trouble!)On a regular day I wear soft material over my bust with earthy coloured beads, material shorts with a slight skirt and thigh beads. On my feet I wear sandals or nothing.

My Name is: Ava

I am a: Curvey female pack member

I am 17 summers old.

I am in: -

If I had a mate I would like them to be: -

As a wolf I am Not so different in the sense my fur is the same Flaxen colour as my ears and hair and I'm that colour all over apart from a smudge of grey on my stomach (that no one should be able to see unless they're getting up close and personal) I have the same coloured eyes as my human form and my personality certainly doesnt change much apart from the fact I take on a more serious shade.

Personality: Alittle flirtatious as expected of a female her age Ava is gradually becoming a minature mommy symbol. Some of the girls she tends to spend her time with are smaller than her and less shapely which tends to pin a ''mature'' label on her forehead though anyone who knows her well knows that ''mature'' isn't quite the word to describe her. She's not some babyish loon but Ava enjoys a little tit for tat. She catches many a male eye since she's grown some but Ava's too busy knowing she's beautiful to use it.

That doesn't make her arrogant just well informed. If ever anyone goes out of their way to point out something nice about her she'll easily blush and curve away unsure of what to do, perhaps she'll throw you a lousy compliment back or if she likes you she'll toss a rude comment or so back about how ugly you're looking today.
It goes to say for someone who looks good she sure mucks it up with her mouth, not a natural smooth talker she's not the greatest and letting you down softly. Ava's guilty as anything for saying things exactly how they are...or exactly how she thinks they are. Sometimes she even slips up around important people like the Alpha agreeing that his mane is more grey now adays when it was merely a rhetorical statement of his.

To wrap things up a little more Ava enjoys being around other girls but gets awfully clicky when challenged by another girl and won't relent until she's trampled all over them like a horse. She gets very uptight and secretly offended when others comment on how big her thighs are getting etc but her friends know to steer clear of such comments unless they want to see Ava pop a blood vessel and feel the force of those thighs. She's friendly enough and though she's labelled mommy more for her appearance Ava certainly can give a mother parade when someone upset her girls. She's a very physical girl and will kick your ass into next week if you upset her friends.

Sleeping in late
Going to sleep late
Arriving late (though I think thats more of an unfortunate disorder?)
Eating (Don't say a word)
Hunting trials
Proving she's good at things
Knowing her pnuches hurt for real

Girls that challenge her (it makes her wary and pissed)
Being bossed around
Being forced into doing things
Males that are considerably bigger than her (she feel intimidated)
Waking up early
Puppies- they're noisy, irrational creatures from the deep

Who do you reckon will become Alpha: To be decided.

Ava has without much effort steered clear of the Alpha's sons as they're usually with the Alpha training to one day take his place and so aren't seen too much by some of the pack. Her mother had cautioned her to keep away from them fully aware of Ava's mannerisms. She wouldn't be sure how the son's would take her as her mother has never met the sons herself.

So begins...

Ava's Story