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Jade Tel'hana

The Black Cat of Sarife

0 · 286 views · located in Altaea

a character in “Altaea Saga: Song of the Ancients”, as played by XianEvermor


Jade is noticeably tall for a woman. Standing at just over six feet, it is irritatingly easy to pick her out of a crowd. Coupled with her nearly platinum blonde hair and rich gold skin, she is very easy to remember... a source of endless frustration. Her hair is long, reaching her shoulder blades, and is usually kept pulled away from her face. Rarely does she let it hang free. Jade is fair of face and has a decent figure when she's not hiding it beneath layers and layers of protective clothing.

Her clothing could be considered exotic in most locales, though is mostly designed for survival in the harsh climates of the desert. Most notably, she keeps a long scarf to wrap around her face, and a pair of dark glasses that hide her distinctive green eyes. Her boots are soft soled, similar to a camel’s foot to prevent her feet from sinking in the soft sands. Around her waist is a thick, worn leather belt that contains many small pouches and hooks for other gear. Hanging from it are her water skin, and several knives. Across her back is a long curved sword nearly five feet in length with an ornately crafted polished steel hilt. Everything is some color of brown or tan, which makes it easy for her to blend into the shifting sands.


Jade can come off as brooding or standoffish, but it’s mainly because she’s used to being distrusted, or treated as a herald of bad luck… or ruthlessly hunted for no reason: the kind of things that could make someone paranoid. She has survived through cunning and stealth, and it shows. She has a way with merchants and traders that is unexplainable: she doesn’t exactly possess a silver tongue. Jade tends to be very blunt when speaking to others, and her demeanor has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion.


Survival Belt: holds her water skin, several knives of various shapes, and pouches for dried food rations and other tools such as her lock picks, garrote wire, and trap-making tools. When she can get her hands on gunpowder, she has a knack for crafting small explosives as well.

Shamshir: A hand-and-half curved desert blade with a barbed tip. It looks expertly crafted and does not have a single scratch or chip on it even though the scabbard shows signs of heavy use. At the base of the blade is a mark of Kishar.

Other Stuff of Note:

Jade isn’t just good with traps and locks, she is a decent swordsman, and rumors of the Al Mayin having strange powers isn’t just a coincidence.
Jade has very mild telepathy. That is, she can’t necessarily hear people’s thoughts, but sometimes imagery or emotion can transfer through. Mostly it has developed into something of a danger sense, as she can feel hostile intent from others.

She is also telekinetic, although not in the way you might expect. She certainly is strong, able to move objects many times her size and weight and crush or throw them, generate powerful concussive blasts and shockwaves, or rip gates and doors clean off their hinges. It’s the little things that slip through, literally… Jade lacks fine control of her power, preventing her from being able to do any kind of careful, dexterous movement with an object, or even to move some smaller things. For instance, if she tried to retrieve a coffee cup from the table across the room, the whole table (cup and all) might come crashing onto the couch. Hurling a heavy boulder at a small target, however… your small size does not protect you from gravity, my friend.


The infamous Black Cat: the terror of the rich, nightmare of merchants, scourge of the desert. No jewel or treasure was safe in Sarife or Kishar with the Black Cat on the prowl. Exciting heists were the norm in Kishar and Sarife where crafted goods, water, and treasure brought in from the trade ships were plentiful. In actuality, nobody is sure exactly who the Black Cat really is, as she'd never been caught. There have been suspicions about her identity, and she is pretty sure the fences she deals with know, but few people can stick a face to the name "Black Cat." She got her name because of her calling card: a unique desert flower that blooms in only the harshest areas of the shifting sands. (tired continued later)

So begins...

Jade Tel'hana's Story