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Murdoch Olltha

A hunter with a feathered companion

0 · 277 views · located in Altaea

a character in “Altaea Saga: Song of the Ancients”, as played by Shi-chan


Murdoch is tall, towering at just under two metres in hight, while he has wide shoulders, and is very muscular. His hair is an odd white colour, and his skin is a caramelish colour and is also very smooth, exept for the multitude of scars he has on his one arm. He walks confidently, and his clothes are rather odd, but comfortable for him. Most of the time, he has a serious expression on his face, and rarely laughs. Some could think him handsome, while others would probably just call his appearance strange.

His one arm is almost completely covered in a metallic contraption of some sort, but he never uses it, and it is in fact, as far as he is concerned, only a hindrance.


Also, with him, he has a bird, that looks to be half reptilian, and half bird. It is trained to hunt, but can also be used as a weapon, should he command it to attack one he considers a foe.



Murdoch is a guy who doesn't talk a whole lot at first. He likes sitting by himself, although he is rarely ever alone, since his bird almost always sits on his shoulder. He is a nice guy, but few really know him, as he prefers to not stay in one place too long. The chances of him actively seeking contact to someone is extremely slim, but he is talkative enough when approached with patience. He has a few trust issues, and a macho complex, meaning that he has an urge to show people just how manly he is, as long as they keep their distance, and don't come too close. He easily starts feeling awkward, should one of the opposite sex show interest in him, and in truth, he really lacks connfidence. He'd just never admit that. He does not take critisism very well, not would he ever accept 'positive feedback' as anything other than insults, and a sugar coated way to tell him that he is not good enough. '

He takes great pride in his profession as both hunter and bird tamer, and doesn't actually completely lack a sense of homour. He just doesn't get too many jokes.


He has his equipment to handle the bird, a glove to keep it from shredding his arm, several pouches fiilled with various items, and such, while all his important and personal objects are kept in pockets.


-If this has some sort of relevance, it will be told in the RP.-

So begins...

Murdoch Olltha's Story