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Benaires Alex Silver DAICHON

Dark Terror

0 · 99 views · located in Shifted Earth

a character in “Alterered Earth”, as played by Princeben072


This is the FINAL pre-production copy of Benaires' profile. I still have more to add, but I want some comments on what this could use to be more readable and enjoyable. He IS a PC Character, but I always keep it mild PC. He can't blow up dimensions and all of that stuff, but he can pack the punch of a small Nova if I ever get him set right, lol.
Be honest, but most of all be FAIR!!

Name: Benaires
Subnames: ben, benny boy, benny

Subrace: Wolven Brood, Lycanthrope
Weight: Variable, but close to about four tons

A. *PLEASE NOTE* It is assumed therein that because of the
skeletal Distribution System, that four TONS is the maximum
girth that can be exerted, but tests in the House Of Magnus
could not conclude such facts. Information is uncertain.

Accurate Proximity of Weight: 3, 450 Lbs.


1. (Form 1) Six feet four inches
2. (Form 2) Seven Feet Nine inches
3. (Form 3) Currently is eight feet, two inches

Age: 45, 690
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Solid Black
Fur Color:
1. (Form 1) Black, Red Tiger Stripes
2. (Form 2) White
3. (Form 3) Sunset Red with white underbelly
4. (Form 4) Grey and Black with Eight-pointed Star on underbelly

Human Form:
Innate Information: Ability to shift in same conformance of absolute second of sixty-second count.
Weight: 221 lbs.
Height: Six Feet, Two inches tall
Eye Color: Solid Black
Hair Color: Black
Main Weapon In Human Form: Scythe Of Obelisk

Human-like Innates: (Scale of 1 to 10 for human form, with 12 being Absolute)

Speed: +5.5 Above Average
Recovery: +7 Divine
Strength: +9.9 Divine
Awareness: +12 Absolute
Agility: +9.9 Divine
Emotion: +9.9 Divine
Evasiveness: +12 Absolute

Updated File (s):

Pre-Lab Form (Unknown Breed/DAICHON/Unknown Breed)

Scale of 1-15 with 15 Being Immune

1-4 Resilient
4.1-7.9 Resistant/Surreal
8.1-11.5 Perfect, But Succeptible
11.9-15.0 God-like/Immune

Poisons: 11.1
Gravitational Crush: 11.9
Mind Control: 12.1
Planar Manipulation: 5.3
Zombification: 4.5
Astral Shifting/Temporal Lockdowns: 2.3

Features: Benaires has a unique body and a very strong skeletal frame. His skeleton is encased with a heavy coating of Ceru Armor, given to him by Valick Frost a while back.


PSI System:
Some have been asking why DAICHONS hit with such excessive force. This is how that pressure is measured:

Pressure (symbol: p) is the force per unit area applied on a surface in a direction perpendicular to that surface.
Pressure is a scalar, and has SI units of pascals, 1 Pa = 1 N/m2.

So, the amount of force a DAICHON can hit with is simply unfathomable. Since the large skeletal frame is needed to support the massive amount of muscles, some DAICHONS have been able to train themselves to hit with a force of up to 50, 000 PSI.
Think about this; the bottom of where the Titanic rests has underwater pressure of over 34, 000 PSI, enough to crush a human to almost dust, so imagine if a DAICHON, or almost ANY creature could hit with that much force. This is APPLIED theory ONLY.

Benaires has learned to hit with a tremedous force, as he was taught this when he was only a pup. He can hit with a force up to 45, 000 PSI, but only at close range.

Weapon: Benaires does carry a single weapon that he loves so much. It was given to him by his old trainer name Lady PHAGE, who used to work for Lord Jennai, the so-called Origin of DAICHONS. The Scythe of Obelisk uses energies of Plasma, bearing heat that is sometimes able to burn the very air. Other than that, he can use his Black Geo-antennae as swords to fight with, but he rarely does. ben likes weapon to weapon, but prefers hand to hand combat mostly. The Scythe is made of Ceru as well, and considered to be denser and stronger than even Adamantium or even Crystalline. Approach with caution...

(Rendition of Scythe of Obelisk, borrowed from Dev Art.)

The blade itself was supposedly dipped the lakes of Fire in Hell, but information is uncertain.

Elemental Strength: Ben's elemental strength is extreme cold. Unlike many creatures, since DAICHONS have the odd ability to breathe in space sometimes, the cold temperatures on his home planet/dimension made it so they can perform even better in extreme cold or water. Ben can use Ice elements to aid him or to use as weapons.

Theory of The Mobius: (Ability to shift time to loop around an opponent)
Circle of Wandering (Unknown effect since only Ami and Benaires are the only two that have used it...)

The Circle of Wandering
*Sighs* This is very hard to explain. If you can imagine using Alchemeic abilities to parry projectiles or to accelarate healing from injury, you could then see the strange eight-pointed star that sits atop the head of Benaires. This power in itself does not much on a molecular level, but more much so on a level of magic. But really, what IS magic?

The Circle of Wandering dates back pretty far, with not much else known about it. It can used in combination with other Crest users to protect, summon shields, levitate heavy objects via light Psionic waves. Ah, you could consider the Circle of Wandering as an actual gate from the Ancestral Pattern to actually be PERMITTED to use magic, or whatever you wish to call it. Psionics is gated through the Ancestral Pattern, via, the Circle of Wandering for manipulation of that particular use of power.


The lashing of the Bio-antennae at variable speeds, sometimes in all directions, depending on power level. Some speeds can reach almost 23, 000 mph, with intent on slicing or knocking back projectiles.

Dark Terror Bomb

While most still bicker about just what Dark Terror IS, Benaires embraces the negative feelings that are in almost every being. Using this ability forces a type of dark substance to be summoned forth from the soul. This envision focuses on hatred, anger, and feelings of sadness that is manifested throughout experiences of one's life. Using a D.T. Bomb creates a concentrated baseball-sized orb or sphere, able to be thrown at an opponent.

The level of condensed energy in a D.T. bomb would be equal to the force of perhaps a 10-megaton nuclear bomb, theoretically. While there really isn't an actual way to compare the explosive properties of a D.T. bomb, one would suggest that if contacted upon, obliteration would be possible if the orb is concentrated enough. The objective of the D.T. Bomb would be to atomize the molecular conformance of the cells/tissues of a lifeform.

Axis Mutatis:

The ability to cause a direct shift in the genetic structure of a certain being. Ben rarely uses this, knowing that it is almost impossible to summon the powers to do it.

Able to Use Absolute Terror (A.T.) as well, but only for shielding
Can generate Plasma, but only in one blast, for heat will weaken Benaires
Can generate up to one million amperes of electricity, called Psi-shock, but never really uses it.

A DAICHONS genetic makeup, over the millenia, has taken the race to many different forms. This ability resulted from inter-breeding with other animals in order to help make the species universal in almost any survival conditions. Here are just some of the lifeforms that DAICHONS have interbred with:

Eel, Octopii, Squid, Feline, Dragons

A further explanation of why DAICHONS can generate up to one million amperes of electric current is the genetic diversity of being interbred with the Eel. The increase of current however is unknown. It is transferred via the epidermal layer of the skin and up through the individual strands of fur and out of the body.

The ability to spit ink is verily said from interbreeding with Octopii. (What makes you think that DAICHONS only walked on land?)

Were there DAICHONS that interbred with cats/and or other felines? But of course!!
That would explain the ability of a DAICHON to purr for some unknown reason.

While the interbreeding with dragons gave no actual result, suggest ability to fly or the life indicator (flame-tipped tails) perhaps came from interbreeding with the Dragon. While this theory hasn't been proven, it is greatly suspected that interbreeding with a dragon caused for this to happen.

Weight-shifting is possible to make him heavy as his weight, or as light as he needs to move about freely.

Other abilities:
Rings of Cocytus (Noise-Destructive Halos)


Using the Scythe of Obelisk, Benaires is able to use the blade of the weapon to send out four feet long, four-inch energy blades of Plasma, sometimes by the hundreds, directly at an opponent or foe. Once these blades begin to come within two inches of any object, ashen remains may be the result, if timed correctly.

Splendor is a very well-used attack or it may be used as a counter. Extreme caution should be taken into consideration when this maneuver is initiated.

Ben has also learned to use small bottles of Health Potions from a DAICHON Soothsayer to heal light to heavy injuries.

Known Sacrifices:

I. Can breathe in space; Sacrificed ability to breathe underwater

II. Surreal Space/Molecular Conformance Manipulation; Sacrificed that ability for Anti-magic/mind control blood

III. Skeletal Density (Benaires only)
After constant experiments in the House of Magnus, the skeletal density of the bone structure was greatly changed. The bones are over 1, 000 times more dense than that average bone of a normal animal.

Cerulean Armor:

Darkness, hatred and rage, similar to the requirements of the summoning of Dark Terror, are the effects that help to power the armor inside of the skeleton of Benaires. It would clearly point out that the parasitic, living armor itself develops a unique characteristic, personality, and even the power as well.

While it isn't really officially known just WHERE the Ceru Armor gets its own powers, it is thought that the armor is pulling its abilities from the "host."
It can communicate in a very garbled and dis-junctioned language that only a few beings can begin to interpret.

Weapons, projectiles and even energy shots of D.T./A.T can be manipulated by the armor in some defensive standpoints.

Update on Cerulean Armor:

Caos, a parasitic entity from another dimension, is believed to be the catalyst in the creation of the Cerulean Armor. It is said that the more hatred and rage the host exhibits, the stronger in density the Ceru Armor will become. Manipulation of the Armor is entirely up to both the "Host" and the living armor itself. Some say that pieces of alternate existence betwixt Valick Frost and Caos were embedded into the armor itself, henceforth explaining the odd relation of Valick and the Ceru Armor.

Upon Ben's near-about death, Valick Frost decided to exchange bits of still-dormant Dark Terror for living embodiments of the Cerulean Armor. At this exchange, both parties exhibited changes in personality, power, speed and agility.

Voidal Prominence:

Using an unknown rift, via Phlegathon, Benaires has also learned to manipulate the Layer of Darkness to a certain degree. He has implemented the Chains of Sorrow, anti-magic chains, to hold an opponent, pulling them directly ONTO the rift, but not to absorb them or toss them into Phlegathon.

The opponent's soul, flesh, and blood is actually ripped very grotsquely from them, leaving only the skeletal frame.
Since the rift is composed of the strange form on multiple gravity effects from inside of Phlegathon, which, if you don't know flow in only ONE direction, the effects are quite disturbing.

(Cute name, but very deadly attack of D.T Rain...)

By concentrating D.T. into a fine mist, some DAICHONS have the skill to spray D.T. mist into the very sky, forcing the clouds to redistribute the dark substance as rain. The result would be fantastic mini-explosions, simliar to naplam bombs.

Ability to spit Ink through the mouth or the bio-antennae.
The bio-antennae are unknown, parasitic extensitions that have found a home on top of the head of all DAICHONS. DAICHON pups, after a few weeks, slowly grow the antennae. They can extend outwards up to sometimes 100 to 150 feet, and are made of toughly condensed, fibrous tissues. Each antennae can be used for attacks (bloodflail), actual drawing up of liquids, and even for communicating Psionically with other DAICHONS. The antennae even have ends that can open like flowers, giving the ability to spray cold water, blood for venting the body, and even ink.

There is no solid explanation of just how the parasites evolved onto a DAICHON'S head, it is suggested that minute protzoans fed on the brain of a DAICHON as years went by.

Chains of Sorrow
Composed of an unknown metal, a rift of two are able to be summoned by Benaires to call upon chains of black and red that are capable of neutralizing all magic and Psionic abilities for a short time until another attack or means of escape are rendered.

Psionic Nightmare 2.0: Learning
Splendor: 19 (Mastered)
Voidal Prominence: 20 (Mastered)

Lunasol: (Temporal-Spatial Dimensional Shifting)

Some DAICHONS also learn the ability to do something to move themselves from one place to another without occupying time. This theory entails breaking up the molecular structure of the body and splitting it into threads for a brief moment. Then, upon a certain location, the threads are reassembled in the same manner that they were disassembled, and viola! You have what's called Lunasol, or Temporal-spatial Dimensional Shifting. This ability is very rare in instances as it causes the user to vomit upon reassembly of his/her molecules.

Self-sufficient, clumsy and occasional airhead
Very wise but has a nasty temperment

Social Demeanor:
VERY Noble
Nomadic (Finds himself traveling from place to place to perfect his discipline of Dark Terror manipulation)
Timid at times

Other Innates:

DAICHON/Wolven Brood (Upright Bi-pedal Form)

Scale of 1-15, with 15 being Surreal
(AAA)-Ameteur Level
(R)-Rookie Level
(A)-Average Level
(AA)-Above Average Level
(M)-Master Level
(D)-Divine Level (Comes as a 2nd Nature to person)
(S)-Surreal Level

Hand to Hand Combat: Above Average Level (6.5)
Dark Terror: Master (10)
Absolute Terror: Average Level (5)
Dark Terror Defense: Master (10)
Absolute Terror Defense: Master Level (11)
Reality Manipulation: Ameteur (3)
Time Manipulation: Rookie Level (4)
Earth Elemental Manipulation: Rookie Level (4)
Ice/Water Elemental: Surreal (15)
Fire Elemental: Average level (6)
Speed: Divine (12)
Strength: Surreal/Absolution (15+)
Weight-shifting: (Known DAICHONS; Ami, Benaires, Xion) Surreal (15)
Agility: Average Level (5.5)
Recovery: Divine (12)
Mastery at learning: Average Level (5) (Ben isn't the one to learn of abilities very quickly; he has a very short attention span at times...)

Conformance Manipulation: Above Average (6.5)
PSI Crush: Divine/Surreal (15+)

Favorite quote: "Basking In The Summer Sun, I greeted the Sea Birds, but then I entered the Demon's Den."
Alignment: Unlawfully Good
Class: DAICHON Prince
As an overall fighter, Benaires is well-rounded and tries to do his best at hand to hand combat. Using powers isn't really his forte`, but that doesn't mean he wont try.

"Basking In The Summer Sun, I greeted the Seabirds; but then, I entered the Demon's Den."

So begins...

Benaires Alex Silver DAICHON's Story


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"Basking In The Summer Sun, I greeted the Sea Birds; but then, I entered the Demon's Den."