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Alterion 2099XX

Alterion 2099XX


In but one thread of the vast tapestry that is the Infiniverse, lies the Alterion Star System of the Ayen Galaxy. Heroes, villains, titans and gods prosper and die, etching their name into legend. Claim your place, or be forgotten.

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The Ayen Galaxy stands as a breeding ground of story and legend. Countless systems and worlds expand across it, each serving as architect of its own fate. A collection of governments populate the galaxy, with few gaining true supremacy. Amongst this minute figure is the Commonwealth of Enlightened Lords, the democratic body of the Alterion Star System. Beneath their leadership, the small system has prospered, gaining control of worlds far across the galaxy and forever lining the pockets of the noble families that fill the Senate.

Yet, no amount of wealth will ever satisfy the nobility--for monetary gain is but one commodity for the elite. As the elite continue their political games, the people who serve them and the citizens under their thumbs continue to suffer, or thrive, pending their resourcefulness. Such, is the way of things. However, a storm builds upon the horizon...A shift in the political climate? Revolution? Rebellion? What the winds of change bring have yet to be seen, but they continue on their path and promise excitement.

C.E.L.--(The Commonwealth of Enlightened Lords). The ruling government of the Alterion System, the C.E.L. is a representative democracy, composed of various planets, sectors and smaller star systems throughout most of the known galaxy. Throughout most of its history as one of the most dominant galactic powers, the Commonwealth has never styled itself as a strong centralized government, but rather as a union of sovereign planets for the purposes of collective security and economic prosperity. It is composed of three key branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative body is made up of senators, elected or appointed representatives whose duties include mediating disputes over issues ranging from planetary to galactic-scale, regulating trade routes between star systems, and in theory, representing the interests of Commonwealth citizens. Two consuls serve as the Senate's executive counterpart--oftentimes chosen from the Senate or Military High Command. Every year, two consuls are elected together, to serve for a one-year term. The consuls alternate in holding power over the court each month, with their command reaching over all Alterion citizens--royal and common. The judicial branch consists of the peace keeping Justicar, which exists to carry out law and order through the Alterion System. Much as the Consuls oversee the government, the Justicar police the populace, oftentimes coming into conflict with the Remembered Families due to the latter's ambitions and constant scheming.

The Remembered Families.--Composed of Alterion's most powerful families, these dynasties oversee the 'protection' of various worlds throughout the galaxy. Some see their planets used as means of breeding slaves, or soldiers. Others wage war for worlds rich with priceless, gems, rubies and other sought after resources. Regardless of their use, planets under the care of the Families are forever regarded as property of the families and outside the jurisdiction of the Justicar.

The Justicar.--Keepers of the peace throughout the Alterion Star System. To be continued...

The Auxilia.--

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The reactor was all but abandoned. Located on the very cusp of the final outpost, it served as little more than a tertiary method of providing the denizens of Memoriehm with clean, efficient energy. Armed with a skeleton crew, the reactor hummed along throughout its days and nights with little in the way of excitement. However, fate, the gods, or whatever cruel force that saw wickedness prosper in the realm, planned to change all of that.

It began as a speck upon the horizon. A dim, pulsing thing when compared to the luminescent reactor-- casting its ethereal glow across the countryside and staving off darkness. It streaked across the sky, a falling star jettisoning towards the earth and disappeared amidst the shining light of the reactor.

He did not recall landing, nor could he remember what transpired between the portal's opening and his arrival. All he could recollect of his arrival was the descent--the eternal fall that somehow left him whole and unharmed. Ex's head roared and a vicious pressure took hold behind his eyes. The man stumbled, finding purchase on a large stone outcropping bursting forth from the desert. With the pain came recollection, the shining star that collapsed upon the wasn't him. He was pursued. Another sought to claim the prize, whether for nefarious deed was yet to be seen--but the man did not intend to give his would-be rival the opportunity to best him.

Ink colored tendrils unfurled from his form, the black ichor helping him stand upright before slithering back around his form.

"I'm fine," he assured his companion, knowing full well that the parasite had a tendency to fret worse than any matron in existence. Its voice, ever present in the back of his mind, whispered in chiding tones, but did not act of its own accord again. The black ooze solidified into fabric and deft fingers saw the dark hood pulled atop his crown. Ex doubted the seal upon his neck recognizable to any inhabitant of Memoriehm, but saw no danger in heeding caution. If his quarry was sought after by another, then no mistakes could be afforded.

Turning pale eyes to the structure in the distance, Exel hurried on his way, leaving naught but an ebon tendril of energy in his wake.

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Memoriehm by forgotten

A planet rich with precious minerals, oils and gasses. Owned by a lesser known Remembered Family, it's mines stretch through the planet core.

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Memoriehm by forgotten

A planet rich with precious minerals, oils and gasses. Owned by a lesser known Remembered Family, it's mines stretch through the planet core.


A planet rich with precious minerals, oils and gasses. Owned by a lesser known Remembered Family, it's mines stretch through the planet core.

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