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Astral Spectre (aka Joshua Thomas)

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a character in “Alternative AVENGERS: Saving Gotham”, as played by WadeJackel


Alias: Astral Spectre (keeper of the Flame of Azure)

Real Name: Joshua Thomas

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 160 pounds

Eyes: Brown eyes

Hair: Brown, near shoulder length

Family: None, only child whose parents died when he was a teenager

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Nationality: American

Team: X-Men

Base of Operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning


Superpower: blind

The ability to make 'a power's creation' give off light

When an opponent tries to use a power against you it stops that person from going through with it by making that power give off a blinding light, which deters the other. The energy from the other person is what makes the blinding light effective. The only one immune to the blinding light is the one using this power.

The good:
Blindness is temporary-similar to effects of flash grenade.
You're unaffected by the light.

The bad:
Allies are also affected.
Useless without the other power being generated, cant just create a blinding light out of nothing

Superpower: Shielded

The power to generate a shield around oneself. Generates a shield around you based on the whatever effect is caused by your enemies power or ability.


1. Telepathy - Mind scrambling shield.
2. A fire power - a fiery shield, etc.

The good:
Can be used defensive and offensive

The bad:
Useless without the other power.

Superpower: Uncontrollable

The ability to make a power uncontrollable. Makes the power used by an enemy against you, uncontrollable and thereby ineffectual

The good:
You're immune.

The bad:
Useless without the other power.

Superpower: Golden Flames

The ability to create and control flames that are anti-evil

These flames have the color of gold and can hurt beings like ordinary fire but deal more damage to anything that is evil and less to anything that is on the side of good. Those who are extremely virtuous could possibly be harmed by these flames.

The bad:
Not meant to be used against the virtuous

Ability: Society Improvement

The ability to cause the selected person(s) to advance intellectually and morally. The person who has this ability is not affected by it, and cannot use it on himself.

The good:
Everyone becomes wiser, smarter, and friendlier to each other.
World peace may eventually be achieved.
Is the counter to Society Degradation.

The bad:
They may advance so far you may never catch up to them, you could become even more of an outcast, for even your superpowers will be surpassed one day by the most ordinary being.




Personality: Curious, intelligiant, kind, honorable, fair minded, a very understanding indiviguakl



Joshua must wear this suit at all times while in the form of the Astral Spectre, if he were to remove it or its dome become damaged it could have dire consquences for the entire world.


Joshua Thomas had always been interested in the dark and arcane, including the occult and various other forbidden arts. By his mid 30's Joshua had become extremely wealthy, founder of a major telecommunications firm. His vast wealth allowed him to finally live out a life long dream of accumulating the most comprehensive collection of books on forbidden subjects. Joshua's interest was not a mere fascination or general desire to read about such topics, no, he wanted to perform some of the ancient rites for himself, to see if he could gain access to the higher planes of existence. He sought the ultimate knowledge. Then on his 32nd birthday Joshua performed one of the ancient rites that he had discovered in a volume on the mystical and magical practices of the 2nd century movement known as the Gnostic religion. These were a group of early Christians who were cast as heretics by the Church, hunted down and murdered-Most of their scriptures were confiscated and burned. It was rumored that the ancient Gnostic's held the secrets of the astral realms, they supposedly had direct contact with the divine. Such a task was not without its dangers, and Joshua Thomas would experience the wrath of the very powers and spiritual authorities he so desperately sought to contact.


Joshua finally gained access to the furthest reaches of the cosmos, the countless years spent mastering the art of astral projection having finally paid off. Soon Joshua found himself traveling through great vistas of time/space on his way to the realm of the supreme god, his journey would come to an abrupt end when Joshua was confronted by the highest power in the universe, The Unfathomable One.


Angered that this mortal dared to seek ultimate knowledge the supreme being cast Joshua back to the corporal plane, but not before granting the human his desire. The Unfathomable One put into Joshua's puny human brain the total sum of knowledge concerning the origins, meaning, and purpose of the concepts of good and evil.

This was far too much for a mere human mind to comprehend, this knowledge would alter the human physically, emotionally, and mentally. Joshua's consciosness had formed into two seoerate and distinct beings, one of pure light, the other of absolute darkness.

As the full knowledge suddenly sank into Joshua's mind he grabbed the sides of his head and screamed out into the void of space-No sound came forth. The humans mind pulsed as it began to glow with a tremendous spiritual blue light. From that point Joshua had lost all memory of what had happened to him, having simply awoken in his own bed-Completely normal.

So begins...

Astral Spectre (aka Joshua Thomas)'s Story

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#, as written by kexia
Abby jumped a little when the man jumped up. She raised her hands to show that she was not there to hurt him. The woman was about to answer his question when someone behind her beat her to it. As she turned to face the newcomer, her eyes widened and she quickly folded her arms, hiding her crystalline hands. This guy looked like he was from the government. And the government was not safe for people like her.

Abby moved away while the man's focus was on the injured, and she slipped behind a curtain, grabbing a pair of latex gloves and pulling them on. There. Now she was properly covered. She grabbed one of the cloth robes that she kept on hand for when patients needed to undress, then popped back around the curtain.

"Here," she said, still using that calm, soothing voice. "You're quite alright here." Abigail glanced over to the man, frowning. "Of course he's on Earth. Where else would he be? And who are you? We've done nothing wrong here. You're going to scare my patients."

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Akira grabbed the robe given by Abby and quickly covered his bottom parts in panic.

"how did I get here?!" Akira questioned in his shaken state "What region is earth in?!"

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Character Portrait: Spectra (Abigail Brandt) Character Portrait: Astral Spectre (aka Joshua Thomas) Character Portrait: Akira
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Akira examined the robe and realized it was some kind of clothing. He quickly put it on awkwardly.

Akira was really confused of what was currently happening. The last thing he could remember was being sucked into a vortex which should've killed him but here he is in a strange place. Both Abby and Joshua was displaying their powers which was a sight usual in his dimension. He wasn't really amazed by them but listened quietly and carefully to know more of what is happening.

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Anthony Ran chasing a thug he saw a man standing next to a Limousine and stopped the crook kept going but Anthony started to use his magic "Unara karmata nori!" He yelled the thug began to have ice Crystals grow on him until he was frozen from the waist down.