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a character in “Alternative AVENGERS: Saving Gotham”, as played by WadeJackel


Name: Demiorgus (keeper of the Flame of Xanthous)

Alias: Demiorgus is a being onto himself, therefore he has no alter ego-form like most other superheroes.

Date of Birth: Inapplicable
Gender: Inapplicable
Age: Inapplicable
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 160 pounds
Eyes: None
Hair: None

Family: None
Marital Status: Inapplicable

Species: Inapplicable
Nationality: Inapplicable

Base of Operations:


Superpower: Dark Heart

The ability to absorb evil.

Dark Heart is an ability that allows one to absorb the dark nature and evil intentions of others. The closer they are to such people, the stronger they get. Their endurance, power, and speed boosts near people who are evil.

The good:
Absorb evil.
Strong when near, or fighting evil people.

The bad:
Cannot be bestowed upon another

Superpower: Dark Field

The ability to create force fields and other things from dark energy, you can make bubbles of dark energy as well as fists, hammers, and so on. The different things it can be used to make are varied

Superpower: Dark Flame

This ability allows him to generate dark energy in the form of black fire. He can project dark flames from various parts of his body. Shoot dark fireballs. With practice its possible to fly by channeling the dark energy through the lower extremities or the hands.

The good:
This is a "Spiritual" (though dark) fire
Can fly but needs practice

The bad:
This is not pyrokinesis so you won't control fire and are not immune to it
Does not make you immune to high concentrations of regular fire

Superpower: Dark Lightning

This ability allows one to generate dark energy in the form of black lightning. Can shoot bolts of pure dark energy from the hands or eyes. Increase speed using the dark energy.

The good:
Never need a weapon again, at least not for fighting
Can increase speed but needs practice

The bad:
This is not electrokinesis so you won't be able to control electricity and are not immune to it
No immunity to normal lightning

Ability: Society Degradation

The ability to intellectually and morally downgrade society, will cause the person(s) to become less advanced in science. This leads open the chance for the user to become a leader with their knowledge as it would be advanced compared to the rest of the world.

The good:
You soon become the smartest and most advanced person on Earth

The bad:
People become mean, stupid, and ignorant
If you overuse it, people may become so stupid they will never learn anything from you



Personality: Polar opposite of the Astral Spectre, pure evil intent, untrustworthy, cunning



This suit must be worn at all times, to take it off would have dire consequences for the entire world, of course Demiorgus is always trying to unlease his evil upon creation.


Demiorgus came into being due to the inability of Joshua Thomas to contain within his limited human mind the total knowledge of both good and evil.

So begins...

Demiorgus's Story