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A lawful group of privateers and scoundrels belonging to the ship; The Kennel Dog.



The Kennel Dog is a proud ship with loose ties to the criminal underworld. Originally a pirate ship that flew the jolly roger in the skies and sea, the captain turned his tail on (most) of his outlaw past and now serves the city of Iracot. A wild and haughty crew of scoundrels, ex-pirates and guild affiliates serve the armored beast of a ship.

The Kennel Dog itself features enough room for thirty crew, eighteen cannons, two highbore swivel rifles and a spiked steel battering ram on the fore of the ship. A beast of a ship with a powerful engine that manages to pull the ship though both air and sea. A ship is a ship however and would be nothing without it's crew or captain.

It's captain is the guild magistrate of the holy city of Iracot; Edward Greaves and he is always hiring.

Characters Aligned

2 Characters Aligned, played by 2 Players

Character Portrait: Edward Greaves

Edward Greaves played by Gasmask

"These aren't the Rhylie seas, they're MY seas." Joint-Magistrate of the Guild Ward and Captain of the Kennel Dog

Character Portrait: Lorraine Morellus

Lorraine Morellus played by Maree

A woman once in the employ of Shiabiann who had been freed from her slavery by two Magistrate brothers.

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