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Althaea » Places

Places in Althaea

This is a list of locations that can be found in Althaea.

All Places

The Crimson Fox

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         Naya sighs somewhat as she breaks her gaze from the gorgeous stone, looking instead to the man. She tries to put on a more lady-like visage, cleaning her face of the food and sitting upright. Swallowing, she looks him in the eye for a moment, before being unable to stand that any longer. Instead she chooses his forehead. "I would love to see your other offerings," she says evenly. It would be a blessing to be away from this party, even if she did tell Calvin she would keep an eye out for their fellow Knight.

"As for my duties... I was on the morning patrols. We are not so few in number that every Knight need be on active duty every waking moment," she says, and that was a truth. "The Night Watch will find the trouble-makers, and they will be dealt with. If they cannot do so, then come morning, I will seek them out." It was a simple matter of fact.

She hadn't really been paying attention to the songs and general revelry around them. Aside from the fact that it was uproarious noise, the content was irrelevant. She also decided not to mention anything more about the beautiful gem, lest she fall into its luster again.

A tavern owned by Selwyn Austaire, the Magistrate of the Merchant District and holder of the Merchant Throne.

Palace of Iracot

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         Just as he had done before, Shein holsters the first gun and begins loading the second, though with one hand it was significantly more difficult. He hadn't even finished ramming the powder before the wolf before him transformed into a woman.

He goes rigid. A Werewolf. He'd heard that they prowled the dark places of the city, but that couldn't have been more than a rumor... and yet, here before him was one, and he had shot-wounded it. "She... marked... you?" It asks, before moaning in pain and collapsing.

The other gun falls to the ground. It was the first time since he'd left training that he ever let one of his guns fall. He stares for a moment longer at Lorraine, before he holsters his half-loaded pistol and stoops to pick up and do the same to his other one. "She did," he responds simply. He didn't even really register that she was naked. He was half blinded by the bright flash of his guns in the darkness, and was letting himself adjust. He could see the dimly glowing lights of the woman's eyes, however.

Stoic as any good Knight, he walks over to her and picks her up by the waist, grunting as he lifts her up over his shoulder. The two women were almost too much for him to carry, but with one dead and the other possibly dying, he had to trudge on. And so he does, back down the passage Lorraine had come from.

At the heart of the city is the Iracot Palace, home of the God-Queen Sarene Iracot.

The Educational Ward

The schools of Iracot are located in this district. All schools are divided by age of the attenders, humanoid or non-humanoid, profession, and other factors.

The Guild Ward

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         Frederick stares blankly at Edward as he walks off the deck onto his own ship... in a manner of speaking. He sighs, rubbing his forehead. His brother's antics were always a bit... eccentric. Especially given he was already pulling his ship into dock, Edward would essentially be going full-speed away from the Spire, until they could get it turned about.

"Edward," he shouts, allowing his men and Martellus to pull them alongside the Spire. "I think you lost!" With a smirk on his face, he looks towards the Spire proper.

It was magnificent, something their Father had put into construction, and Frederick had finished... with a bit of not-entirely-legal assistance from Edward. The whole thing was more or less a trade hub for the Guilds, outside the Trade District, where they could barter in their own services without paying tribute to the other Magistrates.

Edward's contribution was in security. Namely, a few guards here and there, and traps for some of the higher-value areas... and break-away cannon hiding holes all over the damn thing. It was that which had given him the idea for his Begreaved Welcome.

"Well done Martellus," he says, as the ship collides with the buffers at the top of the Spire. "And well done, Men!"

The rest of the crew didn't seem entirely fond of Martellus' assistance, but they were at least appreciative of the lesser load.

The Guild Ward is one of the more flamboyant wards of Iracot. The buildings change according to their purpose, ranging from merchants, mercenaries, explorers, historians, wizards, or even race specific guilds.


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         Ianthe was not at all surprised with the silver Knight's brusque manner. He knew her type: driven by a indefatigable sense of duty and obligation, loyal almost to a fault, and, perhaps, a bit guarded. Not the best, necessarily, at mingling at a function such as this. Perhaps she felt it superfluous, needless; why drink the night away when there was critical work to be attended to? Of course, the world needs people like this. But some people, from time to time, need an opportunity to unwind, to enjoy themselves, whether it be by losing themselves in drink or passing the night in the chambers of a breathless young serving wench. Though Ianthe, and, he assumed, the silver Knight, preferred neither. In this regard, Ianthe thought, we are doubtless alike.

Ianthe was, however, not one to pass such quick judgments. He met her stony glare with a broad smile, "Ah, a blonde you say? I've seen more than a few, though none, as far as I know, had the look of a Knight about them. Doubtless she is hereabouts, since this is, after all, a celebration for the most esteemed Knights of our God-Queen." He lifted his cup as if in toast, but did not drink. He continued, "I know that you must presently be occupied with more important affairs, as befits one of your station, but...might I trouble you to share my company for a moment? Your compatriots will no doubt find your blonde heartily enjoying her evening, perhaps not very willing to be disturbed. And, I must confess, I am rather lonely. I have only recently come to the Merchant Quarter--I am a jeweler by trade, and dabble in some commodities as well: pelts, teak and sandalwood, damasks, fine porcelains, the like --and I'm afraid that I've not yet made a single friend. You know how "these" people can be, I'm sure...Please. I assure you I'm much more accommodating than the more...what's the word? Lascivious party goers that you are liable to encounter." With a raised eyebrow, Ianthe gestured to a bear of a man bouncing a caramel haired serving girl on his knee, one hand eagerly exploring the hidden regions beneath her skirts.

Althaea Owner: Maree

A planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. It orbits a single star named Solarii and has four moons named Alatar, Pollux, Tarandi, and Eridu.

The Residential Ward

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         After having bought several apples and a loaf of bread from the Agricultural Ward, Melody walked back to her place to drop them off. While there she ate an apple and slice of bread. Coming out of her house, the first thing she saw was the Skybornes flying through the skies. This sight didn't surprise her in the least, considering what happened yesterday. Melody wished she could see what was happening within the palace, but she didn't have that ability and the palace had so many eyes too.

The woman walked amongst the streets when she felt her senses go off. Turning her head, she saw a place she had been to before, The Outlands Tavern. She didn't know why she felt the need to go in there, but she never ignored her instincts. Walking through the door, she immediately saw a man covered head to toe. Was he the one that set her senses on edge? Taking a deep breath, she walks towards the bar and orders something. Normally she didn't drink alcohol in the morning, but today she needed an excuse to stay there. After ordering a drink, she side glanced at the man and felt this familiar vibe. He appeared all right, but appearances were deceptive, as she ought to know. What was wrong with him? Things were definitely off here and she meant to find out.

"You look beat sir. Did you have a rough day yesterday?" she asked nonchalantly.

Most homes in Iracot are found in the residential ward. The houses in the ward range from expansive and architecturally grand homes to houses that seemed to be thrown together with mud and sticks.

Iracot; The City of Thrones

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         In the morning, activity in- and over Iracot was intense with holy purpose.

The Knights had not been idle during the night, prowling the streets for gatherings of dissent. A few homes had been broken into, their occupants taken for questioning by the Knight's Inquisition. Many would be found innocent- simply having been holding parties- but others would be less lucky.

By morning, the Knights had returned to their regular routines, watching key transit points, crossroads, and patrolling the districts, from the seediest to the most honored alike. Those of the ground would receive little notice, their actions more or less standard.

In the skies, however, were where the true might of Iracot was in force. The battle between the Dragoon beast and the two escapee's weaker creatures had been seen by many, and thoughts of dissent could not be brewed from it. The Knights, ordered grounded during the Sacrifice, were now out in force. The Skyborne, Wyvern mounted Knights of the highest caliber, patrolled the skies.

Unrelated, but seemingly another show of aerial power, was the arrival of Iracot's Airship fleet. A mock battle had been heard by all below, the resounding boom of cannons going off, before the two ships had docked and began to head towards the Spire at the center of the Guilds ward.

The Knights- and by extension Iracot- would not be caught unawares again.

Iracot is the largest city on the continent of Viridian and its Capitol. It sprawls out on the western most tip of the land, surrounded by the Sea of Menia on three sides.

The Pleasure Ward

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         She smiled as she caught sight of Parem smiling to himself, wondering how they'd deal with the opposing dragon. She didn't get to think for long, for soon she was watching as the poor griffin had his life take by that dragon.Orfea's smile would quickly transform into a grimace of horror as she watched Durock be murdered by the dragon. She let her head fall in respect, feeling so guilty she thought the haunting emotion would eat her alive. Shaking her head sadly, she looked over to Parem with apology written in her eyes.She knew Olimbae would be next, and readied herself to fly off. But she soon paused and looked over to Parem, wondering what he would do next.

This district is the most visited district in all of Iracot. Travelers far and wide will come to Iracot, solely to experience the debauchery of the pleasure ward. Some who arrive never leave again.

Jericho City

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Elite assassin loyal to the Necromancer.

Wraithen wandered through the alley ways of Jericho City. The Necromancer had charged him with an important task...
If Jericho City was to become the place to fall before the might of Kyros. Then he needed some inside to open the gates when the time came. After the tragic assassination of the royal family, Jericho became a city of sorrow. Sadness ruled this place with an iron fist and the people were devastated. Several high ranking officials loyal to the royal family managed to secure the city and the land around it. Protecting it's people from rebellious warlords who would seek to claim the thrown. The Council of Jericho was then formed. A small assembly of military generals and advisers, charged with the protection of the thrown until a new king was crowned...

Wraithen pondered these things as he came upon a group of small children playing with marbles. He looked upon them with ravenous hunger. His lust for their souls was great and hard to overcome. But revealing his identity to them would compromise his mission. He must hunt down the members of the Council of Jericho. He must kill them all and send this withering city down to the abyss of despair. So he passed by the children who looked at him with innocent eyes. Unable to see his skeleton face under his hood.

A sprawling metropolitan city which was the original capitol of the realm.

The Agricultural Ward

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         Alber wouldn't argue with the man, and with the people calling out for a riot, there was no point in it either. Alber didn't believe now was the time to involve the common folk, if they were going to engage in direct combat maybe, but when performing tasks like the ones mentioned by Father the more people involved the more room for error there was. It seemed like everyone in the city was hungry for war, Parem had rushed the stage, and now Father was enraged the populous instead of calming them. At this rate war would be unavoidable, but simply removing the God-Queen wouldn't be enough to avoid it. As soon as the throne was empty the Magistrates would leap at the chance to seize it for their own ambitions. No, for peace to reign over this land someone strong enough to defend himself and the kingdom would have to be placed upon the throne, but as of now none seemed free of rage. Alber knew, only one with a kind heart and the ideal of peace would be able to maintain his rule, but who would this person be?

Alber had been lost in thought as he churned the pipe between his lips and listened to Father's words. For the moment this lead had run out and Alber's patience was wearing thin. Father had made some good points but he to failed to realize what was at stake.

"Very well Father, if you are so bent on vengeance then I will stay my hands, but remember this well. Vengeance is a doubled edged blade."

Alber turned and began to walk to the back of the crowd, hoping his words would sink in to the leader of this rebellion.

This is where the food industry is largely located in Iracot. Machine and Magick work together in order to produce nutrient rich foods for the people of Iracot, and the smaller townships of Viridian, for those that can afford it.

The Courtyard of Iracot

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         Orfea stared at the man in shock, not really understanding what had just happened. She was so ready to die, and yet there she was; alive. Her eyes opened wide, she finally grasped the situation at hand. As she was swept onto the grython's back, she spoke - well, it was more of a weak mumble.
"Thank you..." But then she looked back over to her parents, as they struggled against the hold they had held upon their wrists. But what shocked her the most was the rage in their eyes. She knew they'd have been mad... But not enraged. They then both noticed her, and began to curse her loudly as she retreated on the gryphon's back with the mysterious man.
Shaking her head slowly, she let the tears stream freely down her paled cheeks. Unknowingly, she'd let her head rest on his shoulder as she gently let her eyelids rest.
Orfea could hear the chaos from below, but was content in her own thoughts. She didn't care for the 'God-Queen' any longer. It was then she realised, that a duty that is nothing more than what then whom it is too.

The God-Queen's Dais is a vast courtyard that can hold almost the entirety of Iracot's citizens.

Darkridge Fortress

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Ancient Demon of the Abyss


The mighty Demon-lord Lucafik lumbered into the thrown room. His hulking figure seemed to tower over the others in the room. He made an loud, audible sigh and bowed on one knee to the Necromancer. In a deep, rumbling voice he spoke with power and confidence. "Master, the hordes are armed and prepared for the invasion. It wont be long before my darkness spreads across the land with never ending hunger." Lucafik was full of pride as he Kyros gave the command for him to rise... Then came the scolding. Kyros turned towards the demon and looked upwards with fury unlike anything he had ever seen in the abyss. At his full height, Lucafik was almost eight feet tall. But looking down on the Necromancer a cold shiver went up his spine.

Then Kyros spoke.
With reverence Lucafik fell to his knees once again...
"Yes my lord" Lucafik replied. "My soul is yours to command..."
The Necromancer turned away and sat on his thrown.
"I want you to divide the horde. Assign one general to each region. Offer the Warlords a chance to bow to their new master. If they do not, then leave none alive..."

Lucafik stood once again to his feet and left the thrown room. "So be it my lord."

The mighty black iron fortress carved into the heart of the tallest mountain, where the Necromancer sits on his false thrown.

The Merchant Ward

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         An orphan flew though the streets, hearing the heralds cry and dissipating into the crowd, though the districts and whispered into the ear of a man overseeing a small group of orphans in a well-kept courtyard. The man sighed deeply, waved off the orphan and ruffled her hair. The cold bitch was going to do it.

Sven brought the oldest orphan, put his temple to his and whispered something before palming a sword into his hands. "Look after them, if I don't come back." Sven smiled grimly and stood at his full height, draping on a black coat. "Don't give that bastard Selwyn anything either." Sven put a key under a nearby book and shut the door off his house with a loud slam.

Then he made his way to the crowd passing though the district and funneling into the crowd.

his is where trade is mostly held in Iracot. Stalls, stores, and street vendors are prevalent throughout the streets of this districts, all attempting people to buy their goods at outrageous prices.


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After eating a hearty and filling meal, Parem sighed and packed the bags hanging off of Durock's saddle. He wrapped a large chunk of the boar meat in an elvish cloth that is specifically designed to block the smell and preserve fresh meat. With all his belongings packed he broke camp and looked directly into Durock's eyes. "Yes Durock, I know the sacrifice is happening today. Just be patient will you?"

The black feathered Griffon made a dull screeching sound and rubbed his beak against Parem's chest. "Its alright buddy. When we arrive just make sure you stay high above where you can get a clear view of the ceremony." Durock made a slight nod and with that Parem leaped gracefully onto his companion and they quickly took off into the air towards Iracot.

Viridian Pafeld Owner: Maree

A small fishing town on the northern side of Viridian.

The Room of Thrones

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         Gabriel rose at his God-Queen's word, placing a hand over his chest as a form of salute. He kept his head bowed until she had passed, at which point he turned to follow her, flanking opposite Calor, albeit at a much more respectable distance. Out of his periphery, he had seen the kiss graced upon his forehead. If he cared to look, he would even see the mark, still there; much as he now bore a mark, the touch of the Goddess' paint on his shoulderpad. It had given him a very brief pause; the Magistrates had told him that he had their favor for the God-Queen's hand, an unthinkable honor. Now, it seemed, that honor was lost.

Or simply contested.

He did not know Cador personally; he knew of him, the most skilled, faithful, and secretive of all of the God-Queen's Dragoons, an order of her personal guard that were the only ones to whom Gabriel would ever think to yield; excepting the God-Queen and the Magistrates, in that order. He had what Gabriel thought to be a self righteous smirk on his face. Gabriel did not blame him, though his heart burned in jealousy, if what he thought was true.

He could not dwell on such things; he would keep it, lock it away, release it when needed. For now, his full attention would be to keep his beloved ruler safe, even if his presence was merely to support her unfathomable power.

Outside the Rooms of Thrones proper, the Knights Gabriel had selected were waiting, all kneeling in perfect formation in a semi-circle before Sarene, while leaving ample space for her to walk between them without being sullied by their personal auras.

There was Dunkel, the Herald and Standard bearer of the Knights; his duty today was to bear the God-Queen's own banner. It was tethered to the wall beside him, and he would not take it until he was given the command.

Andre, the most devout Knight among them, with the possible exception of Gabriel. He was weeping silent tears that fell through the eye-slits of his helmet, for having been chosen for Her honor guard was so great that he felt he could not allow himself to be bare-faced before her.

Charles, the second in command of the Knights, had placed his helmet before him, with it facing towards the God-Queen. His magnificent armor, with its gleaming silver wings and scales, shone with a radiance, polished just so to reflect Her own.

And lastly, Quinn, the oldest living-and-serving Knight among Her Own, was the chosen Shield Guard, who would be given the honor of the Knights of standing opposite her selected Dragoon, to defend her should any seek to attempt against her in any way.

The four of them were silent, save Andre, who could not suppress a brief, muted utterance, "Praised be the God-Queen, Sarene."

Gabriel would admonish him later for breaking protocol, but he was proud of their statuesque posturing, prostrate before their Queen in submission and devotion. They were prepared to march at a moments notice.

In the heart of the palace is the Room of Thrones. This is where the God-Queen receives the Magistrates in order to process business.


A city-state lying along the Khumaja River in the central wetlands. Renowned for its silk and for the Ritualists, an order of magisters skilled in the art of ancestor magicks. One of the most crucial affiliates of the Amber League.

The Tchanu Desert

An endless, sunbaked expanse, of whispering dunes, volcanic plains, and bleached salt pans lying the shadow of the Oidamat Range, populated only by the flotsam of forgotten empires and hardy desert peoples.

The Banti Corridor

A broad valley lying at the western terminus of the Oidamat along the Sanguine Sea. The Corridor has had immense commercial and strategic importance throughout history, and is the nexus of three of the Seven Great Roads.

The Etsuyo Delta

A broad floodplain dominated by the Etsuyo River--one of the longest in the world-- flowing towards the Casta Sea, and the many peoples that live along its course.

The Gowa Confederacy

A waxing commercial and military federation of city-states and commonwealths in the eastern jungle highlands, with its capital at Gowa, the Jasmine City. Their principal rival is the Amber League.

The Republic of Léonnes

A state lying along the Casta Sea in the southern plains of the Massif. Famed for their shrewd merchants, naval superiority, and their neutrality.

The Kingdom of Yhunkir

An influential kingdom in the northern foothills, at the very doorstep of the Oidamat Range. A foremost member of the Amber League, they are known for their fearsome archers and javelin throwers, and are guaranteeing the independence of Celocombo.

The Oidamat Range

Known in folklore as "The Roof of the World", these mountains are the traditional partition that separates North and South Estisia. With transit only available on a narrow seasonal basis through the mountain passes, the Oidamat is a formidable obstacle.

Wadi Bhudrá

One of the many Wadis in which the desert nomads shelter. Famous as the site of Prince Hdalma's pavilion.

The Yul Range

A chain of mountains rising in the Plains and running to the coast on the Sea of Jurda, at the very southern terminus of the continent. It is home to a multitude of tribal mountain peoples, but they are scattered and largely at odds with one another.

Bara's Camp

A neutral zone and trading post at the foot of the Yul Range that is the stopping point of the very few caravans that venture here. Many tribes winter here, for none can endure the roaring ice and snow of the mountains during that season.

The Isle of Halbus

Little more than a pile of rock and ice in the obscurity and icebergs of the Sea of Jurda, the Isle of Halbus marks the southernmost point of the continent of Estisia.

Mount Inur-Heb

An volcano in the interior of the Oidamat Range, Mount Inur-Heb is infamous for its tremendous eruption three hundred and twenty years past, of which it was said that "The Moons and the Sun stood awed and did not wax or wane for a period of two years."

The Rivogloné Marches

A marshland in the interior of the Plains of Yuna'a inhabited by the Ghaupí people. The site of an ancient battle, it is said that the ghosts of Jio'qun the Conqueror's armies still roam the marches, hunting for the body of Prince Makhina.

The Plains of Yuna'a

A broad land of steppe and scrubland, dominated by the course of the Huanpada River. Renowned for their horse-rearing and fertile tribal river culture, the Plains are home to prosperous urban and pastoral life alike.

The Topaz Coast

A riviera at the edge of the Tchanu Desert along the Sea of Anes.

Lake Ram-Nibo

A large, shallow endorheic lake at the very edge of the Topaz riviera. The Lake has long been a summer hermitage for desert nomads searching for both water and asylum from the heat. More a series of wetlands than a lake, Ram-Nibo is often dry in winter.


The capital of the small Halidom of Isé, Isé-of-the-Lotus is the crown jewel of the Topaz Coast. Its deep harbor on the Bay of Abela has made it a popular port of call and shipping hub, and being the only major city in the region, a crucial caravan stop.

The Estisian Massif

A vast swathe of jungle, wetland, and savanna that stretches from the Etsuyo Delta to the foothills of the Oidamat Range.

Dracul Mountains

A large mountain range in the north, they are impassible. As noone has ever succeeded in crossing the massive snowy peaks. Legend has it that a large community of giants roam this place...

The Haunted Weald

A sprawling strand of woods that spreads eastward, away from Iracot; City of Thrones.

Isles of Tirione

A chain of isles that connect Estisia and Caerda bordered by the Sea of Casta and the Sea of Anes.

The Military Ward

The might of Viridian is born and sustained in the military district of Iracot. Here lies the barracks and main training facilities. A special university is located here as well for those who wish to become Officers or Generals in the God-Queen's army.

Calda Woods

A patch of woods heavily traveled by merchants passing from Iracot to other cities and towns for trade.

Glassdust Waste

The furthest point North on the continent. It is the border between Sharakzah and Viridian; a desert wasteland where no one but the nomads can bear to habituate.

The Ruins of Boywick Tower

An ancient tower that was once a stronghold for Viridian before the Theocracy was born. Now it lays forgotten and crumbles more each passing year.

The Dryad Woods

A patch of woods with mystical beings known as Dryads. Only those who travel without fear dare to cross into the woods.


A city in the trees, created by elves who loved the woods thousands of years ago.


Althaea Sharakzah Owner: Maree

The Eastern continent of Althaea bordered by the Dragon Sea, the Sea of Rhylie, Viridian, the Sea of Wrecks, and the continent of Caerda.


Althaea Caerda Owner: Flarezone

The Northen continent of Althaea bordered by the Sea of Casta, the Sea of Wrecks, the Furnace Waste, and Zaddushol Highlands.

Obero Swamp

This place is a relatively secluded place at the far eastern edge of the continent. Many different races co-exist here. Attempting to escape from the violence in the west.

Arrow Mountains

A highland jungle type place, these mountains contain scattered temples, lost cities and giant animals that are the size of dinosaurs.

Naroth Forest

A large forest north of the Obero Swamp. Those who call this place home have carved civilization from within the giant trees themselves. This is considered a "sacred land" by the Elves and they hate intruders

Malice Woods

A massive forest, this place never sees the light of day. Its thick trees and overgrowth make it a place forever covered in shadow. Filled with monsters and wildlife which stretch the limits of the imagination.

The Fallen Plains

A vast open land, littered with dozens of ruined/abandoned villages. Many rebel militia and clans call this place home. Constantly fighting for territory.


Althaea Estisia Owner: Maree

The Western continent of Althaea bordered by the Casta Sea, the isles of Tirione, The Sea of Anes, and the Sanguine Sea.


Althaea Viridian Owner: Maree

The southern continent of Althaea surrounded by the Viridian Sea, Sanguine Sea, the Sea of Menia, and the Sea of Rhylie.

Tower of Janus

A large tower-like city which is probably the most diverse place in the region. The Necromancers Demonic hordes have attempted to invade several times but to no avail.